Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has tweeted out a really blurry image of Advanced Warfare’s co-op mode. As of now, we don’t know what the co-op mode is, and this is the most information we have thus far.

We know it’s impossible to tell what’s in the image but we thought we’d share it with you in case you missed it or want to speculate… What do you think the Co-Op mode could be?

SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey



  1. I honestly have no clue what I’m looking at here. But I hope it’s a survival with upgradable exo suit abilities and so on.

      • Dude… I swear to god I was gonna say that in the comment above, but I didn’t wanna sound much like a bf fanboy. But yes now that you mentioned it… DINOSUARS PLEASE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!

          • Yeah. DICE better get their ass moving along and make this “dinosaur” mode that they’ve been hinting since previous battlefield games. Or another developer will steal the idea and possibly make it better than DICE’s. (btw, I have no clue how the dinosaur mode will work out in a battlefield game. But we’ll have to wait and see.)

          • well if it was DICE’s idea they would have made it already but its not. its what the BF fans want. if this was in a BF game i would have a reason to buy it but no. EA doesnt want DICE to make the BF games good. they instead want sub par experiences to grab easy money from they sucky consumers. thats EA.

          • Just like COD, where their money whores. Treyarch and InfinityWard don’t listen to the REAL community. They mostly get their feedback from esports players and pros. But SH states they take feedback from esports and the non esports community. (not hating, just saying.) and yes you are right, EA only wants that money at the end of the day. And the graphics on current gen consoles for battlefield BLOW and i mean BLOW major. Just goes to show the lack of attention current gen gets.

          • You act like SHG and Activision aren’t in it for the money. I bet if SHG got told that they won’t get paid for making AW, then they would of never of created the game in the first place since it would be a waste of their time. Activision and EA are the same but Activision don’t put out games that feel like they’re still in beta.

          • to put realistically, if they fuck up Battlefront they’ll find an entire army of Star Wars fans out of their office screaming “off with their heads!”

            and i’m not even joking.

        • How bout a godzilla game mode in advanced warfare? Where you have to kill godzilla using your exo suit abilities and advanced arsenal to take him down.

          • No that stupid, you saw the movie, 2 monsters, shit tons of missles , bullets and radiation couldn’t kill him…neither could 2 nuclear bombs! What makes you think you think 4 guys in a suit would kill him?

          • I know I did see the movie and i loved it. Compared to the classics this one was better. Your talking to a guy that owns all classic godzilla movies on cassets. Very rare hardcore godzilla fans out their. And an answer to your question would be, well…. we can burn him in earths core with liquidy hot magma πŸ˜€ (sarcasm)

        • agreed, and honestly could care less about it none of them could measure up to treyarchs zombies, the only thing i wanna hear is that we won’t get screwed around with a gay ass multiplayer like we did with ghost

          • Zombies is the best and I think will always be the best co-op mode in CoD. However I hope I’m wrong though. Bring us something good, SHG. Also Extinction is not bad but it’s not that great either.

          • True, but the Ghost Multiplayer “was” amazing. It’s the players that make it go to shit.
            During the first couple of weeks or so of being released It was really fun. I had a 3.3KD ratio and nobody could stop me. Then I stopped playing for 3 weeks and came back to play a session in the same playing style and got owned by the enemy team. Not because I sucked, but because I was out numbered and everyone else was hiding and playing defensively. So after weeks of cursing in frustration, I started playing more defensive and managed to get my KD back up to a 3.0.
            See after people adjusted to the maps it slowly turned into a camp fest, where instead of fight for points people ended up fighting for spots. But that’s typical in COD. However, what makes the multiplayer in ghost worse was the size of the maps. Larger maps mean more camp spots, which means more camping, which means you’re in for a slow and frustrating game session. Sadly, Ghost is the first COD game I’ve played where neither team scored the maximum amount of points to end the match. Everyone was too busy waiting for the other to come to them.
            But I hope these exo-suits in Advanced Warfare give people a little bit more confidence to actually come out and fight instead of hiding all over the place.

        • Extinction is ok. And there are lots of ways of doing a survival mode, it’s not necessarily going to be as Extinction.

          • Zombies game mode is not fun. All you have to do is to make train zombies and you can easily kill them. Unlike Extinction, the aliens are coming from all over the place and more intelligent AI than zombies.

          • well, if zombies were intelligent they wouldnt have been zombies in the first place.

