Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 expands the possibilities of Call of Duty Multiplayer. The new movement system allows players to fluidly chain movements together while playing in maps that have been designed from the ground-up to push strong head-to-head action. Choose to play as one of nine new Specialists, each with their own look, personality, abilities, and level progression system. Finally, equip up to five attachments and an optic while customizing nearly every aspect of your loadout with the new Gunsmith, then tap the power of the Weapon Paintshop to give your weapon a signature look.

(PS3 and Xbox 360 platform version features and performance may vary compared to other platform versions.)

See you on November 6, the new Black Friday.



    • I like AW and BO2 but not sure on B03. MP looks promising but campaign did not impress me. The color scheme just wasn’t popping, very monochromatic. But, I’ll wait and see the beta. PSN4LFE!!!

  1. Multiplayer looks great, fast and looks like you can’t jump insanely high! In Vahn we trust.

    • Yeah, like people before were saying, the boosting seems only useful to make parkour feel smoother, not for double jumping.

      • You can probably only getting once in a match, tiwce if your a good player. It isn’t an Exo Ability it has to be earned. I just thank DJ Vahn that pistols are powerful again!

    • I play ps4 and xb1 and am annoyed by Activision playing each side against each other at expense of gamers

      • its all about the money and thats exactly how their game is going to be like to skrewing one side of their audience in place of the money and who can blame them the consumers have never flat out denied them for their greedy ways

          • What is greed to me is the shady unethical practices that Activision has popularized with its many successes. Like using pre orders to guarantee profits no matter how many false promises are broken.

          • You defined the contract as greed. Now you are redefining your position? Sounds like English is a second language perhaps? Read the fine print on preorders then? Idk what else to tell you.

          • the contract is not greedy what is greedy is how developers can and will take advantage of it by putting out shit content that costs less to develop and rush releases even when games arent ready and fully developed and still have a nice stack of cash to catch their fall all thanks to preorders. Dont believe thats true well just look at Destiny, bf4, and Mcc

          • Reality is that you and every one else will be cursing this game just like last year and the year before it 3 months after its released

          • Lol wow man you sure are thirsty on that refresh. Got the wrong guy with that last comment but that refresh thirst must mean you need to win this battle. Enjoy.

          • oh i understand you seem to mistaken me giving you an ass beating as a “battle” between you and me but let me reassure you it is easy for me im not “thirsty for a win” im just winning.

          • As you continue to gloss over why we are even speaking. Get a drink. Then hit refresh again. So thirsty to be heard.

          • Apparently you are not man enough to end this so i will be the bigger person and stop responding your welcome in advance

          • I love the nice little touch of you having to ad to every comment just to make yourself sound that much less of an idiot.

          • I mean I don’t think you’ll see people complaining about anything other than Multiplayer, where only facing humans can drive you crazy.

          • A lot of people didnt like tranzit. Most people thought that bo2’s campaign was “stupid” whats your point.

          • What isnt? That multiplayer isn’t the most important thing? It isn’t.

          • That’s everything, not just this industry. If you are just finding this out welcome to the party.

          • yes but it doesnt have to be that way. food for example was on a huge downward spiral into unhealthy fast greasy cheap disgusting food. however finally after years of the quality was going down the drain the consumer base has denied the filth for healthier better choices that are better tasting too. there has been several Mcdonalds closes this past year and chipolte has done very well. you see we can do the same way with our games

        • Of course it’s about money. There wouldn’t be video games without it. Why do people think video game companies would make games for people out of the goodness of their’ own hearts? For Christ’s sake doctor’s will give you the worst care possible if you don’t pay for insurance in this country. Perspective please.

          • I realize this however they do more then just make the games for money. Take mcc for example. This game was basically preordered and bought by almost every halo fan with an xbox one out there. and it was launch horribly broken and it was denied attention from the developers who intentionally knew that their game was broken and still released it to make sure they could hit the release date for that extra wad of cash. and the worse part about it was because they had so many preorders they knew they would get away with it because they already made enough money off of the consumers that preordered. it was considered a success in their minds and i find that absolutely unacceptable.

        • Going out of your way to save and post them shows you’re the true fanboy here. Enjoy your small incentive to show all those MS whiners.

