In Activision’s Quarterly Earnings call, Activision CEO stated that since the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 reveal in April, player engagement in Black Ops 2 has grown incredibly.

In fact, there are over 11 million users playing monthly, an incredible number of players for a title that is only available on last-gen platforms. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was Treyarch’s last release, released back in 2012. Activision previously confirmed that the Call of Duty: Black Ops series is the most played series in Call of Duty franchise. 

With this momentum, Activision also stated that Black Ops III preorders are ‘significantly’ higher compared to Advanced Warfare last year at this time. 



      • its not that, if older cods are remastered, then hardly anyone will buy the new ones since the other cods are fun enough

        • thats what has been speculated though after the failure of ghosts, IW might come out with a remastered MW1-3 collection next year, with possible WaW and BO remasters coming from 3arc aswell at some other point.

          • Yeah, it will be very interesting what Infinity Ward does for 2016. If they do terrible in sales and overall fanbase, i would not be surprised at all if Activision just completely takes them out of the 3 year rotation and throw in another company.

    • They probably won’t allow it anytime soon because it might take away from Bo3 sales. It’ll probably be backwards compatible in mid 2016.

      • For sure. The whole Call of Duty fanbase will be outraged. They will have to add it to the backwards compatibility list soon.

      • I wasn’t taking cheap shots..? It’s fact. When Bo2 player engagement rises (last gen only + 3 years old game) you know something is wrong with the games made after it.

        • people like you do NOTHING but go to every AW article and bash the game. If you don’t like it thats fine, but theres no reason to waste everyones time making the same predictable troll comments.

          • K even though I haven’t commented more than 5 times in the last 3 months. It’s not bashing AW it’s just statistics. It also shows how bad Ghosts was. Stop defending AW like Condrey is your father lmao

          • The truth hurt or something ? The past two cods have been below par, and this kind of proves it.. Where here for bo3 news, and to talk about cod.. We don’t have to bum fuck a.w to be here ..

          • Sc0ott the usual troll. None of your comments mean anything to me since you’ve done nothing but bitch and complain in every article. You are one of the laziest trolls i’ve seen on here. I have no respect for people like you at all.

          • How am I troll lol ? I love cod why else would I be here ? I have a different opinion on a.w to you so I’m a troll? I think Treyarch are the best team so I’m a troll ? .. Your so but hurt man, stick to your generic comments they suit you better rather than being a little biatch..

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          • Il be right with you son, soon as black ops 3 is out, for now I have to leave you, again… Sorry 4give me..

          • I was hoping this day never came, sorry you had to find out like this.. At least we are close again thanks to c.i .. <3

          • You miss understood me, my other son said he wanted me to help him take down all the negativity, I ment I couldn’t help him till bo3 is out.. As I am part of the negativity :-/

          • How the hell is he trolling? Most of what he says is completely accurate. You can’t scream troll everytime you don’t agree with somebody.

          • Holy shit, Scott? Out of everyone is a troll? You’re starting to look like a kid because you just keep screaming troll to everyone.

            He has been around before me, he’s defintley not a troll.

          • You are so stupid …. If you can’t handle other people’s opinions gtfo .. I didn’t cry when someone said sonething negative about black ops 2 when I loved it, why ? Because I can handle other people’s opinion .. Grow up ..

        • your logic doesnt make any sense. This only shows how good bo2 is, not how bad the other games are. So by your logic does that mean all cods older than bo2 are shit as well?

          • Not as good as bo2, they improved every year up until black ops 2, then went down hill with ghosts, why play an older cod when you can play the fully upgraded one.. That’s why everyone plays bo2 ..

          • yeah so its just bo2 in particular thats great not bc the newer games pale in comparison

          • No, the newer games have not managed to get to bo2 level, they haven’t even managed to get to the old games level. Where as the old games are amazing but bo2 is the last amazing cod and because it was the last good cod it has the best stuff because they used to improve each year.. The last two cods are not even worthy of the cod name imo..

        • Gives information on Fanbase, pre-order sales, how many people have played and are currently playing a certain thing. It pretty much has everything. 😀

          • Although it is very reliable for sales charts. If you check with other sales charts it is the same. Everything else on vgcharts will be off be a little, but i agree that it isn’t 100% reliable.