          • LOL.. true enough.. what the hell I am thinking? Anyway, that makes Zombies game mode a bit boring for me.. Everywhere you go, there’s always zombies.. in mobile games, console games, pc games, movies, tv shows and even news.. Dinosaurs would be cool but.. how about Justin Beiber clones? I bet it would be fun to shoot at..

          • yeah if dinos arent an option i’m giving my vote to Bieber clones. best thing to shoot at after zombies.

          • Extinction is essentially like dinosaurs, and Evolve doesn’t look bad.

          • there could be twists you know. thats where the developer’s imagination kicks in.

        • really? its for anyone who uses it first. BF is a mess of a game. it would have been a pity to see a dino mode there cause it would have been wasted greatly. dino mode is for any game but BF.

          • There’s nothing good about a dino mode. That’s really boring imo.

        • its not copyrighted. its not yours. and if they do it you’ll have to buy COD to play dinos. so i hope they do.

          • Sorry I’m not stupid. I know that it’s not copyrighted but dinos are just a little more BF thing in my opinion.

          • dinos would have been a BF thing if they actually were in a BF game. but nah…

          • How is dinos a BF thing? What because they should that one dinosaur toy in BF3? Dinos can be in CoD just as much as it can be in BF. I hope we don’t get dinos though, because it would suck.

        • dice are too fucking lazy to pull the trigger on it, easters dont count as their thing, i hope AW does a dino survival mode and then has an easter egg that just says fuck you dice

          • DICE is the best in easter eggs, but oh wait you didn’t know that beacuse your brains are too corrupt for thinking. That is what you get for playing Call of Duty too much.

          • there’s no way they are better than Treyarch. i dont care what you say about IW, they suck too, but Treyarch? pff, come on…

          • Treyarch are the best in easter eggs for shooters by far. DICE are alright and IW suck balls.

          • Dude, i hate to say it, but DICE is not and never will be the best at easter eggs. That title goes to Bungie

        • I’ve never seen dinosaurs on battlefield and honestly battlefield is shit.. Its to long and the maps are too big. I lent it off a friend and then gave it back within an hour of playing it.. Absolute shite

          • Hey faggot, watch it. I never fucking said it was in a Battlefield game now, did I? I was talking about the easter-eggs they keep adding in that are a sort of hint that it may be in a later installment or game soon and if you haven’t noticed by now, Call of Duty is nothing but hype and survival modes. I literally don’t know a single person IRL that actually buys Call of Duty because of its multiplayer or story mode. Not One!. Anyways, if you seriously think that Activision will EVER add a dinosaur mode then your a stupid fuck just for thinking that. So quit being such a fucking crack baby cod fanboy and get your head out of your ass and buy another games that preferably doesn’t suck ass.

    • I want something like extinction because extinction had a story. I didn’t like zombies in Black Ops – series because it was only full of shooting and when you had enough credits you bought a weapon and some upgrades – that’s it. In extinction you had many things such as I.M.S. and sentry turret which can be placed in a good position to cover you. And you had those missile strikes and many other things. I liked that.

      It would be nice if we could get another survival with story included in it. It would be more interesting to play and you don’t get bored to it. I seriously bored to zombies after few matches. I can admit that it is sometimes fun to play with friend but in online or alone it is boring.

      I seriously hope that Sledgehammer Games does really good job with this survival. Robots would be a really good idea. But I don’t know if I or in general fans would want to see some kind of robot zombies. There have been too many zombies in Call of Duty.

      And please don’t take this to yourself. This is just my opinion and I don’t want to get bashed because I think other way than those who prefer zombies more than extinction.

        • Yep! That doesn’t sound too bad. It would be something new to me. Like you said there has been zombies and aliens, now there could be cyborgs or robots! This makes me so excited. Hopefully we see high resolution image soon without that blurry.

      • I appreciate what your saying and i totally understand that. I personally love zombies over extinction because zombies is a classic mode. I remember playing zombies in call of duty world at war when it first came out for that game. I was scared shit because its hordes of zombies trying to kill you. Also, another reason why i love zombies over extinction is the power-ups and perks. Extinction doesn’t really have that and i understand infinity ward cant “exactly” copy treyarch’s idea with perks and power-ups. And also, zombies did have a story that started from call of duty world at war to the end of black ops 2’s zombies map “Origins.” Also, I’m just hoping that SledgeHammer does a survival with upgradable exo suit abilities, or something that follows a story into their next game.