          • I’m not fan boy I just find these GIFs hilarious and relevant regarding what’s happened at E3 and the inevitable aftermath of saltiness typical from the Xbox community. Please try and take a joke once in a while.

            To tell you the truth I own all consoles so I cannot be a fan boy of any of any console or PC, I play any format depending on what it has to offer me at the time.

            The Xbox community IMHO and in my experience is the worst, their just far too ignorant but there are still some cool legit gamers on Xbox. It’s all about games and entertainment not being aligned to a specific console.

          • Bro I could go on about how great MS stepped up today with the Scuf-like controller, and the backwards compatibility. If anything you should be thanking MS for that, since it forces Sony to step their game up.

            Just like Sony needed to step their game up with online security when the got hacked a few years ago. Let’s say MS gives up after the XB1, (it’s not the biggest money maker for them y’know) then who is gonna keep Sony in check? Nintendo? Please. <_<

            You need to spend less time with your gifs slamming other consoles, and more time rooting on BOTH consoles.

            Microsoft makes Sony better and vice-versa, and as console gamers WE NEED BOTH COMPANIES TO DO WELL!

            ^ Otherwise we’re on the fast track to PC and mobile… ๐Ÿ™

          • I have not seen a single “salty” comment from a ms fan without a PlayStation fan stirring up crap. So…. I don’t get your point

          • Troll much? Nothing but generalized insults from you. You’re coming across like a little kid. Let me ask you. Did Sony not being the first in line make you feel bad about your console? No? Well, the same for Xbox owners.

    • I could actually care less :3 I think the whole thing is stupid and pointless, now you get to be the bug finders congrats on the promotion

    • Many console gamers own “2 or more consoles” with each gen. I usually try to get every console, and I’ve been saving money on the side to get a PS4 as well as my XB1. I will be skipping Wii U until Nintendo gets their act together with 3rd party.

      With that said, I’m extremely disappointed about the way that some Sony fanboys (especially the ones that are gloating on multiple articles here) are handling this.

      ^ You guys are completely CLUELESS on how important it is to have 2 dominant consoles competing against each other. When consoles compete against each other, consumers are the winners. It’s sad that some people just can’t understand that.

      *SMH* & Stay Classy Sony fanboys… ๐Ÿ™

      • I actually have both consoles, but the PS4 exclusivity saves me $100, So I’m super stoked. For AW i have the game and season pass just so I can play it for a month till it comes on PS4, now I only need it for one system

      • You expecting FANBOYS to stay classy is just as laughable as them gloating about this timed DLC.

        That’s the thing about all fanboys, not just Sony fanboys, they’re hypocrites, immature and like to start shi*t. Best to ignore them man.

        That’s why you don’t confuse Sony FANS with Sony FANBOYS.

    • CoD is dying, Xbox fans genuinely don’t care. Notice how nobody’s really interested in BO3 right now on social media or on any of the major gaming sites. At least the moaning for CoD taking up E3 presser time is now on Sony!

    • Nope. There are more important things to fret over. We’ll get to play when we get to play it. Sony players seem to think everybody has the video game version of penis envy. Why is that I wonder? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. the dlc thing doesn’t affect me much because I do not buy DLC often unless I’ve seen videos convincing me its good. Not that “buy the season pass and get this gun” bullshit.

  3. This looks really good. Despite all the futuristic stuff, it doesn’t look like AW. It still seems like it plays like BO2, which is great imo. Can’t wait for the beta.

      • Nah, it was a scripted and preformed showcase, nobody wants to watch someone miss in a trailer, lol.

        • I hope that’s the case. Even if it’s scripted to have the enemy to stand steady, it’s still hard to pull it off.

          • Have you seen every other COD trailers? They always pull crazy shots out of their asses and never miss. They just redo the scenario tons of times until they get it right. I imagine that in-game it will be very hard to hit people while wall running and leave the player mostly vulnerable. We’ll find out in the beta anyways ๐Ÿ˜›

          • They don’t redo it over and over, it’s just scripted and animated to play out that way.

          • There is no aim assist on the bow if that’s the shot you mean.

            Still not even worth a record that.

