The official description for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been revealed via the source code on the official Call of Duty website, which received a redesign today following the Black Ops 3 announcement.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 is the first title for next-gen hardware in the critically acclaimed Black Ops series. Developed by Treyarch, the award-winning creator of the two most-played games in Call of Duty® history. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 deploys players into a dark, twisted future where a new breed of Black Ops soldiers emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the technology we created to stay ahead, in a world where cutting-edge military robotics define warfare. With three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies, providing fans with the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever.

In addition, it seems that a new marketing image / box art for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been leaked.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 World Reveal takes place April 26th. Stay tuned for the latest intel.

SOURCE: @ThaTiemsz



          • Hopefully not. Maybe some new movement abilities like Titanfall, but if it’s like AW, the haters are going to be everywhere.

          • I’m saying super soldiers would be better imo. Boost jumps ruined the flow of the gameplay.

          • So true. Changing my sensitivity from a 6 to a 12 was a big change for me. Hopefully I won’t have to set it too high for BO3.

          • I’ve been playing destiny a lot so my AW sensitivity went from 10 to 4, lol. Got too used to the destiny sensitivity.

          • Exo-Suits made the soldiers super soldiers…

            And do you think that it will be much more different?

            What can a super-soldier do that a soldier with an exo-suit can’t?

          • Nothing. A super soldier would be just like the exo suits but without the boost jumps and dodges, which is 10x better imo. It makes sense that they won’t have exos yet in BO3, since I believe it’s going to take place pretty soon after BO2. I doubt it’s going to be even more in the future than AW.

          • But an exo suit doesn’t need any boosters. And I’m 110% sure that the exo-suits will never have jump boosters and/or dodgers IRL…

            I hope that if there are exo-suits, that they’ll only give you strength. I seriously do not want any type of boost. Dodge or Jump.

          • But when people are talking about the exo suit, they’re referring to the AW style with enhanced mechanics. The enhanced super soldier is just a different way to label it as to not confuse people. Also, you can’t say never. Do you think that 50 years ago people would have even thought it was possible to do over half the things we do today on a daily basis? But yeah, I agree. I hope they don’t have boost jumps and dodges. I can tolerate things like the exo abilities returning, because they barely make a difference (and are a waste of a slot imo), but I don’t want that boosting stuff everywhere. If there is, I won’t buy it. Unless they keep that stuff out of zombies.

          • I’m on PS so I haven’t used grapple yet, but I never really found exo-shield useful enough. To be fair, it is one of the better abilities, though. Much better than exo-health or whatever.

          • I cant play without it, its amazing, everytime you spot 3 guys or one guy in a headglitch shooting you, you can use it to get away

          • I say never because no one would be jumping around when there’s a fucking War going on 200m away from them.


            Yes, and I think they will keep the exo-suits away from the Zombies. Specially since the Zombies’ isn’t in the same Universe as the campaign, and the characters aren’t military soldiers (not anymore, at least).

          • I think they’re saying that it’s even more advanced than the exo. Which is weird. It just has a sleeker and over all better design.

          • They are putting exo but something won’t be in it like boost jump and the guns will be like the same but better if u get me and the maps are going to be good also zombies Is my highlight by the way

          • Treyarch didn’t make the Warfare series and aren’t allowed to because its the ideas of Activision and infinity Ward

        • I don’t get it then, because they’re clearly highlighting the arms of the soldier and you can even see the exo skeleton on the upper arm and the skeleton hinges at the at the elbows. Now take my life.

  1. He’s wearing an EXO suit I am officially done with CoD. Funny I started in 2006 with CoD3 and now I’m ending my cod career with Bo “3” it’s a sign and I’ll take it. EXO suits are horrible. Don’t you guys see nobody is playing AW right now.

      • Guess so, for the 4th time consecutively a future setting, I thought they wanted to bring us change ? Not really excited anymore about bo3 right now…

        It explains VDH twitter pic “DANGER EXPECTATIONS” now, people where hyped for a possible WW/cold war setting and now as I predicted the disappointment slams in hard…

    • The game isn’t necessarily going to have the same jump features we’ve seen. Nothing’s been confirmed yet other than “military robotics”. Wait and see what happens.

        • Wait and see what it’s like. Treyarch have a solid rep, and BO2 is a popular game – it’s the game a lot of people have been going back to. Not Ghosts, not MW3, not Black Ops, not MW2; people have been going back to BO2.

          This is going to be a very popular game. Among the fans? It’s hard to tell. But financially? This could be very big.

          • They’ve been going back to Ghosts. Perhaps you just didn’t know that. But, the reason they’re going back to it and BO2 is b/c they don’t like AW. Also, Nadeshot even said he’d be back possibly at the END of AW or beginning of the next title. Why? Probably b/c he thinks AW sucks, but he can’t say that on camera. 😀

          • They have gone back to bo2 because it is the newest cod that has old school movements and maps

          • i agree i am playing bo2 when i want to break my ps4 with all the movement in aw

          • people have been going back to BO2 for a couple of reasons. It is the most recent game that was actually good, and it has still gotten a decent amount of dev support, If BO1 or MW2 were the game they are now, just released right before ghosts, thats where the people would be

          • nah im afraid he’s right. ive had multiple friends tell me today they aren’t getting it now

          • On several sites, youtube, my friends, twitter
            I would say that over 85% of comments about bo3’s future setting are like “Im dissapointed, I will pass on this one, fuck the future, Im done with cod”.
            This statistics were made from my personal experience, I never saw the hype train for a new cod stop like that, and even if it sells well, a larger portion of the community will leave forever

          • That’s because the people who actually play casually or just don’t care don’t post on here. Haters show their hate and most people who don’t care don’t care enough to even post on here. Shit load of people are leaving. No you’re not, lol. I’ll see you at midnight release xD

        • I’m done too, I moved to Battlefield permanently after Black Ops 2 came out. I hate futuristic shooters and the market is currently flooded with them.

    • Am I being blind I don’t see no exo … I have never said this before but… I want to see that mans behind ! … I’m still praying for no double jump …

      • Not jetpacks. Probably just Super Strength. It looks like it takes inspiration from exos, though.

        • I agree. It is an ‘Exosuit’ (technically) but not as we have come to know it from SHG. I doubt we will see the jet pack mechanic return but maybe dodging (jumping side to side or backwards) and defiantly super strength, in the campaign at least. Possibly also the return of Exo-abilities such as cloak, trophy, Overclock etc,

      • I don’t think it’s exos. Probably just enhanced soldiers. We can see robotics on his arms for strength. I don’t see a full exo suit like AW though, with the jetpack on the back or the suit on the side of his legs. Either way, I think it’s staying on the ground.

    • Im still playing it and you know that if u guys don’t like exo’s that means that u don’t like halo or destiny or other double jump games cause this game is just double jumps and movements in the air big whoop.Last i checked u guys wanted something new and u got it just stop complaining what u wanted in the first place

      • Last time I checked people wanted a traditional CoD back, something new doesn’t mean bunny hopping all over the map makes the game fresh and exciting, quite the opposite…

        • Plus they needed to give something new to cod every year it was pretty much the same thing every year but different name trust me they needed to get something new to the table.

          • I hear you, but they could achieve that without straying away from the classical CoD style of play, AW doesn’t feel as an CoD at all and I fear Bo3 is going to suffer the same fate

      • WRONG I play destiny everyday for hours I have 3 level 32 characters the double jumping is NOTHING like EXO suits at all buddy.

    • I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of me having way too much fun boosting around like a rabbit strapped to a jet turbine.

