Activision CEO spoke with GamesBeat at E3 about the switch to PlayStation for Call of Duty. Ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty has been partnered with Xbox for DLC and marketing. This year, with Black Ops 3, Activision announced that they’ve switched their partnership to Sony; all Black Ops 3 DLC will be available first on PlayStation.

Activision CEO said that switching their partnership to Sony is the “right partnership at the right time.” He emphasized that even with these partnerships, they will deliver a great experience on all platform.

The thinking behind it, it was the right partnership at the right time, for the right reasons, for all parties involved. I’d rather not talk about the inside baseball stuff. Both platforms matter to us. We want to create great experiences on both platforms. We’re going to do that. No matter where you play Call of Duty or Destiny or any of our games, we’ll deliver the best possible experience on each platform as we always have. In the case of Call of Duty, everyone gets all the content as well.

We’re excited about this partnership with Sony. They have a lot of momentum and a great platform. They’ve been a great partner on Destiny. When a first party gets behind your game, it matters. These things are big and risky and expensive. We take them seriously. Any time we can put some more aces in our hand to try to launch them successfully, it’s helpful. Having them and their support on Call of Duty is a big deal. We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost.

This year, both of Activision’s blockbuster titles – Call of Duty and Destiny – are partnered with Sony. In Destiny’s case, the PlayStation gets exclusive content that’s exclusive for a year; in Call of Duty’s case, everyone gets the content, just with a short delay.

When asked about the loyal Xbox fans that play Call of Duty because of the previous deal, Hirshberg says he wants ‘both platforms to be successful.’

You can read that into it if you like. We want both platforms to be successful. We had a great run between Call of Duty and Xbox. Of course, because of that partnership, there are gamers who’ve played Call of Duty primarily on Xbox. In the end we want to focus on making a great game.

GamesBeat also mentioned that it’s 30-day deal, but Hirshberg didn’t comment exactly on the length of the delay for DLC this time around.

GamesBeat: It’s only a 30-day exclusive, but it is meaningful.

Hirshberg: Everyone gets all the content eventually, but these things are meaningful. They give the platform holders something to market to their community that matters. And it’s a great game.

Hirshberg did not go in-depth on their reasoning behind this new decision other than it’s the right partnership for Call of Duty going into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

SOURCE: GamesBeat



  1. “We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost.”

    Yeah…what ever you said Activision. Has if you don’t know the PS4 have sold more than twice the Xbone. All it will benefits are you pockets…

  2. The reason is business basically. PS4 has massively outsold Xbox One so they want to be behind the winner in that respect. Also, PS4 runs games at better resolutions generally, often 1080p when the Xbox can only manage 900p or thereabouts.

    Luckily I own both the PS4 and Xbox One and if the beta excites me I’ll probably get the game for both systems, PS4 for the DLC early and Xbox One because that is where my friends play.

    Looking forward to Black Ops 3, Destiny expansion and Star Wars Battlefront. Should be a good winter.

    • Yeah, I do agree with this point: Activision – now that they’re partnered with Sony – can show off Black Ops 3 with the best graphics cause of PS4 running at 1080p. For Ghosts and AW, they had to show Xbox One, and that wasn’t the best looking version for them.

    • But why would your friends play on Xbox though? PS4 is the better console and if anything stuff like the Destiny and COD deal should make them switch over.

      • BRUH it’s the console that they prefer, just cause you like the PS4 dosent mean everyone does and everyone has to own one

      • PS4 is better how? All the PlayStation fanboys can say is better sales and better graphics and then it’s just like you guys hit the repeat button after that.If I wanted graphics I would’ve bought a PC simple as that, better sales most people don’t take into consideration that PlayStation was out 7 years before the first Xbox was released meaning they already had a loyal fan base, people that were already comfortable with what they had so for Xbox coming out 7 years after I think they are doing pretty good. Not only that you guys literally have to pay to play games from ps3 now (PS NOW) where as MS is adding backwards compatibility free and you get to play the games you bought on your 360 free of course.Not to even mention there amazing ass line up of exclusives which one of then will also be free to play…

  3. I think it will be less time delay as more people on xbox buy from the marketplace than on PS4 and hardly anyone will transfer from XBOX to PS4 just for DLC. Im an XBOX player and i love XBOX. Dont get me wrong i used to be a playstation person but i got 360 and loved it. The PS4 is a better console by a lot tbh, but the thing that puts me of the PS4 is that the controller is disgusting, and they have had way too many hacking issues. I will forever play my xbox over a PS but i will always be honest and admit PS4 is more powerful.