        • Jordan is just mad he bought a scuff and Xbox just for cod and now is stuck with a paper weight and a paddle he can show off on youtube and if I recall u said u pre ordered the game already

          • Early DLC = no reason to play on the X1? This is really getting sad. The levels people go to gloat.

          • I dont understand why these people fight and support their corporations. its not like they give a single fuck about them while they are rolling in the money. xbox, playstation, nintendo. all of them dont give a single fuck about you fanboys all they want is your money why have petty disputes when there is absolutely no purpose

        • OH so now you hate Black ops 3 ? remember back when you were whining about sbmm, you said that black ops 3 will be much better? You my friend, are in a state of denial because Xbox doesn’t have the dlc deal anyore.

          • Where do I say I hate Black Ops 3? I said it looks like Titanfall 2 which is good because I loved Titanfall. I’m sorry for being honest, this is why I don’t be vocal on this site anymore.

  4. I love how there are x1 crybaby jokes. Sore winners eh?
    I’m salty as f^ck right now not gunna lie, but I have a ps4. Just salty that I have to buy bo3 twice.
    Then again, we’ll get 4th DLC way towards the end of BO3 which will make the game last longer <3
    But anyway Congrats PS4 users! Glad your first DLC exclusivity will be a Treyarch game ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Daaamn, Titanfall 2 looks AMAZING!!! Way more weapons and abilities than the first one!!! I can’t wait to play the Beta!

  6. it looks great imo, but they are people on this website who are so fucking depressing like fatty fatty jordanxxlbrookes who says it will be crap and hes never played it, do your self a favour and strangle yourself with your cheese string. nobody will care

  7. Even more salty Scuf customers inbound. Seriously I’ll take the month hit to never deal with those fucks again.

  8. IMO they could’ve done better, call me what you want but I care about graphics and tbh AW looks better.

    But it looks great gameplay wise so I’m not pre-ordering the game ( hope everyone enjoys the beta) but I’m still optimistic.

    • AW looks so much better. I was surprised how “bad” graphics looked like when the reveal came. I was a little bit shocked and thought “really, is this what next gen Treyarch CoD looks like?” I had high expectations after AW came out.

      • Yeah, when AW was revealed I was shocked by the graphics, bo3… Not so much.

        But if they gonna give meh graphics, they better give me the best gameplay in the series.

  9. So here is just a heads up to all the Xbox fan boys charlie Intel will have all your release dates for the beta and dlc later down the road oh and one more thing how terrible do u feel that u bought xbox for cod and now you have nothing ? Mark my words Xbox is dead they just made that system a paper weight oh I’m sorry you guys get a new dash bored and a paddle have fun ahhhhhhhhh even the beta first ohhhhhh that stings

  10. I see some concerns about the graphics, but I actually like them. It’s a different art style. AW was more hyper realistic, this is more “hand drawn” and unique in it’s own way. I think it looks great. Well done!

  11. great trailer. Really happy there wasn’t much focus on verticality/double jumping and that wall running was limited to just traversing a section faster. To me thats how the new mechanics should be used, while traditional ground combat is the main focus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. That. Was. Awful… I’m extremely disappointed in Treyarch.. This just isn’t Call of Duty anymore (I was not one of those asking for change, [email protected] was the best, hands down, COD to date)..

    Ghosts started an awful trend of COD games.. Here’s to hoping Infinity Ward is working on a Modern Warfare Collection LOL

      • I won’t be buying their next game if its Ghosts 2, that’s for sure.. I’m also strongly considering switching my pre-order from this COD to Fallout 4.. Which would be the first COD I didn’t buy since COD 3..

    • Ghosts didnt start an awful trend of COD games it started a forest fire to all the beautiful game franchises, burning them down into worthless pieces of shit who’s only existence is to steal money from the hopelessly deprived gaming community that just wish that maybe this game wont be BAD. Dont make the same mistake my friends stop feeding the beast that is destroying all our favorite game developers creativity and replacing it with the need and desperation of money at all costs. creating people who’s only purpose are to trick and deceive a sad group of people who just want to play games. Now is our chance strike them down and do it hard right where the beast may feel it in their wallets.

