While at the press event last week, Sledgehammer Games was able to confirm that Theater Mode (which was present in Black Ops 1 & 2, and MW3) would not be returning. Not too surprising since Ghosts opted to leave it out also but we were still kind of hoping. The main reason cited (which was what Infinity Ward said last year also) was because current-gen consoles feature built-in recording features.



  1. Built-in recording features don’t capture anything other than gameplay from the player’s first person perspective. Dumb move, SHG…

    Other than that, everything from the MP reveal seemed to look great.

    • I have the same false positive opinion about Theater Mode as everyone else. It cannot sync up with the movements of the players, causing lag across the board. Sure it sucks for content creators, but wouldn’t you rather have a well-functional game? Sure, Ghosts was shit, but it had the functionality right.

      • The one BS excuse that anyone can come up with (as they did with Ghosts as well). We never had any problems playing Black Ops 1 or 2 with their theater modes enabled. MW3 was confirmed to have latency issues, but that game was incompetent across the board, so no surprise they couldn’t get the theater mode right either. The theater mode was terrible as well, even if you tried to use it. No first person view made it completely useless for one key feature a lot of people used it for: to scope out cheaters.

        Treyarch is the only experienced developer now amongst the broken up groups designing these new COD games. We’ll have to wait until their next one.

      • I personally never really felt the lag, so it’s not something that bothered me. I’d rather just be able to play my matches, and then be able to view all the aspects of it after it’s happened, and from more than one angle.

        • Lag was abundant in Black Ops 2, especially at launch. That was something CoD lacked with P2P servers. Theater is good in that right, however, call it a conspiracy, but BO2 lagged a lot, but Ghosts got one thing right; functionality.

          • functionallity over what i calll BS no cod has perfect connection really poeple complain its not going away i rather have a good game than something that isnt gonna go away like lag (Ex) Ghost is getting outplayed by Bo2 and poeple say the lag is horrible ghost is shit……….

    • Sacrificing features like theatre mode for addition time spent towards stability and additional optimizations alone is worth it IMO. But that’s assuming said optimizations take place. We will all see.

    • they only think about ps4 and xbox 1 like there are way more poeple on the old consoles than the NEW ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (playing Call of duty)

    • I agree entirely, I have a Playstation 3 and I rely on theare to keep the game until my friend gets on to record and send it to me for uploading via youtube. Honestly if they release it as a dlc if I had to pay I’d pay for it because I really need it. But hopefully it doesnt come to that and maybe they’ll add it in later on in the game or have read what the community in general has to say and hopefully dont do what infinity ward did with ghosts and only payed attention to the MLG players and ignored the rest of the community & I also hope that they have regular health unlike what ghosts had where you died in like 5 bullets

    • yeah but main reason why theater mode is nice is not because of the recording but more because you can change your viewing angle to make montages which look cool and that feature was on all call of dutys (even cod1 and 2 had that feature it recorded the game on your harddrive and you coudl replay it over and over again to record from different angles and player’s perspective ) except for ghost and avanced warfare

  2. What a shame but it’s to be expected since current platforms have some sort of method to record. Share button/Xbox Record for consoles and PC has ShadowPlay/AMD equivalent and FRAPS/Dxtory

    • Yeah, we have these, but it’s not effective if you want to record every round… and in PC, these softwares eat a significant amount of resources which is bad for the framerate (and the storage devices).

      • How it’s not effective? With ShadowPlay it doesn’t affect your framerate and heck Dxtory doesn’t affect my framerate. You can even customize the quality so it doesn’t produce large files.

        • But it will eat a big amount of storage… and if I remember correctly, you can spectate anyone on BO2’s Theater Mode.

  3. soooo that leaves out xbox 360 and ps3 users having to record EVERY game they have to share with friends/viewers….wtf

    • “XBOX, bring up recorded game play of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” *brings up recorded game play of porn game*

  4. This game looks insane. It looks bo2 fast combined with Exo abilities which will make the game even faster. No doubt this game will be fun but there’s going to be a lot of bs as I see it. I also saw the sniping gameplay and quickscoping will return. I can’t imagine the Quickscoping montages that will come out of this…. but I’m excited for the pick 13 and customizable scorestreaks. Definitely going to preorder the digital pro edition! Get ready for a crazy 2014-2015 guys!!!!

  5. So, you want to fully support eSport communiy matches, yet you’re not including demo recording / playbacking tools? For f*cks sake, WHY? I’m pretty sure you could code these in a few hours…

  6. Me and my friends just used theatre to prove if someone cheated in a private match or to see who stole our care packages lol

  7. Hopefully they’ll change their mind. With the advanced customization, it would a shame for montage editors not to be able to have as much options as they had in BO2.

