Get a look at the Paintshop in Black Ops 3 MP.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Ooh girl. I want Prestige Emblems in the Editor back.

    • Yankeephil

      You spelled Furst wrong

      • Will WilFredo Mendoza

        You spelled SHUT THE FU** UP wrong.

        • Juses

          Eye rlly dink er undur teh age uf 13

          • Kyle Soule

            Meh tu

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Seckund. FUCK

  • Yankeephil

    It’s pointless if you lose it when the game comes out

    • I think you don’t understand how this works.

      • Yankeephil

        I understand how this works, you can customize your gun fully in the beta, but it’s a waste of time to create a badass customized gun since you lose everything when the game comes out

        • Prostidude

          yeah your gonna lose it all. They clarified, NOTHING is carrying over from the beta at all.

        • RdJokr

          It’s a bug-fixing beta. At the very least they’ll let you test out the feature, and then give feedback on if anything is broken. Even minor stuff like this need fixing as well.

          • Siftblade

            Suggestions to see what people want could help too. I’ll probably make a design in like 2 minutes and see it on some guns.

        • The point of customizing your weapon is to make it look cool. Just because it doesn’t load to the offical game doesn’t make it pointless when all it does is make your gun look cool.

          By the same logic, playing the beta is pointless because your stats don’t go over.

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        I think you don’t understand being a cow.

        • Moo.

          • iTYPE2ANNOY

            That is a good start.

  • Dangelo95

    Can it just be November already

    • Prostidude

      No.. but it can technically be November for 2 weeks

      • iTYPE2ANNOY

        so, you mean yes.

    • Kyle Soule

      I am with you.

  • I can’t wait to take the in-game camos they let us earn and adapt them to whatever I can create! I love art so this for me is an awesome feature! πŸ™‚

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Editable Prestige Emblems or riot,

  • Alessandro

    Guys . I have a problem ,i preordered yesterday 17.8.15 bo3 on amazon germany, but i didnt receive any code!!!

  • Wait… Does this carry over to the actually game?

    • Prostidude

      lmao no

      • Prostidude

        jk who knows

        • Well I hope it does. It would suck to make a sick design and then have it deleted. :/

    • CrowReap .

      probably not

    • No.

  • DJ3K

    of course the famous COD YouTubers are already playing the beta too, rich get richer

    • Prostidude

      Lol, no they aren’t.

      • DJ3K

        you can tell on twitter

        • Siftblade

          Beta releases at the same time for everyone.

          • bRyan

            No it was stated that Youtube COD partners are getting the Beta at 10am PST.

          • Eddie Tupy

            so? it doesnt mean that they are getting richer…just being able to play a game hours before other players

        • Prostidude

          just stop… xD

  • DJ3K

    I hope they release a better iphone/android companion app for this game.

    • Drasadex

      That’d be great actually.

    • Kyle Soule

      That would be nice but what would also be really nice is if Charlie Intel released an app.

  • This is something i’ve been waiting to try since I heard about it aha i can’t wait!! Glad I got the last week of August off work for the Beta!

  • Jason_88

    I honestly think this is a waste of a feature for the game honestly. I want to kill people, not paint 3 sides of my gun… This is COD, not arts and craft!

    • AliAlhady98

      don’t use it. -.-

    • Ryumoau

      You act as if the paintshop feature is taking away from the gameplay. Why complain about new features added to the game?

      • Jason_88

        It is taking away from the game tho all the memory the discs is using for the paint shop they could of added more game modes or guns or something better than paint this ain’t windows 98 lol like give me an extra zombies map not paint shop

        • this.. unfortunately, it’s easier for them to create weapon paint shop than zombie/mp map..

          • Eddie Tupy

            id rather them make less total maps thatre deep than a lot of maps thatre boring

          • OK let’s try that again.. It’s easier for them to create weapon paint shop than actually creating more depth on maps..

          • Eddie Tupy

            lol i had stayed up for 30hrs when i typed that it took me like 5mins to think of how to be grammatically correct and had still failed

          • Eddie Tupy

            you know they have differnet people working on different things at the same time right? the people who worked on paint shop were probably not the same people working on map dev

          • mother god the apply it to amount of money they spend for hiring these artists.. is it really that hard to see a point there ?

