ASTRO Gaming today announced their new partnership with Activision and Treyarch to become the official headset for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. 

Today we bring you some of our most outstanding news of the year! The ASTRO Crew is excited to announce our partnership with Activision and Treyarch as the official Audio Gaming Headsets of Call of Duty Black Ops III! We have always had a presence in the CoD eSports community and have been the preferred gaming headset brand for numerous competitive Call of Duty teams, including Team EnVyUs and 2-time X-Games Gold Medalists OpTic Gaming. In addition, our A40 + MixAmp Pro was featured at the Call of Duty Championship earlier this year. Becoming the official headsets of Black Ops III made sense for us, and for our fans as the next natural step.




    • I actually feel like advanced warfares mp was more like a bo1 and 2 mp so I really enjoyed it. I feel like bo3 mp is more like ghost map design wise, and gameplay.

        • Yea I’m not going to knock it just have to get use to it I really didn’t even play that much of it yet only got my guy up to level 5 after a couple games last night about to hop on now and play some more of it

      • bo1 and bo2 multiplayer is NOTHING like AW especially bo1, like honestly what drugs are you on , bo1 really????? And bo3 maps are nothing like ghosts, they are three lane. AND aw is the worst cod, I honestly thought this comment was troll because it was so dumb omg.

        • If you play black ops 2, than play advanced warfare it’s the same exact game with exos honestly, looks exactly the same also, your right it’s not like black ops 1 at all, and ghost and black ops 3 look identical except for the movement system. Map and character design are identical homie, and I’m not on drugs at all!

    • I don’t want to say that yet since it’s the 1st day we have played it.While we may love it right now, there’s still the possibility of we hating it in the future.But I do agree that it’s a fun game, with great weapon balance and the colours and sounds are perfect. Also the TTK is sooo good, I hope they don’t change it.Only thing that get’s quite boring sometimes is specialists :/

      • Well the beta is supposed to give you a “feel” of the game without giving us everything 🙁 November here yet?

    • I actually enjoy it, I haven’t been a big fan of multiplayer since MW2, but this beta is fun as hell. I just wish the specialists didn’t require unlock tokens I want to try them all but that would be over half of the total unlock tokens we’ll get

      • Glad to see some positives comments about it.. I finally finished downloading soon as 9 hits I’m on it! Stuck watching the great British bake off at the minute :-/ the joys.. 13 minutes to go ?

        • Yesterday I hit the download button while I was at work with my PS4 in rest mode and it was ready to play by the time I got home. About 30-40 minutes

    • It feels very similar to BO2 which is a good thing. Connections overall could still be better but 3 maps and 50% at best of things you could unlock on game isn’t enough to be as negative as people are or as positive. I mean those who loved BO2 will most likely like the game. Those who found the pacing of Ghosts or even MW2 to be perfect probably won’t. This is a fast paced game. To camp effectively almost actually takes skill because people come at you from all directions. So far so good

    • Id like it better if i could actually play with friends. :/ The party matchmaking appears to be completely broken, even when i have just one other friend in my party.

    • I totally disagree the double jump in advanced made the game so much better plus the added zombies and a storyline that i thought was okay.

        • Im at level 18 and im already getting fed up of black ops 3’s shit, even ghosts lasted longer than that and advanced warfare lasted 21 prestiges longer

          I haven’t used the specialist abilities apart from an occasional gravity spike every few games.
          The new TTK is annoying af, and stops cod being the fun ‘run and gun’ game it has always been, excluding ghosts.
          The 3 maps are only average, nothing special about them like in black ops 2, and the other 10 or so will probably be worse if they picked their best 3 for the beta.
          Theres other things like the slow progression, and the reskinned and renamed weapons and scorestreaks from black ops 2, but i could learn to deal with that.

          Ill probably pick it up 3-4 months after launch for £20 for zombies and campaign, but defo not paying full price for it.

          • I doubt it. Most people are complaining that it’s still too fast. I can’t judge how I feel about it till I play it though.

          • Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. Idk if it’s due the hit detection or lag comp., but the ttk feels like BO2 sometimes.Other times it just feels really fast.I like it for the majority of time, but it’s annoying and weird how the TTk drastically changes.

          • Yeah, my buddy Long said the TTK and hit detection is inconsistent which is worrying. Good job it’s a Beta, hopefully they’ll sort it out before shipping it.

          • TTK being inconsistent would speak to lag or hit detection wouldn’t it? That among other factors like people who always say, “I shot first” or “I shot 10+ bullets” but not mentioning their shots were at the enemy’s feet or off target vs enemy shooting them chest up other variables like fire rate, damage, who was weakened, etc.

