Treyarch has just posted a teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode. The image has the date July 9th and location San Diego. During that time, San Diego’s Comic-Con is occurring.

In recent years, Zombies has had a huge presence at Comic-Con thanks to The Walking Dead. Would be a great place to reveal the new Zombies mode.

Looks like we’re getting the Zombies reveal in just two weeks…



    • If they are cool characters like with MotD or the OGs, I’m happy. Thankfully, rumor has it that the people that made MotD and Origins are taking over Zombies. Sorry to say that the original team has lost it’s touch since BO1, their BO2 maps and story were average at best.

        • Buried was best out of the 3, but I think it was way too easy. It got really repetitive at round 20 for me, which is weird. I usually make it to round 40 before I get close to bored. I think this is just because you can open all the doors and get all the perks so quickly that you have no objective. In Origins, you always had something else to do. Get all the perks? Okay, go get all 4 the staffs. Got the staffs? Go upgrade them. Got them upgraded? Get your super punch. Got your punch. Got the punches? Turn them elemental. Got them maxed? Pack a punch your guns. Got all that? Finish the Easter Egg when you’re tired of playing. Buried was more like “hey, it’s round 10 and I’ve done everything I could have except finish the Easter Egg!”

          • Thats what I dont like about Origins.It makes you almost forced to do the easter egg.You get the staffs and upgrade them,at that point you might as well do the rest of the easter egg.

          • Not really. Most of the time we just didn’t finish it and went to as high of a round as possible.

      • Agreed, MotD and Origins are the best of Black Ops 2 Zombies and are both classics and are up there with maps like Nacht der Untoten, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, etc. So having the campaign team develop all the Zombies maps from here on out is great, it also gives them something else to do after they’re done with the campaigns. I Just don’t get what happened to the Zombies team, they just somehow fell off after BO1. But, now that the campaign team is doing Zombies, it makes me wonder, what’ll happen to the Zombies team?

        • Yeah, I was really shocked at the sudden drop in quality after BO1. I think they probably merged together, I doubt all of them got fired. IIRC, either MotD or Origins was the Campaign team + Zombies team working together.

  1. Please be true. I just want a hint at where they’re taking the story/setting, and it’d be nice to know what features from BO3 MP or from previous games are going to carry over into BO3 zombies. I miss doing fun Easter Eggs that actually reward you and not worrying about side objectives when playing zombies. And training, I miss doing that too.

  2. I want to know who the characters you play as are gonna be. Hopefully it’s the 4 original characters like Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolia.

  3. It says 2. oct 1962 just beneath the book. AKA the day the US performed a atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island

  4. Btw that’s an image from Mob of the Dead. It doesn’t matter though, because it seems like in 2 weeks we’re gonna be getting the full thing… or a trailer :p

  5. The date underneath the book says October 2, 1962. This is what happened on that date.

    A twin-engined Saudi Air Force Fairchild C-123 Provider, said to have been sent by Prince Hassan to Royal supporters in Yemen, and laden with American-made arms and ammunition, defected to Egypt. Its three crew members were granted political asylum.[7]
    Born: Brian Holm, Danish road cyclist, in Copenhagen
    Died: Heinrich Deubel, 72, former commandant of Dachau concentration camp

    • Don’t look to much into it don’t you remember the teasers before the reveal everything apparently pointed to WW2.

      • Blame Treyarch for making the fans overanalyze everything now. Last week, they posted a pic of a Monkey Bomb toy, and everyone was like “LIVE ACTION TRAILER INCOMING!1!!1!1!111!”

  6. Okay, this is going to be a long ass post, so stay with me. TLDR is at the bottom for the lazy ones.

    Notice the red eyes in the picture? Same eyes as in MotD and from the BO3 teaser, and it was never explained. Orange/Yellow meant Samantha/Maxis controlled the zombies, Blue meant Richtofen controlled them. However, (SPOILERS) at the end of Origins we see that it was just a game and Samantha and Richtofen’s colors just showed who’s turn it was to play the game. They also had posters on their walls and toys of the zombies and characters we play as in the game, showing that the game they are playing is probably based off of a comic book someone created, which explains why all the loading screens are comic book pages. MotD, IIRC, is the only map with a loading screen that isn’t a comic book. Then, there was a siren in the background and Maxis (Sam and Richtofen’s father) told them to lock the window before they go down into the basement.

