Activision Assist has posted a new support article regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s availability on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the article, they’ve talked about Season Pass and DLCs for the last-gen versions; while they have not confirmed full details, it’s interesting to note a few things from it.

First off, the article states that the Season Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is not available for preorder at this time on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the Season Pass preorder went live alongside the reveal of the game back in April; Activision has confirmed four DLC packs will be part of Black Ops 3’s post launch support, but now we’re not too sure if we’ll see those four DLCs on last-gen platforms.

Activision Assist states that, “We will have more information about Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC offerings for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 closer to launch.” This seems to hint that the DLC offering for last-gen will not be the same as current-gen.

What’s different from Advanced Warfare’s last-gen support vs. this year’s Black Ops 3 last-gen is that the game will have feature differences right out of the box at launch. For Advanced Warfare, the game was exactly the same at launch, just done by a different studio. For Black Ops 3, Activision has already confirmed that features in the campaign have been reduced in order to support the old hardware. Even more, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on last-gen was developed by High Moon Studios, while Black Ops 3 development on last-gen has been handed off to two different studios: Beenox (they’re also working on Skylanders SuperChargers) and Mercenary Technology.

This brings up the questions about if Black Ops 3 will see DLC post launch. This situation seems to mimic how Activision supported the Wii U for Call of Duty titles, back in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision waited a few months before announcing the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and following launch, the title only saw a few game updates and no DLC.

While Activision has not officially stated anything regarding DLC for last-gen, players planning on getting the title for last-gen should probably wait for more details about features differences and DLC offerings before getting the title for those consoles; this year, it seems like the only way to get the full Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 experience is going to current-gen.

SOURCE: Activision Assist



  1. I like how they are pretty much making two different games. Why should both be the same when Current Gen can do more. I applaud this decision (if true) that DLC will be different on Last Gen. It means Treyarch can do whatever they want with X1, PS4 and PC without having to bat an eye at PS3 and 360.

    • The sad fact is, even with all the features being cut out, last gen players still have to pay $60 for last gen versions of the game.

      Of course, the casual players aren’t gonna notice this, and are gonna rage when they find out BO3 DLC treatment won’t be the same on last gen.

      • Oh well. Maybe they should get a new console. Blah blah blah they don’t have the money I don’t care. I’ve heard that Sob story enough. Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefront, etc… are all Current Gen. They need to get with the times or they’re gonna miss out on greatness

          • I will, just not yet. Too much in the backlog to even think about the newer systems yet. Had Silent Hills and The Last Guardian not been cancelled, I’d be all over the PS4.

          • Last gen are 8-9 years old, now. That’s more than most systems. It’s usually 4-6 before the new consoles and support depended on the predecesser’s success.

          • I didn’t get a 360 until 2010, and I have almost 300 games for it, so I’ve got plenty of time with it left. Still have to get a PS3 next anyway.

          • I heard Sony and Nintendo are going back to 4-6 year integrations (just rumored) like the retro days. Your explanations are the prime reason as to why last gen should no longer be supported. We didn’t hope this game wouldn’t be on last gen without reason. If that makes sense.

          • NES – Last official game: Wario’s Wood (Dec 1994 – 3 years after SNES)

            SNES – Last official game: Frogger (Oct 1998 – 2 years after N64)

            PlayStation – Last official game: FIFA Soccer 2005 (Oct 2004 – 4.5 years after PlayStation2)

            PlayStation2 – Last official game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (Sept 2013! – 7 years after PS3!!!)

            The retro years had plenty of overlap.

          • Hey, from all the messages you been writing I can tell your a dick, anyways. I currently own every system and I feel you should not talk down to PS3 or Xbox 360. They were awesome when they came out and are still awesome, yes Ps4 and Xbox 1 are new but people have the money to buy these new systems, and you don’t really need them because there is like no new games out for them yet so fuck off.

