On the official product description for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass on the PlayStation store, it has confirmed that you will be able to transfer your Season Pass from PS3 to the PS4, similar to the Ghosts Season Pass. 

The Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass is your access to four action-packed DLC Packs, for one great price. If you upgrade to a PlayStation 4, your Season Pass content will all be available there as well. Pre-order now.

You can preorder the Advanced Warfare Season Pass for PlayStation platforms now on the PSN Store here. Stay tuned for details on Xbox and PC platforms.



  1. Taking a second look at these photo’s, they look too good to be true. And we all know what that means when it comes to cod…

  2. sweet! what about stats? like if we for some reason can only play the ps3 version for while till we get the next gen version, do our stats + unlocks also carry over? kind alike with ghosts

  3. Was already the news, that you can pre-order “Digital Pro Edition” in Steam?
    p.s. Ignore the currency, it’s the Russian ruble.

  4. i wonder if they will do another $10 upgrade deal for the game like they did with ghosts. I’m planning to get the ps4 version, but if they did i’d get the ps3 version as well since i use that console more often.

    • Yeah, I’m curious too. If it’s confirmed they are going to do it, please reply for me 😛 or if someone’s so awesome, tweet me @DrazHD

  5. who else checks here so often that they noticed this pages title changed from ” current gen to next gen ” , then it became”last gen to current gen”

  6. That is good news for those who first buy for example PS3 version of the game and then upgrades it for PS4 version. It would have been stupid if you should have buy season pass again. Overall it is good that you can upgrade your current gen version of the game to next gen version of the game. It would be a robbery if you had to buy for the game again.

  7. I have a feeling the George map will come out as a pre-order exclusive sooner or later. I’m pretty sure their won’t be that many people playing it, I say that cause not everyone will be the Pro edition or the other one.

  8. I bought my son Advanced Wafare for xmas for a Ps3. I later purchased the season pass in the Ps3 store for 50 but have can not figure out how to get new maps…I downloaded which didn’t take anywhere near as long as Xbox 360 and it said i have successfully downloaded so how in the hell do i get the new maps and zombies??????? It never gave me option like Xbox to download Dlc maps PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!