          • Well, get ready too. I’ve played for a while and it almost like advanced warfare. Suppress anything and watch the hit markers fly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but you’ll find yourself either dying from the bows from outrider, or being hell stormed 24/7. Also the ark7 is spammed. And I know you probably are thinking “it’s a beta, so you’re bound to see the same weapons” but I disagree. There are more than enough weapons to have a little variety in the beta. Besides that, it’s cool. The paintshop is sick. I just happen to be a creative person, so I love it. Hit detections good, TTK is pretty quick. Spawns are dodgy, but it’s a beta, do I expect that. Kill streaks are cool, couple guns are too powerful. Al in all, it’s a beta, so it’s mistakes are forgiving. I will say running and gunning is not so skilless. You need a gun with a high rate of fire to do it effectively. I feel like wuick draw is useless though.

          • It’s not slower, it is all over the place and seems inconsistent but I honestly think it could do with a bit longer ttk, either way it’s better than ghosts lol ..

          • Totally. It is all over the place. Sometimes players drop like you feel they should, other times you get that sound lol…DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU and then you die.

            Having a fun time playing this beta…however I HATE all the flinching and whatever the hell they did to the Stock attachment on AR’s. I would like to see that fixed.

          • Not only that, but you feel it the other way round as well when the guy shooting you gets hitmarkers but you sometimes can run round the corner (which I prefer) n some times you just get insta-killed .. If time to kill is improved before game release it will be a solid edition to the series if it doesn’t, it’s still better than a.w and ghosts so il be getting it anyway 😀

          • Idk wtf you are talking about… we only have 3 maps and se haven’t got acesso to the full weapons list

            Edit: And no, the first maps revealed are never the best

          • Basically game speed is fast and you can die quickly. Something tells me he isn’t doing to well especially compared to prev COD so he’s “fed up” as opposed to just maybe turning game off for a little and trying to play later.

          • Exactly. First maps on BO2 were Turbine, Aftermath, and Yemen. 2 were terrible and 1 was mediocre compared to the rest of the maps.

    • I think it might be the nail in the coffin for IW/SHG but not for 3ARC. As of right now COD is pretty much on life support but hopefully it gets back on its feet soon.

      • They should take Mark Rubin, Michael Condrey and Tina, then let them design the next cod game, im sure itd get cod back on its feet.

        • why would you want any of those developers they made the worst cods i swear you kids don’t know anything, they should all be fired, and rubin doesn’t even work at iw anymore

  1. I bought A50’s used on Black Friday for 50% off ($150). They didn’t work, so I called customer service and complained. I sent the headsets back, and a few weeks later they shipped me a brand new headset to replace the one I bought.

    Very happy with how that turned out, been enjoying the A50s so far. Easy to use/setup, great sound quality, long battery life, and most importantly (for me, at least) they’re comfortable. I can wear these things all day and barely notice them on my head (Unlike most Turtlebeaches I’ve owned, where my ears feel like they’ve been in a furnace after 30 minutes).

    Overall, I would recommend the A50s. Not sure if they’re worth the full $300 as they’re pretty pricey and there are other headsets that can compete for a lower price, but if you find them on discount I think they’re worth it.

    Welp, that was my pointless review/experience of A50s that nobody asked for but I gave anyways, lol.

    TLDR: Good headsets (quality sound, comfortable, long battery life), but a little expensive.

  2. One last quick question for you guys, please give me your internet download speeds? I am going to ring up and kick my internet providers ass, and I need an average

    Stifblade 20-30

    Juses 15-

    Please add to this list ASAP thankyou 🙂 <3

  3. Personally, i think the best headset is the Pulse Elites Editions. The earpieces have physical rumblers that translate bass into literal pulses. It adds a whole new dimension to games, music, and especially music.

    • I miss mine. I gave it away last summer. It was such an advantage back then in BO2. I couldn’t hear their footsteps but the headset rumbles and alerts me that enemies are closeby.

  4. Is anyone already tired of specialists ? I mean, I thought they would be fun and give a unique play style to each person, but they are soo annoying and only promote bullshit deaths.

    • From my experience, the explosive bow lady or whatever her name is, is the most popular specialist. Not only does she have a wall-hack ability, but she also has that bow with that broken hit box. I don’t know if the arrows are supposed to be magnetic, but based from a killcam, I was standing out of the arrow’s flight path, but somehow managed to get hit by the arrow (not the explosion).