    • If it’s really an Exo suit… but if it is, I’m pretty sure it will be a ninja-kinda thing, not the jumping shit (which I kinda like, to be honest).

    • Doubt it. Watch gameplay first to see if there are exo-suits and if there are i’m going to have to wave goodbye. If not i will give the game a chance, all i have seen so far is a screenshot.

  2. I think treyarch is hiding the true game from us.
    This is justt o troll, c’ommom even woods is confirmed for this shit

  3. i swear some of you kids are such aids to the community. “omg he looks too futuristic” like stfu. Crying ass little bitches. This pretty much confirms no exo suits and that’s all you kids need to be thankful for.

  4. honestly doesnt look like an “exo” in the same aspect as in AW. Just looks like a futuristic soldier. still hyped, I have faith in Treyarch.

  5. I’m pretty much game for anything when it comes to a new CoD, but please no more exo suits. My controller can’t take the battering

  6. I’m sick of this shite. The majority of the community has made it clear we don’t want this jumping and boosting bollocks back. WE JUST WANT A FKING TRADITIONAL ARCADE SHOOTER COD!!! Is that so much too ask for these days. Oh well Iooks like I’ll be boring off to Counter Strike then…………

    • This game has been in development for three years. The reaction to a game that came out six months ago isn’t going to lead to them drastically changing BO3.

  7. I’m guessing that this is a future where soldiers start fusing themselves with machines, replacing body parts with better prosthetic counterparts, etc, and this Dr. Salim guy was the one who revolutionized this technology. I’m indifferent on the exo suits, I don’t care if they’re a gameplay element or not, but I just hope to god that it’s not even remotely as cheesy as Advanced Warfare. I’d like to see Treyarch take a bit of more serious approach to this game, unlike past Call of Duty titles.

    • It could mean that it’s still going to be on both platforms of old a new gens since they said its the first Black Ops to be on next gen hardware. But that could be taken either way since they haven’t revealed the official platforms for it yet.

    • God I hope so! There’s getting far too many platforms, its time to reconnect the players. 360/ps3 shone brightly for a long time, but it’s now time to fade. 🙂

  8. If you look closely that doesn’t look like an Exo suit. If it is it maybe it is an integrated exo suit. Have faith and wait.

  9. if the campaign is future idc, but if the multiplayer future and no modern or /world war 2 or vietnam just going to stop official with call of duty

  10. People wanted a CoD change. SHG brought change. Made the haters who said “it’s copy and pasted every sequel” change their thoughts. Now fucking everybody hates it. Can you guys just calm your tits and enjoy a change in pace for once? “NO BECAUSE EXOS IS THE 8TH DEADLY SIN DUH DUHHHHH” Fuck you. I like exo suits. Instead of losing a gunfight because he saw me from behind, I can jump, dodge, and have a decent gun fight.

    • exo suits take away the flow. exo suits take away map control. It’s just complete chaos and I get shot in the back all day every day in AW. I don’t play AW, but ever since I quit I’ve been enjoying BO2. You ever notice how hard it is to go positive in AW because of SBMM & exo suits dude? It’s a joke and if I see exo suits in multiplayer, it’s a deal breaker. 3 Bad CoDs in a row is gonna shatter the glass. Call of Duty has been feeling suicidal, and it looks like they’re gonna take their life this year.

      • If you don’t like it, stop hating, and play Battlefield or Halo or GTA5 or any other game. Get off CharlieIntel. And nobody but your clan can see your KD so it’s not that big of a deal. And ever think about the sucky guy on the other end going 1-21 before SBMM? he’s not having fun, meanwhile you’re going 21-1 making that guy get the fun away.

        • I don’t give a damn about KD ratio. I like CoD. Not battlefield and GTA. The way CoD is going is going to kill it and you know it. I see endless comments of people begging for exo suits to not come back. These exo suits in BO3 are going to be a deal breaker, its over.

          • For me, it would be fine, because I like being able to move around rather than being glued to the ground.

          • Clearly you’re not understanding the fact that exo suits kill the gameplay and make it hard to go on streaks. I stopped playing AW back in December because I knew everytime I wanted to play, I wouldn’t do well. Or it’d be like luck. Because of how open the maps are, because you can do everything right and still get floored because of the way the exo suits and boost jumps allow the flow. Kill an enemy, take cover, reload, move along dropshot someone, next thing you know someone jumped over the building next to you and nailed you from behind and you didn’t even know he was there or coming. No flow. And don’t forget the SBMM which adds to it. This isn’t even an opinion, its the way the game is. Only way you can do well in this game is play uber defensive, which isn’t fun at all and makes you feel like you can’t move.

      • “take away the flow” that’s completely the opposite. Exos has made AW a very awesome, fast-paced game. That’s the “change” CoD needed since Ghosts…

      • The flow that comes from playing the same 3lane maps the same way over and over because that one way is the only way.

      • Its not hard at all to go positive lol,its so easy I forgot there was SBMM you know when I quit bo2 about 6 months into ghost,exos really don’t take away anything, and you know what’s wrong with AW nothing, just people who cry and bitch all day are the only one’s who do that kind of shit

        • See, everyone wanted something new you got it, in my OPINION it was great, but now you whine about it? THAT IS BS, spartanelite, you, sir have logic.

          • Yeah I like it,but its still not hard to do good no matter what plus I’m pretty sure they really toned down on sbmm too,idk I really don’t see what’s wrong with the game

      • Cod aw is is complete chaotic with the exo suit. But its fun thou, i actually take advantage of the exo suit feature

      • “exo suits take away the flow”
        “exo suits take away map control”
        “I don’t play AW”

        Well there’s your problem

      • I 100% agree dude, you’re not the only one who feels this way. Exos add a new dimension to gameplay, but not a good one. The X,Y playing field is a good one, the Z adds in too much chaos. That randomness causes good players to loose fights out of luck, and bad players to win fights out of luck. Yea it might be good for players who suck, but we all sucked when we first started playing. To be honest I’m sick of handicaps for people who don’t have the time to get better. Things like death streaks, SBBM, exos, supply drops, care packages, support streaks, and map events are all in place to make bad players better by luck. Its utter bullshit. Its time to stop spoon feeding people, if they suck at the game its incentive to get better or just don’t play and let the people who enjoy traditional Call of Duty play. If BO3 has a new movement mechanic I feel the CoD franchise is dead, because if its bad then no doubt IW’s next game will be bad, then another exo game and then were back here. It will be too late. This is the last hope for Call of Duty.

        • Thank you for being reasonable and not blindly defending exo suits, and I agree with your position entirely.

    • I agree that I have no problem with exo-suits, I just don’t want them as a staple of CoD. I know most ppl getting so emotional about BO3 not having exos don’t want them at all, but personally I think that it might be best if exos stay as SHGs thing, or at least AW’s. It wouldn’t make me not buy BO3 if it does have exos tho.

    • That’s not call of duty though and it ruins the Damn gameplay. I just want simple movements. Game got boring as hell with the exo suit movement shit, which is surprising considering its more fast pace.

    • So, what you’re saying is that only your opinion’s right and that everyone who doesn’t like it should go fuck themselves.

      What the fuck is your problem? This is not a fucking dictatorship where everything you comment HAS to be “This game is great!”.

      People have the right to speak their mind, and most people in here like CoD, that’s why they’re here in the first place.

  11. What are you people freaking out about??? Double Jump hasn’t even been confirmed. Exo suits DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE a jetpack. So what if you have an exo suit, what does it mean? Super strength? How does that change multiplayer? People have got to stop bitching until you know how this futuristic setting will change the game.

