Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is playable at gamescom 2015, and it appears the gamescom build has new weapons and scorestreaks that have not been revealed before.

New scorestreaks listed include the Guardian, Hellstorm, Rolling Thunder, H.A.T.R., Power Core, and the G.I Unit.

New weapons shown off include P-06 Sniper Rifle, M8A7 Assault Rifle, and the Weevil SMG. In addition, a new tactical grenade called Black Hat was revealed.

SOURCE: hamburgerhaenger YouTube



      • They were horrible, made all score streaks weak without them, then cost to many points to earn and wasn’t worth it.

        • You’re a noob cuz the highest streak is the Paladin with the 105 MM is only 1250 I get it every game

          • I didn’t say I couldn’t get them, how can I be a noob I’m playing a game full of sbmm ..

          • You’re a noob bc you’re crying about it instead of owning up to the challenge

          • I’m not crying, because I have a different opinion to you doesn’t mean I’m crying, life lesson for you, people have different opinions and it’s ok 🙂

          • Yea just like ppl have bad K/D’s like you if the game is bad to you its bc you’re not good at it ppl enjoy a game they’re good at

          • What are you actually talking about? I have a plus kd, decent sentry gun shouldn’t be more than 700 points but to get a good one you had to spend a lot more, another but hurt a.w player Who can’t take someone criticising the game, get over it man.

          • Lol trust me I’m not butthurt you’re the one complaining about how much a streak is worth if you’re good at COD you’re good at any COD you can like it or not like it it doesn’t effect how good I am at it

          • You haven’t got a clue.. I was just saying if a normal sentry gun In normal cod cost 700, it seems a stupid idea to have a super weak gun for the same score, and to get it anywhere decent you have to spend more.. Has nothing todo with skill.. It’s just how I see it..

          • Um that kill streak was horrible it took 1250 points. But was the kill streak worth it? No at max you could get 6 kills.

          • It sucks when you compare the paladin with other kill streaks such as the ac130 swarm attack dogs etc

          • It’s still a great streak overall it takes 3 flares to blow it up if you even have a chance to it’s as devastating as the others AW altogether is a different COD than the rest

    • It was a good idea, but the fact you had no idea what modules the enemy scorestreaks had just made them annoying to me.

    • This should be fun. I wonder if your friends put C4s to the HC-XD and then you tell them to detonate it when you’re tight up an enemy’s ass 🙂

    • Black hat is one of the items i used most in blops 2, excited its returning!!! now all we need is the beloved tactical insurgent back and we’ll be all set

    • Hopefully Guardian is going to be better. That has to be one of the worst streaks of all time. It was loud and you could see the heatwave. To be honest, if I ran this streak I’d be hoping the enemies are complete lemmings. If not, it was basically a free 125 points for whoever destroyed it!

    • Yeah, they improved at lot of oldies from BO2. They also added some good new ones. Of course we have the classified one that is higher than the mothership!!!

  1. “New weapons shown off include P-06 Sniper Rifle, M8A7 Assault Rifle, and the Weevil SMG.”

    The Weevil is not new, it was in the E3 build. I think you mean the Razorback.

  2. No point in running the H.A.T.R. if it can get shot down. Quite sad about that since the Blackbird is my favourite killstreak.

      • To be honest, it was fairly OP. You couldn’t take it down, there was no perk to be invisible from it and the only streak that could stop it was the counter UAV. But if the person who called in VSAT had Hard Wired perk, then then counter UAV would be alao pointless.

          • True. I sometimes play ground war and you’re pretty much forced to use Hard Wired. Due to everyone spamming Counter UAVs

        • If someone called in the VSAT and the enemy team called a CUAV then that CUAV would have been taken down in seconds. Everyone would be trying to take in down so they can see the minimap. No Hard Wired needed.

          • Hard Wired is optional. If there is an enemy Counter UAV and you have a VSAT in the air and you have Hard Wired, Then the Counter UAV would be pointless because you can still see your mini map and the VSAT would still work. On the other hand, you can just bring down that Counter UAV as a good teammate and earn 125 points I think.