    • “Both consoles have hacking issues, I just assume they target Sony more, and hey what matters to you is the way to go, that’s the awesome thing about having free will, me personally I like both, but I’ll lean to Sony more, because I’ve been there forever and I like the controller.”

      • Yes i know both have hacking issues but, Microsoft have theirs resolved in hours. The Sony hack a few years back put everyones bank details at risk i have never had that issue on xbox. Yes the controller is ok, but is way too long and the touchpad is pointless, so its all preference but i prefer XBOX 🙂

          • are you talking about the Xbox One? or Xbox in general which includes X360, combined against the PS4 – its got nothing

          • 9+10=21 they do lie :0
            No all seriousness PS is more popular im not saying it isnt but because of how big sony is they will always have hacking issues compared to microsoft who are a lot more secure. Look at the Sony Pictures issue with the film hack a few months back were north korea threatened to destroy cinemas if sony showed that film about Kim Jong Un lol.

          • That has nothing to do with Playstation.

            Do you know how many companies have been hacked these past couple of years? Even our fucking government got hacked by China.

          • So your telling me SONY pictures is NOTHING to do with SONY’s playstation lol. And yes i know a lot of things are getting hacked i was stating that PSN gets hacked More severe than Microsoft thats all. I was using SONY pictures as an example of how big SONY is lol

          • Yes. Sony Pictures getting hacked has literally nothing to do with Playstation.

            Just admit you’re wrong. PSN was hacked into 5 years ago and that’s it. Stop trying to make it more than that just because you are mad about PS4 getting the DLC early now.

          • Lol im not mad, you clearly cant read i did not say im pissed i want it one XBOX i simply stated my opinion and yes it does so if you want to hurt someone you hurt all of them not just one part. Same concept. By hurting PSN it hurts SONY as they are same company just different parts and subsidiaries damn.

        • again that was 5 years ago, its time to move on kid. stop reaching and trying to fault where nothing was. they compensated for it, hasnt happened since and was when psn was free.

          • 5 years ago, Im sure lizardsquad had PSN offline off and on for like 2weeks Xbox had that shit gone in 3days. Im not reaching for anything, and before you call me a kid realise this is the internet were you can be an asshole all you want and think your talking to a 12year old when realisticly your talking to a 21years old man that knows his shit.

          • But it is no lie that they tend to be resolved far quickly for the Xbox, it takes time for Sony to fix PSN. Also PSN seems to have much more regular ‘Service days’ taking the whole network down if you’re not on it.

          • Yes i know that, read my comment again dipshit i was saying Microsoft are more secure, as microsoft wasnt down fully unlike PSN and microsoft also had it sorted in days not 2 weeks. FFS learn to read mate, i said XBOX was down.

          • Are you fucking stupid?! You said it was in and off for psn for 2 weeks and it was sorted after 3 days for Xbone! I didn’t read anything you’re just really really really stupid. Both platforms had it resolved after 3 days. Both consoles are as secure as each other. You really need to stop making up shit and come up with some real facts because you’re complete and utterly clueless! 21 my arse! You sound like a 6 year old with the amount of bs you’re spewing out!

          • Ok mate you believe that. PSN had hacking issues around XMAS time 2013 for around 2 weeks XBOX also had it but for around 3 days because on xmas day lizard squad took down GTA and fucked up PSN again.

          • LMAO! You’re a complete and utter failure fanboy. You make up random shit on the facts. I was playing during that time and they weren’t down once! The last “big” takedown was last Christmas which was exactly the same consequence for Xbox. I really don’t understand where you’ve gotten all of this bullshit from because you seem to just believe any randomness that u hear. I’ve had my Ps4 since launch and NOT ONCE when I’ve been online has it EVER BEEN DOWN. (I was on holiday last Christmas). XbL and psn go down just as regularly. Lizardsquad target both consoles at the same time mostly and both have the same effects. You really need to do some more research into this because you’re making yourself look really dumb. And btw they’re not hacking they’re ddossing.

          • You actually think your smart. They are DDosing which is a part of hacking dipshit. I used to DDOS myself, i ran my own botnet with around 6000bots. I infected my local libraries with my Bots. Dont talk to me about hacking mate. Yes they both go offline on a regular basis, but not once have Xbox users had there bank details threatened dipshit. Please do some research you fucking idiot. Hacking is when you prod and poke at something enough till you get in, to cause harm using technology. DDOSing is prodding and poking at someones server, until it eventually drops. Child.

        • I remember on I think it was the PS3, one of the dates was wrong (Feb 28th, no 29th on a leap year so went straight to March 1st) and so my I wasn’t allowed to play on it online for that reason.

