UPDATE – May 19th: The new SAC3 non-akimbo variants and Royalty Elite Variants are now live in both Regular and Advanced Supply Drops on Xbox One.

Original Story:

Sledgehammer Games have announced that New SAC3 Variants and Royalty Weapon Variants Coming to Advanced Warfare on May 19th to Xbox One. The new SAC3 variants and Royalty variants will be available through both Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops on Xbox One. These are coming soon the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Royalty Weapon Variants

Sledgehammer Games is introducing new Royalty variants of existing guns, which are Elite variants of the weapons. On May 19th, the first 10 Royalty weapon variants will be launching on Xbox One.

These guns are clad in the same purple and gun-metal camouflage as the Grand Master Prestige armor, and have similar stats to some of the elite versions of weapons you already love.  

Five New SAC3 Variants

Starting May 19th on Xbox One, Sledgehammer Games is also introducing five new variants of the SAC3 weapon, in non-akimbo form. These weapons now allow players to use ADS to precisely target enemies.


Each of these variants feature a new single weapon which allow players to ADS for precision targeting. 

Both the new Royalty weapon variants and the SAC3 non-akimbo variants will be available in both Regular and Advanced Supply Drops starting May 19th on Xbox One and coming soon to PlayStation 4 and PC.




  1. Disappointed with the royalty weapons. I mean seriously?! Same stats with only a different camo? I’m glad with the sac3 though.

  2. “Similar stats to some of the elite versions of weapons you already love”

    => In other words, this is merely your Elite guns reskinned, because we can’t be bothered to bring in guns with new stats that would fuck up balancing even more – SHG.

    Really though, in what world do we love the Bear Fist over the Insanity? Or the Finger Trap over the RIP? Or the Obsidian Steed over the Inferno? (OK, that last one is probably 50/50, since both guns are good)

    Point is, SHG’s choice of “favorite elite guns” are really crap.

    • This is why it’s such a joke of a game to people lol. I’ll save my opinion for when I have them in my hands.

    • maybe this is them trying to “rebalance” by hype. Bear with me, because of the royalty camo, and they hype, maybe some will choose to use the Bal royalty over the obsidian steed or the Royalty over the insanity because it looks so cool and is very rare? idk.

      Either way these might as well be unicorns, because i sure won’t be fortunate enough to get any of these lol

    • So an insanity with a red dot is a bad thing? Or a finger trap you can put attachments on? Or stats that are right in the middle of the two elites. Since there are two elites topull ssimilarities from, you shouldnt be so emotional when theysay similar and not the same.
      You don’t know what they have in mind.
      First call of duty to offer weapon variety from the start and to keep it up during the life cycle and its lk you guys are never appreciative enough to just take it and be quiet.
      Were you complaining when treyarch gave the peacekeeper and then nothing else? Were they too scared of rebalancing?

      • Apparently you are not aware of the recent gameplay leak on PC. I’m not saying this without facts. The PC files already have the Royalty variants in place, with stats and everything. Royalty HBR is Bear Fist, Royalty AK12 is Finger Trap, Royalty ASM1 is Speakeasy, etc…

        Now, I’m not denying the possibility that SHG could change the stats for the official release. But then, why? The codes are easily changeable, so it’s not like there’s even a need to have “placeholder stats”.

        Also, that balancing comment was a joke. Take a chill pill, dude.

        • How is there no need to have placeholder stats? As you said, gameplay leak on PC. It makes sense to have a placeholder stat so if someone did get their hands onto a gun they’d be able to make them thing it was the same stats when in reality they change it before release. I’m not denying that they ARE the same stats, but your comment just makes no sense.

          • And would it hurt the game in any way if we knew the stats beforehand? No, it won’t.

            Plus, the Royalty variants weren’t the only things that were leaked. The stats for the M1 Irons were leaked not long before that as well. And they remain unchanged. So it’s perfectly normal to assume that it’s the same with these Royalty variants.

    • It seriously doesnt affect you then. If there just shitty versions then people will still use the op ones. This actually kind of helps cause it kinda makes people want to use the awesome looking guns.