    • I share your opinions and don’t believe it was a cheap shot. Some people can like AW, I don’t and feel there are a lot that feels the same way

    • I like Ghosts more than AW, but I agree the last 2 CoD games have been pretty much crap, especially when a game that’s 3 years old and is only on last gen is getting more average players monthly than the 2 newer ones.

          • Nah, there’s probably about 8-10k on PS4 since there’s still about 6-8k on XB1, but I get the point the numbers are low.

      • thats not ghosts and aw’s fault .. i applaud them for trying something different and they are good at what they aimed to do but it didnt appeal to the cod community .. But bo2 did and its pretty much the definitive cod

        • IW and SHG had their own visions; IW envisioned a post-apocalyptic Call of Duty, SHG envisioned a far future Call of Duty. I applaud them for their visions but it wasn’t the vision the community wanted or liked for that matter. If IW had better game design, Ghosts would be great. If SHG had better balancing, slowed the exos down and was less competitive-focused, AW would be great. Just improving on these things would make a big difference. Not to mention ATVI owning these companies and intervening with them.

          • Honestly CoD needs a more competitive drive it’s an FPS game and the more competitive and good the game is the more it will drive new players that play other FPS to buy and try CoD.

            People really enjoyed BO2 and I did too but I don’t want every new CoD to be an exact replica of the previous good title, it would just get stale and too boring. I wouldn’t want it to have same concept cause it would just be the same game but with new features

      • I completely agree. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare totally brought back the Call of Duty franchise after the huge sales fail and gameplay failure of GHOSTS, So AW was a very decent game. But Call of Duty this year will probably be the best. Especially in sales…

  1. Thats pretty impressive. This may be why they didn’t want to make this backwards capatible. Though they could still remaster the game for ps4 users like me.

    • How is that logical? And a remaster would have to be on both, Xbox 360 takes the majority of the users who are active on Black Ops 2 from the statistics I’ve seen while being on both Xbox 360 & PS3.

      • i’m saying the backwards capatibility issue makes no difference for ps4 users, so they will have to remaster it for us since Sony has no interest in adding that feature.

        • It’s not about PS4, it’s about the feature being there for Xbox One. Backwards Compatibility and Activision denying the titles to be accessible for us. They don’t need to do the work, just their consent in doing so.
          Then if PlayStation users want the same, surely Sony will have to look at the community for there say in it…

          And it’s not really an issue.

        • giving Xbone users BC is not giving us a remaster, we’re still playing a 3 year old game on newer hardware, that does not make PS4 users entitled to a remaster, its up to sony on BC

    • I am honestly just hoping that Infinity Ward makes a remastered. I mean i would be fine with anything else except a GHOSTS Prequel or Sequel. Because if they do i guaranty the sales are probably going to be wack for that.

  2. They’ll be stupid to not make this backwards compatable or even remaster it. The numbers dont lie. This is really the most popular call of duty game to date.

  3. There is a lot of idiots on the planet. BO2 is the most braindead CoD we’ve had so far. I blind monkey could go positive in that game.

    • They will have to soon. The whole Call of Duty fanbase is outraged at this currently. So if Activision would take time to listen to the community, it will come soon.

  4. Gotta love the online CoD community. You release info on how successful BO2 is doing and they use it to make the same lazy predictable attacks on the recent CoD titles that we’ve heard a million times before.

    Its embarrassing how toxic the trolls are on here. :/

    • If AW was so good more people would play it. And less people would play BO2. Simple. You take it all so personal…

      Who cares man its a game. Some like it and some don’t. You clearly like it – good for you.

      But I think the masses are down on COD and AW big time and in good reason.

      • we cant even tell how many people are on AW, cause sledgehammar chose to hide that. I like that feature, it comes handy for BO2 zombies nowadays as it gives me an idea on whether i can find people to play with

    • I don’t hate AW, but clearly the past two games haven’t been up to par with what COD is accustomed to. A three year old game on last gen only is doing better than the two most recent CODs. Clearly something is wrong. Good for you that you like AW. More power to you, but it obviously wasn’t a step in the right direction since it seems even less are playing it than the older CODs. Hell, I was on MW3 the other day and over 35 thousand were playing it. COD needs a spark or it will die.