    • Exo suits and double jumping take away the flow and make it overly chaotic. Tell me how easy it is to go positive in AW? Hard as hell right? Yeah, I stopped playing in December, and been enjoying BO2. If I see exo suits guys, it’s a deal breaker and I think it’s finally over.

      • “Double Jump hasn’t even been confirmed. Exo suits DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE a jetpack.”

        Did you read his comment?

        • I hear you. CharlieIntel tweeted out it looks like Cybernetics more than exos and I can relate. But look at his hands and compare them to the hands in AW. LOOKS IDENTICAL to an exo suit. We’ll see, the first boost jump I see and I’m not buying shit.

          • I don’t understand how they’re cybernetics. I don’t see a robotic arm on the soldier, I see Exo armor.

      • It s not hard.However,keeping a high killstreak is pretty rough sometimes ,since you can be killed from multiple directions.But I agree with you exos shouldn t return till AW2.

      • Its actually not that difficult, I had a K/D of 1,1 in AW while I just had a K/D of 0,8 in Black Ops 2.

        The problem was that the game simply enough wasn’t fun.
        The score streaks were horrible, so going on high streaks isn’t awarding.
        There is a lot more too it, but for me it was definitely the score streaks.

        Zombies wasn’t fun because the exo’s totally remove the fun, besides that it just doesn’t feel right.
        I’m sure Treyarch can do a better job.

    • Because AW sucks ass, there’s a reason why cod sales are down. Just like Halo Reach killed halo MP, AW Exo suits sped up the death of cod

          • I blame Ghosts for low AW sales TBH

            Edit: and I also thing Ghosts had reasonably high sales because of BOII

          • pretty dumb logic considering that ghosts pre-orders were the lowest since waw so it was the biggest decline in years. that would be bo2 fault. ghosts outsold expectations and is still to this day in the top 10 for digital sales. ghosts numbers are actually accurate while bo2 main menu pulls numbers out of its ass (the actual multiplayer did not pass ghosts population until AW came out)…Ghosts is one of the best cods (ask gunns4hire, fistdacuffs, markofj, nasa), but I expect nothing less from Treyarch fanboys. Titanfall and Ghosts are so much better games than BO2 or AW.

            Lucky for treyarch I am not a blind fanboy either way and will give their game a chance despite bo2 killing the community.

          • For starters, I was talking about sales – not preorders.

            “Ghosts outsold expectations” was literally the point I was trying to make.

            How the hell do you know the accuracy of the player counts between games?

            “Ghost is one of the best cods ever”
            And you call me a fanboy? lol

    • Thunder has a friend who play tested the game. He told Thunder “I hope you like boost jumps”.

  12. It doesn’t look like an exo suit, but it looks futuristic as fuck. If this is like BO2 with no exo suits, I’ll take it. But that guy looks like he doesn’t have a exo suit but at the same time looks like he could have one. If this game has exo suits, I’m done and don’t look for me next year.

  13. why do they insist on continuing with the whole future concept when they see us all going on about ww2 every year
    during the hype train

    • This game has been in development for three years. Just because people have been quietly saying “a WW2 game would be cool” and in the last six months they’ve been saying “I don’t like Exos or futuristic stuff anymore” doesn’t mean that Treyarch is going to drop everything and make a new game.

  14. BIG BAG OF NOPE. AND A HIGH DOSE OF NOPE-AMINE. God dammit Treyarch. You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring us back from the giant turd that was Advanced Warfare. You were supposed to save Call of Duty. But instead you’ve destroyed it. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Halo 5 kills this. Because Halo is staying true to Halo. CoD changed its identity and is now dead.

      • K. Go back into your fanboy hole. I didn’t say it was going to kill the franchise. I was saying it was going to be a better game. STFU.

        • I have no fanboy hole. Be logical here, not a hater. This is the biggest gaming franchise in the world, and they’ve just announced a sequel to some of the biggest games in the franchise.

          Anything with the name “Black Ops” attached is going to draw in cash. Use your head kid.

          • 1. Don’t call me kid. I’m 24.

            2. “Drawing in cash” doesn’t make it a good game. Halo 5 is going to be a better game. Advanced Warfare is going not a good game. It is incredibly flawed and completely different from what made CoD great.

            3. The biggest gaming franchise in the world…? Mario holds that title, bud. But I guess if you’re the macho meathead type, Mario isn’t getting it done for you anymore…

          • Anyway, I’m done with this. We’ll see what comes out of it. If its akin to Advanced Warfare, then its a no go for me. The rest of you can buy it and I wish the best of luck to you. I like CoD for what it used to be, classic FPS. Not this new futuristic Halo/Titanfall wannabe shit…

          • 1. If you don’t want to be called a kid, act like you’re 24, not a 6 year old.

            2. Firstly, you’re already judging the quality of the game based off some box art and a product description. That’s illogical. Don’t base your argument on that. You’re comparing a game that you’ve seen footage of, and possibly even played, with a game that was announced an hour ago and has one paragraph of text to give you an accurate idea of what the game might be like.

            Secondly, calling Advanced Warfare a bad game is a matter of opinion. People enjoy it, people don’t. That happens with every CoD. Just because you don’t enjoy a game doesn’t mean that a game that sounds similar to it is going to be abysmal. If you think that way, I’m concerned.

            3. Yeah, when you strip it down, Mario is the biggest franchise. There are even more titles above CoD. But for the past few years, what franchise have we seen topping the charts at Christmas, while it’s been up against Fifa, AC, Battlefield and GTA? CoD. Not Mario.

        • So now we’re back to judging games with out even know what the fucking it looks like, let alone playing it.

          Alright, I thought people were mature and smart enough to go past that, but I guess not.

          • There’s an exo suit on the supposed box art. It’s going to be similar to AW, evidently. Which is Call of Duty trying to beat Halo at its own game. Which it won’t… It will sell more because of the multiplatform aspect, and because its such a popular franchise, but it won’t be as good of a game. And I’m someone who doesn’t even like Halo that much…

      • the difference between AW exos and Titanfall mechanics is that Titanfall flows better because of the map design. If AW had bigger maps in a titanfall design, AW would probably work better.

      • Titanfall is great. If BO3 plays like Titanfall without bots I will enjoy it. Ghosts and Titanfall are my favorite FPS games since MW2.

    • So you don’t buy Call of Duty which MIGHT include exo suit but you will buy Titanfall 2 which has “exo suit” too? LMAO!

    • Halo hasn’t been good since Halo 3. Reach was okay. Halo 4 might be the worst FPS I have ever played last gen. The only reason I spent a year playing the game is that it was so broken it was fun…I mean having a 5 k/d that is. Not to mention the soap opera campaign with a hug from cortana as the climax. There’s a reason that only 10k people played it after a couple months. Halo 5 looks better…but the game is still going to be a joke I bet.

    • Can’t we all just be friends and not hate on anyone/thing? People are so strange. You are so right. This comments section is going nuts over software that influences the visuals of pixels (a screen) and distortion of air (sound).

      • I feel you people can’t appreciate what these developers do for us they make these cool games and bad ass games and all we do as a community is negative like dam I know kids in Africa who don’t get this shit so yeh appreciate what you can my friends

        • First, why the f*ck are you talking about african kids, their irrelevant to the convo at hand. Developers get paid to make games for US. We can be negative because we are all critics to these games. If the games don’t appeal to us we can complain. As I said before, They get paid to make games for US.

  15. Someone on Neogaf just leaked some gameplay details. Sounds like Titanfall/Advanced Warfare. This guy is legit.

    “No it’s real. Robotics, dashing, wall running, the works.”