          • You can shut the fuck up. I don’t care what you think about me. I only speak my brutally honest opinion, and it’s going to defend morons like you. Last gen is dead. Games shouldn’t still be developed for them. They don’t even perform well. Those consoles were good for their time, now they’re just a nuisance. Next year should be when last gen dies entirely. People don’t have the money for current gen? That’s their own fault. They’ve had nearly 2 years to invest. There is no excuse, at this point. No new games? PS4 is destroying its competition in that department. You can’t make such a stupid statement, especially once the next year comes around.

          • bitch so your saying that its my fault for my wife leaving me, kicking me out onto the streets and have to use the library’s computer to just write this comment. i’m fucking broke. i just wish i could have next gen console but that would never happen.

          • $350 isn’t too much. It’s not like it’s a $1000 PC. All it takes is clever investing. You don’t have to get a PS4 right away.

          • Same, but you would be amazed what PCs or even current gen can do now. But stay in the past buddy. Also, why a PS3 instead of a PS4? Lol.

          • News that just broke in the last DAY it looks like. I was going to buy a PS3 for it, since that was what it was supposed to come out on. Good thing I held off.

          • That’s a bunch of crap because if it was not a matter of money u would have the system so cut the crap

          • I don’t buy things I don’t want. They’ve brainwashed you quite well if you do.

          • I totally agree with you sir. People need to realise that not everyone is interested in a current-gen console. I couldn’t give a shit that they’ll make BO3 “Glitchy” on old-gen consoles. I’m just grateful that BO3 is coming to old-gen consoles. I still play older games such as CoD 4, Battlefield 3, MW3 and BO2. Yeah they maybe a FEW hackers now and again but I have a lot of fun. I don’t need to upgrade to a “Superior” console and buy Battlefront or Fallout 4 to have fun when you can save a shit tonne of money and play games that you enjoy YOURSELF. Me not buying a PS4 is saving me at least £370.

          • Bruh, PS2 and X360 is the shit, im not going to a Shitgen filled with rip offs and micro transactions, PS2 has the best games, Graphics can be shit, but idc.
            Ill bet all of you Current gens only go about the look on a girl, not thinking of the insides.

            PS2 has the best gameplay, and we have the chips so we can Hard/Soft mod our consoles, same goes for X360, i got my RGH with a 4 TB HDD that contains alot of Sega Genysis and Dreamcast games, bundled with “Last-Gen” games.
            All have amazing gameplay, maybe not graphics.

          • I am not aiming anything at anyone butt few people may know that PS2’s actually run at or just below 60 fps. If you don’t believe me then check for yourself. Unless you are one of the losers who buy the “all new, the greatest fucking next-gen consoles” straight away. If im to get a current-gen console it is not for around 1 or so years.

          • Because I have so many awesome games that came out over the last ten years, many of which I haven’t started yet. I also have 600 PS2 games, 500 PSX games, 150 Dreamcast games, etc, etc….plenty in the ol’ backlog.

        • Not having enough money is not the only reason people don’t get an Xbox one. Maybe for kids, but not for adults. You should be more open minded.

          • You seem like you don’t know how expensive normal life can be. Family with kids is more important than your precious next gen experience. And let me tell you this: PS4 and Xbox One are not true next gen compared to transfer from PS2 to PS3.

          • Why don’t you donate a ton of PS4/XB1 consoles to all those poor losers stuck in last gen? I mean your Vanity Fair article had to earn you a ton of money Ms Jenner.

          • Calling me a female dog doesn’t excuse your idiocy and lack of argument.

          • Valid points but the last-gen people can’t complain and need to understand technology waits for no one. It is also moving forward and the older technology is always getting older.

          • maybe you should get off wefare then you can get a xb1 or ps4,lol know thats open minded

          • Yep. We should all be penalized for having a beer console or PC than others. Yep. Makes sense. 10 year old hardware deserves equality. Let’s just keep making games for a console that is practically obsolete. Makes perfect sense. I’m pissed there isn’t a PS2 port. Like WTF Treyarch???? RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.

