David Vonderhaar has just tweeted out this clip which reveals that Black Ops 3 will have the option to mute everybody in the lobby EXCEPT your party. This option was actually absent in Advanced Warfare and seems to be making a return. Always a great feature to have unless you like listening to babies cry or kids get yelled at…



      • Most YouTubers, perhaps. General players probably can’t afford two consoles (except a Wii U) like me.

        • Everyone who thinks is, or has a shot to be a pro player will go for the ps4 now, and in their trail the wannabe’s, and I think it’s a good thing, compare a ps3 bo2 lobby with one on the xbox360, a world of difference in the rage department, ps4 CoD players have no idea what shitstorm is coming their way…

          • That’s what worried me the most. I don’t like being on the same platform as the arrogantly stupid “professionals” (oh, the irony). Oh well. I doubt it’ll be significant in regards to the community. If it did, then, well, at least the lobbies will be more populated. Something positive will come from such a negative community.

  1. This is good for when I’m playing alone. Otherwise, party chat has fixed this on PS4 for the most part.

    Edit: Also, I hope this is easily accessible like in BO2. It’s more work in AW to hit the “Mute all except party” button than it is to singlehandily mute every player.

  2. This is a game changer! Seriously though, this is awesome news. It should be a no brainier and be in all future CODs. Treyarch knows what’s up.

  3. Well thanks but no thanks I like listening to people rage,if its that annoying I’ll just mute a specific person

  4. I’ve never played in a lobby where people are annoying enough to warrant muting everybody, so I didn’t really need this. Cool feature for those who do, though.

      • Wow, dude… Antisocial much? I mean, it’s just a game. A little chatter here and there wouldn’t hurt (unless it gets really annoying, like dudebros just talking smack to you and your team and whatnot).

        • Well, he’s not buying the game to chat with randoms, he’s buying it to play the game. Not really antisocial, sometimes you just want the sound of the game playing instead of the sounds of the COD community: mostly babies crying in the background, shitty mics with lots of static, and grown men smack talking.

          • I guess there’s a huge difference between console players and PC players, because here, there’s rarely any smack talk or shitty mics.

            Then again, it’s probably either because Asian players are too damn lazy to pick up the mic, or we just party chat in a separate Teamspeak room.

        • Yes, I’m very antisocial. It is a legitimate issue. But that’s not really the case, here. I don’t want anyone talking whilst I’m playing a game. I’m not playing in a party, so I don’t care. I play cod casually, the way it’s created to be played. Plus any little thing will make me angry whilst playing cod, considering all the bullshit.

  5. Forget this option, where is the option that prevents you from joining a game that’s already in progress?? Playing solo or small party and getting placed into matches that are a lost cause has been an annoyance since COD 4! Tell me, when will we see THAT option put into place?!

    • Id love that option, I hate joining match in progress and be in team that is raped. I want to play match from start so if I got raped I know I was part of that fail.

          • Yeah, some people don’t understand that even though joining mid-game sucks, it has to happen. Otherwise if 2 or 3 people from the other team leave, the rest of the teammates are screwed and have no chance of fighting back. The last few will probably end up leaving as well, resulting in a forfeit and free win. Without the matchmaking to join mid-game, this will happen very frequently, which is probably worse than just joining mid-game.

        • Not quite, if you leave a game half way through then you wont rejoin that game unless there are no other games available.

          You can still join games half way through.

          • Go to Tmartn’s channels and look back through his videos, he has a 5 min vid on how vonderhaar is going to deal with these so called “Ragequitters”

      • This would be an awesome idea but think on the opposite. You’re in a game and 4 people on other team leaves. Then what? You’ll have to do a man hunt on 2 people

        • Better than joining few matches in a row where your team is reaped. Id rather wait and join fresh lobby. As for me best solution is make is optional, so who want to join lobby in progress allow him, but if I dont want make option to check that I want join only fresh lobbies. Problem solved 😉 everyone will be happy

          • How would that work? You join a game that’s a lost cause, sure. You then continue the next round from the beginning. Stop being such a baby and leave in fear of losing one millionth of your god damned kd ratio and bring it the next round. Simple.

    • Very little time is spent in lobbies compared to in game. what this means is that its one lucky game every 50 games and the other 49 being 100 ping+ or joining half way through. I really get that its annoying to join a losing match, but once the match is over, the next one will be fresh.

    • Probably never it’s a double edged sword. If most of your team mates leave you’ll probably get almost no one connecting to balance out the team which will make it suck for the one guy left in the opposing team and make the game go very slowly.

      • I’ve dealt with that in League Play and Ranked Play all the time! What’s more, those players are penalized when they rage quit too much! At least in League Play, I know I’m not going to join a match in progress where I’m guaranteed a loss I don’t deserve. W/L stats take tons of hits because of this issue.

  6. Please allow forced game chat in S&D again. I know you tend to come across idiots that “banged your mum last night” but CoD needs to be more social again.

  7. I just want them to bring back one of the best features in CoD history… the ability to disable DLC when looking for playlists. It’s a pain for season pass owners when you have all DLC installed and you can’t find any lobbies at certain times. It then gets to that point where if you want to find a game you need to uninstall the DLC and for some people it’s not easy to just uninstall and reinstall 1-3GB DLC constantly. This is one thing MW3 got PERFECT but was never implemented into another CoD title afterwards, unfortunately. It would be great if BO3 brought this feature back!!

  8. I mean good thing, because on AW I had to mute everybody manually, and I hate it when everybody has mic while yours is charging.

  9. I kind like the ” babies crying” when you shoot somebody in the Face with Shotgun!
    “OH MY GOD…$#&[email protected] MOTHER F****R !!!”