  16. God dammit I was hoping we get a normal on the ground cod this year

    I mean im fine with the exo suit every three years, but not every year.. They will get played out VERY SOON

    Fucking fuck idk what to think anymore..

    • Because they don’t agree with Ur opinion .. They must be kids … If your whats left after the “cure” God help us

      • People feeling entitled that a game must be their way and bitching when it isn’t. Sounds like a kid to me and I pray this game will be the chemo that kills all of them so we real gamers can play our games in peace.

        • Lmao u r are a real gamer because u want an Exo and u might get one ? And because other people who love cod don’t want exo’s are cancer ? … Please stfu u have no idea what u are talking about … Real gamers play more than cod has nothing to do with if they miss the next cod or not …

  17. Look at your comments. They’re pathetic complaining cos it ain’t in the past. Bet you all buy it anyway

  18. I love how people are freaking out over a picture and a vague description of the game. Just wait and see what the gameplay is like guys. Surely that’s what matters most? Or are all you haters psychic and able to tell that it’s going to be abysmal already?

      • I’m impartial. I’m disappointed overall, I would have rather seen a CoD set in the 20th Century, or simply something that isn’t futuristic. But I don’t hate Advanced Warfare, so I’m not instantly taking the description and that image as a negative thing.

        If Treyarch are as amazing as people have been saying before now, they might have found a way to make Exos work well in MP. Who knows?

        • If I judge treyarch by their trackrecord, I see bad hit detection now in combination with double jumps/dashing/wall running, yeah that’s going to be good for my xb1 controller

        • If it has double jump and enhanced movement or whatever I’m not buying it. Just a preference. It was fun for a little while, but it ruins the flow of the game imo.

        • Yh fingers crossed ..this month is going to be a long wait now .. The rest of the clues they give out up till the reveal trailer are pretty pointless now … All that work to set all this stuff up n then it gets leaked … I bet someone’s pissed … Unless it’s up on purpose ?

  19. I’m just gonna wait for the amazing killstreaks, BO2 was the last CoD that actually made me want to get the top scorestreak cos it was that fucking good. SWARM INBOUND

  20. I’m excited because this is Treyarch and I think they make the best COD games. The last good COD to me was Black Ops 2, so I have high hopes

  21. if that is in fact an exo, let’s just hope it is like Elysium where all it does is give you super strength. NO DOUBLE JUMP. NO PUSSY DASHING.

  22. Urgh christ. My faith in Treyarch has nose-dived now. It sounds like a cross between AW and Ghosts. I still have hope that it’ll be a decent game but I’m a bit fed up of this persistent futuristic bollocks that has plagued the series in recent years. COD was always better and more successful when it was traditional and not some sci-fi fantasy.

  23. This comment section is cracking me up! So it’s futuristic but they didn’t say INCLUDES DOUBLE JUMP! God people are fast to presume. So much for the hype train and your savoir Treyarch right?;) lmfao
    Lets be honest all of you guys who say “fuck this shit” are going to buy this on day one and still complain.

  24. Im writing down everyone’s names who says cod is ruined and that they aren’t buying the game or saying its crap because it’s futuristic. Whenever you get back on here and start saying good things about the game or if you get the game I will enjoy my laugh of the little kid that was within yourselves that you just showed to the world

    • AW > all
      Write my name right now say my name!
      Print this if u want
      But Im not getting this unless atleast a large portion of the campaign is set in the past

    • I’m a bit bored because of the futuristic setup. The cold war setting which the first Black Ops had was awesome, tbh I’m planning to buy a spare Xbox 360 because of it.

        • Yeah, but many are used to exo suits, and a couple of my friends who played AW for like 3 months straight played Black Ops 2, and they used to be good, but the got oblitirated because they were too used to AW

          • That’s funny because it doesn’t bother me at all to go from AW to Blops 2 (or any other cod game)… but… after being a badass at Titanfall before AW came out.. I can firmly say that AW has ruined TF for me… the movements in TF feel so damn clunky to me now and not being able to strafe jump is annoying as hell, lol. I don’t know… I kind of feel like when/if they make the next Titanfall game, they could look to AW for their movement mechanics.

      • Sadly, support for Xbox 360 will be discontinued next year, and PS3 this year. This is most likely going to mean no more online interactions for the systems (which freaking sucks). We’ll have to get used to the new current gen :/

    • Call of Duty has been futuristic for a few years now. Since MW3. It’s becoming their thing now. It’s becoming all popular FPS franchise’s thing now. I like it and think they should keep going with it.

    • COD is ruined, but I’m still gonna buy it.
      COD is ruined, but I’m still gonna buy it.
      COD is ruined, but I’m still gonna buy it.

      Go ahead and put me at the top of your list… 😉

    • I am gonna buy it no matter what. Treyarch knows what we want. If they find a way to make exo’s better like bigger maps then I am all for it, But would I rather not have them, Yes.

    • Mp may be ruined. It’s Treyarch though so the spawns won’t be bad. If the game had a ton of past things then I’m fine. No matter what’s in the game I’m getting it for zombies no matter what period. It could have been any era.

    • Settle down son.. Odds are I actually won’t be playing this :/

      I’ve said it a lot before.. and said “f it” cause my buddies still played CoD.. but I converted them to Battlefield, no need to waste my money this time if it ain’t the product I fully desire.. I’ve had it w/ futuristic settings.. It’s a constant flow of the same shite..

      I’ll stick to playing Armored Warfare & Project Cars this year, and will play Star Wars to bridge the gap until someone gets it right and releases a shooter w/ a different theatre of war (80’s cold war gone hot, Desert Storm, Korean War, WWII or Vietnam revisited)

      IDK if you’ve ever played the RTS “Wargame” but right there.. right there is game begging to be turned into an arcade style FPS.. <-Not ArmA, but more like Battlefield

      1980's.. Cold War gone hot conventional warfare.. Multiple nations (Warsaw Pact & NATO)..

  25. Everyone don’t get your panties in a bunch already. Wait till the reveal and then wait for the MP reveal.

  26. Lol all these pussy crybabies in the comments. Please get over it. Nobody cares if you’re not buying it lmao.

  27. Do Activision have monkeys doing market research for them? Look how bad sales have gone since the exo’s lol. Surely they fucking know that nobody or very few people will buy this game if they make a return.

    If it’s not broken don’t fix it you morons. RIP COD 2007-2012

  28. That cover art picture with the soldier on it looks as if it portrays these Titanfall characters as far as looks goes!

      • I doubt Black Ops 3 multiplayer will have that wild and out crazy boosting like AW had. But I’m starting to believe it will have similar movements to or as if it was Titanfall pilot moving.

  29. It’s pretty lame that instead of giving us the game we want; they try to compete against Titanfall 2 and Halo 5.

  30. ” award-winning creator of the two most played games in Call of Duty® history”

    As much as you hate cod theres no denying that!
    Black ops 2 on ps3 still has 150k players!

  31. All these people saying their hype has gone down, rather have no hype and be surprised than to be hyped and let down.

    BO1 and BO2 were my favs after all

  32. Doubt the box art won’t have the name on it. That’d be more like a collector’s edition, if anything

  33. Not surprising at all. Campaign will deliver I am sure about that.

    However, I am a little bit worried about the robotics. Does it mean robots or just machines like drones etc?

  34. It’s going to play exactly like Titanfall minus the Titans! Every movement in BO3 will be just like Titanfalls, mark my word for it! Everyone should get back on Titanfall to prepare for what’s to come in November!!!