      • its actually doing better than any game atm i believe. its just that people prefer 3arc titles over IW and SHG, but that doesnt mean theyre bad. ” COD needs a spark or it will die.” So far with pre orders it appears bo3 is doing the opposite of killing the cod franchise .. would u consider it a “spark” that was really “needed” ?

        • I think the Spark starts with the story. The campaign is what makes your game. Because then you have a setting and then multiplayer is adopted from that. So they need to have a good campaign so that the Multiplayer can reflect off that.

      • You know, I usually stay away from commenting how which CoD is the best and what needs to change, etc cause they’re so much out there and everyone has their own opinion.

        But one thing I’ll say: yesterday, during that Cnference call, Activision didn’t mention any stats on Advanced Warfare sales, but only talked about Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3. Of course, they did say Advanced Warfare’s digital content (advanced supply drops) contributed to a year over year increase in post launch revenue, but they didn’t talk about sales or engagement of the actual game.

        Seems like Activision is also betting on Black Ops 3 to pick things back up for them.

    • Just because somebody has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them a troll.

      When you like a game, you are somehow a COD fanboy.
      When you don’t like a game, you are somehow a troll.

      No, how about wether you like or dislike the game, we are all people with different opinions and a right to voice them, and every single person has a right to ignore the other’s opinion.

    • The COD community as you say; are perfectly entitled to their opinion especially against products they’ve paid for. Considering this is one of the most powerful brands in videogame history; Ghosts and AW were a disaster and can be justifiably ridiculed by the loyal fanbase that have supported the series over the years. It’s not trolling to have an opinion especially of this nature when even Activision were clearly not satisfied with the likes of Ghosts. The fact an old gen title is still vastly more popular than two current gen games combined speaks volumes. I own both Ghosts and AW along with every DLC map but found the games significantly poorer in quality and lacking in terms of experience and longevity. This doesn’t make me a troll by not liking it.

      The only embarrassing thing on here is how some people can be so defensive towards protecting COD’s name even against widely supported criticisms that they disrespect other people’s opinion because it doesn’t reflect theirs.

    • Just a warning Kyle, this comments section has gotten a bit agressive with @vvfz:disqus. Pick your side. Strangely, @disqus_C2tLIIb3kr:disqus is on the opposite side of me…

      • Yh I know. I have been reading through them. So basically the sides are if you like AW or not? If so then Im not the hugest fan of it tbh.

          • they didnt seem trolling to me, there just talking about the facts of how BO2 seems to be performing better than the last 2 CODs and that this isnt really a good thing, hes not necessarily bashing AW, just saying BO2 is doing well considering

        • Ignore the fact if you like a.w or not, love it or hate the guy had a valid point, don’t let Noahgoa get you on rymongoose side :-/ lol .. My side is the kewl one, il give u some sweg ?..

    • Its not Phil Spencer’s fault. Activision has to approve of them making it backwards compatible but activision denied it at the moment.

  5. I purchased it on PC 2 weeks ago, and I can’t believe how much fun I’m having with it. I didn’t get to play this game through it life cycle because my 360 broke, but i’m glad I get to play it now. Such a great game.

  6. Black Ops 3 will probably be the best game of the year. I mean you have to take a stand point from the sales and the overall viewership. Black Ops 3, for sure, will be the best Call of Duty in sales.

      • It is currently almost doing better than the Black Ops 2 Sales (about 100K away) in pre-order sales. So Black Ops 3 all year will be the best Call of Duty for sales.

        • Lol are you stupid? According to VG, BO3 has roughly 800,000 pre-orders in the USA, Iets add say, another 800,000 to account for the rest of the world and last-gen, so thats 1.6 Million preorders, GLOBAL.

          Black Ops II according to VG has sold roughly 29 Million copies in its lifespan. That’s a huuuuuuuuge leap. It’s really ignorant to assume that Black Ops 3 will outsell Black Ops 2. ESPECIALLY since CoD in general is on the decline.