    • It sucks to die from them but it is sooooo satisfying to kill someone by them!!! I think certain specialists are game breaking in certain game modes. Like rejack in search and destroy. 2nd chance has no business in COD but yet again the developers seem to think they can make an established shitty thing cool again(if it ever was cool in the first place). I never was particularly good at kill streaks anyway so I don’t think I’ll care that much. Overall I am having fun with the game. I hope when treyarch fine tunes it after the Beta they don’t strip out the fun for what they call balance. Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Finally a COD worth playing and a COD that has innovated but kept the core game play and flow smoother than ever. I’m thoroughly enjoying this Beta. 😀

      • The TTK is very close to BO2 and I definitely would not consider it too fast. There is no toughness perk and there is quite a bit of flinch and recoil so gun battles are pretty great right now. If your accurate you will rightfully down enemies quickly but not in a ‘instakill’ kind of way like in Ghosts and AW.

        There are attachments that can speed up TTK like High Caliber (which increases headshot damage) and Rapid Fire which I have not yet tried though.

        I haven’t heard any major out crys from the community saying the TTK is insanely fast and that means the TTK is in a good place so I wouldn’t worry if I was you. Treyarch got it just right again.

        • I actually think they should remove the flinch. Way often I lose or win a gun fight because of a “lucky” headshot because of the flinch.

    • The point of the beta is to test the game see if there is anything wrong with it and to find its flaws and give them feed back on what needs to be improved. Your say there’s nothing to do on the beta but the point of it is not so you can play the game early. It’s not ment to give you the whole game experience.

    • I gave it a good review yesterday and I sound like a right hypocrite now, but I sorta feel the same way :-/ and I’ve only played maybe 3-4 hours, but then again it is only the beta.

  6. Hey guys something I noticed from the beta is on the radar it doesn’t show when an enemy is upstairs or downstairs from me. This was a good feature letting us know if they were below us or above us on the radar. Let’s try to request this? It was a nice feature to have on the mini map indicating if they were on bottom or top floors

    • They do have that feature, the icon becomes bigger and brighter if they are on the same floor, dimmer and smaller if they are higher or lower.

  7. Ok here’s my own little review of bo3 seen as everyone else gave one ..

    First: it’s fun! That is the main thing! I hated a.w and ghosts.. But I enjoyed time with bo3

    Second: specialist is no where near OP infact I think some of them could do with a buff! Either way it mixes up the game something extra it’s all good

    Third: ttk, ttk is strange it doesn’t seem consistent, I would prefer a slightly longer time to kill, but I can live with the one we got, it’s not game breaking like ghosts.

    Last but not least: I don’t know what people were expecting, I’ve seen comments saying it’s not fluid, maps are not great so on n so on.. It feels like cod always has, it’s great! And as for maps of corse people are going to get bored of playing the same maps over n over again, it’s a beta we are here to test it not have a free demo with every type of map, remember it will feel a lot more varied come November ..

    • When I tried the beta out, I literally asked myself, “What the hell am I playing?” I’m not kidding. It feels nowhere near like a CoD game. It feels like I’m playing a completely different shooter. But hey, just an opinion.

      • Really ? I was worried we would all be sprinting Everywhere and hover jump would be annoying.. But it’s got a nice steady movement speed, and still has that clunky movement.. It’s not smooth like Titanfall and a.w .. It feels a lot like the older games compared to a.w and ghosts .. Just my opinion..

        • U have not played Beta long enough. You will see hover kills, just keep slightly tapping jump button creates a hover. U can 360 jump over someone’s head and blast them just like AW. Only no dodging on ground, but you can forward slide out of shot. The guns are borrrrring, Specialist borrrring. I want a customizable soldier to claim as my own. And, lets be honest that paintshop features is gay. I want to paint my entire gun. Its just going be: Dicks, vags, boobs and racists w/ rebel flags. I’ll stick with AW.

    • the “maps” are what makes or breaks a call of duty. how many years have to pass before the devs actually listen to the community and not twitter trolls, and make mw, mw2, waw, black ops 1 style maps, with semi realistic camo, gameplay and tactics.

      it’s what made call of duty popular in the first place. making the maps smaller, with 3 single file lanes is, hopefully i’m wrong, is a disaster waiting to happen.

      playing 14 exact copies of the same map, with the same playstyle, with the same results over and over is what causes people to stop playing 3 months later, like ghosts, like blops 2 when it first came out (people conveniently forget that it had 21,000 player counts after the second dlc), and like aw.

      they’re trying to so desperate to cram esports and youtube down everybody’s throats, that the base that made call of duty a billion dollar franchise is all but gone, yet they don’t want to admit they’re wrong and they keep lying to investors, because people keep falling for the same lies every year while sales go down, but hey, at least ali a and driftor are happy, 2 stooges who made a career of whining to get the game changed because they were getting their asses handed to them every blops 1, mw2, mw3 game they’ve ever played.

