Activision and Sony announced back at E3 that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta would be available first on PlayStation 4, but did not reveal how long it will be exclusive to PS4. Attendees of the Black Ops 3 Zombies Escape Room Challenge received a free swag bag that contained a card to get 30 days free of PlayStation Plus, in addition to other items.

On that PlayStation Plus card, it says that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta is a “PlayStation Exclusive” between 8.19.15 through 8.23.15. It appears Sony has a 5 day exclusivity on the multiplayer beta.

With this being revealed, it’s not clear yet exactly what date after August 23rd that the beta will start on PC and Xbox One. Activision has stated that the dates for those platforms will be announced soon.

Treyarch announced recently that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta will start August 19th on PS4, but did not provide any additional information. We’ll update as we learn more.



    • Only? I think that’s enough for lots of people to find out about bugs/glitches and report weapon balancing issues… The purpose of this isn’t to let people play for free

      • Well for the most part that is the purpose. Alpha tests are the more bug finding oriented tests and betas are to get a general gameplay feel and to show the game off. That’s why alphas are typically under NDAs. Not so people see can’t see gameplay, its so they can’t see a massive amount of glitchy gameplay and then assume that’s how the full game will end up

    • I mean its not officially announced yet. So its possible it could be like ps4 gets it 5 days earlier, Xbox and PC get it on the 23rd, and they end the beta later on all platforms. Just a thought

    • Beta is exclusive for only 5 days.

      My guess is: Beta starts August 19th on PS4. Then starts on Xbox One and PC on August 25th and then will end like a week later on all platforms.

      But nothing is confirmed as of now except for PS4 having beta for 5 days exclusively and that it starts August 19th on PS4.

    • I hope it lasts at least 2 weeks so we can really test it out and also point out some problems. I really want to see WORKING launch and that term BO2 didn’t know at launch. I have heard that Black Ops 2 had major problems at launch with matchmaking and hit detection etc. so I hope that isn’t going to happen again…

      • Yeah, most multiplayer games these days just can’t seem to avoid some kind of disastrous launch week. Here’s hoping BO3 can break the trend.

          • I feel like you might know so can you tell me do you get the beta for free when preordering bo3

          • WAW – under map glitches. (heck that even had a beta)

            MW2 – Javelin glitch, Care Package glitch

            BO2 – severe lag until they fixed the MM after the first month, and fixed the serarch by best connection.

            AW – wall breaches…

          • U remember also on bo2 if someone left the lobby during intermission it would restart from 45 seconds

          • wall breaches and glitches are unavoidable. as long as they fix them once they are known. no amount of beta testing can find every single problem. it should help a lot though, especially with weapon balance

          • i like how u no mention ghosts, i gotta say after 6 hours straight, i had no complaints, the game launched perfectly

      • some of you kids just want to grind the game and ask stupid questions like “will my stats transfer” etc

        • In my opinion it is good to have a lot of time to try out Black Ops 3 so we don’t have to hear endless complaining at launch. Also you stated below “every CoD since 4 launched just fine”. I don’t know what games you have been playing. Lag is the worst in Treyarch titles’ launch.

          • ^ this.

            If people don’t remember what happened when Black Ops 2 launched… well too bad because they will probably remember it after Black Ops 3 launches if the same crap happens again.

            Let’s see if people will send death threats again because of a GAME lmao. Result of “free parenting” (aka not caring what your children do.)

        • Kids? If you look below you can see how I say “I have work”… and what comes to grind, I don’t care if my stats will transfer or not.

        • Hopefully everything is unlocked in the beta so no one will whine for stat transfers, and we just get a bonus calling card or something for playing a certain amount of time.

          • It’s a bonus that we get to play the beta, these people who want something for playing the beta is pretty stupid imo.. I wouldn’t expect anything to carry over or a calling card.. We get to try the game months before release that is enough for anyone, well it should be.

        • Stats wont transfer, the beta is a special build of the game just for testing. Although we might get something on game launch for playing the beta

      • The beta will last for a week. To think it’s going to be longer is wishful thinking. This beta is more of a sales pitch to get more pre-orders than anything. The only thing they will be looking at is server stress. They aren’t going to make hardly any changes to the game itself. 2 weeks wouldn’t be enough time to find map exploits so it’s pointless to go that long. If the full game isn’t available at launch, they won’t do anything with weapon balancing either.