    • I very much doubt BO3 will be the best selling COD game. Sales have been in decline for years and even BO2 sold a couple of million less than MW3. Many people have moved on and with so many other titles on the horizon that represent the current gen in a more credible light; I can’t see it being the best game of the year either. The way the franchise is going; it could even sell less than Advanced Warfare regardless of its quality.

      • you obviously have not seen the pre-order sals. You can see the pre-order sales for BO3. It is currently the best selling Call of Duty. Enjoy..

        • How can BO3 be the ‘best selling’ Call of Duty when it isn’t even out yet *facepalm. I also don’t see any record of 30m pre-orders – only that the game is higher than the very low pre-order count for AW. Pre-orders mean jack anyway – the beta is an incentive but many people could cancel so it’s hardly relevant in terms of sales. We’ll see how the game fares come the actual release…

          • I agree with you, and everything your saying can easily happen. Though you have to admit not a lot of people bought Ghosts and Advanced Warfare just so they can by Black Ops 3. The Black Ops series probably has the largest Call of Duty fanbase. Black Ops 3, as all Black Ops’s will deliver. They do what most other Call of Duty Devs don’t and they listen to the community. Like you said we shall see at launch.

  7. I can’t believe some people here defending ghosts and aw. The worst cods ever created thats a fact. I haven’t played cod in 2 years it’s just boring really It’s just not worth my time. If blops 3 doesn’t deliver cod is dead. If cod loses the likes of vahn,lamia and the core of trayarch cod is fvcked.

  8. This game is truly amazing. Treyarch did a very good job on BO2. Hopefully they deliver the same feeling to BO3. In Vahn, we trust.

  9. I think BO2 will still be played more than BO3 when that releases. The next gen Cod’s have been terrible and Treyarch’s latest game doesn’t look that great either. It’s just a clone of Titanfall with really simplistic gameplay to cater to the small and young population that plays the games on the current gen. The franchise is as good as dead and it’ll be interesting to see if Activision have to cover-up the sales figures and player counts to save another year of humiliation.

    BO3 will do worse than AW for sure even if it’s a better game because most of the fanbase have moved on with their lives in general or onto better games. It wont stand a chance against the likes of Fallout 4 and Battlefront either – true current gen games.

    • Yea, i agree. Looking at my friends list on ps3/ps4 the core group of guys i played cod with 90% have completely moved on to other games and now they hate cod with a passion they refuse to buy let alone play another cod game. The good old days are gone. There’s nothing worse than living in the past.

  10. Black Ops 3 is really last chance saloon for me. With the prospect of Infinity Ward and Ghosts 2 along with Sledgehammer and Advanced Warfare 2 in the next couple of years; this is a game I’ll commit to for years on and off, or simply depart the franchise for good albeit with some fantastic memories nevertheless. Ghosts and AW were a travesty for the series and very damaging for the brand. I have the utmost respect for 3arc for their work in the franchise over the years and their relationship with the community as a whole but if they don’t deliver with 3 years under their belt and such a huge budget; I can’t see Call of Duty being viable anymore especially with IW and SHG next up. It really is do or die but I think Treyarch’s previous work could rejuvenate some lost interest but it may not be enough to significantly turn around the franchises fortunes.

    • there’s no way infinity word does ghosts 2.

      just go back to modern warfare redux. use the modern warfare 2 engine, polish it up next gen, hire zamp as a “consultant” to do the multiplayer, and get back to real call of duty’s.

  11. Can everyone stop criticizing Cod Ghosts and Advanced Warfare because you’re upsetting Ryumoau who has to turn on full damage control every time someone voices an opinion.

    Many thanks!

  12. This comment section on this article is like watching Jeremy Kyle show / Jerry Springer show. It’s pointless and cringy. But funny at the same time, just because how defensive you guys are and how aggressive you are 😉

  13. crappy games such as ghost tends to do that. black ops 2 is hardly the “best” call of duty.

    it just seems genius compared to the last couple of call of dutys. to bad the headless chicken youtube ali a whiners can’t play a tactical call of duty without 10,000x aim assist to help them land any shots on target to get back to the glory days.