  35. What if Treyarch is just trolling us by putting out all this futuristic stuff, and is just trying to get our hype down then at the world premiere they will show us the actually game.. Lets all hope trollarch goes back to WW2 or modern era…

  36. I hate exos but I cant really talk about this game since we havent seen anything yet. BUT…but if Treyarch will fail with this one I think the COD franchise will officially be DEAD since IW and SH already showed us their work.

    • But IW didn’t have exo movement so it could be savior for those who don’t like exo suits at all. In Ghosts they had brilliant weapons, hit detection and perk system. Maps weren’t the best but DLC was my favorite of all time.

      • No,lets be honest. Yes, Ghosts had some good stuff BUT again the KILLSTREAKS were nonexistent,the maps were bullshit and perk system was awful and the colors were trash. No one went back to Ghosts because it was trash. And I’ve had enough of me (talking about me personally) hoping for another good and fun COD.

    • They are going to have jetpacks this time that make your movements wildly responsive. It’s going to be an exact or near replicate of Titanfall’s pilot characteristics. Hence only being able to wall run & or double jump lesser than AW’s.

  37. There’s this complex argument every time a new COD comes out, and that is whether a game is good or not. JFC people, these guys are making a game with their own crazy ambitious ideas. If you like it, great, if you don’t, well they probably don’t give a S@!T. If you used to like the games and suddenly don’t like them, okay well that’s just your taste. It’s their game. Not all games are for a wide vast audience. We all play games for a certain reason. Maybe we like the stories, or the features, or maybe graphics. I don’t know. But much criticism for games like COD are such wastes because why? You want to buy the game but it has to be made to your liking? Gamers started having to like the games first released. I always enjoyed opening a new game and trying it out. If I liked it, I kept it and enjoyed it for what it’s worth. If I didn’t I just said not for me. The funnier thing is that none of us even know jack for details. All you assumptions could go to waste and maybe you’ll regret doubting the game. Many of you lack patience. be patient, wait and see what Treyarch is up to, and decide for yourself whether you want it or not. There are so many people who don’t want to hear you be a hypocritical F*** about your opinion on the next call of duty. My head is spinning at the amount of comments saying, “OH NO EXOS.” Oh well, some people enjoy it, some don’t it happens. Find another game, there are literally thousands of games in this world. Being a gamer isn’t getting what you want, it’s enjoying the work people have put into them and having fun with what you like. Damn.

  38. For those bitching about “military robotics” this is what that means. This doesnt say exo or boost jumping anywhere. Now please, stfu.

    • People just don’t like future settings anymore. They’re burned out. Kind of like when everybody was burned out on WW2 shooters.

      • yes…because we wanted to try something else and we understood that this futuristic bullshit sucks balls so now we want to go back ofc. But do u remember the good old days in bo1 when there were 3 million people online ? times.

    • Mason & Woods are definetely back Im sure.
      But that is just too far away from the futuristic BS setting
      I think treyarch leaked this just to troll us and in the end it will be a cold war game

  39. Think people need to realise that as much as they want a new CoD game set in the past, 99% sure it won’t happen. Going further and further into the future each game, allows you to do more things. Exo suits were a main example. If they go back to WW2 or whatever completely it limits what they can do and completely limits DLC, as it would have to be set around the time period.

    We can tell that the story mode will be partly set in the past so stop moaning. Not like it’s all future stuff, that will probably just be the multiplayer which you don’t have to touch if you don’t want to. Even then, AW had a classic playlist for those who didn’t like exos so BO3 probably will as well. They’re trying to cater to as many people as they can but they can’t just keep going back, have to look forwards.

    • From MP1st: “His gear and outfit are quite clearly from a time beyond ours; you can even make out a more sleek-looking exo-skeleton –though perhaps more robotic in nature — that surrounds the outer layer of his arms and likely his back and legs as well. The giveaway is the outer plating attached to the rotary motor devices at his elbows.”

      Seems like I am not the only one seeing an exo suit.

  40. If their is double jump I’m out. AW got so boring after a while with everbody jumping like grasshoppers.

  41. It’s not the end of the world that exos or some kind of movement is in the game and that it will be a futuristic title. But a call of duty set in the past would of been the smart move this year seeing we will get Ghosts 2 which will be in the 2030’s and then AW 2 2060’s so that means we will have futuristic games since 2012 to 2017 thats 5 in a row I’m guessing 2018 is finally when we go back in the past just sucks it’s so far away but I’m still excited to see what treyarch can bring to the table!!

    • OMG…LOL…you got me so depressed when u wrote ” that means we will have futuristic games since 2012 to 2017 thats 5 in a row”

      • Haha I mean it’s the truth even though ghosts was like a modern future game I still consider it future since it was in 2030 then of course you know the other titles at obviously future maybe activision is gonna finally understand we want a classic call of duty game set in the past the last one to do that was black ops 1 so technically it’s gonna be 6 games of you count mw3 lol

  42. The box art looks pretty great and i’m glad its a throwback to the first game’s box art. I don’t mind it being futuristic again. I just personally hope we don’t get double jump returning, since its my least favorite part of Advanced Warfare. 🙁

  43. Well looks like Halo 5 and Rainbow 6 is a better alternative this year

    But then again knowing me…. I will buy bo3 …. Only for zombies

  44. I’m not sure why everyone wants to go back to the “old school” COD…the exos are amazing, makes getting around the maps a breeze, a nice change of pace then past COD’s, easily the best COD in years in my opinion and everyone I play with. I played the old COD’s and they feel sooo terribly slow compared to Advanced Warfare. If you don’t like it, move on, or if you just aren’t good enough, which is typically the case, move on…

  45. Fuck it! Waiting for a decent console ww2 shooter since WaW2 and yet they keep shoving these futuristic bullshit down my throat. Give me/us new Brothers in Arms, Medal of Honor and a goddamn ww2 setting!

  46. the only hope we have is that skills of exo is only using in the campaign and multiplayer gameplay continues as always (mw2 , bo1 , for example )

  47. Hopefully, really unlikely, SHG goes back to its 3rd person Vietnam game it was working on for their next cod. But I have a feeling its going to be AW 2 🙁

    • I barely notice SBMM. It’s a non-issue for many people. I think there’s as much a chance of Treyarch using it as there is them not using it.

  48. Thank you treyarch for coming correct with the future stuff and hopefully exos with full aw movement. CAN YOU DIG IT?!

  49. I don’t care about exo’s. if supply drops or gun variants are in the game, i’m not going to buy it!

  50. “Cods dead.” Yeah right. Everyone who says his fails to realize that there are new people adopting the series every year. Its a damn business. It doesn’t matter if you “veterans” like it or not. It’s appealing to the new group of COD players. Exo or not I’m excited for this game. I enjoy the exo’s. Sure they are hard to master but once you do master them they’re great. ALSO, the map design in AW has greatly improved in the DLC’s and we know that Treyarch makes extremely good maps. Excited!!

    • This guy gets it

      Just because a few people on a website are complaining doesn’t mean that the game will bomb, or that another game will “kill” it. People buy CoD each year. It tops the fall charts each year. It doesn’t even mean that the game will be bad.

      Just because some fans on a CoD-orientated website aren’t happy with it ≠ a failure.

      • I think it’s safe to say its quite more then “a few” that aren’t happy

        And even it still sells good, compared with previous tittles every new entrie sees a decline in sales

        • Declines in sales are due to many factors, one of the least important factors is how much people like the game.. How do you know you don’t like it unless you buy it? Also, people who are unhappy are going to take the time to bitch and complain to anyone they think will listen, while those that are enjoying it are going to be too busy playing it to bother writing comments about how much they like playing it. ?? Who does that? So for every positive post you see you have to expect at least 1000 negative ones. No way will YT and website posts ever reflect popular opinion.