        • It is so good to see that you can appreciate different opinions. I don’t see that a lot. But here in Charlieintel people seems to be so kind although you have different opinion.

          I see your points over there and I wouldn’t be mad at all if something like zombies would come to Advanced Warfare. I just prefer extinction but I’m okay with zombies too. I think that guys at Sledgehammer Games know exactly what they are doing. Now we have to wait until we get more information about the co-op! πŸ™‚

          • I’m an open minded person and I like to express my opinions and get my word out their. I like to see people give me feed back when it comes to opinions. There’s nothing wrong with expressing opinions. And yeah I can’t wait to see survival

    • Looks like it was blurred by a person instead of an auto-blur, if it was an auto-blur there are probably ways to undo that, but if it was a person making swirls and twirls with a tool to blur it, we don’t have a chance.

  2. Looks maybe like 4 player spots.. one is filled in on the left..(yellow highlight) & looks like 3 other spots open to the right…or thats just the image from the background hard to tell

  3. That isnt the menu, the game is just paused
    It says “survival” up there
    In the image we can see 3 soldiers using exo-skeletons getting ready for a mission
    That’s my guess

    • I pretty much agree with you, except I thought there are just three empty suits and that this isn’t going to be a “survival mode.” I think Condrey posted this blurry picture because, even though it is very blurry, the main thing you can easily take away from it is that there is going to be a co-op mode with 3 people. The reason I don’t think it is survival mode is because there already is a 4 person co-op survival mode in COD, namely extinction. If SHG wants to do something special with this game and set it apart from other CODs, they would probably do a spec-ops type co-op with three instead of just two players. If they really wanted to do something special, then they could be teasing a 3 person co-op campaign mode. Although highly unlikely, it is possible.

  4. The smaller image clearly helps, albeit blurry. It’s obviously the pausing menu, and it seems like there are 3 soldiers in the middle, and I speculate that it’s a type of Survival mode.

  5. Are you sure it isn’t blurry and it’s just the Xbox One version in 720p;-) C’mon Sledgehammer; not good enough. At least give us something proper instead of the usual marketing nonsense. I know fanboys lap anything up with COD on it but this is just getting tedious now.

    Treyarch always keep the community updated and engaged with info aplenty but SHG aren’t really doing a good job of promoting their game particuarly as interest is at an all-time low.

  6. It looks like three soldiers dropping down a sort of elevator while paused. Possible going “underground. Dinos? or maybe to a destroyed robot factory.

  7. Think, it makes sense that it would be survival because it was in mw3 and sledgehammer took part in making that game, as well as all the new future tech and exo suit upgrades they could use in it.

    • Plus, if you look closely at the top left, it looks like Survival. Atleast the last letter looks like an L. So that cancels out “Cyborgs” or “Robots”

    • Robot Survival? πŸ˜‰ It has to be something, like survival. It can’t be Cyborg Zombies, that’s Treyarch trademark, It can’t be Aliens either. It must be Robots or Dinosaurs, but you’re right, survival confirmed.

    • Was gonna say. Looks like a rack where there’s multiple Exo-suits hanging, and then people would pick them up. Maybe it has something to do with Exo-suit customization? Maybe you can earn benefits and upgrades for your Exo-suit by playing this gamemode, and this is like the selection menu where you pick which one you want to upgrade? Either way, those things look like exo-suits, or some type of robot or armor

  8. Now that everyone is mentioning it.. Drag the picture with you mouse and look at it some more. IT does say survival.

  9. That looks really interesting. Seems like it is totally something what we haven’t seen yet. You know this far we have only got zombies or something like that but now it seems like we are having some kind of robots (this is what I see.)

    So the question is should we expect some kind of information or even teaser from this co-op survival gamemode?

  10. Well it does take place in the future, and dinosaurs gave me the idea of a time travel hoard mode. Each dlc pack could be a different time period.