        • Why’s everyone debating how long the Beta is going to be for? It’s 5 days, not a week and not two weeks. As confirmed in this article? Think I’m missing something here. And trust me, 5 days is plenty enough time for pesky little kids to find almost every exploit that exists in BO3. I swear they buy the game purely to break it than enjoy it.

          • The topic title can be understood as ps4 is getting it a minimum of 5 days before xb1 (doesn’t say how long beta will last) but agree with you. I really think it will be 5 days with xb1 beta starting a well after ps4. That’s my guesstimate. ๐Ÿ˜›

            I think it will be 5 as well but no more than a week. They call this a beta but its more of a sales pitch than anything. They will test the servers and look for small bugs but that’s about it. No balancing will be done unless all the weapons are available.

            Titanfall did the same thing.

          • My god talk about over analysing something. The Beta is between 19th – 23rd which is exclusive to PS4. 5 days. There’s nothing more to it.

          • I’m with ya……lol. I think xb1 will be the following Wednesday – Sunday. Cracks me up some think it’s going to be 2-3 weeks long.

          • Well don’t forget Xbox’s deal was 30 days exclusivity. So it may not be until the 19th September for us! Sad times. Now I know why all you Sony boys were always so angry on Disqus.

        • 2 weeks isn’t enough time to find map exploits ? Are you crazy ? Ppl find map exploits in cod faster than spawn points lol

          • Lol… seems that way. There will only be 3 or 4 maps in the beta most likely. So it’s not like all will be tested. The main thing that will be valuable in the beta is server stability.

    • Betas usually only are out for a week. So i highly doubt this will be different. The only advantage is that PS4 will have it before PC and Xbone but it will only be for those 5 days. One week is plenty of time to know if it will be good or not.

          • Since WaW that doesn’t really count the amount of ppl playing cod now since then is probably double or triple PPP don’t remember that

          • Cod4 had a beta too and it was first on Xbox 360. I don’t remember a beta for WaW, but it was probably just me in love with one of the best CoD games that I didn’t even care about other releases.

      • PS4’s battery life controller issues would be greatly improved just by removing that stupid blue light.

        Sony needs to make another 1st party controller without that BS, and no I don’t do wired anymore it’s 2015 FFS… ๐Ÿ™

          • I plan on getting the PS4 on a BF special, but my Rechargeable Battery pack lasts me 30 hours on my XB1.

            Google the battery life difference between XB1 and PS4 controllers, that blue light (and mic too) kills the battery life on the PS4 controller.

            Sony either needs to completely disable the blue light, or make a better 1st party controller. Either way I’m hoping they fix that before BF, cuz I don’t do wires anymore…

          • AA batteries are still inexcusable due to how dated they are, to me. Both are inexcusable. And I’m sure there are more factors to the battery light than the Move lights.

          • “AA batteries are still inexcusable” lmao.. Wot der fook have I just read. When did batteries become “not cool” I remember Sony making a big deal about it at first, and people have clung on to the idea that it’s s brillisnt thing without them.. Sony knows how to hypnotise its customers that’s for sure.

            1) batteries last a life time if you get decent ones

            2) you can recharge them through your console

            3) if you don’t want to have to sit with a cable or wait for it to charge you can just replace the batteries and recharge when your not using them.

            Sony tells you batteries are thing of the past, you jump on bord..

            Microsoft uses batteries, so BradyAlucard has to hate them .

          • I wouldn’t necessarily say batteries are dated, but I should have to pay $25 for a feature that should be included. I own a PS4 and an XBox One, on launch day the XBox One costs $260 more than the PS4 to get the same features that the majority of gamers would need

          • You misunderstand once again. The PS4 controller uses a different kind of battery. Microsoft couldn’t have been any cheaper with AA batteries. So last gen, like the external power brick.

            Yes, because it was supposed to be a new generation. Even the PS3 controller is more impressive, and one could argue that the only difference that that controller had was that it got a Home button.

