Activision has added the 20 Advanced Supply Drops plus eight bonus Advanced Supply Drops, which costs $39.99, to the PlayStation 4 in-game store for players to purchase. The new bundle joins the others that are available in the store.

In addition, starting today, players on PlayStation 4 can now buy as many Advanced Supply Drops as theyā€™d like; Sledgehammer Games and Activision have now officially removed the purchasing limit on all the bundles that are available the in-game store.

Each Advanced Supply Drop includes:

  • Three items.
  • At least one weapon variant.
  • At least one Professional rarity item or better.
  • All items come with their own Armory slot; all items can be redeemed for XP.

Bundles currently available:

  • One Advanced Supply Drop for $1.99 USD
  • Three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD (nine total items).
  • Five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD (18 total items)
  • 10 Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD (39 total items)
  • 20 Advanced Supply Drops plus eight bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $39.99 USD (84 total items)

Players on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 no longer have a purchasing limit; we’ll update when the limit is removed on the PS3. Visit the in-game store to learn more.

Thanks @WhoDaresWins_01 for the tip!



  1. In before PS4 AW gets ruined by everyone running around with Steeds and Speakeasys from all the ASDs.

    • The kids, I think this game didn’t sell well like Ghosts and they want to make some money out of it. Ghosts was full with micro-transactions.

  2. They shouldn’t have made them able to be purchased. Everything that’s in advanced supply drops should eventually roll over to normal supply drops.

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  3. My xbox still freezes everytime after the update .?? Who ever manages CI can you please look into this as in play a few matches on the Xbox 360. After like a match or two, maybe three my Xbox will freeze every time and it’s never happened before the update. Let me know if any Xbox users are also experiencing this

  4. Means the game didn’t sell well like Ghosts, that game was also full of micro transactions. Black Ops 2 wasn’t that full of it, only with camo’s.

  5. Who the hell is stupid enough to spend money on these things? screw advanced warfare anyway. Sick to the back teeth of trying to shoot some zitty chess club freak who’s never had sex dashing around in the sky like a kangaroo on smack. Then I’ll earn a beefed up paladin which I can’t use because somebody is spamming a 600 point system hack WITHOUT the score streak disabling module yet I still can’t use any of the shit I’ve earned! Stupid sbmm, stupid spawning, etc etc etccccccccccccc! Ok so I’m having a bad day online haha. Seriously though roll on November so we can have a proper multiplayer experience. Long live treyarch.

    • “zitty chess club freak whos never had sex dashing around in the sky like a kangaroo on smack”

      oh boy

  6. What if I wanted to buy 20 ASD? What if I want to buy a Ferrari, Lamborgini, Viper, Porsche, Range Rover, Escalade, and a scooter all at the same time? Why? Because I have the money, time and I can. SO FUCKING WHAT!!! I’d wipe my ass w/a hundred dollar bill if I wanted to. There’s rich fucks out there buying girls that were kidnapped, drugs, firearms, etc. and you bitches are ragging on this shit?! WOW. LOL!!!

  7. You can always point out the broke people they are the ones complaining about how much this stuff is AND WHO CARES STOP HATING IF U DONT HAVE THE MONEY OR DONT WANNA BUY THEM SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP HATING