      • I’ve never complained about what these developers have done. I’ve given every game the benefit of the doubt (even Ghosts) but I’m not sure I could do it anymore. I’ve been more and more disappointed with COD games since Black Ops 2..

        I would welcome a Modern Warfare Collection with open arms. That has been the best series in Call of Duty and probably will remain that way after the upcoming release of Black Ops 3.

  13. I’m sorry but why do the graphics look like shit, hope it doesn’t look like this when its released. So far everything else seems good

  14. guys avoid the hype its getting to your heads just like last year look at the time to kill and look at the map layouts. this game will have you guys cursing and trash talking the shit out of it 3 months after release. just stop guys and open your eyes this game will take absolute no skill to be good at it so much so that they got rid of sbmm because they dont need it to keep the player base at a nice equilibrium of filthy communist style gameplay

  15. “Hey guys, Tmartn here and I’m super excited to bring you guys an update regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 3…available first for PLAYSTATION 4.”

      • Not gonna lie, haven’t watch a Tmartn video in its entirety since BO2. Hell, haven’t even played a cod for more than 24 hrs since BO2. Looking forward playing! Having the DLC late blows but whatever. I’m going down with the ship.

        • I see a twitter campaign and petitions to get this deal reversed in the near future. If you can drag a company into the mud so hard they will listen I don’t see this deal lasting longer than a year as Activision will be given all the hate EA and Ubisoft got over the years for it.

          • I wish it were that simple. I cannot imagine them refunding Sony the millions of dollars they likely paid for this exclusivity deal just because the losing side feels left out.

          • You would be surprised I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if some script kiddy got into the Activision account and drained it or held it hostage that would be a sight to behold and I would be laughing all the way.

          • You’re One Dumb Kid to think Activision will lose its Great Partnership with Sony Over some 12 year old Xbox fanboys…The Pro’s came out and said they’re glad it switched to sony so MLG switches to…There’s More Ppl on PS4 anyway…for every 1 xbox crying theres 3 Sony fans happy.

          • I’v seen things like this happen. And how many of those people actaully bought the thing based on actual critical thinking instead of “hurr durr 1080p hurr durr muh remasters”?

          • Nothing I just know with enough public outcry a company will reverse it’s decisions.

  16. I’m honestly not looking forward to the wall running, but the most concerning thing I noticed is the TTK. It looks like every weapon in a 1 or 2 hit kill. Which greatly diminishes the skill gap. Looking forward to seeing more though.

  17. The characters look like they are from Assasin’s Creed. So it’s Call of Duty, Black Ops 3, TitanFall, AC, Halo, Destiny, Dues Ex, and AW all in one. Did I miss anything? But lol. The red dot, the weapon sounds, and the capturing flag voice gave me the chills though. I can’t wait.

      • Yes. But my argument was hypothetical as if Sony owned Windows and it was better than it is and PC got the DLC first. Also PC will never get DLC first because PC is universal and doesn’t even have an actual company or foundation.

  18. “I wonder who disliked what they saw, or feels certain things need improvement, I liked all of it to be honest, it seems like it’ll be fun, hopefully I’ll have a current gen by then, till then, let’s meet on the battlefield comrades.”

  19. Some of the things I noticed:
    There seems to be no MP announcer, when your character earns a power-up, he says it himself.
    It’s clearly not a new engine. Judging from this and the Co-Op trailer, death animations and reload animations have been reused.
    The pistols (at least one of them) seem to be very powerful, same as BO2.

  20. People bashing on the graphics you gotta understand they didn’t go for a realistic look they went with a cartoonish look similar to black ops 2 comic look the colors look amazing in the game nothing’s dull everything’s bright and vibrant and gameplay is more important which will be amazing this is treyarch they know what they’re doing

  21. Coming from an Xbox user, I’m happy to see PS finally getting some love, considering the never ending Microsoft buy out for DLC was a little extreme. The only thing I have an issue with, is delaying a beta, which is to meant for balancing, and actually testing the game to make sure everything works, in hopes of monetizing a single console group.

    IMO the beta should release in August, for PS, Xbox, and PC users, but PS or whoever it shall be (whoever pays the most) gets the dlc first…or maybe companies could stop acting like children and everyone gets it at the same time.

