Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke with IGN at E3 and talked about the possibility of Call of Duty returning to the World War II era. Many fans have been asking for a change back to the past; the recent Call of Duty titles have been in the future or modern era. Hirshberg said that going back to the World War II era is “certainly possible.”

“There are these moments where certain ideas seem to be floating in the collective consciousness, and there are two ‘meteor hitting the earth’ movies in one summer and were both in production for years.”

“Those kinds of things happen,” Hirshberg said, “so there’s definitely a chasing of innovation and new ideas within a well-worn genre that lead people to similar conclusions like changing time periods. And of course I think that opens up the opportunity for what is old is new again.”

Hirshberg would not elaborate on their future plans and stated they have no announcements to make right now. Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 is all set in the future, 2065 to be specific. The last Call of Duty title to be fully in the past was Black Ops 1, back in 2010.

Next year’s Call of Duty game is coming from Infinity Ward. No details about what they’re working on has been revealed yet.




  1. If Infinity Ward tries going into the future they’ll just fuck it up. Go back to what you’re decent at (Modern Warfare).

    • I will still be on this site for discussion purposes, but I’m completely done with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

          • Well, let’s hope that the ND employees that IW hired will do CoD campaigns justice, the last great CoD campaign in my opinion was BO1. MW3 and BO2 were both decent, and Ghosts and AW were meh.

        • @keshav whats your opinion on ghosts for some reason people hated it but i think that its good as the first call of duty on the current generation

          • Call of Duty: Ghosts was not the best game for me. I personally did not like it as much as I thought it I would. Personally, I’m a big fan of Infinity Ward. The Modern Warfare series is my favorite series, and I’ve put days into MW1, MW2, and MW3. I really have hopes for next year. But Ghosts did disappoint; I feel like IW could’ve done better.

          • Not going to lie ghosts did disappoint but so has aw imo sledgehammer had 3 years to develop a game that the community would enjoy and i feel they havent done this. Black ops 3 defo looks like itll be good but treyarch need to “revive” the cod community as iw and shg let us down. Thanks for the reply and your opinion its hard to find people to deliver news and interact with the community on a regular basis

    • The iw team that made cod 4 and modern warfare 2 are now a team called respawn who made titanfall. This is a new iw team so if they tried to make another modern warfare or remake one it would probably be like mw3 all over again

    • OK but tell me what can they change so its not the same as the old Cods there’s only so much you can do for a current time shooter

  2. I would care way more if Activision strayed away from PR statements like “so and so is possible” and made a genuine announcement, instead. Some of us are tired of futuristic CoD titles and would love to see a current generation one with Black Ops 3-like visual fidelity. Treyarch better do this, or else it won’t be long until sales halve.

    • Too soon to talk about any future Call of Duty titles. And as we’ve seen in the past, they normally don’t announce future Call of Duty titles a year ahead of time. They always announce new Call of Dutys in the year of release, so he cannot say much when they want all the attention to be focused on Black Ops 3 right now.

    • I find it really annoying with all the complaints. An idea I have is rotating each game with Past, Present and Future call of duty styles on each cycle of a Call of Duty games.

    • I know what you mean. Personally, I got bored of CoD after BLOPS 2. I have played Ghosts, AW, and BLOPS 3, but haven’t been a fan. I think it’s mainly due to it pretty much being the same game with added features. I don’t think it has anything to do with what era it takes place in, or anything like that. It’s just that CoD is such a non-stop, repetitive concept that gets boring really quickly. I don’t freak out and whine and complain about it, though. I will always give the next game a try. If I don’t like it, I’ll just not play it, like I’ve done with the past 5 games. I’ll just be patient and wait to see if they ever, finally, take the risk and change the formula completely. If and when they do that, I’m sure I’ll be in love with CoD all over again… I hope lol.

      • What do you expect? It’s a first person shooter so it would be the same shooter game each year, just like Battlefield and Halo.. Why? Because that is the game’s genre. Do you want them to make a free roaming COD like GTA V? Then you would see people complain and say “It’s not the same COD anymore.” yada yada yada..

  3. Activision has been very optimistic recently. First Hirshberg discusses about how the possibility of Remastered Titles is being heavily considered and now the possibility of Call of Duty returning to its roots as a classic WW2 shooter? This pleases me immensely. Though it may not happen for sometime, I am proud they consider it. I approve of this and I am happy.

    • Yea this announcement makes me so happy I loved the classic cods and I loved world at war. It would be awesome to have a modern warfare or a ww2 game although I do like all the futuristic stuff too

    • They’re announcing it because they’re aware their last two entries weren’t big enough successes and they know people are just growing sick of CoD. Most pure CoD YouTubers have either branched out to include different content on their channels, or have left the franchise completely. And if they have, so have a lot of their viewers. I much prefer the older CoDs to the newer ones. WW2 (or other past wars) and the more modern style games are much better than all this futuristic crap, in my opinion.

  4. I wonder when Activision are going to use a new Graphics Engine on Call of Duty Games? Any ideas on what kind of engine they can and should use? Is the Unreal Engine any good?