            But sure, let’s excuse it. Seems like Microsoft are the ones hypnotising you. I can recharge from the console with the PS4, too, except I don’t have to replace the battery, and don’t have to pay $20 for a cord. But you don’t see me excusing them for giving the DS4 a fraction of the battery life (at least they’re not AA, oh wait, excuses).

          • Lol, I don’t have to Replace batteries, it’s just a nice option, and I would of liked the option with the ps4 controller, what you see as innovation I see as a missing a feature, it’s cool it doesn’t need aa batteries yes, but to not have the option when your running out of juice and don’t want to be stuck with it plugged in to your console .. AA batteries are far from “inexcusable” it’s just another option to charge a controller.. Just because it’s the oldest way doesn’t mean it’s the worst.

          • It’s not a feature, it requires more money to pay. It’s a pathetic excuse, and a last gen “feature”.

          • At the cost of AA batteries, and an external power brick. Honestly, I recommend a Wii U, as well. (RIP Iwata)

          • I Already have a wii u, these are really good points your bringing up, it’s the only thing I can think about when I’m playing my consoles that stupid power brick and God dam batteries, then I turn on my Ps4 and I can propperly enjoy the game knowing that stupid power brick isn’t hidding away from me, N there’s no AA batteries inside my controller, Only then it feels next gen.

          • Sarcasm or not, it is pathetic that people excuse such dated decisions. 6 hour battery life? Doesn’t matter, I can hook up my charger if I take issue. But, wait, the cord isn’t even 4 feet… no matter, just sit closer to the TV. Fuck it, buy a PC. Excuses excuses. It’s not even the lack of features keeping me away, it’s the company and their lack of variety in games, as well as its “fan”-base (the worst fanboys in gaming), who are bitching about God of War 3, today, might I add.

            Anyway, it’s not just the issue that the batteries they made the controller use are dated, it’s the money you’re forced to spend. You don’t have to do that with the other systems.

          • You care way to much about hardware man, all about the software.. As for community xbox in general has a more mature fan base imo, xbox 360 had all the kids and PS3 had the better community I feel it’s the other way round this time, maybe because it was so expensive at launch mums and dads went ps4 .. Again the community really doesn’t matter at the end of the day It’s all about software, and your going to be missing out on shit loads of it, you will say nothing that intrests you but if it came to ps4 I think you would change your attitude..

          • Software sells units. Apparently hardware matters somewhat, especially to those on Windows. PS4 and Wii U being so slim were great decisions, and with the PS4 having an internal power supply and lithium-ion batteries; it is the icing on the cake for being the most architecturally impressive console in existence.

            Thank god it’s your opinion, because that statement about the fanbase is BS to me. Xbox (imo) is the worst in regards to its fanboys. Then PC. Hard to judge between Nintendo and PlayStation. Both fanboys can be pretty stupid.

            And Xbox One doesn’t have games I like. I told you before, and I can’t stand repeating myself, but I always do. I don’t give a shit if Halo, Forza, Gears of War, and Fable were on PS4. I’d still say they’re overrated and mediocre. If I were to buy an Xbox One (which I won’t any time soon), it’d be for Scalebound, Recore, and Phantom Dust. I go where the games go, and Xbox doesn’t interest me in that department. PlayStation and Nintendo are all I want currently.

          • Lol for the millionth time then we will have to agree to disagree ?.. Why you want nintendo? I didn’t even bother watching nintendos e3 and by the look of some highlights I’ve seen im glad I didn’t waste my time, donkey kong, mario kart 8, supermario u and mario3D still remain the only good games on nintendo imo .. They should be releasing yearly donkey kongs and mario games at this stage, with no 3rd party support not filling it up with loads of crap..

          • So Nintendo had one mediocre conference. So what? They were definitely holding back content. They rarely show CGI footage unlike Microsoft and sometimes Sony.

            Nintendo is almost entirely a first party publisher, but also publishes some second and third party exclusives (HAL and Game Freak, for example). Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil’s Third, Splatoon, Zelda U, etc.

          • While I agree that AA batteries are much worse, PS4’s battery life is pretty crap. I wish there was an option to turn the light off completely instead of just dimming it. It’s not like the person playing sees it anyways.

          • They may come across many as gimmicky. They’re used for things like seeing which player is which, and even minor things like police lights in GTA. There could be more factors in the battery life than the Move light at the top.