    • How is the controller disgusting? They actually improved it greatly over the ps3 and made it better in every aspect except for battery life.

      • Yes they made it better but its slightly bigger, and the touch pad is for what to make you feel better by swiping it instead of being simple and pressing the X button. Its pointless and makes the controller bigger and more expensive to replace when broken.

        • What are you talking about? The touch pad isn’t even used except to maybe check the scoreboard in games like COD.

          The touchpad doesn’t replace the “X” button LMFAO.

          As for replacing a controller when its broken…..don’t break it. When you break a controller for whatever reason you buy a new one.

          • Ok you said it yourself touchpad is used to bring up scoreboard. So why put it in when the Back button does the same thing lol

          • Because some games can make better use of it.

            There are a ton of games that make great use of the touchpad.

          • Yes maybe the case but what your touchpad does your PS Camera could most likely do, im saying there is no need for the touchpad other than to make the controller look better to people. If it never had the touchpad i think majority of people would prefer it.

          • What the hell are you talking about? The PS camera has nothing to do with the camera. The touchpad only adds to the controller. You’re acting like its somehow holding the controller back or something.

            I can tell you right now that checking the scoreboard by pressing the touchpad is much better than pressing “select”. It’s much easier to press.

          • Your lost friend. The PS camera has nothing to do with the camera i dont know what your taking but can i have some it sounds fucking brilliant.

        • But the controller is pretty durable as I’ve dropped it countless times and it works perfectly no scratches or anything

          • Yes it may be durable that wasnt the point, the point was it has a touchpad for no fucking reason what the touch pad does the controller does with another button and what the controller cant do, the PS camera does. So touchpad = useless.

          • Oh I see now. Yeah you would think it would be used for more stuff like scrolling on the built in browser or PS menu or something like that. Hopefully developers take advantage of it later in this gen.

          • Thank you at least someone understands me, i know its a button thats cool, but its a touchpad for absolutely fuck all yes a few in game things ( on majory of the games that no one play and are shit ). My iPhone has a touch screen its used to make UI friendly and easy to use. The touchpad is there to basically look pretty. Dont get me wrong if it was used for better stuff like you said it would be cool, but its not and hasnt been since launch, therefore its pointless.

          • The touch pad still has a meaningful impact on the controller, so as the light bar, speaker and gyros, 3.55 mm audio letting me plug in my headset with ease.

            The Xbox One controller has limited use of vibration in triggers only made use of in driving games and cheap matte plasticy feel, not to mention no audio jack? The fuck?

            Xbox One from day one was set up to fuck Xbox fan boys in their ass again with their new DRM policy that they had to quickly turn back on thanks to PlayStation and no universal audio jack. They clearly wanted you to buy their Xbox headset cable just to use your OWN headset… this is why I’ll never support Xbox a company that doesn’t give two shits about gamers.

            “Get ready to pay for your brand new Xbox One elite controller for only $150, with some features that we admit should have been there from day one” LOL what a joke.

          • Customisability is what the new controller has, where is the Ps4 controller customisability?? Should have been there from day one.

          • Customisability as in I can use my own personal headset or any headphones or earphones of my choice with my PS4 by simply connecting my audio jack into my controller..

            Customisability to fly a plane in GTA 5 with the Dual Shock 4’s gyroscope.

            Customisability to receive alerts through the mono speaker on the DS4

            Customisability in that I can swipe my clickable track pad up to see my weapon wheel in games.

            Customisability with the light bar to display in-game information such as flashing red when health is low or blue/red light flashing in GTA 5 when cops are after you or being able to display your crews colours on your light bar.

            All this has been available on Day One. Notice how all these things not only people who develop and bring enhanced experienced to gamers but more importantly enhance the experience for people who play games instead of holding gamers back like the Xbox One controller which forces you buy a Xbox One peripheral cable to use your own Headset? Open your eyes and realise Xbox are money whores through through or continue you be a fan boy. The choice is yours.

          • That is not customisability maybe you should read my comment again. CUSTOMISABILITY. Make it your own. A light, you have no control over. A touchpad you can only use for small things which your Dpad could do, and the big things you use it for are the shit games no
            One play.
            Plugging a headset/earphones into the universal 3.5mm jack.

            Customisability. Yeah Ok.

            Clearly you failed english or you are maybe you still have not finished school. Bye.

          • “Clearly you failed english or you are maybe you still have not finished school. Bye.”

            That sentence is grammatically incorrect and very ironic coming from what you just said… lol

    • We think the same, i started with the PS1 then PS2 (which i still own), then tried out the X360 and loved it, now im quite happy with my X360 and XOne, regardless of which console is ‘better’ it is down to what i prefer

      • Yeah well “try out” the PS4 and your “preferences” will change.

