Sledgehammer Games has just announced that 3 brand new weapons will be arriving next Tuesday, July 21st on Xbox One. These new weapons will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC at a later date.


The Blunderbuss is a short range shotgun that packs a punch. Delivering a great amount of damage up close in a wide spread, it has the drawback of a slow reload speed between the single shots.

Update: Sledgehammer Games has updated their original blog post and now stated that in order to get the base Blunderbuss, you have to earn one of it’s variants via Regular or Advanced Supply Drops, similar to the STG44 and SVO. The variants of this weapon will be available in Regular and Advanced Supply Drops starting July 21st on Xbox One.

STG44 and SVO

The STG44, Known for its solid accuracy and manageable fire-rate, the STG44 works great for medium range combat situations.

The SVO is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle with great accuracy the trade-off being increased recoil.

In order to unlock the base weapon of the STG44 and the SVO, players must earn one of the weapons’ variants in either a Regular or Advanced Supply Drop. The variants will be added to the Supply Drop rotation beginning July 21st on Xbox One.

Sledgehammer Games has also said that this is just the first release of weapons for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. More weapons will be available in the future, with more information coming next month. Stay tuned.

Due to hardware limitations, these new weapons will not be available on Xbox 360 and PS3. For more info on this, please read Michael Condrey’s fireside chat here.




  1. damn surely the 360 is gonna get the new guns since we got shit on the royalty weapons.Or at least give us the legendary weapons

    • I just wish people would stop saying “Why can’t PS3 and XBOX 360 have these new weapons”? Please give your mouth shut. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I play PS3, I wish I could have only STG44. But sadly we aren’t getting any new weapons. People like you need to stop whining because it gets boring after awhile. Besides you complaining isn’t going to change Sledgehammer’s decision. THEY CANNOT ADD ANY MORE WEAPONS ON THE LAST-GEN! If you want the new weapons then stop whining and upgrade. If not, be grateful that Last-Gen are getting BO3.

      – COLSEY

  2. Stupid how you have to get lucky in a SD/ASD and get a variant before you can unlock the SVO and STG44.

    I mean seriously, this game is nearing the end of its life. Why not just give us the guns straight up Sledgehammer, make it a bit more fun?

      • Sledgehammer have been fine on the whole. I get you hate AW, but they haven’t been bad developers, and they’ve been supporting the game throughout its lifespan. The patches have all been solid.

        It’s less likely to be Sledgehammer being stupid, and more just a tactic to get people to pump more money into ASDs.

        • Well it’s a matter of opinion whether they are bad developers or not. Anyway, the Black Ops 3 Beta is on the horizon. Can’t wait to see if it’s going to be a great year or a bad one. Fingers crossed Treyarch will do us proud.

          • wait… a little confused, you first bash on sledgehammer then you praise them……..o_O

          • Can’t I do both? Sledgehammer, IW and Treyarch are all great at some things and shit at others.

            Personally, I think Sledgehammer have made a good game. But when you look at what them and ATVI have done to make money in the form of ASDs, it’s been disgusting.

          • I have faith with Treyarch that they will deliver. They have yet to disappoint me.

          • I dont think they will, its Treyarch but Im still not going to give an opinion until its appropriate to give one.

          • Prediction: If Black Ops 3 doesn’t do well and continues the downward spiral, the next IW title will be the last COD. Its up to Treyarch to revive the series. A lot of people are already saying they won’t buy the game because of the wall running and booster packs

        • They’re bad designers. They have talented programmers and artists, but ignorant multiplayer designers. Sledgehammer is the second worst CoD dev, after IW.

      • Because it adds a whole new thing to the game,having variants brings in money,makes the game addictive,brings more money in, causes complaints,makes more money,gets happy then greedy customers,more money…and it’s a spiral? I wouldn’t say they god but rather amazing on the franchise and making money bid of the game???

    • Well I think it’s because of this: this is truly the first time in Call of Duty we’ve been getting free weapons, and now I guess they pushed the business folks to the limit, and so they can only give one, and the others have to be via Supply Drops or ASDs, and many folks will buy a bunch of ASDs to get the weapon and they’ll make $$.

      so that’s my opinion on why.

      • Yeah, I guess it makes sense when you look at it like that. Plus I expect they’ll make even more money this way, rather than just bundling the weapon with a DLC.

    • i like it this way. At least it won’t be lobbies of 10 out of 12 people running the new guns like when the ohm and m1 irons dropped

    • Fake weapons have been some of the best recently. I like it when they use real weapons, don’t get me wrong, but remember the Ripper? That thing was so much fun.