          • The average consumer can’t funnel sixty bones hoping that the game is good. Which is why it needs a demo or a beta.

  51. Everyone complaining about exo’s; do you think Treyarch didn’t listen to the feedback sledgehammer got from it? I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

  52. Cannot believe Treyarch sold themselves out to the younger generation who werent even old enough to support the classic cod games that made the franchise is what it is today. Nobody wants the futuristic games but no doubt activision told them to make on so they could farm out more supply drops and continue with the exoshit tirade.

    • When I say smart suit, I’m saying it’s most likely cosmetic. It’s function will be no different then your ordinary perks. The look is just to go with the story, Its probably going to be based on some nano-tech biological warfare Bullsh*t where the suit injects some nano-sh*t.

  53. When I first saw the pic on twitter I thought it was just a soldier with full body armor, but after looking at Treyarch’s facebook page it all makes sense. They’ve posted a couple of articles about altering the human body, so I think that it’s possible that the soldiers are cyborgs. I know it sounds far fetched but they’ve been hinting at how important technology is in this game, and it sounds reasonable to me.

  54. Hopefully no exo suits.

    If there is, I won’t be getting the game.

    I think exo suits should be a SHG only thing.

  55. Copy and Paste boxart from the first Black Ops, smh -_- and they’re using the fanmade 3 roman numeral as their official logo of the game.

  56. So basically Black Ops 3 is a Titanfall, Halo 5 and Advanced Warfare clone with a Call of Duty Ghosts atmosphere? Well done Treyarch; you are now officially as clueless as IW and Sledgehammer. This is the worst news possible for the dying franchise and it doesn’t look like 3arc can save it now with this garbage.

  57. I love weapon variants. Hopefully they bring them back but not in supply drops. I think a challenge system would be much better.

  58. Can someone please explain how exo suits are bad? I haven’t had any problems with them at all, and I actually find them to be fun to use. They don’t make any part of multiplayer hard for me…

  59. That shinobi guy on twitter said it will be on last gen also. Damnit. 🙁 it’s 2015 GET WITH THE TIME PEOPLE. YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE AN XBOX ONE OR PS4 BY NOW IF YOU WANT THESE NEW GAMES. last gen is going to hold back the game 🙁

    • Last gen but from a different team/developer working on it, probably. That’s what they did the last few games, as you can see by PS3/360 getting no love in AW with patches and stuff.

        • They could still do it, it would just look like garbage on PS3/360. The graphics would be downgraded, the view distance will be reduced (see the fog in BO2: Tranzit), there would be less zombies at any given moment, etc. But yeah, I agree. This gen is never going to lift off until devs stop supporting last gen.

          • True. I guess they did make just cause 2 on ps3 and that world was fucking huge. they need to drop last gen though.

    • Hey, some people don’t have the money to buy the new game AND a new system. It’s cheaper and more efficient this way

      • just trade in your previous gen counsel and your games for it and you might have enough for the new gen if not almost enough just have some spare cash

  60. “providing fans with the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever.”

    Don’t they say that about every cod?

  61. I’m really hoping this is fake or a hoax or something. I was really hoping they would go back to basics with this one. I always thought of Treyarch as the studio that made games for the fans, with their own original style. If this “leak” is legit, I still trust Treyarch to deliver a solid, fun, enjoyable experience. If it wasn’t for them, I would have given up on CoD a long time ago.

  62. Well Jordan Brookes is gonna be pissed off! At least this news will ensure that he doesn’t get hyped up all year only to be disappointed because he’s no good at the game.

    On another note; there probably wont be exo suits but there will be special boots or summat for wall running and boost jumping. It will probably be no different to AW tho.

  63. Everyone crying about exo suits is fucking hilarious, I’d love to see you literal 15 year olds play Quake or Unreal if you think being able to jump twice and dodge is the death of all video games.

    • Not necessarily. Hopefully it’s just a high-tech kind of suit that will give like extra abilities but not necessarily boost jumping.

  64. I enjoy reading all of this hate when you all have no idea whats actually in the game… wait for actual gameplay/trailer to bitch about exo suits.. He appears to be wearing one.. but is he? We don’t know.. It just extra bullet shells on his shoulder, nothing out of the norm.. he could be wearing some sort of armor on his arms, it may not be an exo.. His gloves are extremely similar to the ones from Black Ops II but maybe with some armor on them now.. His helmet is not even nearly close to being futuristic like AW’s helmets.. And so what? He’s wearing knee pads!

    Until you see gameplay.. its useless bitching about something that isn’t FACT. Looks can be very deceiving..

  65. Crap, I was hoping for a ww2 COD. Not a big fan of the futuristic stuff. I know I will still buy it though. Ones a fanboy, always a fanboy.

  66. assuming this is the last year of cod on last gen considering microsoft said they dont plan to support the 360 past 2016

  67. come on people don’t hate on it it hasn’t even came out and people who are saying it just because its in the future does not mean its bad you have to give it a chance first

  68. what the pros want the pros will get simple as that. They will allways listen to pros first before they listen to the community which is kinda sad.

  69. So many people are just saying stupid things just because the guy looks a little futuristic. Do you see an Exo Suit on his back? No? Then Shut The Fuck Up You Retards, we all know you are going to buy the game anyway. Wait for the launch or gamescon or E3 for that matter but stop spraing bullshit in the comments when you don’t know jack shit.

          • The main concept of the EXO Suit is that it increases your speed, strength, senses and mobility. That means that the EXO suits could make a return but it doesn’t mean that they have to have thruster packs. The EXO could just be in the prototype or even mark I stage at that time. And since we are playing as Black Operations Operatives, the factions that we work for would definitely have the resources to get us some.

  70. Hopefully they will have a balanced classic mode withfixed maps and spawns if there are exos with exo movement. It is Treyarch so it is definately worth getting they haven’t failed us yet.

  71. They want change, they get change,then they bitch about change, and say the old was better, then when they get the old tthey’ll say its the same thing they’ve done before

  72. Sorry…I hated AW and I hate this. I would never spend money on another futuristic COD.
    Back to basics COD or GTFO.
    It feels sad to say this being a long time COD fan.

        • Let’s take it logically :
          1- I think we can admit that most of use wanted treyarch to make bo3, bo1 was in the 20 century, bo2 was continued bo1 in 2025.
          If we wanted bo3 ( which will probably continue bo2 ) then what setting will it have ?
          2- cod is criticised for the yearly release and not being innovative, making an innovative WW games 90% impossible.

      • There was a mod called “Call of Duty Galatic Warfare” and it was based off a Star Wars theme and it had it’s own customizable weapons, perks, etc.

  73. Well, it does look like there’s an exo on him. Hopefully it’s just some type of gear but what the fuck do I know. Hopefully exos are in campaign and zombies only. Don’t put it in MP. Your game will be dead before it’s even released. (Not trying to hate but I’m going according to the supposive box art)

  74. I dont really care if it is futuristic i dont really care if they have exos or not however if black ops 3 has sbmm like aw im never buying another cod again. and if it does have sbmm im hoping battle front 3 isnt a fuck up and if it isnt then i hope it kills cod.

  75. We asked for WAW2 with no exo-suits, and they give us Black Ops 3 with exo suits, thanks for listening to the core fanbase Treyarch. Looks like it’s time to start playing Battlefield 4 unfortunately.