        • Fallout 4 is probably the only reason to buy a PS4 and even then it’ most likely gonna run better on PC, and the only reason you put “etc.” is cause you ran out of decent titles to mention lol

          • Nah those are just a few that came to mind. Halo 5, Quantum Break, The Witcher 3 (already released), The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4 and the Remastered Uncharteds. There’s plenty more. Tomb Raider comes to mind.

        • i have current Gen , and i don’t think it’s cool to talk shit about people who don’t have money fuck u , it’s not funny u act like ur so high and mighty drop dead u asshole

        • Ironically he probably lives with his parents or his parents are covering his college so his opinion is worthless and house of television offers ps4 and xb1 on payment plans

        • I don’t know about you Alex, but being able to support our families and pay our bills without being strapped is much more important to most adult gamers than purchasing an overpriced Xbox One. The financial situation for the average American middle-class family today is a struggle to make ends meet. $500 is less than half of our mortgage payment a month. Now, add school supplies, utilities, car payments, insurance (health, house, 2 cars and life), gasoline, doctor bills, pet supplies/food, clothing for 5 people, loans, credit cards, taxes, spending money, etc. for everyone in the household takes a lot out of a two-parent household, let alone a single-parent household. $500 for a gaming console is absurd, especially when you know that the box isn’t worth $100 (I am an Electronic Engineer, so I understand what it consists of and what it costs to build it).

          If the description of the game would be provided (ALL of it, such as no DLC or the threat of not producing it for Xbox 360/PS3), then there would be no reason for complaints. As it is, the only thing that was mentioned in the description where I bought my copy was that there was no Campaign, which I didn’t care too much about, but not having DLC and spending $60 for the game, IMO, was misleading. I am done with COD games.

    • Everyone should get the same quality, just because some of us can’t afford a Next gen console doesn’t mean that we have to put up with crappier gameplay, we all buy the game and why should Treyarch put less effort into last gen!!!

      • “Everyone should get the same quality, just because some of us can’t afford a Next gen console”

        Entitled much? When I was growing up, we didn’t have participation awards…..everyone was NOT a winner, everyone did NOT get their way.

      • I’m sorry, it that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a comment section ever. Why even make new consoles if developers are going to limit their game to last gen consoles? We might as well record TV in 4:3. Some people can’t afford a 16:9 and everyone should get the same quality right? Also, Treyarch are only developing for current gen consoles, 2 other company’s are porting it over, so its not Treyarch “putting less effort into last gen”. Final point: why would anyone put less effort into a current gen game just so its identical to last gen? Last gen is 10 years old, the current gen consoles have been out for 3 years at the time of BO3’s release, its time for last gen to end.

      • Actually, we spent $400-500 to have a better experience on new consoles, so why should we be held back backside you are stuck on last gen? Of course the $400-500 console we bought should play the game better than the one that came out 10 years ago…dumbest thing I’ve read all day

    • I’m incredibly relieved if this is the case. Activision actually made a good decision that will benefit both last gen and current gen players, and of course their wallet. Last gen players get a striped down version so they can at least enjoy a bit of it, current gen players aren’t held back (even if slightly) by last gen, and Activision gets more money.

  2. This is very good news. Now we won’t have to worry about the notion of “current gen being held back by last gen”. This is the way it should have been from the start and should be going forward.

  3. Who would get Bo3 for last gen anyway? it would seem like a waste of money. Just stick with bo2 for now.

        • I wouldn’t really agree with that, they’ve already confirmed the performance and features will vary. There might be even more content cut from last gen that they haven’t just told about yet, who knows

          • You haven’t got a clue what your talking about, that means a dvd disk, a blue ray disk and a video tape should cost the same … Nice logic …

          • I agree with that, I’m all for upgrading, just saying them guys shouldnt pay full wack for it tho, I’d hate to see them have to pay the same price for the old gen version, that’s not even going to be on same level of qualitie as current gen..

          • Ok fine yes I agree. Not that you were, but I hate the people who complain and don’t try to understand the reason of the game having differences.

