Treyarch has announced the Black Ops 2’s famous League Play is returning in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with a brand new name, Arena. Arena is more accessible for fans.

Vonderhaar has stated that in Arena, you’re ranked on wins and wins alone. Arena has 20 Ranks and the highest one is Master Division. If you lose two games in a row, you will be demoted in rank. Vahn said, “You are ranked on wins and wins alone. Every 5 ranks, you need to string together even more wins to go to the next level.”



  1. Can’t wait to hear the specific details of all the new features they have planned for Arena. I like the voting system that i’ve seen so far.

      • Bull shit black ops 3 was the best cod game iv played in years since black ops 2 aw ghost mw3 where all bad games iv had every call of duty there is been playing on line since u chould play on line played black ops3 beta and loved it can see myself playing this game more then 1 year aw biggest flop ever aw riped off black ops 3 Treyarch has been making this game for over 3 years…….. Activision aw, took them 12 months to make that game
        every ones saying black ops 3 is aw 2 but think about Activision aw ripped off Treyarch black ops 3

  2. but the leauge play wont be on the 360? that makes no sense. league play is not new tech for the 360 lmfao. forcing people to switch to the new gen consoles is unfair and really makes me think

    • No forcing involved, last gen simply can’t handle a much higher res game with a load of features as well. Besides, why bother playing ranked on last gen. The standards are awful. It cancels out the whole purpose of competetive gaming.

    • Agreed, it sucks that you’re being forced to. But thats buisness, if they gave old-gen consoles everything next-gen got, then there’d be no real reason to buy their new consoles…would there? I mean, yea, it looks nicer. But is anyone (sane) going to drop 400 dollars on a console because the graphics look a little better?

      • That’s your go to? The graphics…do you know a single thing about consoles/computers or are you just an invalid? Think of the xbox one as a computer. The difference between a later model computer and an earlier model computer are….the processor. This alone is a reason to upgrade. Faster processor allows frame rate to remain consistently high rather than dropping like they do on the older models. The drop is caused by the higher res of the games and the pace at which they are played. There are many things to look at beyond this, but if the only difference you see between the two is graphics, you’re far too unintelligent to make the purchase.

  3. what if i’m very good player but end up with shitty teammates 2 in a row and lost .
    what the hell!!!!
    and 20 ranks ! i miss BO2 when it is iron-bronze-silver-gold-platinum-master
    i don’t know i hate changes but i hope it end up being great .

  4. Only think that the voting system will lead to an even bigger pre-game waiting time…I hope the matchmaking makes up for this!

    In Black Ops 2 the waiting was unbearable at times!

    • I dont’ care if there is a longer pre-game waiting time. Most of the specialist abilities have NO business being in ranked play, like rejack or glitch. I’ll wait as long as it takes to get a good solid ranked match without all the gay abilities. I’d almost like to see a no jetpacks vote, but that would be impossible, so I can deal with that.

  5. And what about an hour or better restriction from Arena if you back out? The 10 minutes in AW didn’t to crap to deter players from leaving their teammates high and dry.
    And having a crappy connection isn’t an excuse to keep players from getting slapped with a 1 hour or better time out. If you have a crappy connection, then Arena isn’t for you to begin with.

    • And DDOSers? I agree that the punishment should be strict for those who quit, but nothing sucked more in BO2 than getting hit off line and having to wait to play again, as well as take a loss because of it. Not sure if DDOSing will be a thing for next gen consoles or not, but it is worth considering. I think a hard line on unsportsman like conduct in general is needed.

      • “DDOSers” Fuck off you fucking fuck!

        There are no “DDOSers” or amidst or whatever it is that terrabads like you always complain about.

        The reason you are getting WTFPwnd is that you suck and need to /slash wrists and become an hero — or L2P!

        Seriously! I am so sick of whiney ass little bitches like you always complaining and QQing over getting waffle-stomped.

        The reason that you get pwnd is because you suck. People that can’t be assed to L2P a game need to just get the fuck off the interwebs and quit all of their shitty QQ and go suck on their moms tit.

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  6. The system is still flawed. Experienced players that do well in games are still punished if the majority of their teams result in a loss. Individual play should matter more in the ranking system than wins and losses. It’s like ranking a pitcher according to their wins and losses, while the entire offense can’t score in a whorehouse.