        I was a Playstation guy as well and ended up getting a 360. A Red Ring Of Death scare caused me to trade it in for a PS3. I was entirely ready to get an XB1 this gem but it’s just such a bad console, at least compared to the PS4. It’s not even funny. That Call Of Duty partnership is icing on the cake.

    • Uh, Activision doesn’t look at the sale values on this deals bud. If Sony pays them a bunch of money for 30 days delay, Activision will delay DLC for 30 days.

      • I think it will be less, yes they do think of money over sales but the thing that activison had when Microsoft had the exclusive delay was that they smashed the DLC sales.

        • And you don’t think they will on the PS4 with the vastly increased userbase? Your whole comment from the beginning was sounding stupid and you’ve just confirmed that. Move on kid.

        • And now with nearly double the PS4s than XB1, PS4 will smash the DLC sales. It’s as simple as that.

          Doesn’t make sense for PS4 to get the DLC later when there are double the number of players willing to buy DLC.

          • I know that, i didnt say it wouldnt i basically said that XBOX had more DLC sales than PSN. It does not matter anyway its announced that its a 30day period lol

      • Microsoft obviously has the money to pay for a deal like this again Activision just chose to go with Sony because they sold more consoles.

        • Ok going with that logic how come nearly very COD game since this (I believe the deal started with MW2) the deal has been going with MS? Also Fanboys shouldn’t be calling Fanboys Fanboys makes zero sense not necessarily towards you but towards the PlayStation guys that are going bat shit crazy over an opinion smh.

    • I wouldn’t bank on the time delay being shorter than the previous deal, look at Sony’s track record for the DLCs they have, ubisoft games on PSN have content that is entirely exclusive which XB will never get, then look at their current partnership with Activision for Destiny, that time exclusive is till at least Fall of 2015. My bet would go to the deal being a month like the MS deal, if not than it would be longer, not shorter

    • What makes you think its less than 30 days? Read what he said

      “Everyone gets all the content eventually, but these things are meaningful. They give the platform holders something to market to their community that matters. And it’s a great game.”

      He’s not denying the 30 days timeframe in any way.

      BTW, PSN only had 1 hacking issue and that was it. It’s fine that you like your Xbox but PS4 is the best console, not only the more powerful. I suggest you trade in your XB1 and put that towards a new PS4. The dualshock 4 is a much better controller than the XB1 controller. I mean Microsoft has even released a new controller copying the dualshock 4’s headset jack.

      • Yes he never denied it he also never said it will be 30 days. Please tell me how microsoft have copied the PS4 controller. The jack is a universally used port.

        • PS4 controller had a headset jack from Day 1.
          XB1 controller didn’t. Now that they realize the headset jack is a really good feature they decided to copy it from the Dualshock 4.

          Microsoft is even arrogant enough to call it “the best controller in the world” yet they are caught copying features from the competition. Typical Microsoft.

    • PS4 controller is disgusting? Have you even played with it…?

      And the hacking issues was just one month like 5 years ago. It is obvious your stealth trolling now because you’re just grasping at straws.

      And you think they won’t get even more DLC on the PS Store with the vastly increased userbase? Your comment doesn’t make any sense; if anything, getting it a month earlier will mean even more people are ready to get the DLC on the PS4 without the hype dying and being reluctant to get it one month earlier. More PS4 consoles = more Black Ops III copies sold on PS4 = more DLC sold. Destiny is your example.

      • Yes i had an original xbox and all PS until PS4 its a preference and my opinion. I think the controller is disgusting. Its too long, touchpad which is irrelevant and again its way too long. Hacking is always an issue with every console im saying that Microsoft are more secure with hacking issues. Maybe you should read my comment again.

        • I read your comment multiple times bud because it keeps boggling my mind.

          Hacking isn’t an issue when you’ve improved your defenses exponentially and increase investment into your infrastructure making it support the most active players on console.

          • Its obviously not as good as you think when lizard squad can take it down with a botnet looool. It may be improved but, its still not that secure.

          • That wasn’t a hack whether you like it or not, check your definition of a DDos attack. It also happened on XBL, which you conveniently (due to your selective bias) missed out.

          • Lol resorting to insults like a 10 year old because I just destroyed to with facts and you have nothing better to reply with? Try and discuss property next time and not get caught being an insulting little troll bud.

          • you obviously dont know anything about hacking. Im not resulting to insults i just knew you are the type of person to react wildley to a small response. Mad?

