Michael Condrey has tweeted out that an upcoming update to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will adjust some of the equipment and perks in the game. The update will decrease the stun radius, will include the ability for Flak Jacket perk to prevent flinch from lethal grenades, and ability for Hard Wired to prevent flinch from tactical grenades.

An ETA for this update has been not revealed yet. Stay tuned for more…



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  2. LOL they are still patching this POS! Sledgehammer have to be the worst developers ever. I bet they haven’t even started AW2 because they are still trying to fix this garbage. Nobody plays AW anymore anyway so they may as well give up like 99% of the community. They’ll still be patching this after BO3 is released too I bet.

  3. I cant believe they’re still majorly patching this, and the funny thing is its still broken either way! Sledgehammer needs to get their shit together, but its really too late because the community has moved on to bo3, and they’ve barley released the second dlc!

    • Stuns have been OP for a while. They don’t have to land anywhere near you, or even fully in your sightline, to blind you and slow you to a crawl. I doubt they’ll massively reduce the radius, though.

  4. Can they make the crosbow explosive bolts have a bigger damage radius because it’s really hard to use it and get double kills with it. Or at least make a new variant with better stats or a tribolt attachment. It’s supposed to be a futuristic crossbow

  5. Didn’t condrey (before the game came out) say that if toughness becomes a must use perk in aw they would take it out? What ever happened to that?. I really wish they would fix the perk slots. Everyone pretty much uses the same 3 perks. Low profile, cold blooded or blind eye, with blast supressor and toughness.

  6. yeah!!! a new update condrey but where is the update for 360’s Freeze glitch probally gonna be dlc right yeah the fix is for 5$ for sale FIRST on xbox 360…