      • The Ripper was good, but I much prefer real weapons. I feel more connected to them than these fake Star Wars laser weapons. Plus I love the history that comes with it.

  3. Does Call of Duty not care for PS3 and Xbox 360 anymore? We don’t have Single SAC3 and now 3 MORE FREE DLC guns!!!

  4. Where’s DLC 4? Will we get another gun? I won’t play COD again if it doesn’t come to Xbox 360!!!…. I need a Xbox One for BO3?

    • DLC4 will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3. But these weapons are separate from any DLC packs, and will not be available on last-gen consoles.

    • I’ll sell you a Xbox 1 for 350 with advanced warfare I bought it in December and never play it because I like the ps4 better

        • Well it comes with two assassin creeds downloaded to the system every map pack for aw a year online card I never redeemed and 2 paddles with 2 charge and play kits I think 350 is a good price I paid 600 plus tax 7 months ago and I have og all with it boxs wires etc…

          • you didn’t say that you just said comes with a.w, I take it back.. Still I’d keep it for the exclusives, it’s only year two, you will be pissed off if Microsoft comes out with a game you really wouldn’t mind trying, I’ve hung on to my wii u for the same reason, got it for mario kart, but don’t play no more., can’t bring my self to sell it tho because I know soon as I sell it, they will announce a New donkey kong game that I would really want to play.. Bound to happen..

          • Yea well the only way I’ll be pissed is if cod dlc goes back to Xbox. I only play madden, and duty. I want a wii u, and the new alien ware system for custom zombies. it’s suppose to come out in the fall

  5. Hi, Call of Duty Community! We are Sledgehammer Games, and we’d love to present Advanced Supply Drops, where you have to buy a ton of them, in order to get the new DLC Weapons, such as, the SVO, the STG-44, and the SAC-3 NON-AKIMBO. We think this is a great decision for Advanced Warfare as a whole. Paying money for stuff that people want is great. We love money.
    CoD Community: Time to waste my money on Advanced Supply Drops when I could just earn them in-game after hours and hours and hours of playing!
    Me: I was really looking forward to this, but I’m not now. You basically have to pay $100 totally based on chance to get a new weapon, when I could just get this for around $5. The blunderbuss looks cool, but to be honest with you, I was WAY more excited for the other two weapons… I used to think multiplayer was awesome in this game. I would still be playing it if it wasn’t for Advanced Supply Drops. They have such a terrible campaign behind them.

    • You don’t have to buy ASD to get these weapons. I personally hate the ASD and refuse to buy them. What I’m upset about is that as Grand Master Prestige I can’t earn them. The worst part about the ASD is the character gear that is exclusive to them.

      But in all honesty, its our own fault. If we, as a community, didn’t buy them when the first launched, they would have died out. Problem was that Activision and SHG gave all the youtubers a bunch to open and we got sucked in.

    • I’ve been GMP for a long time and I don’t really play as much because I don’t get anything new anymore

      • I am max rank no prestige and I like to own players which are further then me and rage quit. I woud be arround gmp when I had decided to prestige . Dont you like to own people and let them rage quit ? More over I have average status 2.50 kd about 70000 kills. It is not that impressive but that is due the sbmm matchmaking

        • Yeah I do like to own people and make them rage quit don’t get me wrong I can easily pub stomp but it gets boring after a while I’ve played this game a lot already

          • I also cant wait for bo 3. I play the last week a lot of bo 2 you can pub stomp so easy in each lobby. No sbmm is fine by me. Look at the difference of kd in bo 2 I have 3.75. I cant get the fact that the re are people struggling in bo 2. You almost never play against full enemy team with all great stats. Do great in aw is more a challenge

    • You know you can earn these through free regular supply drops, as well as free ASDs from leveling up right?

      • They should make all the base weapons available by default and put the variants in the supply drops. I’ll be damned if Im gonna bust my ass trying to get a gun but get knee pads instead.

  6. Isn’t the STG44 a WW2 type weapon? Not AW, it could work in Exo Zombies, maybe this last map collides with 3arcs Zombies that’d be cool

  7. First gun dlc in CoD that actually has real guns.
    SHG is so stupid, I want an STG44 without having to open supply shit

    • Moran, you get the base variant in ur create a class, and if you actually play the game the other variants will come via regular supply drops and ASD!

  8. I think it’s awesome of them to add other guns , it really cool SHG would do that for us but why do they have to be supply drops only? That’s so bs I can’t wait for bo3 as they won’t have any supply drops, why can’t they just atleast give us the base variant. I’m never spending a dime on advanced supply drops and never will and I think it’s bs that it’s the only way to get them…..

    • I agree with you but you can get these guns through regular s drops too so if you still play the game you will get eventually some of them.