          • Jason_88

            Well they had 3 years to make the game like so I didn’t think they were going to take the easy way out

        • Eddie Tupy

          taking away all the memory? the game is probably 30GB max out of 45. Im pretty sure the paint job feature is like a GB max, and thats probably just the background and gun models

          • Jason_88

            Seriously with your asinine comment I know what a beta is I’m talking about the actually game all the memory this paint shop of taking up could be used for an extra multiplayer map or zombies map that’s all I’m saying

          • Eddie Tupy

            they could still add more maps even with the paintshop so i dont see your point at all…

          • Jason_88

            But their most likely not going to it’s gonna be two zombies maps and I only got two because I got the hardened edition and regular amount of on disc mp maps and doc will be the same 4 and 1

          • Eddie Tupy

            if you dont want someone to reply to you i would suggest not insulting their intelligence by saying their comment is asinine.

            Besides paintshop probably didnt take that long to create and probably had people separate from the map creators to deal with it.

            Is their nothing to complain about so you try to grasp straws?

          • Jason_88

            I’m not complaining tho I was just stating my opinion and everyone start coming at me


      good for you Jason_88… However, nobody is forcing you to paint your gun. (even though you probably will eventually)

    • Group_935

      You should be grateful they are adding this in.

    • Drasadex

      So don’t paint anything lmao

    • alteredizzy1010

      its called personalization. this feature makes each gun different and u can express yourself. no one is the same

    • Jason_88

      ????? why use all mad I guess use are all arts and craft guys, and I’m not painting anything I rather be killing you guys in mp and getting high rounds on zombies and coming on here and hear yas all complain because use aren’t good at the game and can’t get your kill streaks and this is too op this needs a nerf this needs a buff and inbox messages like can I play zombies with you I cant get past round 10 I need good people to play with ???????

    • ItzSikh

      looks like someone doesn’t understand a purpose of a Beta and plus they probably will put all guns

      • Jason_88

        How don’t I understand a beta dude I’m talking about this paint feature being in the actually game it takes away o rather have an extra zombies map or multiplayer map then a paint shop

        • ItzSikh

          i think the paint job is a extra feature they wanted regardless of adding any new map or zombies map

  • Well, time to see some dick camos…

  • Ryumoau

    I’m glad you guys are posting these videos on here because i’m not seeing them pop up on the Call of Duty youtube channel. Unless they aren’t posting them there, which is strange.

    • Yeah, they’re posting it on their twitter πŸ™‚

      • Ryumoau

        oh i don’t use twitter, so thats probably why i’m not seeing this stuff. lol

    • DJSkrubBoy

      I believe they are exclusive to the Call of Duty Twitter.

  • Endo Flawless

    This shouldn’t be in the beta, no one at all should waste any time painting guns >.> play the beta, look for GAME PLAY issues to be solved and enjoy the time away from AW, do not paint your damn guns.

    • Name

      what if there are issues for painting guns?

      • DJ3K

        yeah, what if they left out some shades of red. Like have Scarlet red but Crimson red is nowhere to be found, that’s a big no-no.

        • Name

          well there is a color mixer, so that shouldn’t be an issue lol

          • DJ3K

            I was joking lol

    • w

      you’re gonna be capped at a certain level in the beta so they gotta give you something else to try/test

    • ItzSikh

      the only reason they gave us a Beta is to see if there any bugs in the overall MP so that also means camo’s and their new feature paintshop since it could have massive bugs or missing colours

    • OMG its AliA

      Paint shop is one the most important features in the game and people who spend time in the paint shop could possibly identify issues. Treyarch are promoting this so much and it has to “perfect” by the time they release the game in November

      • the big dirtty


  • DJ3K

    I won’t spend hours painting, but I will personalize the gun just so it’s unique. I like this feature.

  • Freeze

    This game is going to be better than aw, that is fact.