  76. Ohh man no futuristic shit AGAIN…. WE’RE SICK OF IT. … what don’t they understand? Who the fuck does their market research

  77. I wished for a game like BO2 without exosuits and I get “a world where cutting edge military robotics define warfare”. I’m still buying it, hoping it’ll be good.

  78. Сan someone explain to me why everyone thought that 3arc doing waw2? I don’t remember any hints towards.

  79. Has anyone else managed to find the aforementioned images on the site? I’m looking hard, but I can’t find anything…

  80. If you guys have ever seen a space movie they have those things around their elbows their basically like thrusters. I think it’s gonna be like titan fall or you will just be able to boost and not double jump.

  81. Bummed to see they’re bringing exo suits to Black Ops… but whatever. I prefer traditional movement but exo doesn’t ruin it for me or anything like that. BO2 is still my favorite COD game ever (most fun I had since COD4) so I’m pretty confident I’ll love BO3 as well. I <3 Treyarch.

  82. It definitely looks like he has some sort of “suit” on but that does not necessarily mean the game will have “exo” movements like AW. I am hoping that it does not. I like AW and have had a ton of fun playing it, but one game with the exo is enough for me. I played BO2 again last night for the first time in a long time and I was reminded why I love that game so much. All in all I am excited for BO3

  83. It’s like Activison is begging for a new company to come along and make a true sequel Call of Duty 4. It seems so obvious, yet, where are the developers who will take the classic formula and run with it? Maybe the second Respawn Ent game that’s in development will be a modern warfare styled shooter. With Activision trying to rip off Titanfall, Respawn can slide in a true MW3 type game and steal all the business.

    • Respawn has already announced that they are making Titanfall 2 so it’s not going to be a modern game. They should stick with their formula and build on it not go back to modern shooters.

      • They have 2 IPs in development. 1 is TF2, the other is unknown. I hope they do both. Maybe they’ll go back and start a new WW2 IP (for the third time).

  84. Tbh why even hate on the exos, everyone said ghosts was to slow of a game so they brought in the exos to speed it up. A month after launch people started complaining it was becoming like titanfall. It’s not tho its the same cod we have been playing for almost 10 years just with new features. If you are totally against the exo suit there is always the classic playlist to go in…

      • The maps were built for both exo and classic, no one plays classic because the exos add another facter into the mp making it better

        • No one plays classic because the playlist numbers are too low to ever find a match. The rest of the entire community plays TDM the whole time so obviously no one plays classic.

          Oh and “…making it better.” is just a subjective opinion. I can tell you that most people don’t like exo’s and they agree it must stay permanently with AW.

  85. May not be too far into the future and may not have exo suits. The guy’s still using tapes for shotgun shells on his shoulders. :O

  86. “And let the complaining commence!”
    “I’m still getting it, regardless of whatever they pull, cause fanboyism.”

  87. You know, I never really understood why no one liked AW mechanics, it added a fun, new way to play the game

  88. People complain now ( even though the first didn’t even came out ), COD BO3 is the best selling game in 2015.

    • I know right it’s so stupid how people are complaining about it but it hasn’t even come out yet give it a chance guys

  89. And then the box art turns out to be this… Them PSN peeps would be happy. And yes, I know this is fake, I’m not that stupid (like some people).

  90. Not going to be purchasing this but I’m really excited to see where this new entry goes. I might purchase it eventually, but I’ve sworn to myself I won’t buy any new games until I get an XB1/PS4. Maybe if this looks good enough it’ll make me want to upgrade systems, we’ll see. Treyarch usually manage to pull something incredible out of the bag with each of their releases.

  91. Keep this in mind, guys Advance Warfare is way into the future, while The Black Ops series is barely futuristic. You guys are right about Black Ops 3 having “exo suits”, but just remember that the Black Ops series is barely futuristic at this point so this can be the development of the exo suits, and what I mean by that is we are probably have exo suits but they would not be as futuristic as Advance Warfare.

  92. fanboyism is a Cancer to Call of Duty Community All this argument over a FUCKING Future setting/Exo suit.

    • Advanced Warfare was never meant to have Zombies either. Get over it.

      And you still had to pay for Zombies in past games. Unless you’re a cheapskate who only plays the base maps and not buy DLCs…

      • I was talking about the mode itself, and obviously SMG was working on zombies several months before release. Think about it they had three years to develop the game, you think that they would start on zombies after or a month before release. Clearly they weren’t going to just copy ghost’s co-op and call it their 3rd game mode. It was probably Activision who told them to not release it on launch

  93. Dear Sledgehammer, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling

    I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom

    I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not a got ’em

    There probably was a problem at the post office or something

    Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot ’em

    but anyways; fuck it, what’s been up? Man how’s your developers?

    I know you probably hear this everyday, but I’m your biggest fan

    I even got the underground shit that you did with Activision

    I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man

    I like the shit you did with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3 too, that shit
    was fat

    Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back,

    just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan

    This is (your name here)

    Dear Mister-I’m-Too-Good-To-Listen-Fans,

    this’ll be the last package I ever send your ass

    It’s been five months and still no word – I don’t deserve it?

    I know you got my last two letters;

    I wrote the addresses on ’em perfect

    So this is my criticism I’m sending you, I hope you hear it

    I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall

    I love you sledgehammer, you coulda made a great game, think about it

    You ruined it now with exos, I hope you can’t sleep and you dream about it

    And when you dream I hope you can’t sleep and you SCREAM about it

    I hope your conscience EATS AT YOU and you can’t BREATHE without us

    Hey Sledgehammer, that’s my copy of AW sittin at GameStop

    but I didn’t break my copy, I just traded it in, see I ain’t like you

    Well, gotta go, the Black Ops 3 hype has started now

    Oh shit, I forgot, how’m I supposed to send this shit out?

    My Black Ops 2 is dusty and I’m wondering why I..

    stopped playin it at all

    The morning rain clouds up my window..

    and I can’t see at all

    And even if I could it’ll all be gray,

    but your games remind me, that it’s not so bad,

    it’s not so bad..

  94. People need to realse that treyarch are a completely different studio to sledgehammer, the way in which they implement the exo suits (if they are in BO3) may be different to the way sledgehammer did it.

    I dont understand how people are already saying its a failure based on an image. Pass judgement in November

  95. I’m disappointed that it’s set in a futuristic setting again, but I’ll probably end up picking it up if only for zombies. Here’s to hoping the multiplayer will surprise me like Black Ops 2’s did.

  96. How can anyone get pissy over what other people feel/think about this cod or the next. If they wanna say Aw is better than bo3 a couple months after bo3 releases, let them. Don’t be fanboy and question them.

  97. They say “prepare for the most ambitious COD” every single year and it’s annoying. Also no one wants another futuristic generic shooter, we want a WW2 game.

  98. I seem to have the opposite problem that most people are having. I’m not interested if there aren’t exos.

  99. Terminator type setting? Just futuristic and shit but against robots, then maybe the snowy enviornments and stuff is related to zombies…

  100. No Please,no more future…. This want to be Quake or Unreal…. I miss to mucha Games Like WAW, AW even BO1…. I don’t want to see lasers,phasers,tasers, exos, drones,mega drones and similar shits.
    Back to Afganistán,Vietnam…. Back to Ak74 or ACR…. Advance Warfare Was a expensive deception for me, i don’t gonna repeat the history.
    My opinion¡

  101. “the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever.”

    Recycling words, are we, Activision?