    • Hopefully it’ll be very hard to see in the sky. The lodestar almost never got shot down because of how small it was.

    • It’ll be OP if you can’t shoot it down it’s the most OP streak there was even ppl with stealth streaks were visible

    • 3arc finally realised how game breaking it is. You shouldn’t have to run a streak just to deal with another. If nothing else pushed you into this position then why does the VSAT deserve this priority.

  3. So is M8A7 the new M8A1? That 4 round burst weapon that was OP for everyone else but me! (Correct me if I’m wrong) Have a good day 🙂

  4. I love black hat! Hacking enemy claymores or Bouncing Bettys on S&D then killing them with it was so satisfying 🙂

    • You guys really need to learn how to observe beyond the super obvious. The Kuda is the MSMC of BO3 simply under a different name, just like the MSMC was the AK74u of BO2 under a different name. Now for the MP7, I’m sure they will be a SMG with a above average firerate, moderate damage, range and accuracy just like the MP7 of BO2 was. I havent seen enough to pinpoint its exact replacement but based on what i seen so far BO2 MP7 lovers will most likely love the weevil the same or even more.

      • also the Weevil is a future version of the P90

        P.S. I I noticed the MSMC Kuda thing. Thats the first thing I looked for. Man O War seems like (if Im getting the right gun) the M27. It might not be the Man O War though. Just remember one reminded me of it so bad.

        • Your kinda way off on the man o war/m27 comparison lol. The man of war is a low firerate, high damage/range/accuracy weapon as was the scar h from mw2 and the R5 was in ghosts. The BO2 M27 was a high accuracy, moderate firerate, damage and range kinda gun. As of now, I haven’t seen anything i would describe as its replacement performance wise outside of the AK12 from AW.

        • say what? mp5 (mw3) and the msmc have very similar stats and both are designed to bridge the gap between AR/SMG roles in the games they are in… Not trying to be mean but that comment sounds pretty foolish in the eyes of some1 who understands COD weapons down to a statistical level.

  5. I loved using the Blackhat in Black Ops 2. Especially with Tactician and Engineer. Nothing says, “Fuck you.” like blowing someone up with their own C4 or Bouncing Betty.

  6. No Hardline in Black Ops 3 and if you want to get the equivalent of it (Combat Focus) you have to play as a female (the Seraph). WTF, David Vonderhaar?!

  7. Why are they the same kill streaks as black ops 2? I’m kinda pissed of tbh that they brought the same streaks again at least change it up a bit. They are exactly the same except the streaks have different names. Common! Second flaw found IMO

  8. I’m okay with there being a lot of the same score streaks as bo2. The score streaks in bo2 were amazing. In Ghosts and AW the score streaks felt weak and not worth earning.

    • Yeah, the only things I used in AW were System Hack and Bombing Run. Even the Bombing Run was kind of weak.

  9. Im suprised no one has mentioned how annoying the guardian was. Also please let the final streak be the lodestar it was the most fun to use IMO

  10. Nice streaks but to be honest Treyarch was maybe a little bit lazy by just renaming earlier streaks. I hoped they would bring us NEW streaks but no. I’m not saying those streaks are bad but I think people get my point.

    • All BO3 score streaks are actually very decent. Course they will Buff and Nerf certain ones. Even add or remove some.

      • They aren’t going to remove any of those score streaks and they aren’t going to add any, what you see up there is whats going to be in the game…

        • Please do come with legitimate information then talk to me please. We are 3 Months away from the launch. Not 2 weeks, not 2 days , or 2 minutes, 3 months. A lot can and will happen within that time. So… if this is your first Call of Duty, use this as Future reference. If you’ve played Call of Duty before, This whole entire Blog thing isn’t for you at all.

  11. Wait what about the Shotguns and Light Machine Guns? And there were some classified slots, now thats what I want to know.