    • The did the same with Destiny. It’s their business model now, sadly. I do think the Beta will only be a few days later for Xbox.

  22. Oh god this is simply awful! A Titanfall clone that looks worse than AW..

    Even the die hard fanboys are reeling with tears – CoD is finally finished and no wonder MS didn’t renew exclusivity. After seeing the other games at E3; CoD is no more a massive brand and even Treyarch should be utterly ashamed.

  23. Call of Duty is a dying franchie, that’s a common fact. Sales have been lower each year – yes including Black Ops II. Despite moving to Playstation, It’s not likely to survive, rea;istically Black Ops III is the series last hope. I as an Xbox player am obviously annoyed – over 5 years of exclusivity and then have it taken away from my most anticipated game – but us Xbox guys enjoyed the best of COD; Black Ops /II, MW1/2/3.

    • Microsoft know what they are doing and I’m sure they sensed that the franchise wasn’t viable to them anymore as an exclusive. It’s not even a big franchise now that sells systems. With all the other epic games on the horizon; MS didn’t renew and I think it’s the right decision – I’m just shocked Sony decided to feed off the scraps and snap it up – seems a desperate move. There are so many more promising games coming out and these are true next gen titles. COD is of a bygone era that died before it even it his gen.

  24. I can’t believe people are shocked that the BO3 looks poor – I mean haven’t people learned anything the last couple of years? The graphics looks poor = yeah because the engine is from 2005 and it’s not a true next gen title regardless of what PR the devs spew. At least people wont be so hyped they pre-order and then get disappointed in the first two days – everyone can see how dismal it looks right now thanks to 3arc showing the MP early. Save your money for Fallout 4, Battlefont 3 or something else or ask your parents not to get you CoD this year.

  25. @ 1:26 In the video the gun the soldier is holding looks like a mw3 p90 but futuristic. And its iron sights looks like an ak74u’s. It really looks like a p90 if you take a good look at it. I think the name for it says weevil?

  26. I think it’s an absolute tragedy that Treyarch have done this. They probably saw Titanfall back in 2012; panicked and thought it would kill CoD so they decided to sacrifice everything to churn out a futuristic title that nobody wanted. Titanfall flopped humiliatingly in the first two weeks because it was a concept that people didn’t want in a shooter and now 3arc are left extremely red faced as they’ve made a game to combat the competition that wasn’t even a threat to the franchise in the first place – the result being a CoD game that looks terrible. Visually it’s like an old gen game and the mechanics seem very simplistic along with the usual dated style. CoD has staggered the last couple of years and seen sales plummet but this game is the final nail in the coffin. With games like Fallout 4, Battlefront and Siege plus the new Destiny, MGS V and the rest; this series is stale as hell and will not compete.

    Time to cut the cord Activision, dispose of 3arc, IW and SHG and reinvent a worthy IP with new developers and maximising the latest technology. You’ve dragged this franchise through the mud last couple of years and milked it to death but most mature gamers moved on ages ago. This is the end of CoD and it’s long overdue.

      • Looking at your comment history; you seem to like tampons. Also you seem to have a case of tourettes combined with a lack of brain cells. GG!

        • Aaw here’s the high and mighty cod lady. Take your face for a shit dork. These idiots that come on this page and spend an hour writing an essay long rant about how shit cod is are the same twonks that buy it! Tada you raving iron and take your inferior console with you hahaha

    • You’re a moron

      “Titanfall flopped”. Yep, 7 million is a huge flop! People still playing today is a huge flop! Shut up you Sony Pony.

    • Are you an idiot. Go play Ghosts you fucking moron. Treyarch literally goes all out and SHGs did well for their first CoD. Your arguement is idiotic.

      • Treyarch goes all out? HAHA! You think an engine from 10 years ago is ‘going all out’. Do u even current gen bro?

  27. i think this look amazing, i cant wait to dominate all the sweaty tryhards on this. I think they have nailed it but only time will tell when i play the demo, i love the fact that you can still shoot when doing the wall running and sliding about, i see you can change direction when sliding also, looks epic!

  28. I’ll be honest. I’ll try the game but there’s no way I’m buying it. I think we are going to be getting more of the same from advanced warfare. The golden days are over boys.