    • I don’t think they’d use the Unreal Engine (It’s Amazing btw, but that’s not the point). They’d probably just make their own. They’ve been heavily remodeling the Engine they’ve been using since 2003 (which is the Quake Engine I believe) to the point where the original code isn’t even noticeable. It takes quite a long time to make a new engine from the ground up so who knows when they’d do it, but I have a feeling they’ll stick with this engine for quite sometime

      • The stuff they didn’t alter is noticeable because it’s the basis of their physics/life engine. It’s like saying just because you can’t see the strong force its not important.

  5. Well there hasn’t been one competitive FPS of WWII ever since the coming of 8th gen. Both a WWII Call of Duty or a, say, Battlefield 1944 on Frostbite 3 or 3.5 or whatever that DICE engine would be great.. Just imagine the brutality and darkness of WWII made with next-gen engines. It’s gonna get so fun, but most devs nowadays are just trying to show the power of their engines with futuristic stuff. I’m kinda bored of super soldiers flying around in jet pack suits with pew-pew laser guns and pretty damn miss the good old bone-crushing, limb-tearing PTRS-41.

  6. Can’t wait for everyone to complain about it being rehashed when they make a future CoD set in WWII.

      • He means a CoD game that is released in the future, IRL, not a CoD game that is set in the future. Learn how to read …

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    • Not me, I never complained about a CoD UNTIL Advanced Warfare and their jetpack thrusting garbage. Loved every one until Sledgehammer F’d it up. So if they have jetpacks or this parkour sh*t, then it will be sh*t. Give me a great boots on the ground CoD anytime.

  7. Ok……………….this Is Good News from Activision So Far. I hope That Infinity Ward Don’t Fuck up The Game like they did in CoD: Ghost . And Also Hoped That Activision Don’t Fuck up The Game like they did in Destiny. as for treyarch All i Want From Them Is Another WaW 2 or a Remake Of CoD: 1-2-3 (WW2 Era).

  8. Would love to see another WWII COD but next year is Infinity Ward and they fucked up their last two offerings and Sledgehammer should be dropped after releasing a COD that wasn’t even COD.

      • infinity ward defenitly deserve some thumbs up tho.. Call of duty modern warfare 1 was very good! and even mw2,they screwed up last games tho.. overall treyarch is the best

        • That was the other Infinity Ward that made COD4 and MW2, The new one made MW3 and Ghosts, and those weren’t loved a lot.

      • agreed. Infinity Ward probably just needs to retire and Activision just take a year off from CoD next year. Even if Black Ops 3 is amazing, Ghosts 2 will take all the steam out of the excitement for CoD. 🙁

        • What if infinity ward just worked on remastering all the old cods and instead of making a new one, they just release a remastered version. It’s like taking a year off but still delivering content that a lot of people would buy.

  9. A remastered WAW would be amazing for me. I had so many good memories on that game. Everything about that game from campaign, to multiplayer, to zombies was awesome.

  10. Of coarse the next COD will take place in the past. Activision is not that fucking stupid to release another futuristic COD next year.

    • Is this sarcasm? Because the next COD is being developed by Infinity Ward and while they started off as a WW2 era FPS team, they’ve moved over to modern/near future. So it’s quiet possible we’ll either see MW4 or Ghosts 2. Regardless it will be near future

      • i hope Activision just decides to take next year off. No one wants a sequel to Ghosts and it will just damage the CoD brand no matter how great BO3 is. 🙁

      • He used an incorrect homophone it wasn’t a spelling mistake rather a grammar error. Either way I’m pretty sure he knew what he was trying to say and you understood what he meant so not sure why you felt the need to correct someone(incorrectly at that)

  11. COD Community: We WANT WW2 BACK!!!
    *Makes WW2 COD”
    COD COMMUNITY: The game is to slow, the old cod was better than this shit, this game is really boring, this game is beyond broken etc.
    That will happen 100% if they made a WW2 COD.

  12. ugh…i personally never want to go as far back as WW2 again. That time period is just so boring to me, with both the weapons and locations associated with the war. I’d take a million more future games over another played out WW2 game.

    But i would love to see another CoD set during the Cold War, or even Vietnam. A fully Vietnam CoD game could be very interesting and really dark. I’d love to be able to use flamethrowers and Napalms in both the campaign and multiplayer. 🙂

  13. It would be great if Treyarch did another world war 2 game. Treyarch’s next game is probably going to be released in 2018. So I think would be awesome if they did it. Plus, 2018 would be 10 years after the release of World at War. So it would make sense if Treyarch’s next game is WWII. Now as far as the other developers doing a WW2 game, idk.

  14. While I’d like to see just how it’d be possible to make a WW2 COD again, it would definitely be a problem, since they have to strip away all the gameplay additions that modern and future warfare COD games have brought in.

    • I’m sure that they could add in somethings to replace the additions that the modern and future CoD games have introduced.