    • im assuming the base non akimbo variant will be available to you by default, and you can unlock additional non akimbo variants via regular/advanced supply drops.

  3. *Sledgehammer Mantra* Random luck bests skill, don’t earn when you can buy. Throw us your money for an ASD to better your odds.

  4. so im gonna assume that they are making the guns combined (like power rangers) Example:the bal royalty will probably have 2+Damage and 1+Fire Rate because the inferno and steed mixed thats my theory on these new guns

  5. Who is the retard that thought of this “non-akimbo” variant shit. Just put in a fucking attachment that makes it solo! Now I have to search through supply drops for a solo SAC3 when I literally have two at hand. Advanced Warfare is testing my patience.

  6. The SMG’s are utter shit in this game. Who cares if they give us a non akimbo SAC!! You will die just as fast akimbo or no akimbo. Come on BO3 bring us back.

  7. Actually really looking forward to using the SAC3 non-akimbo. Always thought it would be a decent gun without akimbo.

  8. Anyone else on PS4 today noticed an unusually large amount of lag in matches? I have laged in every other game i played today, even know i barley do.

    • Yup I’ve been lagging a lot in public matches. Especially when I get kicked out, the game will tell me it’s searching for lobbies but takes forever to the poin twhere I just shut off the game. So frustrating since the last patch came out. Though I do feel like I’m getting put in easier lobbies since the patch came out.

    • I don’t know why gun balance is a problem in AW, if they only nerfed few weapons, it will be balanced well.
      And they’ll probably fix some guns in may 19 so I really hope they do it well.

      • IKR, it’s just a couple of small nerfs and maybe some minor buffs too. It really shouldn’t take this long to fix

  9. I honestly was expecting these as rewards for finishing all the Marksman and Camo challenges or something. Considering that you need to complete Prestige twice for the Grand Master armour you’d think these weapons would take some actual work and effort to unlock and not be just another pointless micro transaction bait.

    I’m bored of the endless new armour sets and weapons, it’s about time for Map Pack 3 already.

  10. These BO3 guys bashing on AW, go back to the fucking BO3 thread, fucking click on it, it’s right there! Noone likes you other then other BO3 fuckboys, you’re making a bad image of yourselves and Black ops series, it’s only saying that it’s full of immature retards.

    • I agree about the fact that if one doesn’t have anything meaningful to say then he should not comment. Everyone can like or not like AW but one shouldn’t come to every news article to get likes with “Clicks article, sees AW, goes away”…

  11. I will continue to grind this game in order to get the Obsidian Steed. Not interested in the rest of the weapons.

    • Don’t even bother. I’ve been doing the same thing trying to get the inferno. And after 30 prestiges, I still don’t have it. It’s not worth wasting your time on this game for one gun.

  12. HOW ABOUT INSTEAD WE FIX MATCHMAKING!? I live in Michigan, yet get paired up with people that speak spanish with MEX and CUBA clan tags. Just last night, 2 dudes from Ireland talking about the Irish government. I have 60down 10up low ping across the USA. These people are teleporting around the map, bullets cant register on that!. Ease off on the SBMM so I can get some damn lobbies. Most of the time it says that there are only 2 possilbe lobbies, and then I have to keep playing the same scrubs. I KNOW THERE ARE MORE THAN 24 people playing in the gamemode. ONLY 2 POSSILBE MATCHES…GTFO sledgehammer…

  13. Do we get the base sac3 single or do we have to get that in a supply drop too…..cause i dont have anything yet…..just bought advanced supply drops and nothing!

  14. Why can’t 360 haVe this, I paid just as much for the game and season pass as Xbox one users I feel ripped off.

  15. Everything that RdJokr said was spot on! The new Royalty elites are just re-skins. They could have made the better by adding an attachment that doesn’t take up a slot. For example: HBRa3 Bear Fist with Royalty camo; it has a RDS, you could add a quick draw grip that doesn’t take up an attachment slot. Like Infinity Ward did with the Honey Badger. The Royalty elites was another opportunity to suck more money from people.