Four new personalization packs for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are now available for purchase on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Here are the four new camos:

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  • Jackpot Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Hit the big time with the Jackpot Personalization Pack. Show your luck with an animated jackpot themed weapon camo, three prized reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.

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  • Disco Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Keep the party going all night long with the Disco Personalization Pack. Tear it up on the dance floor or in the Virtual Lobby with an animated, disco ball-themed weapon camo, three groovy reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.

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  • X-Ray Personalization Pack – $1.99 – It’s what’s on the inside that counts with the X-Ray Personalization Pack. Get on a higher wavelength with an animated, translucent weapon camo, three X-Ray themed reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.


  • Aces Personalization Pack – $1.99 – Keep something up your sleeve with the Aces Personalization Pack. Raise the stakes with a card-studded weapon camo, three high suit reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.

These new camos are available now on Xbox via the in-game store and Xbox Live marketplace and are coming soon the PSN and PC.



  1. It seriously seems like most COD players these days aren’t satisfied with all of this new stuff coming out in Advanced Warfare. The map packs are great, especially DLC 3, in my opinion. The camouflages they’ve been making are spectacular, especially these camos. This stuff didn’t come until Black Ops II, and people were amazed by personalization packs. Now, people just expect it, but don’t even buy it. I mean, it is your choice, but people just expect it. Just so you know, I’m Master Prestige 7 in Advanced Warfare. You people that complain about the game complain more about the game than I do, and I’ve earned it, but I don’t complain, because I’ve moved on to not play this and play different games.

    • Wow. I really did expect a lot of haters to reply to my comment, but they didn’t. It is probably because they all go to BO3 news now on this blog. They finally got sick of AW enough to not hate on it. That and they’re getting all hyped for BO3 and then they’ll complain about that in the beta and an hour after they receive the game. Hell, they’ll probably be complaining about the box art on the game before they play it. Oh wait… they already complained about that when thought there was an exosuit on the dude. By the way this is Sinful-Soulz, just in guest right now. I forgot to sign in.

        • Except that many people got tired of Ghosts fast and went back to BO2.

          Heck I was one of them that jumped ship, and I usually make it to the finish line with COD.

          Those BO2 camos were a great “welcome back” thing to pick up…

  2. Makes me so sad that I could care less about something related to COD. Hopefully Treyarch can revive the franchise otherwise it’s so dead.

    • “Hopefully _______ dev can revive the franchise otherwise it’s so dead.”

      Yup we’ve been hearing that argument since MW2, and COD still does well.

      inb4 somebody come in with declining sales figures since MW3. Trust me 99.9% of devs out there would LOVE to sell the # of copies that each COD sells…

      • Call of Duty will always do well because it is Call of Duty. As I have said multiple times Call of Duty multiplayer is something unique and no other multiplayer can bring that feel what Call of Duty multiplayer brings. It always makes me come back when other titles can’t do that.

        I was surprised how Modern Warfare 3 had 30,000 people playing on PS3 yesterday. I always see max. 10,000 people online and that is usually evening and weekend. Black Ops 2 also does well because there were like 70,000 people playing at the same time.

        If you think these numbers imagine what new title (Black Ops 3), especially new title to Black Ops-series can do. Maybe that will last longer than last two.

        • ^ This

          & also

          Imagine if Advanced Warfare wasn’t even a COD game. Kids and trolls would be coming out of the woodwork screaming “AW is a COD KILLER!”… *sigh* lol

          • I just wonder why people say that AW is dead. They don’t have numbers, they don’t know how many players are still playing it. Sure it has lower player base than Black Ops 2 but I wouldn’t call it dead. When you can find a match without any problems then it surely isn’t dead.

            To be honest AW would do better if it would have been another, it’s own title. But now that it is Call of Duty people tend to bash it because it isn’t that same old Call of Duty game that got us fall in love. People want to see another WW2 title… but I guess that is already seen and it would limit too much. People asked for change and now that they got it they want to get back to roots.

            Note: Talking about people who REALLY can’t make up their freaking mind.

          • “I just wonder why people say that AW is dead.”

            ^ Simple, it’s the current COD.

            Sure people will give a million excuses why they hate it, but AW won’t be loved until DLC1 or DLC2 during BO3’s season. <_<

            I mean the community did the same BS with MW2, OG BO, and BO2 and those were some of the more popular CODs… lol


          • Yeah one thing made me laugh… first Vonderhaar was hated and got death threats and now he is a god… also Black Ops 2 got so much hate when it launched and just look what it is today.

          • Yeah Vonderhaar get’s death threats, and BO2 is currently like 2 or 3 for the most wanted 360 remake on the voting list… lol *sigh*

          • I have heard that David Vonderhaar has already got death threats because of future setting and “copying every other game on this market”.

            If you want to make your day go to Youtube comment section. Everyone is crying for WW2 Call of Duty. Yet those are the same people who wanted change. Why would we want to go back to WW2 when it is already done to death?

            People just should accept facts: WW2 was PS2/Xbox era thing, modern setting was PS3/Xbox 360 era thing and now future is PS4/Xbox One era thing. People should just deal with it and move on to other games.

          • Exactly what I’ve been saying. Lots say it doesn’t feel like cod but if it didn’t have the cod name even more would say it feels to much like cod.

  3. Just got the X-Ray and Disco camo’s and they look mint on all the weapons I use. About the only two decent camo’s in the game imo.

      • I have to respectively disagree with you on that, for the simple reason I never have any trouble getting a lobby of any game mode. People don’t like the game and so they claim it’s dead.

  4. I bought the x Ray camo on Xbox one but it won’t show me where I can choose it. Can someone try and tell me what is wrong.