          • Lol I’m the one who’s mad? Says the person who resorted to calling another person dipshit. Oh the irony – debate etiquette – ever heard of that? And yes I know a lot about hacking, DDOS attacks aren’t hacks whether you like it or not…

          • Yes i have heard of it, yes you must be mad. Ok DDOSing is nothing to do with hacks. You honestly are lost. To get an IP address you need to use a sniffer in most cases. A sniffer is found in a lot of Malicious programs. These programs are known as malicious as they are hacking tools. I know as i used to DDOS internet routers for people. You clearly have no clue whatsoever so dont try and be smart. Bye.

          • Um you do know XBL was taken down with the same botnet right? It’s easy to take either down as neither have DDoS protection.

      • You’re insulting him based on his opinion of the controller? Do you have his hands? How would you possibly know his experience? And why would Bungie have better insight on how to make controllers, they make mediocre fps games and just because they make games does not make them experts on how to play them. A lot of people think the PS4 controller feels awkward in the hands.

        • Where did I insult him? And you conveniently forget Bungie made one of the best FPS franchises of all time, and one of the highest rated FPS games of the sixth generation, Halo: CE.

          • And you seemed to have conveniently forgot that Halo was beaten to the ground when the superior cod 4 released. Since then Halo has been pretty much irrelevant. If you want opinions from true FPS masterminds you talk to key people at Respawn that were at the old IW.

      • Im a fool ok, i commented my opinion it is what they are for you are the fool as you think i make no sense clearly you are dyslexic or some shit stupid fuck. Get Rek’d 720 tripled baby. Dear me, child.

    • How is it a far better console again? If you say graphics I’ll know I’m talking a moron that all they care about is graphics…I used to have a PS3 liked it don’t get me wrong but I liked my experience on 360 a lot more besides having to pay every month (that was a nasty surprise) but explain how PS4 is a better console.

      • Runs a lot quicker, non inhouse built CPU and other hardware. The xbox one has a CPU developed by Microsoft. Runs 3 operating systems therefore making it run slower. Im an xbox fan but, even i know that the PS4 is a more powerful console. My love for gaming will always be on xbox, but microsoft lost this generation. By the way graphics do count. I just couldnt care less about 1080p native and 900p native. I play for fun not to see a characters eyebrows move in the wind and a tree to have more colour.

        • I think my xbone runs rather smoothly it’s quite and it’s quick imo and never heats up unless my room is hot.Some things are just subject to an opinion and we all have our own…

        • Truthfully though the real reason why people choose a certain console is either Family or friends or it was the first one they had

  4. So was Sony hoping that they would sell more Ps4’s if they have the DLC first? I don’t see the average consumer buying a ps4 just because they get the DLC first for COD. I can wait a month it’s not a huge deal, especially considering all the games that are coming out.

    • I have an Xbox One and I’m switching to PS4 for the early DLC. I had no question as soon as it was officially announced.

      • Im not, now im more focused on life than with games i can wait a month, i was just a tad annoyed because of Zombies, but with the possibility of being able to play BO1/2 on the Xbox One i’ll stick with it

        • Don’t count on it.

          Activision wants you to buy NEW Call Of Duty games so they will never let Microsoft make COD 360 games compatible with XB1 especially now they are partnered with Sony.

          • Well that could be there way of doing it, yes Sony get the early DLC, but on Xbox One you can play most likely MW2, BO1, MW3 and BO2 with ALL of their DLC and you need not spend a penny

          • Don’t bet on it.
            Call Of Duty and Playstation now being best buddies it just one of the reasons why this would never happen. Activision want you to play new COD games though. Microsoft needs Activisions approval to make their games compatible on XB1.

          • I just dont see why they would say no, i can understand why you dont see it or dont wanna it – seeing as from your comments you’re coming off as a Sony fanboy whos not keen on the idea of the Xbox getting anything good.

          • and you come off as an Xbox fanboy.

            IF you ever are able to play old COD games on XB1, THEN you can start bragging about it.

            I’ll be playing next-gen games on my PS4 though. That’s why I bought it.

      • You’re spending $400 + tax + $50 yearly PS subscription + $60 Black Ops 3 game + $50 season pass…to play the crappy DLC 4 weeks early? Are you out of your mind?

    • Actually, it will happen for a lot of players. Many original PS3 owners (like myself) bought at Xbox 360 later on for DLC on Call of Duty first. Waiting 30 days gets boring after doing it for 6 years.

      • but Sony guys are likely used to it by now even though they may not like it, for the case of Xbox users, they just announce they’re switching a few months ahead of launch which can make it difficult for those you say will definitely switch

        • You don’t get used to it for 6 years, most OG PlayStation players bought Xbox 360 just purely for the sake of COD and I did the same, you will switch over after you realise just how boring it is to receive DLC 1 entire month.