    My theory is that MotD is the only map that was taking place in the real world, whereas all of the others were part of Sam and Richtofen’s game. Why else would they have to lock their windows before going down into the basement (which is like a fallout shelter, in a way), besides zombies? What if the incident on Alcatraz was one of the first incidents and now they live in a world where they must go into lockdown whenever there’s another zombie situation?

    Some other things to note: as @MaZerN:disqus said, it states October 2, 1962, which means it will probably take place in the past (fits with the setting of the cutscene at the end of Origins, looked very 1940s-1960s). On the top of the image, there is a blueprint with the Group 935 logo. If anyone is unfamiliar, Group 935 are the group of people who create the Wonder Weapons. On the left of the image, there is a blueprint that may hint at what the Wonder Weapon in BO3 could be. The image on the left is a bunch of zombies standing in what looks like a jail cell (look at the window bars in the background). There is also a blue, crystal rock at the top of the image. To top it all off, the entire image is an open, blank book with 3 colored pens laying on it. Almost as if the artist is using inspiration from real events (like the MOTD zombies image on the left) to create more pages of his comic book. Very interesting. This is all just a theory. Please feel free to correct me on anything you think is wrong.

    TL;DR: I think MotD is the only map that actually happened. Everything else is a game between Sam and Richtofen based off of the comic book that this man is creating. I think BO3 will take place in the setting where BO2 ended. No idea who we will play as though.

  7. Those pens… could it be just random or is this referring to red-green-brown alliance? “The term is often used in a broad sense to refer to antisemitic and/or anti-American views shared by disparate groups and movements.” – Wikipedia

    Also I really want to know more about Zombies story.

      • I know at least put It at one of the gaming conventions, if it was batman then Yh they might jizz in their pants, but cod zombies .. Don’t get it, at least it’s soon that later 😀

        • Perhaps they’re trying to get more people interested in BO3, getting nerds on board with zombies isn’t a terrible idea business-wise…. And those who love zombies already, they’re already eager to pounce on BO3 zombies

      • Not much of a fan of exo zombies :/
        Treyarch zombies has this creepy feeling (not necessarily) but still especially in maps like veruckt or shi no numa 🙂

  8. The zombies in the picture are much mob of the dead, hopefully the prison team return. I preferred them over green run.

  9. I hope zombies is better hope they learned from transit, I don’t want a stupid bus in zombies and I also want the original zombie characters back not some lame ass characters but still HNNNNNGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I honestly think if Tranzit had faster transportation(example being The watershoot in Shangri-La )It would of been So much better.Personally I think Tranzit is good as a one off map.

  10. Please please please treyarch no thrust jumping Zombies. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it in aw zombies but I would like the old school zombies to come back for this game.

  11. I heard somewhere that the director for mob of the dead and origins was the head director for zombies this year for 3arc? I think that’s why it’s a mob of a dead picture

    • I remember hearing that the campaign team was the main makers of mob of the dead not sure about orgins though.

  12. Anybody wish Nazi Zombies came back? I don’t know why but killing endless hoards of Nazi’s is a lot more enjoyable than killing normal zombies lol. Wish they have at least a few “Nazi” Zombie maps.

    • Bruh, if you watched Bo3’s gameplay, you can draw the conclusion that some technological elements will be added in.

  13. I already preordered the digital deluxe edition just for zombies, BO1 had the 4 original maps with the hardened, BO2 had Nuketown Zombies, so this one has to have some zombies bonus

  14. Imagine if amc partnered with treyarch to release an add on for zombies with walking dead stuff. That would be pretty cool

  15. 0ctober 2nd 1962
    twin-engined Saudi
    Force Fairchild C-123 Provider, said
    to have been sent by Prince
    to Royal supporters in Yemen, and
    laden with American-made arms
    ammunition, defected to
    Its three crew members were granted political