  11. Look at the 3 main white things. To me, that’s an exo suit hanging on a rack. The left one is the right side view, the middle one is the front view, and the right one is the left side view. Either that, or it’s 3 different exo-suits at 3 different angles. Next to each thing looks like something associated with or tied to each suit, as if each were it’s own class or loadout. The smaller white blurb looks like maybe a gun or something. When I look at the one to the right, it looks like it could maybe be a scene or picture of a mission. It just kinda looks like the loading screens from the BF3 campaign

      • Tbh, each one looks like a full, complete suit of armor. Each has like an ovular thing at the top for the head, the center piece to cover your chest and stomach, and then those faded white lines beneath that would be the leg armor

  12. I havnt seen the original tweet but did it axtually say it is co-op? Other wise it could be the main menu.
    Play Online


  13. It does slightly look like the future version of nacht see untoten from the Chinese version if cod, I know it probably ain’t just my opinion

    • 3rd person co-op horror counter reacts itself. 3rd person makes you feel that someone else is playing and you don’t feel the same anxiety if it was in 1st person and co-op means other people will be there so the sense of fear is taken down as well. I would love co-op horror though, 1st person.

      • So basically your dad’s friend’s great grandpa works at IW?

        Because the dad’s friend’s grandmother has children, who are your dads friend’s parents, in which the uncle has to be the brother of the grandmother, who had a sister who is your dad’s friend’s aunt, who’s dad has to be your dad’s friends great grandfather. Hm. Didn’t really work out.

      • Well, Advanced warfare is made by Sledgehammer.
        I know this because my dad’s mom’s cousin’s friend who is my brother works at Bungie

  14. Reminds me of Dead Space. It looks like you’ll be inside some futuristic shuttle or building with corridors and tight corners. That’s how I imagine it based on that image. Could be spec ops, could be some kind of horror-esque co-op mode, who knows. BTW the image reminds me of seats in a space pod, where you strap into the wall or something. Kinda like the things they strap off of in the E3 reveal, right at the beginning of the gameplay when they’re in the pod.

    • I see what you mean by the pod, but it looks far to big to be the inside the pod, WAIT! What if it’s the inside of the TARDIS? Doctor Who CONFIRMED!

      • Haha yes, they’re not in a pod. I know they’re in some sort of station (Space station or some sort of base on the ground), as it looks very clean and futuristic. What I can’t tell is what those white blobs are. Are those friendly players getting ready for the 4-man operation, since there’s 3 of them? Or is it what we’re up against? Or maybe, it’s simply just part of the background that got blurred to make it look like something. I have no clue. I do know (or think) that these things have arms and hands. Look at the sides of each blur. A black line going down (like an arm) ending with a peachy circle, sorta like a hand.

        Also, that’d be funny. A Doctor Who co-op gamemode. Those 3 things are really cybermen, PLOT TWIST.

    • so basically what you’re saying is that we may get a more horror oriented co-op this year? i dig that idea! sounds right up my alley. wishing right now like crazy that its true.

      • Yeah same. Especially because these devs have Dead Space experience. They know how to make horror-esque shooters, and I think this could definitely be a possibility.

    • A separate horror mode? What if it’s with Zombies instead of Necromorphs? That’d have me intrigued.

  15. Co-op mode ideas:
    β€’ Racing mini-game using Hover bikes. 3 different Tracks. With 6 players on track
    β€’ Death Arena with Hover Bikes. Bikes have weapons, and you can collect power ups.
    β€’ Parkour Course with Exo Suits. A timed course that can be done solo, or 2 players working as a team to boost each other across the course. Or each player has their own course, and they race at the same time

  16. OMG teases like this is what gets my hype for this game bigger and bigger! I hope all of my fellow COD fans can feel the same way πŸ™‚

  17. Hunger Games/Battle Royale kind of game mode would be so good
    They should have multiple game modes within this coop mode though, like a wave based one, objective based one and like the chaos mode
    But there should be more than that.
    Personally, party games and modes like Infected are one of the best things to have been added in Call of Duty since Black Ops 1
    I think they should put a lot of focus and time into this area
    Also. Bring back Demolition πŸ˜€

  18. I’m hoping for some kind of Survival mode with like cyborgs or corrupted soldiers with Exo suits or something.

  19. Im hoping that theres one person out there that can “unblur” this image! If you’re out there, PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!!

  20. Yeah, that is definitely a monitor with some Advanced Warfare co-op mode…

    Nah on the real I can’t really tell !! Maybe a mixture of some horror from Dead Space and EXO abilities mode…just a wild guess lol What do ya’ll think?