          Xbox One fans are going to have to consider the fact that their also on an inferior system compared to the PS4 AND that their also with less players to match up with (I’m not hating just telling the truth), as well as the fact all the hype is dead after 30 days of pure youtube and global hype on PS4, with PS4 footage tutorials on zombies and MP guides.

          There is no doubt in my mind that it will be a significantly better experience on PlayStation 4 and I know that sounds like a fan boyish thing to say but I have signed no allegiance to any console or system on this Earth, I use what brings about the best experience overall.

    • COD alone won’t sell more PS4s but combine with everything else Sony has exclusive/timed content for such as Destiny, Battlefront, Batman, Assassin’s Creed…etc. It all adds up to PS4 being the best place to play.

  5. “We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost.”

    That’s fucking horseshit, if Activision actually cared about the gamers, they would release the DLC at the same date for every platform

    Exclusivity deals for multi-platform games are poison and are used only to get more money out of parties willing to pay more for content early.

    Activision cares about their quarterly reports, not the gamers.

    For the record, I own a PS4 and Xbox One while mainly playing on PC.

    • I think it looks pretty good, but as one of the few people who doesn’t like BO2, I’m expecting the worst. Some of the things I don’t like about BO2, I know are in the game. I really hope it’s good, but I don’t believe I’ll like it.

        • The biggest one seems to be OP quick scoping, which means quick scoping will be overused like in BO2. The equipment seems like it might be OP like in BO2, but thankfully C4 can’t just be tossed and exploded. The same people will most likely play this game that played BO2, so annoying players that abuse OP items (C4, snipers, shotguns), glitches, and camping spots.

          That’s just to name some of them. Ive seen other things that I don’t like either, but I need to see more of the game to complete the list.

  6. “Xbox wasn’t top dog anymore, time to start sucking PlayStation’s dick and watch the money flow”

  7. Of course the best solution would have been that everyone gets DLC at the same time. However, we Playstation users always had to wait for DLC since MW2 times. Now tables have turned and it is our turn to get additional content first.

    We all know this is disappointing for Xbox fans but it is time to start thinking how someone else feels than yourself. In this case try to be at least slightly happy for us.

    Also what comes to #Xboxorweriot… one word: childish.

    • Of course we as xbox gamers feel happy for the playstation community getting the bonus, but i myself as an xbox gamer just want to see the deal abolished and let everyone play at release.

    • I do agree it’s stupid, but it’s about competitive and what it will be played on. Most people want it on Xbox since that is where they have invested hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on and they don’t want to switch (barely any of the comp. community is on PS). This is just my opinion and you can have your own, but the Xbox controller has always been better than the PS controller IMO… It just feels more natural and not as awkward and cheap. Again, this is just my opinion but most people in the community and several YouTubers prefer the Xbox controller over PS. I’ve played CoD on PS and the opponents so much easier to beat than on Xbox. Barely anyone dropshots, jumpshots, and has a 6 man party pubstomping and tryharding on the other team. The PS community is more casual while Xbox is filled with tryhard comp. players. If they make the competitive switch, many PS players will be repelled from the game with the sudden change of skill in their opponents. They will either have to dedicate months/years to practice and get better, or they will leave the game. Once again, this is a generalization but from my experience playing on both consoles, PS player’s, even the most “tryhard” ones are REALLY easy to beat.

      • From the Youtubers I watch, Alia, MarkofJ, Driftor. They all prefer the PS4 controller over the X1. Also almost all the pros hate the X1 controller. You definitely haven’t played a lot of CoD on the PS4 because all you go against are full parties, specially during clan wars. I have played in both consoles because some of my friends own an X1 and I haven’t noticed a big difference. Both have tryhards and both have shitty players(there are more on the PS4 cause there are more players on the PS4)

  8. Eh, it’s a shame people have to wait and it’s buisness at the end of the day.

    Solution is you get both consoles and quit the b*tching, otherwise, you’ll just have to wait. While you’re waiting, move onto another game or something, CoD DLC isn’t the end all or be all.

    Besides, that isn’t the only benefit of owning all consoles. You get to play whatever you want without worrying about exclusive games or content or whatnot.

  9. Are people really mad about this? Who gives a fuck? Like really? Are you telling me you’re gonna go brag about it and say haha I got to play earlier than you do! Like honestly who cares. In the end, we ALL play the same game for the same reasons.

    • PS4 owners play it first.
      If you say that “doesn’t matter” then that’s fine, it doesn’t’ matter to you but to those of us who actually buy the DLC, its a big deal.