    Modern Warfare 3 – “Biggest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever.”
    Black Ops II – “The most anticipated game of the year and the most ambitious Call of Duty game ever, Call of Duty: Black Ops II.”
    Ghosts – “Infinity Ward’s biggest and most ambitious game yet.”
    Advanced Warfare – “Most ambitious Call of Duty ever.”
    Black Ops III – “the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever.”

    See a trend? Do you see it yet?

  102. Everyone in the comments complaining yet they still gonna buy it in November then say they were right about it being suckish come December.

  103. I think people are getting mad because it’s BO3 with EXO SUITS. They want all the Black Ops games to be similar in some type of way and not copy the other games(Which treyarch did). Why even call it Black Ops when it uses exo suits.(Not saying it will be like AW but, it looks that way due to the suits)

      • Did you read my comment lol. I blatantly said”(Not saying it will be like AW but, it looks that way due to the suits)”. I just said it looks that way because the suit/exo armor he’s wearing. .(Basically saying they could be in the game. No new yet)

  104. If this game will utilize exo suits, why not call it AW 2 or something?

    I said IF, make sure you read that.

  105. Advanced warfare was a crap game and this will be if they use futuristic crap ! I wana play old skool shooting games or a game like modern warfare 2 wont be bothering if its jet packs and laser guns its not call of duty !

  106. I always loved treyarchs game, I loved bo2 from launch same with bo and waw, mw1-2 i loved also but mw3 was ok, ghosts I enjoyed playing but hated it more as time went on, aw I like but dont enjoy playing so no matter what treyarch does exo, super soldiers etc I know I’ll enjoy it , their campaigns are all amazing plus zombies are 10000x better than aw and I bet muilitplayer will be fun no matter what I’ll enjoy it this is just my honest opinion and everyones entitled to their own

  107. Where does it say exo suits??? I sure don’t see it anywhere. Robotics does not mean exo’s. Treyarch won’t disappoint. If you know anything about that company, they do an incredible amount of research and implement it into their games. Exo’s are SHG’s thing. Yes this game will be futuristic, but not that far off from Black Ops 2. Everyone quit jumping to conclusions, wait for the 26th to see the campaign. Also remember, its only the CAMPAIGN. The multiplayer is months away from the reveal and so it zombies. I can assure you, this is going to be the best MP we’ve seen in a long time.

    Sure SHG had 3 years to make their game, but remember this is their 1st game built by themselves. Treyarch has been doing it for years. They know the mechanics, the engine (lots of new stuff), and they know who to keep a game going years after it’s release.

  108. Just a theory I saw on reddit:

    For multiplayer
    What if the robotic parts are just ways to upgrade your character?

    Like Slight of Hand is an upgrade to your hands
    Marathon is your legs
    your eyes could be that perk that would let you see peoples names further away

  109. Treyarch should have maps dedicated to certain time periods. Example, 1944 Shanghai = 20-something Shanghai. They would have future weapons equivalent to the time period. Example, Some futuristic ass M14= M1 Garand, Tac 45= 1911 Colt.

  110. okay if they do bring exosuits it should be something like a perk but costs like 2-4 create a class slots so that way it should be a risk to have a exosuit it could cost more create a class slots or make several playlists if this game does take places in different eras like a ExoSuit playlist or a WW2 or Vietnam playlists so that way every one is happy

      • I’m just throwing it out there, because since your prosthetic in AW was cutting edge at the time (2054), with how the soldier on the box art looks like Jax from MK, I’m gonna say 2080-ish. Could be totally wrong but who knows.

  111. Annnnd that’s a no buy. I was REALLY looking forward to a classic or modern war game, not this futuristic crap. Haven’t bought a game since MW3 and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. Then again, their target market seems to be 13 year olds so I doubt they care whether I buy or not.

  112. I’m not gonna lie, I had been hoping for a new WW2 era game. Then I watched the trailer and was like “welll, maybe…”, and then I stumbled up here and read the description and looked at the cover art. Guess there goes my dreams down the drain.

  113. Man, I really hope there won’t be exosuits in this game. I love bo2, I hate AW, please, PLEASE don’t ruin this game with those shitty exosuits!

  114. I actually hate the cod community.

    You really think Activision would go back to a WW setting after BL2 made them an assload of money? Or that sales from ghosts and Aw are down, so they do the risky thing by going back to the past only to make the small but vocal community happy?. No. All I see in the comments are annoying cry babies.

  115. They just need to stick to what they’ve done with the last 2 black ops, no need for Exo suits. I love the game how it already is.

    • Rumors over on are saying there are exos but without the vertical jump, to try and keep it more run and gun. Hopefully this is true mainly so zombies don’t get fucked up by just jumping over them

  116. “In a world where everything you know is wrong.” ‘The numbers Mason, What do they mean?”

    Holy crap, this takes place in the Matrix.

  117. n Not interested in Treyarchs games. The only 1 they did right is BO1, even to this day there is far less bs, campers, pistols don’t outgun every other gun on the game and shotties don’t 1sk at sniper range when compared to BO2. Lost faith in Treyarch because of BO2.
    BO3 needs to be exo movements with a nerfed double jump, the ttk from mw3/2(or something similar to the ttk in a private match with health set to 130-150% in aw), a big scorestreak like dna bomb, small maps, quickscoping playlist like one shot in aw, no bs spawns, no tac inserts and GIVE US SPECIALIST!!!

  118. What has this game turned into ffs. Since MW3 i hate it. I hate the direction they took with it. Why do we need more futuristic games when the market is currently flooded with it?
    5 years i’m waiting for a good CoD game. The last one was BO1. Next year will be Ghosts 2 then the year after AW2 then what? Another 3 fucking years of futuristic CoD games and i’m already sick of it. I don’t like this setting. I want it to go back to WWII or something similar.

    • You didn’t enjoy BO2? Wow you have some high standards. I don’t think any game will please you, sorry.

      • Didn’t i say that i don’t like the futuristic setting? Blops2 was a futuristic game. Full of drones and future tech

      • BO2 is one of the games that casual caters most in the series. It’s “action packed and non-stop action and fun blah blah blah”, but in that you take a lot of the skill out of the game.

        BO1: Large maps, long lines of sight, recoil, aiming more difficult, tactical play more needed (not camping), longer ttk with more recoil and long distance play

        BO2: Small maps, clusterfuck, cqc exclusive, SMG’s more rampant so ttk quicker, most guns are laser beams (no recoil), net code so bad you don’t see your enemy before you die (and vice versa, they don’t see you when you round the corner)

        BO2 is an awful game. It caters to those who just want to screw around and not play the game seriously, or those who are new and don’t have a grasp on it. It’s easier than ever to get a kill. The skill gap is low, the skill ceiling is low. Liking BO2 means you have pretty much no expectations. It’s MW3 all over again, just without akimbos and death streaks. You don’t need to be good to do “good” in BO2, just need to get lucky with rounding the corners.

        CoD 4, WaW and BO1 are fantastic games, and also the most skill based of the series. MW2 had hope until that whole noobtubes / danger close / death streaks etc fiasco.

  119. His exo skeleton or what ever the AW looking suit looks awesome look at the detail, plus when I saw this I could of fainted i was pumped to know cant wait till it comes out on xbox gonna get it right away.

  120. no exo shifting, i dont mind if we can double jump. but when you shoot at a noob and he shifts 10 feet in a millisecond and you cant hit him, that’s when the game sucks.

    • It’s called a skill-gap. If people aren’t gonna take their time to improve their aim to keep up with their target then they have themselves to blame.

  121. If i see one flying gay rainbow exosuit destiny goofy looking double jump in the Next “leaked” trailer then I’m out for good