We’re slowly finding out more specifics surrounding Black Ops 3, including revisions to the multiplayer aspect of Treyarch’s upcoming title.

We caught up with Ali-A who had the opportunity to play Black Ops 3 for several hours and discuss map design as well as spawns, perks and killstreaks.

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Thanks to: Ali-A & Wizzite for joining. Be sure to check them out.



  1. I hope that when you call in the Mothership people can’t quit the game unless they turn all power off in their household.

    • What would be even better is a community that doesn’t do that to begin with xD I would like to see some kind of attempt to prevent that kind of stuff.

  2. This discussion board is truly depressing – a bunch of nerds giggling into their cheetohs while making the same joke over and over again.

  3. Map Design, Killstreaks and Hit Detection is VERY, VERY, VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT on MP! If they dont give us good maps at launch…the game is already DEAD like Ghosts…When they try to release good maps (DLC’s) , the game is already dead…

    • I haven’t really had issues with any of these from Treyarch (as long as we can forget about carrier and the 4 kill UAV), so I really don’t have any worries when it comes to that. Very important aspects, but Treyarch knows that just as well as we do!

  4. dead silence is pointless in Treyarch CoDs, The sound system in BO2 is utter shite, you cant hear directional sound at all.

    • I agree, but with BOIII sounding more competitive I wouldn’t be surprised if if serves a bigger purpose this time around.