  9. I’m still upset that I can’t get AW for PS2, I’m boycotting call of duty till they make a PS2 version

  10. On the one hand i love how they add new guns, but i hate this whole supply drop variant rubbish! Give us one base weapon and allow us to change stats etc…with attachments. Looking forward to blops3 gunsmith looks good!

  11. “Hardware limitations” my butt, older CoD games had more weapons than this, and they had no problem handling them on 360/PS3.

    • Not only that… But look at other games with 100’s of variants and massive maps… Borderlands games! These have no issue running on old gen at all

      • Borderlands is not 60 fps on old gen nor is its graphics anything impressive also notice how this “massive maps” actually have loading screens between them ..and borderlands guns are all just randomly generated guns AW has 300+ variants as well

        BTW i hate AW but i hate cod haters who dont hate it for a legitimate.

        • Cod hater? I mostly enjoy cod, in fact I love playing AW and a few of the older titles… But to not alert the buyers they will be missing game content upon purchase of the game is very shady business! Am I not allowed to be displeased seeing as I paid the same $59.99 without being informed about this!

          I won’t likely be buying future COD games anyways, BO3 doesn’t look appealing to me, and who knows when I’ll have extra cash to splurge on a new console

          • Do you have a 10 year old phone? A 10 year old computer? I don’t think so, Xbox 360 and PS3 has had it’s time, you should probably upgrade and if you don’t well stick to a console that has less ram than most phones 🙂

          • lack of content? COD has some of the most content in an FPS. Campaign, co op, multiplayer etc take titanfall for example. That game was $60 and featured 15 maps with very few guns and thats it. COD has 15+ maps, way more weapons and full fledged campaigns and co op to boot all for the same price.

          • Only it multiplayer it barely does .. Their campaigns are terrible and have no co op.On mutliplayer the maps (which are half of cods btw) are pretty much large open lands, not enough detail in every corner like cod does. Add the fact that most of the games wepaons are variants of each other which largely share same animations and that cosmetic player customization is limited you really get what im rtying to say.

    • While the XBOX 360 has served me (and many other people around here) well, it only has 512MB of memory. Most of that memory was already reserved just for the base game and DLC packs.

      The M1 irons freezing issues should have been enough of a sign that there’s no more memory available…

    • Actually that is false information. There may have been more guns in other ones than base gums in this one if you compare. But if you look at all the variants than this game has a massive amount more guns than the other ones. 30 weapons each with 10 or more variants. That is well over 300 guns In this game. You are probably mad because you either can’t afford a ps4, or you were lucky to get one but can’t afford ps plus. Or on the xbox side, you can’t afford xbox one or you can’t afford aw for it.

    • False. This year’s game has the most weapons out of all Call of Duty games because of the different variants. Each variant takes up its own memory space, although you may not like the fact that it does, resulting in very limited space available.

      That’s why we stop getting weapons after DLC2. No space. Why do you think DLC3 had no weapon?

  12. Ahh nice, som throw back time with some good ol weapons! Wonder how the attachments would fit on these hmm

  13. I’m worried bo3 will suck like ghosts and AW here is why:
    1) TTK very short just like ghosts and AW
    2)The OP snipers in bo2 are back with rapid fire!
    3) Special abilities mean that you could be doing good and get killed by the one shot pistol from someone who goes 2/20 all game! At least make the players with the specialist ability to be marked on the minimap so they can be avoided..
    4) Advanced movement like wall running and thrusting. Despite what they said, it still might ruin map flow/control like EXOS do in AW.
    5) Dedicated servers?
    6)OP pistols

        • 1) TTK is between Ghosts and BO2.
          2) The BO2 sniper rifles did not return and rapid fire just affects the bolt recycling by a presumed small amount for balancing issues
          3) I don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about here. The specialist usually just add a decoy, a second life, or a small benefit for a few seconds. Or you can use a special weapon that even though it has OP damage, it has a time limits and its own cons, including slower fire or less accuracy.
          4) New movement mechanics will not affect combat as much as AW.
          5) What is wrong with dedicated servers? Battlefield has them and nobody’s complained about them.
          6) Pistols that actually kill players in CoD are not considered OP compared to the popularity of automatic weapon use throughout the series multiplayer community.

