Activision and Treyarch have released three new videos showing off the different specialists included with the Black Ops 3 beta.

Reaper and Spectre Overview Video:

Seraph and Nomad Overview Video:

Battery and Prophet Overview Video:

Outride and Ruin Overview Video:



  1. As soon as the vision pulse was activated, her kills from THAT vision pulse was already filling up her specialist meter; seems like it took 5-6 kills to build that up. You can stack hardcore it seems.

  2. Damn. All of the specialist looks quite awesome. I kinda spoiled on which one I’m gonna play in the beta. 🙂

    • Nope, only 8. Ruin, Outrider, Spectre, Battery, Nomad, Prophet, Reaper and Seraph. The 9th has yet to be revealed.

  3. I hope the game doesn’t have only one or two specialists after 3 months of the lifespan of the title. That would be terrible, just like the BAL and ASM1.

  4. Treyarch is by far the most noob friendly developer of CoD. We haven’t even seen the trip mines, shock charges, or any of that other lame crap in gameplay videos. These videos just show the optimal of what the game can be. It won’t play this way in pubs whatsoever. The game appears fast paced and fun to play. After the novelty of the movement wears off, it’s going to look like a beachside campground on the 4th of July. I can just see guys sitting up in a corner with their spikes ready to go waiting for somebody to run through a door………

  5. out of those two choices i’d probably rather play as Ruin. I suck at using crossbows, so i’d be better off with Ruin’s gravity Spikes.

  6. I was hoping the Bow and Arrow would be equippable by any class, and could be used as a primary. I would prefer that over a gun any day.

  7. I really like how the multiplayer menu will change depending on the special you have equipped maybe the menu music will change as well

  8. I thought melee was a two hit kill now? at 1:34 in the first video he dies in one. Unless its like halo where its only one hit from behind.

  9. Did anybody else see the C4 Alarm thing in the Seraph and Nomad video? I’m happy you can’t detonate C4 in mid air but an alarm to let you know when someone is nearby the C4 is no good. Just put the C4 on B flag and soon as the alarm is shown easy 3 man or 4 man right there. I feel like it’s going to be more annoying in ground war Dom.

  10. I really hope that engineer counters the nano swarm placed on the ground as well as any other equipment from the specialist.

  11. I don’t like the fact they have the beta on for only 3 days, like that’s nothing, its more of a demo than anything and they said the beta will be 15GB cause they wanted to pack a lot of things in so people have a lot to play with. What? For 3 days? like that’s not enough time to test a CoD game, most of the time it takes a couple of weeks before anyone discovers the OP stuff in CoD games anyway, 3 days will do jack.

  12. Curious to know if you have to use rejack when it’s available. I mean if an enemy is coming at you from a distance and kills you, there is no point in using it as he would esealy kill you again xD It is only helpfull when he runs past you, especially with the green smoke everyone will know after a while.
    And I’ve noticed they switched Sixth Sense perk from perk tier 3 to tier 1, which is good cause it would make it to easy to build a class for campers.