      • Well obviously it’s not a big deal to me that’s why I made my comment. And saying its a “big deal” to some people is ridiculous.

          • Lol, ok. I’m not denying anything I’m saying I don’t care that you guys get DLC first in fact I’m happy for you guys I own both consoles and I’m open minded. Telling me to go sell me Xbox is just as childish as you can get. All I said was that people should not care about who gets what first.

  10. This shit just causes so much controversy and immaturity. Some of you need to be ashamed. The only reason you should really care about this if you’re On Xbox is if you’re a top am looking to go pro or you’re heavy on the zombies mode, otherwise, stfu. We’re all gonna be playing the same damn game November 6th.

    • and PS4 owner will be playing all the DLC a month earlier.
      Stop talking like it doesn’t matter because it does. You don’t have to be a pro player to benefit from playing new maps a month early.

      • You’ve really been waiting for this since MW2 haven’t you? all bottled up now your bursting. quite funny to see, btw xbox had the deal for 6 years do you expect cod to be around in another 6? nope so we’ll have the deal the longest.

      • It really doesn’t matter Activision has been making shitty COD games since Ghost the only people that would be mad about this is yes pros and loyal COD fans.I honestly don’t care that PS4 get dlc first Xbox has been getting it since MW2 lol.PS4 fans shouldn’t be acting so smug over something so minor.


  12. Doing this always decrease dlc sales bc by the time it releases on the other plattaform the hype will be dead

  13. 1 question. Does the Dualshock 4 controller allow you to plug in a mini usb cord into it , just like the Xbox One controller, to be able to use it wired instead of wireless?

  14. What he is trying to say is we wanted more money from Microsoft they said screw you. Then we went to sony who gave us the money.

  15. I don’t really care much for COD DLC well except Treyarch zombies but I have good free will not to spoil myself by watching videos of the new maps, but I wish they would make it so Season Pass holders get DLC at the same time for all consoles that would bring the value of the season pass up as well as sell more season passes I believe don’t know why they didn’t just do that.

  16. I don’t care if who gets the deal early, it’s just a month and doesn’t really bother me. I do care that Season Pass still doesn’t get it early. I hate paying a price that’s almost equal to the price of the game, but only getting a fraction of the content. Compared to the Battlefield Premium, the Season Pass is a complete rip-off. Now, if they gave us some more content with the Season Pass, (special events, a few camos, some gear) I won’t care about Season Pass getting it early, I just want more content with Season Pass and getting DLC early seems like a good way to do that.

  17. I never thought 30 days wasnt a big deal. Now that the shoe is on the other foot I feel like the game won’t have the same quality because the focus is on PS4. XBOX is second. I feel PS nation pain now. I just bought xbox1 in may just for bo3. Oh well. At least I upgrade

  18. “Hirshberg did not go in-depth on their reasoning behind this new decision other than it’s the right partnership for Call of Duty going into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.”

    He actually did. He said the following:

    “They have a lot of momentum and a great platform. They’ve been a great partner on Destiny.”

    What that basically means is that Sony PlayStation is crushing Xbox right now in sales and popularity. Momentum means something is progressively growing and growing. Xbox? Stagnate or moving at a snails pace. In other words, just not that popular. And because of the way Destiny performed, which was record-breaking, Activision knew that they wanted to do the same with CoD.

    And let’s not forget how poorly Titanfall did. He didn’t mention it, but believe me when I say Activision took notice. Xbox dropped the ball pretty much. No, they weren’t the developers of the game, but the platform wasn’t exciting enough to move the game either.

      • Context is important. CI said “…other than it’s the right partnership for Call of Duty going into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.” But that’s not all Activision said. They provided some details, and that’s what they meant by “in depth.”

  19. Try to make it sound like its not a bad thing, they do realize we’re getting the shaft right with both game’s now especially with destiny, a fucking year,what kind of shit is that, I think the best kind of exclusivity would be the people who buy the season pass get it early but that’s just my opinion

  20. why are some people mad about this. Who cares? Its a month. Whoop dee doo. I play Xbox. I dont care. I thought it was dumb how PC and PS4 had to wait an extra month. But Im not gonna get mad. Its only a month. Most of us live over 900 of them (75 years old).

    P.S. Yall probaby dont remember me but Im back bishes 😉

  21. Guys it’s just a game chill! If it’s on PSN who cares? There’s a bunch of games coming out. I’ll be playing destiny The Taken King though :3

  22. Quotes that could have been no exclusivity and equality between consoles and pc: “Both platforms matter to us” (Why just Ps4 then?), “We want to create great experiences on both platforms. We’re going to do that” (then start with no exclusivity and you still didn’t), “we’ll deliver the best possible experience on each platform as we always have” (umm no), “We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost” (You mean PS4 first).