          Your move

          • 1)TTK for the gameplay all over youtube from E3 is like ghosts exactly. I hope they change it but right now ttk isn’t bo2 which is what the majority of the community likes. Evidence: BO2 has more players online than ghosts and AW after 3 years!
            2)Again man watch pamaj on youtube quickscoping gameplays its exactly the bad sniping in bo2 if not worse.
            3) dude the specialists are taken from destiny of you dont know and in destiny a player with a special ability appears on the compass of other players so they can be avoided. Specialists in bo3 aren’t just tactical some are lethal, haven’t you watched?! One shot pistol, Arm mounted machine gun, Electric arc weapon…. All these will be obtained by any player in the match and will be used against a player who might be on a high streak .. got it?
            4) Ok Vahn said and I doubt that the movements won’t affect ok fine although again its obvious that people are sick of the futuristic crap and want boots on the ground only not running on walls!
            5) Will Bo3 have dedicated servers?! did they announce?
            6) Pistols in BO1 were perfectly balanced. Its a secondary it shouldn’t outgun smgs or have a similar fire rate to them! which if you watched gameplay you would have seen. Pistols are a last resort, IMO the secondary should cost 0.5 point in the pick 10 system so that its not the same worth as the primary.

    • i believe it was recently confirmed that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is going to have dedicated servers…I think Activision either does not have their priorities straight or that their multiplayer focused games will have dedicated servers. just an assumption though

    • Again another kid who hated AW because they stink at the game and can not use the exo so since they stink at using the exo the game stinks

    • 1) Vahn said not to worry
      2) Snipers are not too OP
      3) Specialist abilities are actually a lot of fun and are balanced
      4)this game is not similar to AW at all in movements…
      5) no info
      6) not really

      play the beta then decide.

      • playing the beta means buying the game! I don’t want another COD that I will sell for 30% of what I paid like AW and ghosts

        • Order it on Amazon, to get the BETA code. After the BETA cancel your preorder on Amazon. It’s that simple.

          • ok! that I didn’t know honestly. Apologies for that. I didn’t know I could get the beta code without paying anything. thanks. sorry.

  14. everyone in the comments is just hating on SHG, so im gonna complement them.

    Good job SHG, the amount of free content you’ve given us this year is nuts and much more than we’ve ever gotten in a cod game. Its glad to know you guys still support the game in summer unlike Ghosts which stopped giving away guns in dlc so they can be used for their next game.

    Im excited for sledgehammers next game, I believe they will give us a WW2 game. The only reason they made AW is because everybody wanted change in cod after the backlash of MW3. If they listen to the fans again, they will most likely give us a ww2 game.

    • The free stuff they’ve given us really hasn’t been that much. After this they would have given us like 4 guns(not including variants). MW3 gave us like 4 free maps which I would rather have than 4 guns. And you hate on Ghosts for not giving more DLC weapons yet the previous COD games(except BO2 w/ Peacekeeper) haven’t given any DLC weapons.

      • what about all that character gear loot etc and the only reason i mention ghosts is because it promised bonus weapons in the season pass description

      • They have already said that more guns are on the way. I got burnt out on AW when the added the extra 15 prestiges and I got to GMP in 3 weeks, but I like that they are at least still active and trying to keep us interested. For me, only reason Im still playing is because I bought a PS4 a couple months ago, so it gave me an account to try and master prestige on

  15. Infinity ward follows Chris Pratt…Coincidence? I think Not.

    Call of duty: Guardians of the Jurassic Parks and Rec CONFIRMED.

  16. Why even release AW for PS3 if everybody knows how this COD experience was going to be. SHG would’ve lost a lot of money. Lots of us have to pay bills and don’t have the money to go out and get a fucking PS4 some of us don’t have our mommy and daddy to buy a PS4 and XBOX one. Go fuck yourself SHG and your phony “hardware restrictions” your able to put Legendary gear into ps3 but cant put fucking guns into the game after the m1 irons try doing your fucking job better. these programmers go to school over 10 to 14 years just to make these really bad games man I bet treyarch will do a better fucking job than SHG’s

    • So think about this you knew for a while ps4 AnD Xbox 1 were coming out so you had time to save and how in the hell is it SH games fault the PS3 can not handle how big the game is? Maybe if you plained ahead you would not be crying oh and looks like you will be crying about BO3 also because they are going to be doing the same stuff

    • Why you bitching? Last gen AW isn’t even made by SH and you knew what you were getting buying it on last gen

    • That’s how stupid this kid is he thinks SH made AW for PS3 and that treyarch will be making BO3 for ps3 and that they won’t have no hardware problems hahahahah

    • Let’s clarify a lot of things from what you’ve said:

      -Sledgehammer Games did not develop Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Xbox 360 and PS3. It was developed by High Moon Studios, and to be honest with you, High Moon is now focusing on Destiny (alongside finishing up support for AW last-gen).