  29. You’ll bitch, you’ll buy it, and you’ll bitch more….but you’re going to play it. You always do.

  30. Have to admit this does look pretty incredible but I’m not going to buy it, because it will be amazing for the first month then after Christmas when the kids get it and the DLC starts to drop it always goes downhill. The only CoD game I think I’d buy now would be a remastering of the Modern Warfare series, maybe have a CoD online style multiplayer, mix of maps and weapons but then put the campaigns on 3 different discs. They’d also have to keep it as it was, no supply drops or a million camos, besides maybe adding Gold or Diamond in. BO3 looks good though, too good, and you know what they say about things that are too good to be true. They usually are. This will go downhill very, very quickly.

  31. I’m less than impressed with this trailer. It looks like it plays just like titanfall. All I saw was wall running in wide open areas, quick ttk,strong aim assist, and a head glitcher. The was zero “wow” factor for me.

  32. I don’t think this game will end up like advanced warfare. AW’s movements were part of the game and the maps were tailored to fit them but BO3’s movements just look like a way to get around the map quicker.

  33. I’m a PS gamer and even i think it’s messed up what they did to the X Box people. I have friends and fam who are x box gamers. I honestly think it looks awesome. I’m man enough to admit I’m horrible against other people. I mainly play TDM with a friend against bots or the campaign. Right now i have a PS3, but i kinda wanna grt a PS4 for Rainbix Six and this even though i could get this on PS3.

        • The elite $150 dollar controller that is more worse and more expensive than a scuf controller? lul

          What purpose is an Elite controller going to serve on Xbox when MLG is most likely switching to PS4 and DLC is delivered late on Xbox?

          • This warrants a response.

            “More worse”.. Just worse would have done. But hell, how do you know that? Have you played with the controller hands on? Do you even have a scuff to be able to compare it statistically?

            Detachable magnetic paddles, stainless steel thumb stick shafts, profile switching, hair trigger locks, inter-changeable thumb grips and a companion app with a limitless number of controller profiles? And benefiting from the new 3.5mm port?

            Scuff has some catching up to do.

            Microsoft knows where the money’s at and I’m with them 100% when they say it’s not with Call of Duty for the next few years. They’ve not lost the DLC contract.. they just didn’t want it.

  34. I see what people are saying in terms of Wow factor. But do we really want that? AW was wow factor because of the new movements, and now we’re all tired of them. This game looks a lot like BO2 with an upgraded movement system that doesn’t seem over the top. We already know the map design will be 3 lane, which is great. The weapons will probably be balanced knowing Treyarch. And the movement will probably be regulated to certain areas (Of course the MP trailer would show off the new movements and emphasize on it.) If this really does play like BO2 with upgraded movements, well designed maps and balanced weapons, it’ll be great.

    The specialist are welcomed additions, they don’t look OP. Kill streaks look to be on par with BO2. Customization is at a whole new level. If hit detection and connections are on point, this game will be a lot of fun. People are still playing BO2 to this day. I need some gameplay now though.

      • I’d say good connections and map design trump all 3 of those. TTK is probably going to be the same at BO2 and spawns are def important but I could live with a few bad spawns if those two things are on point. And flow? Not sure what you mean by that. But good map design determines flow and spawns. And good connections and hit detection determine TTK. So yeah, those are the two most important IMO.

        • ttk determines how important good connection is. Ghosts had quick ttk but good connection most of the time. The ttk is significantly faster then bo2 just by looking at the trailer. spawns are still very important because in aw there was decent flow in the maps but it was impossible to predict where your enemy may spawn because they were constantly changing.

          • So they’re wasn’t decent flow then was there? AW was an unpredictable, messy, chaotic, frustrating game with boring map design and unmemorable guns with an appalling sound system. Verticality just isn’t plausible and I’m glad Treyarch have recognised this and toned it right down. On another note, the sound of the weapons in BO3 sound amazing.

  35. Why can’t this comment section just be about the multiplayer trailer. Activision switched consoles. Boo how. It shouldn’t matter now, since this game is being made primarily on next gen now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. The only reason they were with Xbox in the first place was because of a contract. Now that it’s up they switched to Playstation , they probably just want to give them a chance.