          • That was a bad analogy on your part. Also, to even think that the Last Gen version would be similar to Current Gen is absurd. It’s 10 year old Hardware. Stop acting like a console that has less ram than my phone can fit all the stuff these Devs want in their game in there. It’s not possible and it’s tme for people to suck it up. There still getting the same story, zombies and MP. There’s just a some features that won’t exist. Like 4 person CO-OP in Campaign. It’s only 2. Graphics will be downgraded and DLC could very well be different, but they’re still getting it regardless. You’re getting three awesome things from a Developer and you’re saying it’s not worth $60 because Current Gen will have some better stuff in it? Give me a fucking break. There are some games that have ONE thing in it. It could be Story only or MP only and those are $60. YOU ARE GETTING 3 THINGS!!! Now stop being a dumbass.

          • you finished ranting ? Did you even read what I put ? .. I didn’t Mention half the stuff your talking about, you are the one being a dumb ass, how is what i said a bad analogy, it’s exactly the same concept .. I wouldn’t walk in and buy my blue ray disk, and see it on DVD for the same price, why should the people that are still on last gen… It’s not going to anywhere near the quality as it is on xbox one and ps4 and it’s going to have a load of stuff missed out, I fail to see your logic ..

          • It’s also not a rant. It’s me explain why you are wrong and why it’s worth $60. A game is a game. Not a movie. You get one thing on a DVD or Blue ray and that is the movie itself. On a video game (talking about BO3) you get 3 main features. Stop crying because the Last Gen version won’t have as many camos or the textures won’t be as pretty. You’re still getting the game if this game was Last Gen Only (say Next Gen didn’t exist yet) no one would be bitching. People are so ungrateful. Be happy it’s even on Last Gen. Won’t be long before that piece of junk is obselet anyways.

          • I’m not crying, I’m on xbox one, and will have a ps4 by time it comes out, the fact you get three things on it doesn’t matter, I would be pissed if I was on last gen, and had to pay the same price as next gen games that’s all I’m saying… It really not the same game Or same Experiance, I’m not saying give it them free but at least knock off 5-10$ … I don’t want it to come to next gen as much as you, difference is your coming across as dick about it, why you get so angry about it, when you thought I was on last gen, I think it’s kind of clouding your judgment over the price tbh ..

          • we will have to agree to disagree then, I gave my son my old ps3, i buy him a suitable game everynow and again, if I ever seen a game for that price it would be a no go. The main reason i let him have it because the games are so cheap now, because it’s a 10 year old console.. If the games were the same price I would of said to him look your not having it, as it’s not worth the money .. If they announced black ops 3, on the ps2 and old xbox would you want them to pay the same price as well? It would look even worse with even more content missing, doesn’t make any sense to me …

          • p.s the fact your calling me a dumb ass, and feeling the need to swear, and calling the system you thought I was on garbage is a rant in my eyes… I’m just talking to you normally…

    • People been playing black ops 2, for 3-4 years, I think everyone wants a new cod, no matter what system their on ..

        • He was talking about black ops 2, and Exactly what Draz has just said, if I was going to recommend someone to play cod, the last two wouldn’t even come to mind ..

          • Big population =/= game working fine. It is just the easiest Call of Duty to use cheap tactics (talked to eternity already).

            Not going further into this subject because full defence force is already on their way. 🙂

          • I actually agree with you. My statement was that it’s so broken it has the largest population. You answered exactly why.

            It’s definitely not my favorite because of the cheapness, but I still have fun with it.

          • Well party modes are always fun and I hope they will return and that Treyarch comes up with some totally new ideas for party modes.

          • I agree with you, except my definition of cheap tactics includes sniping and pistols and such.

          • That’s for their own reasons. I still wish that Treyarch fixed a bunch of things instead of fixing them in the new game. Sniping is still an issue, too.