      -Character Gear Sets do NOT take up as much memory space as weapons do. And, with weapons having variants in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, each individual weapon takes up a space on the game’s memory. Last-gen consoles have a hard memory limit that once it’s been hit, it cannot go any further. This can be seen in other cases: Dragon Age Inquisition is no longer releasing DLC for last-gen cause no space is left.

      -Treyarch is NOT developing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Those versions are being handed off to Bennox and Mercenary Technology. And let’s go ahead and warn you now: it’s not gonna be the same game, and as of today, there’s no expectation that you guys on last-gen BO3 will even receive post-launch support. So, set your expectations accordingly until told otherwise.

      -Also, last-gen consoles are probably the reason why we don’t get DLC weapons after the 2nd DLC for game. Both Ghosts and now AW haven’t given any more weapons following the second DLC. Black Ops II only gave one DLC weapons.

  17. Old school Cod weapons perhaps? Would love to see the ACR, Mtar, and possibly a respectable version of the UMP from mw2

  18. I don’t know how much space all the new clothing SHG is adding to SDs (and more importantly behind the ASD semi-paywall) conpaired to the space required to add the new guns and variants, but I’d much rather have the new guns to have fun with than more freaking clothes that you can’t even see except the virtual lobby. On another note, now with the +5% XP Bonus for wearing a full gear set, the new clothes like the Luchador or Clown are somewhat useless because SHG has only releases the helmet and exo, with the rest “coming soon”

  19. This will get me playing Advanced Warfare for about two weeks until I put it down again. Really looking forward to using the STG44. Would have loved to see the MP40 again in multiplayer

  20. Do Any of you are having problems connecting to AW? I was trying to Connect and i have the error 8224

  21. This is the single most greedy thing Sledgehammer has done with A.W. Seriously, you either have to get lucky and get one in a regular supply drop OR you have to spend money on or grind to get advanced supply drops to get a variant. This doesn’t even make sense! You have to get a variant BEFORE you get the base variant?!?!?! And they’re doing it 8 months into the games lifecycle. Seriously… WTF Sledgehammer!?
    (Sorry about the rant… just upset about this because the STG44 is one of my favorite weapons that has been in a C.O.D. game) (Also, don’t want to start a long comment chain of fighting.) 🙂

  22. Blunderbuss is gonna make everyone want a Pirate exo which I would so fucking want! Please Sledgehammer! Pretty please with a HBRA3 Insanity on top!

  23. They make to make it where if you buy any ASD you automatically get a gun like the obsidian steed. Spending money on this is bad already but getting crappy Nigerian sets when you spend money is worse.

    • I have been preaching that since the start. Totally agree. Im not spending money on something that I don’t know what im getting. I like spending money but I don’t like just giving it away

  24. Old weapons in a futuristic game…
    SHG you are definitely the worst CoD developer…
    At least they are free (well kinda)

  25. i was really wanting 2 wait a lil bit longer before i upgrade i was wanting 2 see if microsoft was going 2 make a bo3 edition of the xbox one like they did for cod aw but i dont think imma wait now because i have absolutely loved AW and i just have 2 get my hands on the new weapons.I still believe we will get ledendary weapons because we have lengendary gear on the still holding out hope for a legendary variant in 360 GMP and some of the new gear looks insane theres only one or 2 gun varaients im missing now.and i have never bought a advance supply drop.SCREW U ACTIHORES

    • Microsoft with not make a BO3 XB, because Activision and Microsoftdon’t have a deal anymore, but they may have a BO3 PS4 soon

  26. Bull crap get rid of useless camouflage and exo suits and give us the freaking. GUNS we are not idiots you guys can figure this out it’s a little early to be given up on the ps3 I need a sponsor to afford the ps4.

  27. I hate tht I have been playing so much since tge release of the new weapons an I still haven’t got the stg44 of the evo I have prestiged 2 times since it released an got the advanced supply drops an still nothing just a bunch of old stuff, I see a lot of other players with them it was a horrible idea to not at least allow the base weapon to be unlocked for them, id rather buy the base weapons for regular cash rather then waste on supply drops that cost to much an you will get duplicates, if you didn’t get duplicates I would buy them an take a chance but the way it is I would never buy one an I hope they abandon the way you gain the new weapons, now variants is ok but not the actual base weapons

  28. Slegehammer is retarded with how they make so many people exited for 3 new weapons but only releases it on Xbox 1

  29. Ok… we pay the same price for AW on Xbox 360 as they do on Xbox one… The head developer PROMISED system equality! then next thing I know everyone’s super exited about all these new weapons that are coming out in this order… Xbox one, PS4, PC, Xbox 36… OH WAIT!!! XBOX 360 AND PS3 PLAYERS CAN GO TO HELL!!!