Activision has just sent over 4 brand new screenshots for Advanced Warfare’s campaign mode.




  1. These images looks cool. My mind is blowing because so many news appears in a very short time. I’m gonna explode if there is going to be more news! πŸ˜€

    All get aboard the hype train!

        • I don’t know what your point is but hopefully we see that PS4 footage soon. And this will be gorgeous on PC.

          • We won’t see PS4 footage till after launch. Xbox/ATVI DLC deal covers marketing, meaning all videos are Xbox One footage only.

          • Okay thanks for the information. Then I have to see it by my own eyes when I get this game. πŸ˜€

          • PS4 is not that much powerful in comparasion to the X1. You just have a wrong impression, it will take atleast 2 years until we can finally notice the difference between the 2.

            Just look at destiny, it has one of the best graphics I have ever seen and it looks the same on both consoles, and it loads slightly faster on X1.

            I donΒ΄t to start a fanboy war btw.

          • Well if you say so but it has been proved that PS4 is slightly better. But I don’t know what happens when Microsoft adds that 10% more power. That may even the difference.

            Anyway Advanced Warfare will look amazing on both consoles and especially on PC. Can’t wait until it is released. We have to wait so long. πŸ™

  2. Nice ‘artwork’ not screenshots. It wont look anything like this on console particularly the Xbox One. Hell it wont even look this good on a 4K PC.

      • Yet in the “in-game” footage from the new trailer we see two different models for Kevins “character”, one very detailed, and the other one with fewer polygons. Let me see if I can take snapshot of it.

        • You do realise that the one section is part of a cinematic cutscene right? Just like the last of us, it looks way more detailed in the cutscenes.

          • I do, but people expect more from Sledgehammer Games than of IW. Just wait and see when the game is released, people are going to bash SG for just that reason.

          • Ridiculous reason to bash SHG, but i can expect everything :/ First of all, we ve already seen that the faces look impressive and realistic in the Induction gameplay. The cut-scenes are there for narrative purposes and i can see they ve put a great ammount of work into them. Also, look at the end of the trailer where the soldier looks in awe as the little drones arrive. He looks soo real.

          • Yes, some parts of the clips looks really beautiful, then we get the material that looks a bit dated. We will know soon how it all works together.

    • Get out of there dude, I mean not everyone has a money for a PS4 or X1, but if I had 1000$ to buy an Xbox one, you can do it too, Im not anywhere near rich, just save money and be happy πŸ˜‰