  15. I hate World War II era. If they make a WW themed cod then im not gonna buy it. The future is always more fun because you can implement in the game things never seen before . In a WW game what posible can be added that will make it innovated not to mention the boring overused guns (thomson) and equipment

    • Same here. I wouldn’t buy it, unless at a sale. Not gonna spend the type of money I am spending now on that era. Well, this is capitalism right! So, let’s see what happens to their sales. If it’s still the best selling game ever, then it means there is a good demand for it and you and I would be in the minority.

  16. I hope BO3’s campaign is gonna have missions that take place in the past, and when Hirshberg says it’s all future, he just means the MP.

    • You can’t really say for a fact that he only meant MP. And plus, I think a few months ago something up here said that the campaign is only in future, but I don’t remember.

          • I hope so, maybe we’ll get robot Woods and robot Mason? Wow, calling CoD characters robots makes me think back to how much the Black Ops series has changed since WaW, and even back to how much CoD has changed since CoD 1.

    • It has been said that campaign will take place within weeks. So I guess there won’t be missions in the past but there could be a chance for flashbacks.

  17. I dont think go back to World War is a good idea! We like MOdern Streaks like CHOPPERS, AC-130, Sentry Guns, Predator Missel. What cant of Streaks we gonna have on World War 2???

    • Mortars, dogs, bombing run, “Human” G.I. unit that watched your back, supply drop, armor, sniper support(out of map), nova six(was in a ww2 mission in bo1), guard dog(like in ghosts), plane MG gunner(mission:blackcats in waw) lots of options and probably more cause I’m not a game developer

  18. Call Of Duty is a dying franchise…sorry if it hurts your feelings but Battlefront looks more interesting this year..

  19. I have a feeling that IW is working on a WW2 game.
    If it happened I would love it if they included a CoD2 copy with it. An old school playlist (no sprint, no CaC, no kill streaks) would be great too.

  20. if they dont do waw2 then what will they do?

    I wanna see what they can do with modern quake engine for ww2 type game

  21. WaW was my favorite COD. It would be a breath of fresh air going back to WW2 after all these futuristic games.

  22. I love how everyone is complaining about today’s futuristic games, when a decade ago, there were WAY too many WW2 games.

  23. I have an idea for next Call of Duty. UZI’s, Molotovs, Nail Bombs, Dirty Jeans and Shirts…a kind of “The Last of Us Call of Duty – Civil War”. That would be GREAT!

  24. Please do this. I’m not buying black ops 3 specifically because it’s set in the future. If I wanted to play halo I’d pop it in on my 360 (F**K MCC but that’s another issue.)

  25. Please please please do another WW2 CoD!!! I fucking loved CoD2. racked up about 5000 hours playing against the likes of tek9 and speedlink. best gaming years of my life! Fuck this future warfare, haloesque, flying shit. give me trenches and fighting the germans in the snow!

  26. Why can’t they continue the MW series? Damn it, that was by far the best series in terms of the campaign, in my view. We just want a really cool shooter with lots of locations and different fighting styles, and see how all the branches of the various forces around the world work together for a grand finale. Really not interested in all those “character development” shit that goes on in Ghosts and Black Ops. The world isn’t saved by one hero, but by many working in concert. Besides, character development etc isn’t the strong point of CoD and BF. If I want that kind of stories, I would go for Deus Ex, Hitman, Crysis, Mass Effect, Bioshock, etc, which excel in character development. Pure FPS are meant to be an adrenaline rush, where you don’t give a damn about the characters and it’s just “go go go, shoot shoot shoot”. Anyway, just my view, from a MW fan. Well, at least I have Rainbow Six to fall back on. So cool.

  27. I say they should do a Iraq,Iran or Afghanistan war with actual weapons we use nowadays and as for campaign do some basic training shit I loved going thru basic it was very hardcore and they don’t really show how you become a soldier in the cod games they just throw you in randomly as a random person like have it to where the player can start as him/herself and build themselves into a true soldier the player would feel more in depth with the game knowing that they are truly in the game with the next gen systems it’s actually possible to have the players face in the game i feel like that would make an awesome cod and bring cod into play again like it used to be instead of being lame and boring

  28. I would personally love to see another world at war game, it’s been several years since the last one came out, and most certainly not one for ps4/xbone. Besides, I really don’t like this jet pack parkour play style. I’m not going to get another CoD until they get rid of that.

  29. I love WWII games. I like playing with guns in the game I own in real life, or at least really want to own in the case of the broom handle.

  30. They have to make an epic ww2 COD comeback game with some of the still untold stories,realistic gameplay and next gen graphics portraying the horrors and the courage of that times!!For me personally the WW2 games is the best war games,it is the biggest and most epic ever recorded conflict in world’s history and it is great feeling to fight against the nazis even though only on screen 🙂

  31. Hearing that many people want a COD WWII game is just CRAP, period. We live in a world that has a LOT of technology. It would be better to focus the future NOT the past. COD NEEDS TO MOVE ON OR IT GETS BORING.

  32. Have you learned the lesson yet? i believed that after Call of Duty inifinite warfare VS Battelfield 1 activision wouldn’t did the same mistake again…ok so go on activision you are a great collector of dislike, waste your money as you wish… PS i’ll buy BF1