    • Let’s see.. Treyarch.. Sledgehammer.. Hmmm.. I believe you ;D

    • Liam Sillifant

      Not as good as Ghosts;)

  • Greasy Neckbeard

    I bet everyone will have cum stains all over their gun LOL

    • shadowguy14

      And then claim they’re not gay =/

    • Drasadex

      “why you got dicks all over your gun?”
      “no real reason, no homo though bro”

      • Kyle Soule

        Wow people with that on their gun must really suck at the game.

  • Silver Joystix

    I’m not going to lie. I like this πŸ™‚ I like it a lot πŸ™‚ It might be time for the Silver Lions to ride again!

  • Yankeephil

    Something I just noticed about the specialists is that if you sprint the ability meter fills up relatively quickly. If you watch mrdalekjd’s video about the two shot rifle it’s pretty noticable at the 2 minute mark. You see his meter filling up while sprinting then pretty much stop when he’s standing still

  • I bet that people are going to put penises on their guns. Just like they did in their emblems in BO2.

    • ItzSikh

      no doubt

    • immortal1337

      maybe but: nobody gives a fuck.
      Honestly im going to put vagina tits and ass. Not dicks.

    • ben wills

      And the only problem is that there’s somehow people that care… Let people do what they want. The world doesn’t operate as your illogical self wants it you prick.

  • ysi

    i know this is out of subject but does anyone know any small tournaments of cod in LA?

  • ItzSikh

    This isn’t the Destiny beta guys where everything will get transferred

    • Juses

      …Nothing was transferred in the Destiny beta.

      • ItzSikh

        Looks Like I have to delete what I said now

        • Juses

          W8, yew cen aculy delute cummenz un Disqus nao?

          • ItzSikh


      • FazalGaming

        Here we have a wild fagit in his natural habitiat; the Charlie Intel comment section.

  • WhiskeyDick

    Damn. I was under the impression you’d be able to custom paint your entire gun. This is just emblem editor for small portions of the weapon?

    • J4MES

      You can only customise a fraction of it and the rest of the gun will be standard camo’s. It’s a bit of a shame you can’t do the whole thing but that would mean people wouldn’t bother buying the microtransaction camo’s and that would cost Activison dearly.

      This is what most guns will look like with the Paint Shop camo


    COD 4 – Massive success
    WAW – Massive success
    MW2 – Monumental success
    BO – Monumental Success
    MW3 – Success
    BO2 – Hugely successful
    Ghosts – Massive embarrassment
    AW – Monumental embarrassment
    BO3 – Embarrassment

    No doubt Infinity Ward will kill this dying franchise once and for all next year. BO3 will probably be the worst selling to date since COD3 and if Treyarch can’t save it; nothing will. Fallout 4 will crush this in November anyway.

    • Woodinsky

      What even is this comment :’) AW was way better than Ghosts without question. Why have you come to a Call Of Duty site to moan about how you dislike the game? BO3 will most likely sell more than AW as people will be more likely to see Black Ops 3 and be like “hey i had Black ops 2 and that game was great” and buy it based on that. Fallout 4 will sell well but im not sure if it will outsell BO3. I have faith in Infinity Ward as they have created my 3 favorite COD’s to date so im sure they will pull trough. Oh and btw MW3 sold more than any other COD… Make sure you know what you are talking about next time

      • LovekillerX

        MW3 sold so much but people claim it was because of how good MW2 was. I don’t think that is the case. Of course some people bought MW3 just because MW2 was so great but I think mostly people bought MW3 because they like Call of Duty as a franchise.

        How do I know? Majority of the community is silent and people who just want to play Call of Duty games no matter what the setting is.

        • J4MES

          MW3 sold exceptionally well because it had one of the biggest promotional marketing budgets of any videogame at the time. I think they spent more on promoting that game than they did with BO2 the following year.

          • LovekillerX

            I think MW3 did pretty well although there is death streaks and other stuff. There is always some kind of bullsh*t in every Call of Duty and still these games do fine.

      • RvG Dare


    • Aidan

      You got it all wrong…

      COD 4 – Awesome
      WAW – Awesome
      MW2 – Amazing
      BO – Amazing
      MW3 – OK
      BO2 – Amazing
      Ghosts – Horrible
      AW – Mediocre
      BO3 – Looks pretty fucking cool, if you ask me.