  21. It’s survival.. Like mw3 missions, it’s in the pause menu, it shows resume, options and leave game or however it is in the pause menus. But this picture is a picture of a mission IN survival just in pause

  22. It should be aliens like little green/blue/whatever color aliens not like the aliens in extinction

  23. Okay lets analyze, first off we see that its either the title screen or a paused screen. We can tell this by the top left of the monitor where there are 5 options and the second one is highlighted. Since I played past cod games, the bottom one most likely says quit/leave. The one above that looks a little longer and looks like it could be the option/settings. The top one looks bolder than the other ones which is why I think this is the title screen and that says “Start Game” or something. I wouldn’t think the word “Resume” would be that long. Also I believe this is played on the xbox1 because at the bottom right you can make out a Y inside a blue circle with writing next to it, perhaps “party options”, it looks long. Now the background image, all I can get is that it is in the same year/future with all the technology that we see and coloring. Looks like 3 wide screens at the top and a door to the left. That’s all I get, tell me what you see.

  24. Might be off topic but , When I reach for the analog stick and push down.. I want to see my characters feet.. bring that on Advance Warfare it will be the first

  25. Guys, guys, okay, this is how you Un-blur the image, click and drag the picture the top left corner, and bam, you can clearly see it says survival.

  26. It looks like some sort of subway/airport terminal. However the things on the 4 pedestal like objects look like lights, so maybe we’ll get some hoverbike racing thing. I’m really doubtful about that though seeing as it’s a fps. However it will never be as good as zombies so they shouldn’t put too much money into it XD

  27. if someone decrypted this .. we’d consider him as a genius . they literally used the worst blur effects ever .

  28. It looks like 4 time machines. Or upgrade chambers (Dead Space style). Or teleporters. It looks like we’ll be entering a different time period, or dimension of some sort.

  29. Looks like three people sitting in chairs being lauched into a battlefiield. Im thinking they’re coop mode is spec ops with a survival varient.

  30. Anyone notice, that looks like either Mechs or the inside of the drop ship the marines were in the movie Aliens, before they dropped to LV-426.

  31. what about just robots, more of endless survival like Zombies rather than Extinction. And the Robots are equal power to your exo suit and can meld with the environment, for examble, a robot can grab a pipe or something and cause it to explode, idk im drunk

  32. Looks like a buncha arcade games to me…I hope it’s something like zombies/extinction and not just spec ops like mw3

    • Hopefully it is more like Extinction. I liked the idea of having a story in survival mode. That point of contact wasn’t so good, but every DLC episodes to Extinction have been awesome.

      But I think that this mode might be robot related, but who knows?

      • I agree, I’m more of extinction fan than zombies…could be robots, but COD already had a game in China that is just like zombies, but they are zombie robots, COD: Online i think it’s called…..I’m partial to the dinosaurs mode, but open to anything really. I just hope it’s more like Extinction than zombies…extinction could really be epic the next go around…

  33. “Our other source is more straightforward, although some might say it is a little less reliable. eSports Call of Duty player Renato confirmed flat out that both Hardpoint and Capture The Flag modes are coming back for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.”

    Now it seems like that also Hardpoint is returning, but we can’t be sure if this is true or not…


      • Well eSports player is pretty good source. Sledgehammer Games is really trying to please their fans, if this is true. πŸ™‚

    • We know CTF is coming back because of the screenshot last month of a part of the scoreboard. Hardpoint I’m sure will be back as the eSports players who liaised with SHG in development providing ideas for competitive play; they were keen players of the mode in BO2 and it’s omittance caused outrage. Also hope to see demolition but I hope we don’t see the likes of Blitz, Infected and SnR.

  34. There is a menu at the top left. My best guess of what the white text above the menu reads, is “Sentinel”. I think that this mode will have robots, and/or be a fighting mode, possibly with enhanced abilities (more perks than in MP) and/or no guns, or a survival mode.

  35. Why don’t we get a mutant sort of survival, like Dead Space since SHG are the original creators of Dead Space. Plus, 4 player co-op or go home. 6 or 8 would be even better but 4 is the minimum.

  36. To the people using photoshop, did it unblur yet? Is it close to finishing? And if it is finished please post it to this article or on another new article. Thank you.

  37. This looks awesome. Im definately thinking robots. Maybe not robot zombies because COD Online has that. This might be early but if the next COD isnt bo2,what do you think it should be called? o.O

        • [email protected]…best option

          • yep. though if they make it ww2, they might as well call the game World at War 2 instead of black ops.

          • I don’t want to be “party crusher”, but if BO3 is going to be released, then it is going to be future setting, because… [SPOILER ALERT] main villain said to be ready for something if you captured him. So why would they make sequel to BO2 and then totally forget what happened in BO2 story? [/SPOILER ALERT].