          • Only thing it’s useful for is seeing which controller is which, but they could have done that with a small light like they did with PS3. Those little things like the police lights in GTA, or turning yellow when you have a super available in Destiny, are useless because you can’t see them. Most people just watch the screen instead of looking at the controller, especially because you can easily see that you are wanted in GTA with a quick glance at your minimap. It’s gimmicky. I think they implemented the light to promote PS Eye, but if you don’t own a PS Eye, all it is is a battery drain.

          • I’m sure there were other reasons, but yeah, it’d gimmicky, like Motion Controls.and Kinect.

          • That’s the only thing that annoys me with the controller it doesn’t take batteries. Of corse charging through the console it self is good but would be nice for the option when you forget to charge .. Other than that i was pretty impressed With it, I couldn’t get on with PS3 controller but I love ps4 controller the fact that it has motion control and speaker built in is amazing, especially how it’s been implemented into some games (tlou and infamous)

          • Yeah, I’m very impressed with my PS4… Even though the console itself is still in its initial phase where things are still a tad slow… I’m still glad I got it. All I’ve been playing is Bloodborne.

            But I understand the battery complaints… it’s inexcusable.

          • Doesn’t mean it’s not way dated, I’m impressed that PS4 isn’t living in the Dark Ages when it comes to batteries they use. PS3 was more impressive, though.

          • You can choose to stay wired on PS4 and not even have to worry about battery life.

          • One could argue the same with AA batteries. From my experience, it feels the same as having a wired controller. It’s no big deal, because the PS4 controller isn’t made cheap and doesn’t require replacements or $20 cords.

          • U are officially the most hardheaded PS fan boy I’ve ever know. What the fuck???? U really think AA batteries is bad, sure for phone and shit but for a gaming controller AA batteries are the best, did i forget to mention that the PS4 charger cable is like not even 4 feet?? I don’t want to sit that close to the damn tv and the PS4 controller batteries life is shit. And did u really compare Xbox Live to the PSN, It doesn’t matter how much of a fanboy u are but saying Xbox live isn’t better than PSN just show how much u are blinded by Sony and think the Ps4 is truly the best.

          • Holy fuck you are a retarded, hypocritical Xbox fanboy. It doesn’t even make sense to be a fanboy of it lmao, but here you are, excusing AA batteries, which are batteries used for decades and are incredibly dated. Even if XBL were better (you can’t objectively say that either network is better, idiot), why is that even close to being relevant?

            It’s okay. It’s hard trying to rationalize with a 12 year old like you.

      • It’s not immune, it just goes down MUCH less than PSN. Heck, PSN is so bad, people had to start a petition for it to get fixed. You are acting like just because you own one console you can’t say shit about it. Look at the petition, are they Xbox fanboys because they complain about something wrong with the PS4/PSN? Am I a PS fanboy because I say Xbox One looks ugly as $hit and has one of the worse UI’s in any console ever released? People complained about Xbox DRM policies when it was announced and they got removed. Mostly everyone with an Xbox One complained about the UI, and what do you know, we get a new one, “50% faster”. You don’t get things done and make something better by staying quiet. The more attention PSN issues gets, the higher a chance of it getting fixed.

        • Uh, no. Xbox Live is just as bad. And I’m well aware that shit doesn’t get fixed unless we complain about it, but I’m just saying that Xbox Live isn’t any better and should also have a campaign to get fixed. Otherwise, it is hypocrisy.

          • Xbox Live isn’t JUST as bad because we had to pay for online longer than PSN users, which Microsoft took the money and made Xbox Live more secure. The PS4 may be better than the Xbox one, but there is no way in hell PSN is better than Xbox Live. No way. PS4 has already been Jailbroken. And to me, the Xbox One is a lot better than it was when it first came out. Even the OS seems faster. I think your just blinded by your own love for PS4 to realise how stupid you sound. People did complain about how crap Xbox One was, and thats why MS started listening and fixing it. Like what Kenny said, the DRM policy was changed, the UI was improved. What did Sony fix about the PSN? Not let people post pornographic videos on the video share feature?

          • Are you fucking stupid? You can’t say with a straight face that XBL is FACTUALLY better. What a hypocrite. Ny your logic, you are blinded by using your XB1 for so long. And I’m sure you forgot that XBL was exploited BY A CHILD? OS is mere taste. I prefer PS4’s.