      • Jenish Katuwal


      • Orlando

        Preach my brother amen

    • RvG Dare

      You are terribly mistaken, Black ops three has already blasted past the pre orders for AW and Ghosts

      • LovekillerX

        But it will probably end up being another disappointment for these “loud shouters”. Just imagine how much hate specialists cause alone.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      How is Black Ops 3 Embarrassment?

  • Eddie Tupy

    PC version better have dedicated server and ability to host ur own server

    • I’ve forgotten.. again!

      Who’s gonna tell him? πŸ˜›

    • RvG Dare

      PC most likely have dedicated servers πŸ™‚

  • OMG its AliA


    • Mario Rivera

      get really for alia logos…

    • GinsuVictim

      …he says every Saturday night.

  • ColonelBazz

    I hope you can also easely mirror what you made on the left side to the right side xD So you can have the same emblem on both sides, when you want to. And not having to create the whole emblem all over again xD

  • DJ3K

    Infinity Ward really not that stupid to make Ghosts 2 are they? I don’t care about the cliffhanger ending, just move on.

    • J4MES

      Ghosts is the game that completely tarnished the Call of Duty brand for many and left us with some awful memories. IW have made some sweeping staffing changes like getting rid of Mark Rubin and hiring some highly reputable replacements whilst expanding the studio. It would be an absolute tragedy if they persisted with Ghosts and it would be badly received if they announced Ghosts 2 even before we saw a screenshot. This is a great time for IW to start afresh and rebuild the studio and dwindling faith that the community has. Ghosts 2 would be the ultimate brand-killer and with SHG to follow the year after; it could be a harmful title to the franchise as a whole. Confidence in IW is at a huge low and Ghosts 2 would kill it before we’d even seen it.

    • Aidan

      The only way IW won’t go bankrupt is if they remake MW2 or release MW4.

      • RvG Dare

        not true

    • Guywithbrains

      Everyone knows they will make Ghosts 2 simply because the story had cliffhanger ending. Also if their next title has name “Ghosts 2” I don’t think it will suck because earlier version is bad. This time they might learn a lesson and also keep in mind they hired some Naughty Dog guys and MW2 multiplayer guy has come back. So don’t be so pessimistic just yet.

      One thing is sure: MW4 ain’t coming.

    • GinsuVictim

      I really hope they do make Ghosts 2 because Ghosts is awesome. I love it. If any game is terrible it’s Advanced Warfare.

    • RvG Dare

      They 100% will make a ghost 2 but it will be totally different

      • DJ3K

        better hope so

  • AstroCyborg

    dick camos incuming

  • Im interested in that material picker. I hope they have matte finishes because i despise glossy paint.

    • DJ3K

      I love matte finish, like on cars

  • Smoove

    So pumped up for this Beta. Reply if you’re playing on PS4.

  • Diego Diniz

    Guys, its just a SMALL part of the weapon. You can NOT paint the whole weapon…

    • iext23

      There’s enough space for it to look good, and that’s enough for me.


    Can you add custom pictures on your gun from your usb?, i plan on recreating CSGO camos if possible like the beautiful Asiimov

  • Kyle Soule

    Cant wait. Who is with me?

  • Cody Coonts

    It will be a nice feature, just wish they would of allowed more of the gun to be painted. No one is going to see that running around.

    • Trevor Husman

      Exactly how I feel. I was surprised no one else was upset that the camo covers so little of the gun

  • Jake Hammond

    will the paint jobs we create in the beta stay into the full game?

  • I see people with diferent callsigns, how do you unlock them on the BOIII beta?

    • DataPhantom

      they are randomly given. you can’t change them in the beta.

  • Askarov Roy

    When im trying to put a paintjob on my gun it says “none” and theres no “new paintjob” button. Im level 6. Why?

  • At which level is it unlocked ?

  • Nemanja KrstiΔ‡

    On what lvl u unlock paint shop?(pc beta(steam))

  • JLorr12

    i have xbox one and tried doing paint shop but it says it locked, how do i unlock it?

  • Battle1234243

    hello but its dec 5 and i still havent got to use the paint job its is locked for me how do i unlock it?