        • Meh….when it works (the latest patch helped a lot), I’m having enough fun with AW on 360 to justify my purchase. The recent DLC ain’t bad.
          There’s plenty I don’t like, but that’s the game at its core more than anything.

          • You will miss out on many features. Hopefully the Zombies experience isn’t hindered.

          • Lol. Multiplayer features, too. I highly doubt the frame rounding removal will be on last gen.

          • Can I ask what is frame rounding removal? I am not native English speaker although I think I am pretty good at it.

          • Your English is very good.

            CoD’s engine used to function via frames per second.It’s part of the reason why CoD has had so much input lag and camera angle problems. Now it’s gone.

          • I’m fine with less features. Give me new multiplayer maps and some new features, run it at 60 fps, and I’m good.

          • You’d pay $60 for less, but not $400 on a new console? Meh, could be worse. I still wouldn’t do it.

          • Your mom should’ve swallowed you. Grown man with a bright colored dragon avatar. Go play Wii U where all the bitches are

          • Thanks for proving your idiocy. First you defend SBMM and then last gen, now you’re insulting another man’s mother. I hope you’re a kid and not an adult.

            Not only that, but you’re a live-behind-a-rock casual for not knowing what Yooka-Laylee is. Pathetic troll. Gaming is more than your shooters. And it’s a Chameleon, not a Dragon, it’s a 3D Platformer made by the creators of Banjo Kazooie.

      • Get a PS4/X1, problem solved. Don’t give me the old no money argument, if you can buy the $60 game then you can sure as hell save a couple more, so you just have a poor savings plan, it’s worth it and it’s your own fault that you can’t afford one, make room.

        • “Well that may be true, no need to be an arse about it, I can tell you won’t get very far around here with that attitude my friend.”

          • I’m not being an arse about anything. People who complain that they can’t transition to next-gen but want a good CoD on their old gen consoles are being asses. Most are teenagers that don’t even have a job. Get a job, or find a decent way to save the money.

          • “You can’t generalize everyone into that category my friend, though you might be saying things that are true for some people, me on the other hand I am trying to save up for a current gen, sadly no job and studying, plus I’m in a situation of poverty, either way I understand what you’re getting at, just don’t generalize my friend.”

        • I’ve got both, had xbox one day one, Pleaee shut the fuck up, don’t talk to me about my savings when you clearly no nothing about it..

    • I bought Ghosts (I do own Ghosts for Xbox One, even though I don’t have the console) and AW on last gen, so why not? Even if it’s quite a bit different, as long as it has the fundamentals of BO3 and runs 60fps, I’ll get it.

  4. Assuming that PS3 and X360 gets the same treatment as the Wii U, maybe now last gen players will realize how old and ancient their consoles are, and would just save up to upgrade already, rather than being cheap.

    • I’m not being cheap, I’m being sensible. I’m not buying a console for one game, especially when I have so much I still need to play on 360. My next console purchase is going to be a PS3.

      • Nobody’s telling you to go buy a console just for one game. There are plenty other games out there you can play on your X1 or your PS4, whichever you want to buy.

        But a PS3? Seriously?

        • There’s nothing I have to play yet on the new consoles. Silent Hills and The Last Guardian were cancelled, the two games that made me want a PS4. BO3 isn’t enough to get me to buy a new system.

          A PS3? Definitely. I never owned one and would like to play the exclusives I missed out on. Also, I don’t have a Bluray player, so it’ll cover that.

          • Well, we’ll see. That news was so fresh I didn’t know about it when I posted (I don’t follow PS4 news). Up until this “sort of” announcement, it’s been considered dead and buried.

          • Why? There’s a ton of games I’ve never played on that system. I don’t just throw away the past.

      • You do realize that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the only “big FPS” coming to last-gen this year? You will miss Star Wars, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Fallout 4, Mirror’s Edge, Uncharted, and more..

        • None of those I have to play right away. I have previous games in those series I haven’t gotten to yet.