          • Xbox live is way better..PSN is shitty that the new PS4’s come with a diaper ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Prove it, objectively. You can’t. Neither network should be considered “better”. It’s fanboy shit, otherwise.

  1. This was smart of Activision. I’m glad they didn’t do the month long exclusivity thing. 5 days is appropriate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lol told them haters. Thinking that PS4 will have over a week on the beta before xbox one users lmao. Whos right now lil bitch. Btw i have preorder for Ps4 and Xbox one so no hate comments saying shitbox lovers butthurt. Etc etc etc.

          • Lol ok kid, i ran to my mother to buy a PS4 ok. I work, im 20years old and i buy my own stuff. I guarantee i earn more than you if you work. Before you make stupid comments think to yourself wait a min, maybe he is a sales executive and earns 45k a year + uncapped commission and is only 20years old, but no your a dumb internet warrior. Go run to your mom to buy you a new Phone, as you are probably gonna rage and smash this one because i outed you as a cunt. Have a nice weekend.

  3. 5-day head start? Nice. This beta will allow Treyarch to collect data so they can have a successful launch week. I hope the beta lasts for two weeks, if it does it’ll land on my b-day. Definitely requesting that day off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Does anyone need a beta code? I have it digital for ps4 and they sent me one when I ordered the Jug for XB

      • Lol you must be could you forget or not know about the catastrophe that anonymous brought to Playststion a couple years ago?


          • Yearbook photo…
            …your age is obvious…
            …you’re an idiot.
            (See….proper uses of “your/you’re” — something a person your age should understand)

          • I was replying to this
            “And your dumber then a box of rocks because it was not anonymous and Xbox got took down 2 so pipe down”
            I should’ve also pointed out the difference in than/then.

            It’s that classic thing that happens, someone saying “your an idiot” or “your dumb” — it’s hard not to ride them for it.

            This is a conversation, so perhaps follow it before butting in.

  5. I swear if the Xbox/PC beta is shorter than the PS4 one I’m gonna be pissed. I payed good money early to be in the beta and I better damn well get my money’s worth. If it is shorter, it will justify ever bit of anger I had when the exclusivity switched to Sony rather than going away.

  6. So PS4 gets 5 days beta but also rolls over into PC and Xbox Ones Beta time after the exclusive five days? Can anyone confirm?

    • There is no confirmation of when PC and xb1 beta will be. It’s presumed it will be August 24th. Nobody knows how long the beta will be either. It could be 5 days and to be honest, that wouldn’t surprise me if that’s all it is. Of course we’re all hoping for longer but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • No one knows for sure but I think playstation gets two weeks and xbox and pc get one. Again not entirely sure yet.

    • Game only do betas for around a week to get people addicted to the game and then take it away so they buy the full game. If they do it for too long like 2-3 weeks then people lose interest in it and don’t buy the game.

      • Bingo. This is more of a demo to get people hooked than anything. The only thing they will be testing is server stress. I think the beta will be the 19th -23rd with xb1 the following Wednesday – Sunday.

  7. WOW Lmaooooo these guys are arguing about batteries………………………………….. im done.

  8. What if this means that PlayStation get a 5 day exclusive beta from these dates before everyone and then another beta will start for both consoles and PC sometime later. This makes it feel like the PS beta will end on the 23rd.

  9. Sorry my bad english cause i’m Brazilian but:
    5 days only??? I dont understand…
    The Beta will last 5 days only????

  10. So all the big fuzz was for just 5 days? Not worth it if you ask me. The actual DCL’s will have to be a month or so.

  11. My SCUF Controller (Imagine Customs) let me down…the Jump Button behind the controller start to not work sometimes…I have to Blew on the button everytime to “fix” it…IDK why!

  12. Boarder line buy game with Star Wars coming out around the same time as BO3. I will not be suckered into paying to beta a game EVER!

  13. It’ll take 5 days to download the beta lol it took forever to download battlefields hardline beta and nothing ever takes long to download for me lol

  14. what makes sense is that the ps4 gets it 5 days earlier, then the xbox/pc for 5 days, so total 10 days for ps4, 5 days for the rest.