            Although if they want to make past setting then WAW2 is definitely a go for them.

  38. Why don’t they put Zombies in non-treyarch CODs? Zombies was the best thing about WAW, AND BLKOPS1&2.

  39. i like other cods bringing in other third person game modes because it really shows us how good zombies is

  40. My god everyone on this damn website is probably just some nerdy kid who needs the internet to feel powerful and just so you’ve all got some stuff to complain about ” Destiny will outsell both COD and Battlefield so you’re both just as pathetic as each other so quit bitching about how one game is better than the other EA and dice are both fucking shit also Activision and sledgehammer wouldn’t know how to make a game if it came up and bit them on the ass

    • …what are you even babbling about? And Battlefield isn’t even releasing this year, you uninformed idiot.

      • Battlefield: Hardline is being released this year so i wouldn’t call someone an uniformed idiot when you’re one.

        • Oh… Haven’t you heard…? Hardline has been delayed to “Early 2015”, so I wouldn’t call someone an uniformed idiot for calling someone else an uniformed idot when you’re one ;D

  41. What about a gamemode where robots or any other thing have to deploy a bomb in your base, and you . . . well obvioulsy have to defend it and the higher wave the harder the robots are and you can upgrade your weapon (increase reload speed, fire rate, damage) and your exo (make you move faster, higher jumper, etc) and in mid waves there are mini bosses (maybe stronger robots or robots with special habilities or better weapons) or maybe something like the thing we saw in the campaign mission , the “drone swarm” making it harder to defend. And for the final wave have a boss wave. (sorry if english bad, english not my main)

  42. Am I the only one who saw the walking like zombies screen in the latest cod aw video? It’s at the 1:01-1:03 mark.

  43. To me it looks like 4 arcade machines (2 in the foreground and 2 in the background). I think its gonna be a 4 player like zombies mode but with robots. In CoD:online for China they are gonna have a robot survival mode so if it made its way into AW it would not surprise me one bit.

  44. Pleaseee i want a good COD for once i miss the days of mw2 ! Bring something new fresh and balanced so COD doesnt go to shit like most game do

  45. Well lets face it, it’s NOT going to be a zombies. Treyarch own the idea of Zombies. Can almost imagine its going to be something as advanced yet more boring than MW3 Survival or Spec Ops.

  46. Excuse my english. The picture looks to me like the lobby screen. On the left is the menu on the background i can see 3 machine type or human with extremely bulky suits. In between is like some type of monitor or it could be windows wish can put this on space but also is 40 years into the future it could be some kind of war vessel or airplain. That can put us fighting other type of aliens human like or in earth. And yes. Zombies are and will be always the best. And to that guy that said is easy just train the zombies and kill them it seems hes never pass level 20 try to do that on higher levels and good luck noobie

  47. Plz for the love the god no more of that survival crap. Never liked it and getting tired of seeing that crap on my screen everytime i load a cod game.

  48. Cyborg zombies please!!!! i don’t care if COD online has it- WE DON’T… so we should have it on here atleast…..

  49. I have stuck with zombies all the way from the beginning.. I love zombies more than anything that has ever been released. The only thing that will live up to zombies, is more zombies. There was Nothing more exciting than getting a teaser of the new map and getting all hype about new features and new story line. Best feeling in the world is playing a map for the first time and not knowing what and where anything is. No other games has gave me that sensation. I know advanced warfare won’t have zombies but I hope they don’t do as bad as extinction because that was just terrible, but I do hope they bring zombies back in the near future.

  50. If you guys look at it right it has something to do with zombies because if you do on bo2 and look at the format of the zombies it looks exactly the same as the picture format.

  51. No. Fucking. Dinosaurs. Where the fuck did we get the idea for fucking futuristic dinosaurs game mode? That’s just fucking weird.

  52. @Michael, listen if you want any info from @SHgames, me and Glen, I’m just going to say it right now, their is a 2nd coop mode but we are still putting the final touches on it. You guys have been right on the ball the whole time, it’s like “Zombies” but it’s not, their will be a round based game mode. We want to give the gaming community a memorable CALL OF DUTY. We know “Zombies” has been a popular game mode and represents a lot of treyarch, so we want to give the closes game mode that we @SHgames we could possibly get to “Zombies”! Hint hint