UPDATE – July 9th: These new gear sets have been added into the Advanced Supply Drop rotation on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Original Story: 

Sledgehammer Games has announced that five new Gear Sets, including Luchador, Clown, Arachnid, Deep Seas Diver, and Samurai, for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available starting tomorrow, July 9th, on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in Advanced Supply Drop rotation.

These new Gear Sets are coming soon to PlayStation and PC.




  1. While they’re at it, give us horror villian themed costumes now. I want either Michael Myers or Jason especially.

          • That would be so sick if you could do that.. isnt there something like that in Destiny.. or if you could fling the sword at them like a tomahawk, oh boy!

      • I wish you can customize your combat knife. Not just as in adding camos, but as in choosing the design. It would be purely aesthetic but it’d be nice to get one every prestige or something. At least you can actually see your knife in-game, unlike your helmet and gear. Something like a machete, katana, butterfly knife, etc.

    • The samurai does look badass, but the only problem is don’t you have to buy an asd and not in store? If that’s the case don’t you have to keep buying til you have the full gear?

        • That’s the problem. Instead of buying them straight up for $3 or whatever like Ghosts, you have to keep buying ASDs and hope you get lucky, one piece of gear at a time.

          • That’s what im saying, even buying an asd you’re not even guaranteed on receiving any of these gears or just a part of the gear…..kinda disappointed how they’re doing this just so people can keep spending, I’d rather buy from the store and know what I’m spending my money on

        • And you have to either buy advanced drops, or you earn through leveling up.

          But then you realize how fucked up that would be for GMP players…

    • of course, but think about it, if you had your own company and you see people keep buying this stuff, wouldn’t you want to have another source of income?

  2. Meh. Here I am, still grinding to get the Tombstone set, and still not getting any pieces yet.

    Also, fuck whoever came up with the idea of putting these gears in ASDs. As if it isn’t hard enough to get Elite gears in normal Supply Drops already.

    • “As if it isn’t hard enough to get Elite gears in normal Supply Drops already.”
      Elite bonus coming soon.

      • Yeah, got a Supply Drop today just to see if the Elite bonus is true.

        Got an AK12 Finger Trap. I’m double disappointed, because a) Finger Trap is crap and b) I already had the Finger Trap before.

  3. I ll be honest here ,that samurai set looks awesome.But the fact that I need to spend money to have a CHANCE of getting atleast one of the armour pieces, just makes all of these ridiculous . EDIT: I forgot that you can actually earn ASD ‘s,but still doesn t change how ridiculous this is.

      • Already changed my comment, refresh the page. But still, for people like me, who are already master prestige 4 , the chances of getting some armour piece are pretty low.And let s say I was grand master prestige.Instead of buying each set for 3$, I had to spend 2$ for one ASD that doesn t guarantee me that I will get a single armour piece.That s ridiculous.

  4. What a fucking joke, I really hope crap like this isnt in BO3. I mean “Deep Sea Diver”, really? shits nothin’ but a gimmick.

      • Yh I can cope with future setting and different cosmetic gear.. But at least keep it so I’m killing soldiers instead of iron man and people in fancy dress costumes.. I really hope black ops 3 don’t go over the top like this and keeps it cool ..

        • I think that Black Ops 2 had some ridiculous camos while AW has some weird costumes but I hope Black Ops 3 doesn’t bring us ridiculous looking camos lol.

          • I really don’t mind the camos, I think I purchased near enough every camo for bo2, but seeing stupid gimmicks like clowns, and deep sea divers and wrestler/super hero running around the map is too much, not the one for me.

          • I think otherwise but I respect your opinion man. I would like to see “real” camos.

          • Yh I purchased quite a few camos as well. Probably about ten I would say. Most of them were pretty good but the one I really didnt like was the Kawaii camo just like I told LovekillerX.

          • The only one I hated in bo2 was bacon lol. Otherwise the other ones were pretty unique. Aftermath is probably the best in the game.

  5. I think it be cool ( but very unlikely) that on Xbox we get a halo gear set and on PlayStation a killzone gear set I know that’s really unlikely but still would be cool

  6. Those gear sets look amazing, especially the last one. Also that clown gear set looks funny to be honest lol.

  7. Ive always said advanced warfare was good even when people were hating on exos and sbmm, but now, even ill admit it is a fucking joke.

  8. People worried about getting this on XBox? Next CoD no worries you’ll get a extra month to wait and see them LIVE. LOL Down goes XBox!

  9. I like AW but this is now getting ridiculous. And the fact these gear sets are only available in advanced supply drops, c’mon SHG stop the money milking.

  10. I like the gear you can make your person unique. So its cool to me and I hope black Ops has an option for clothes and mask as well the let you paint your guns why not pick your boots