  5. They will most likely do what titanfall did and delay it a month to give the devs time to port it. Although with the dlc contracts i’m not sure how that would work…maybe this means the timed exclusivity is over? As an xbox gamer i think that whole concept is retarded.

  6. Activision has their own booth at E3, so we will see Black Ops 3 gameplay on the 16th, not at a Microsoft nor Sony conference. Blog update?

    • I guess Activision uses that booth for games like Destiny etc. and playable multiplayer (pre-alpha). However, I can already see Microsoft starting their E3 with Black Ops 3 demo. As usual Microsoft has got a chance to show first footage from Call of Duty campaigns.

      But so far everything is pointing towards no one getting DLC early.

      • Activision has their own booth for cod MP. The game was not seen at either console’s booths.

      • Which is why I doubt they’ll be showing call of duty at the conference. They’re doing many things differently this year.

        Weren’t you able to see posters of COD everywhere at the Microsoft booth in past years? This year, it’s not shown at either booth.

  7. I’m just waiting here to hear about DLC deal. I hope that it will be either equal or that Playstation players get it first. I wonder when we will hear about that deal…

    No hate! I hope it is equal so everyone can get DLC at the same time. Especially PC which have got “bad support” lately… :/

  8. i think they should maybe at least discount the last gen versions and only charge $45-50, instead of full price.

  9. I wish the pc version was handle by a different company so we actually got a game that ran well on high end hardware instead of running my intel i5 4670k at 100% all the time…

    • I haven’t noticed what my hardware has run at, but I do agree. We need a well-optimized game. BO2 runs fine and Cod 4 is amazing. But both games are old. I have an i7 4790k and GTX 980. I only ran AW during the free multiplayer period.

      • It really is a shame I used to love cod on my 360 but it just isn’t fun on pc cos of bad servers and being poorly optimised. And I loved playing it with friends but most of them have low end pcs and can’t run the newer cods…

  10. It isn’t going to be worth buying for the 360 and PS3.. Not at full price £45 anyway. Second hand DLC offerings and very little and hugely delayed patch updates. Yet people will still buy it and moan how they’re not getting what X1 & PS4 get.

    Now is the time to update your console before the decent “trade in” offers slowly fade out and old gen becomes absolutely worthless.

    • No “trade in” offers give a good enough value to consider getting rid of my last gen console. I wouldn’t even trade it straight across for both of them

      • No trade in is worth it. I’m sorry I used to work at GameStop no one wants to Buy your old shit so why should we lug out a tone of money for your ten year old games that no one in there right mind would buy…

        Moral of story trade your games when console releases happen so that you can actually get value. Because people will want them. Not 3 years after current gen was release do you expect last gen stuff to be worth anything.

        • Moral of the story: Don’t trade in your consoles, especially when the following generation doesn’t support backward compatibility.

          As for not wanting the last gen at this point….I’m still buying a PS3, probably this fall.

  11. Sad everyone seeing right past the fact your complaining about having to nadicay buy your game twice to be able to play all parts of it ,pathetic hollow heads,all of you.

  12. This is good news I suppose. It stops current-gen faggots complaining saying “old-gen consoles are holding us back”

  13. I personally don’t have any next generation consoles because I don’t like either of them and would much rather play Xbox 360 forever, but that won’t happen as the games coming out are getting to advanced for 10 year old hardware. I plan on getting both systems (ps4/xb1) Just so I can play dlc when it’s released but also play with my friends on Xbox. I will buy Bo3 on last gen just to see the big differences between the two versions.

  14. what about those of us that cant afford to get a next gen console?… we just get left out haha.. and its not our fault we arent rich and cant afford to just throw $300-400 away to get one… even saving money I wouldn’t be able to get it for ever with the fact that I have so many other things to attend too

  15. i’m going too a ps4 soon tbh i really don’t want too but i have playing bo3 on ps3 right now and i cant enjoy this game with all the lag and how many bugs are in this game

  16. “Well I agree that Black ops 3 Last Len should Have DLC becuase so people are poor they still use Last gen witch is Xbox360