Movement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is based on momentum, chaining together moves to engage your enemies in a variety of ways. Learn how the Black Ops 3 movement system will keep you in the fight from Treyarch Studio’s David Vonderhaar and Dan Bunting.



  1. So will I be able to jump higher than aw? I know the jumps isn’t as fast they are kinda slow but I was wondering on the bar meter if I just tap A or X to thrust jump if I keep tapping it for short periods of time is it possible to get a higher altitude than advanced warfare. I hope not but I’m just wondering

    • No they seem to be about half the height of exo jumps and limited, Exo’s give you two boost jumps this gives you one and it seems to be a lot smaller to. But we will know for sure in a few days.

    • No, the thrusts aren’t as vertical as AW. BUT now there is the ability to fly through the air for about 5 seconds while still being able to shoot, and that’s garbage. So they traded verticality for horizontal gayness.

  2. As long as theres no map exploits or glitches like AW then i don’t mind the totally original movement system

    • I doubt there would be no “exploits or glitches”. The game is massive, there is multiplayer, zombies, and campaign.
      Although, when the beta comes out, if anybody finds any glitches/bugs, they will most likely make a video about it, then treyarc will fix it.
      But even then, there will always be glitches.

      • Yeah but since greedy Activision has been pushing the launch of Call of Duty theres no end to the glitches unless they make their development time from 3 years to 5. Even if they make mistakes either the developers or Activision won’t be able to make an excuse it just an opinion though :/

          • I tolerate GTA 5 galore of glitches but with CoD its different, cause its more on the models, graphics and don’t get me started with the “dedicated servers” problems that always reappear every year yet they don’t plan on fixing that just by letting it slide. Sure they might be busy with the campaign, zombies and multiplayer and they won’t be able to attend to trivial tasks until the community starts whining but those problems but the main problem was not being able to fix some minor and major problems in the past and is later continued at the current and future

    • Exo’s were designed to make the game faster and more chaotic. The movement in this game is intended to make the game fast-paced, but less chaotic, If that makes sense. The movement in this game doesn’t look as sloppy as in AW, so i have faith. It appears that the thrust jumps in this game are for reaching higher areas of the map, or maybe to avoid enemy fire. Exos, on the other hand, were just made so players could get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, while at the same time looking like a total jackass.

      • Yea i don’t want to use thrust jump to avoid enemy fire that was one of the many things that pissed me off about exo’s. It’s cheap imo. Also i know that thrust jumps are supposed to be used as you said but i feel that the 12 year old faze fags will indeed over use it. I still have hope but everyday i seem more intrested in what IW will do in 2016. Done with this futuristic BS.

          • I doubt it the first one sold horribly and releasing a call of duty game under the ghosts title will fail even worse. Activision wants money and Ghosts 2 will do the opposite. Whether the story is finished or not.

        • SarDoggy, I completely agree. So if the thrust kiddies do want to spam these gay movement tactics, then I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll camp and pick these fags off out of the air. And I don’t want to hear a god damn word about it. Camping is gay, but if players are going to spam this gay movement system, I’ll respond in kind.

          • Please stop using homosexual words to describe shit like dude there’s a million other words to use.

    • I agree. Jet pack movements are highly annoying. But they have made it worse in BO3. You may not be able to go as high vertically as in AW, but now you can hover through the air for about 5 seconds all the while being able to shoot while performing these gay movements. To me, that is crap. Wall running? crap. Auto mantling when I don’t want to, or not mantling when I want to? crap.
      My beloved CoD is no more. Now its just jet pack double thrust jump kiddies flying all over the place getting cheesy spray and pray kills. Garbage. AW was the first CoD I didn’t love, and in fact hated. I fear that these gay jet pack movements will be in every CoD from here on out. And if that’s the case, I’m done.
      They had to go and F up a perfectly fun game by making it every firefight a cluster f***.

  3. The chain movements look awesome when they do it but more sloppy when people actually try them in game. lol

    But the only thing that concerns me is the swimming stuff. They aren’t too bad in the maps shown so far, but i hope they aren’t implemented in a way that people can camp underwater on future maps.

      • Black Ops 2 matchmaking is so bad. Usually it goes like this: I find lobby and see there are many players with good score so I put my thumbs up and hope they come to my team. Then I find out they really come to my team and I am happy UNTIL one second before match when suddenly matchmaking system throws all pros to another team and puts all with 500 score to my team. Woohoo. ^_^

          • That’s what I could say for you in case of AW where you suck but I won’t.

            Instead I am going to say 100th time the same thing: I can’t do 1 vs 6 in a game where it takes over half clip to kill one enemy with the most powerful weapon in the game. On top of this usually opposing team is full party pubstomping noobs so they can get “good and skilled” gameplays.

            ^ Pure logic, not rocket science.

            And no, I don’t want those same complainers answering me because seems like simple things are hard to understand.

          • You can’t be bad at a.w thats why you like it… Just get better stop bitching man.. It’s getting a bit pathetic now.. If your so shit at cod why play .. Get a lego game or something..

          • But here is the deal: he is only bad at Black Ops 2 same as me. We are bad at Black Ops 2 because of the worst hit detection ever seen in Call of Duty history.

            That is why me and Guywithbrains have returned to titles such as MW3 and Ghosts where our hits actually register… 1,5 K/D versus 0,9 K/D in Black Ops 2 and W/L ratio 0,5. I actually win more matches in a row in MW3 and I get positive stats. That is one reason why MW3 is my favorite (and yes I hate death streaks too)

            I don’t know about Guywithbrains but I hate only Black Ops 2. I tested Black Ops 1 while ago and it was pretty good.

          • Fair enough, but the game is how old now ? Can’t we just let it go ? And move on to black ops 3 .. We all know each other’s opinion on bo2 and a.w .. Bo3 beta is a week away and we are all still bitching about SBMM and hit detection from bo2, before you say I need to grow up and learn “self control” we are all as bad as each other you two keep saying the same thing and I keep coming back to bite.. Let’s just drop it?

          • I just hope there would be a way to please everyone. For example mercenary playlists which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. I’m a lone wolf and I hate to go against 6 man party who communicate between each other. “LOOK LOVEKILLERX IS BEHIND THE CORNER!!” No way I’m going to fight alone with bad teammates…

          • I’m in the exact same situation but I play split screen.. Still tuff going against a full party. I’m not going to cry to everyone on here about it tho like GuyWithBrains does all the time.. Hopefully they will add mercenary play list to please everyone (even better if they let us split screeners join in, so we don’t have to go against a full organised party) But if they don’t I’m just going to enjoy the game anyway (as long as TTK isn’t a issue) And if I don’t enjoy the game I won’t buy it ..

          • What a fail think that you are good with 1,5 kd I have .2.75 and still consider this like averageaverage. But bo 2 aint that hard I tot 3.50 kd ans over 100.000 kills.try the scar with quick draw stock andere silencer

  4. Yup, after playing the beta, my initial impressions of BO3 are correct. Its garbage. They can take their changes to the way we move around and shove them up their assess