    Im not saying that PS4 shit and i admit that it performs even better than XOne. What i meant to say is that i totally hate here is console exclusivity and the frivolous console war. I want both consoles were gamers can relax and have fun with their friends and favorite games.

    Oh yeah and PC is obviously king in the gaming industry

  23. I honestly don’t understand why xbox players are so mad about the exclusivity going to Sony, I’m an xbox player and I don’t care. Microsoft had the deal for 3 years I believe? It’s just Sony’s time. If you can’t wait a month for DLC you have to be a child or someone who has to get their own way. This doesn’t affect you as a casual player. The only people this affects is pro players since they have to change consoles to make a living and most of them are happy with the change.

    Stop arguing over consoles, they both have their positives and negatives,

    • I agree on the fact that the DLC switch is only a minor thing, but the impending fact is that, PS users always had the hope that Activision would someday switch over, that hope is NOT there for Xbox users.

  24. “Having them and their support on Call of Duty is a big deal. We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost.”

    How is it a win for everyone? Yes, PlayStation users get DLC first after 6 years, but who else wins? Xbox and PC because the get the honor of waiting a glorious 30 days? Unless 100% of the signing money was given equily to the devs instead of Activision’s pocket, then only PS wins. An easy fix could be that DLC is discounted on Xbox and PC to compensate for the delay. I’d so then everyone DOES win.

    And before anyone asks, I am not a salty Xbox fanboy who only cares about their console. I believe everyone should have those “WOH! HOLY CRAP! LOOK AT THAT!” moments when playing a new Zombies map for the first time that isn’t ruined by failing to avoid the internet for 30 days.

  25. It’s crazy how people are going to buy a PS4 just to get the DLC early. If you were looking to buy a PS4 before the DLC exclusivity deal was made, then fair enough. But if not, you’re insane. On the other hand, you’re making the right choice to move to PS4. PS4 was always the dominant console.

  26. won’t complain about it as an xbox user for 8 years now, and the decision to purchase xbox one instead of ps4 was based in small part on the xbox exclusivity deal along with most of my friends are on xbox. It is exciting for PS owners i’m sure, but aside from the money aspect, I don’t think it’s a smart move. With COD already in a free fall in terms of popularity, it seems maintaining the status quo would have been smarter as opposed to pissing off half of your fans just to excite the other half. We’ll see how it goes though, if the game is really as great as Hirshberg thinks it is, it may not matter in the end.

  27. If you pull the bullshit out of this discussion, and you pull the console warfare out, all you can come up with is “They paid us extra money that Microsoft didn’t want to this time around, so we’re giving them all our stuff first.” I’m not saying that’s right, because in all honesty that’s a pretty big F*** You! to your customers either way (Playstation owners because they didn’t get it right away the first time around and now Xbox owners this second time), but Activision has never really been a company about fans. Activision is about the green and they couldn’t give a s*** about us.

    The companies that are about fans are the ones making the games, like Treyarch or even Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer. They want to make a game you’ll enjoy, and they want to do it because it’s their passion.

  28. He needs to go kill himself. “gamers first and foremost.” Fuck that,they just want their goddamn money! Why can’t we just be fucking equal?


  30. yeah and what about destiny where we Xbox players have to wait a fucking year to get the same content that ps users get

  31. Really activision. You make another call of duty when by the way u know Activision U got slow servers at random times, and U kick people out randomly why make black ops 3 what’s the improvement to stop kicking people out randomly and boost your connection speed Activision. Where’s the improvement.

  32. Activision you suck for disconnecting players from black ops 2 zombies. And sony U SUCK for not fixing your errors like common errors 8002a541 or 8002d548 and internet providers Bell and Rogers U SUCK for not fixing random disconnects especially since you admitted to the world you did have random disconnects and you can’t even fix it. Well work harder and fix problems.

    • I got agree with you Mr.legends on this. I did see the news of Bell and Rogers having random disconnections problems and I do admit that Sony does have error problems too and most of all people have to put up with stupid idiots like Activision and Sony who we all know have garbage servers. I spoke to Activision on Facebook support page. I gave them all the proof that it there servers and you know what they dud. They try to see to it and give poor excuses that its your internet, your psn, your xbix etc. So that they can try to get away with that kind of balone reason. Don’t let that anger you there. Horrible company. Game has no good support and Activision/treyarch like kick random players cause they think it’s so funny. There idiots and all other plauers who know this, you should know that already from their company Activision and treyarch.