  8. Theater is cool, but ultimately I could do without it as a PS4 owner. I’d rather they use that time for balancing, bug fixes, etc.

  9. Lets just completely forget about the people who are wisely still on the ps3, not having to pay for internet that we already pay for.

  10. There goes Vanoss and a whole lot of other Youtubers…
    “Xbox, record that funny ass moment where I kill the entire team with a missile strike!”

  11. Theatre wasn’t meant for xxXxxX420YoloswagXxxXxx Gameplay. I used it a lot to see where my carepackage landed etc. And sometimes too see if someone was actually cheating/boosting etc. Very stupid move indeed…

  12. You could give the argument that it was useful for competitive. I’m sure most of them would say it was great for learning maps, spawns, team strats. Since they’re making a huge deal with eSports now. Or catch cheaters in game. Makes no sense not to put it in game.

  13. This game looks so cool but the removal of theater mode just ruins it for me and the countless number of people that are pissed off about this.

  14. Theater mode allowed content creators to not only simply make creative CoD vids, it allowed us to push the envelope of film and editing beyond what we even see in movies. For my channel, BEASTLY Theater, I was doing stuff that I still don’t even see in film, of turning the camera into a paint brush of a sort — into an instrument. The Time-To-Kill in Ghosts and future titles could’ve been adjusted without having to do away with Theater altogether. And Activision’s VP of Production didn’t even say that Theater was causing connection problems — he said they got rid of it because of low adoption. When will devs learn: gamers are vain. We love watching ourselves beast out and love sharing that with the world. Dropping theater was a loss. And only showing footage in first person POVs makes YT content homogenous.

  15. They say theater mode causes lag because it records everything that happens in the game. How do you explain killcams? I also use theater mode as a content creator.

  16. The built in recording devices only record from your perspective. IF that’s the only reason, then it was a stupid one.

  17. i like being able to view the matches from different perspectives, which you can’t get from the built in recording features.


    The devs still have theater mode, they just were instructed by Msft & Sony to drop the recording (to “encourage” people to use the console’s recording features… ugh).

    Such BS. I’m furious they don’t include something THEY KNOW WE ALL WANT.

  19. If they didn’t put it in because It would make the game lag, why didn’t they include it for next gen and PC only? I’m sure it should be able to handle it

  20. This is bullshit. The only reasons ghosts really sucked for me was because there was no theater mode. Don’t make the same mistake infinity ward…

  21. SHG go suck a dick FYI did you guys know that Ps3 and Xbox 360 dont have built in recording devices? SHG thinks there going to make alot of money with less features in there game haha SIKE! ( more people play on the old consoles than the new ones COD wise… )

  22. Even tho it says that it wont be included cause of console recording oppertunities, it doesn mean pc dont got it.. It’s a huge down for me that teather mode wont be included :/

  23. Please I’m begging you guys please bring theatre mode back! Montage makers loved it. Casual players loved it. All for FUN. A game is made to be enjoyed. This allows to see many many different perspectives of a game. you can study how to play, you can expose hackers and campers, you could show the evidence of some fun times. This was enjoyed regardless of occasional lag!

  24. In some way I feel that they’re not going to put in theater mode is because sniper/trickshotters mainly. They also said ‘Sniping is Cancer.’ There was never lag anyway.

  25. I never had issues with theater recordings but because ghosts never had it I wasn’t able to view certain things that I was curious about nor was I able to prove certain things to friends. And now in AW I’m mad that theater recording isn’t there because somebody played on my profile while I was asleep and I don’t have the proof to show it. I know somebody played because the last match I played I had a 2.33 K/D and I haven’t play multpiplayer since but now there is a 0.5 K/D that is there.

  26. I just hit a quad, with a 5 on screen and I can’t even watch it or save it. Sledgehammer done messed up on this aspect of the game for sure.

  27. I’ve played all cods.bops 1 and mw2 being some of my faces.ive always Sai if you had theatre in mw2 with the ability to split screen.then mw2 would be the best game ever.i love making throwing knife videos

  28. We can’t do a”snap” on the xboxone on AW because it’s viewed from our perspective.Please explain how I’m gonna snap that awesome moment of me getting a multi kill in the air and screenshot/ snap it?

  29. I just had the game of my life (Domination 42-14, 11 captures 5 defends) and googled how I can save it on my PS3. Bad move by Sludgehammer, I really wish this feature was still in COD for PS3.