  8. If I was asked to give BO3 a score from 1 to 10 based on the beta, I’d say “score system not low enough.” I’m just glad that the beta gave me an opportunity to try this game out and make a decision whether to keep my pre-order or not. My least favorite BO so far.
    Anyways, here is a code for anyone who wants it. RBA8-DFNP-3G7K.

    • Obviously it’s a Beta not the full game so things can change a lot when the full game comes out don’t just say it’s bad right away

  9. I like BO2 and AW. AW is like Nuketown on crack, very fast pace. And, there is jumping in BO3 not as high as AW but high enough, guns feel sluggish, the Destiny specialist are boring, TTK is not consistent, weapons are blah, characters blend into background making it hard to see and lets not even talk about that FLINCH, What a bitch. I am a MP player, I will continue to play Beta. I don’t care about limited maps weapons, whatever. I will get this game after the discount bin. But other’s might thinks its the greatest COD ever. I am not one of those. but will not be rushing to purchase this game. I’ll pickup a used copy after some time.

  10. Guys, I am downloading the beta from PSN Malaysia, and you DO NOT need a code or pre-order!

    Just sign up an account with the Msia store!

    Try it all you asking for codes!

    I thought of posting a photo, but no point as I won’t be able to prove I did not enter a code before hand.

    Spreading the loveeeeee 🙂

  11. Flinch is way too high. Wall running is a cool option to have in some areas but a chore in others. rapid fire, sixth sense and tracker are just horrible ideas.

      • Giving noobs alot of reasons to play, the special abilities charge even if you’re AFK, like c’mon man. They’re handing the war machine noob tube.

        • Better than giving a noob tube in CAC. At least with this one, you only get the noob tube a few times per game, not every time you respawn. But yeah, hopefully it gets nerfed a little, it’s kinda OP.

  12. If you dont have a code, try this

    1. Make a new PSN account and set the location to Singapore
    2. Download the beta without code

    You’re welcome 🙂

  13. Second impressions (and maybe last):

    1. TTK. It feels like it changes a little bit. First it felt perfect but now that I play… sometimes it takes longer to kill an enemy and sometimes they die instantly.

    2. Connection. Lag all over the place now and then. First day I got zero lag but today I lag the hell out of it. Ping shows 70 and below but still lag…

    3. Weapon balance. There are two weapons that are being used all the time: Razorback and ARK-7. But this (as we knew already) isn’t anything new.

    4. Specialists. Well well… I take back my words. Few of the specialists feel overpowered: Seraph, Warmachine guy and Ruin for example.

    5. Scorestreaks. Too high score to achieve streaks. Sure I have got those streaks multiple times but it always takes forever to get single hellstorm. I hope they lower the score requirement for low to medium scorestreaks at least.

    6. Spawns. How many times I spawned in front of the enemy team? Just have a guess… also I spawned many times back to the place where I died just to die again and it wasn’t even spawn trapping.

    7. Camping. Hunted is good example. Every single time people go to those “cottages” and head glitch at the window with the most used weapon. So annoying…

    There are also many other things but here are my main complaints. I’m sure Treyarch will fix these ASAP but don’t tell me “it is just beta” because we all know how Destiny did despite the fact that people told “it was just a beta”.

    • You just described near enough every cod .. Nothing game breaking tho imo, I’m only using the ARK 7 because it was first unlocked (I know people said that about bal) but I’m getting levelled up Max then switching guns, I’ve had a little go with man o war, seems just as good..

      I’ve had one bad spawn (might be just very lucky)

      Camping is so hard to do in this game imo.. If your not moving your dead.. Killing campers is easy.

      Specialist just mix things up, I really don’t think they are OP

      Score streaks, I think are really good and don’t get spammed all the time but are still beastly, if they make them easier to get than so be it, don’t really care, my highest kill streak is 12 so far..

      • I got multiple hellstorm missiles in one match but it just felt so long to achieve one of those. I just hope they tune these requirements down even a little bit.

        They should take a look at spawns because spawns are horrible in team deathmatch and domination.

        • Yh I get what you mean but if they did lower it imagine how much would be going off, you would have kill streaks going off every 5 minutes along with specialist going off all over the place, I think it would be a bit to chaotic ? … I would prefer specialist gone and kill streaks lower.. But I really don’t know how well It would work all together..

      • I think you’re right about the AK thing. In BO2, I only used the MTAR for the first month or so because that’s one of the first guns you get. Once I got good with the MTAR and got a feel for the game, I switched weapons.

  14. Not gona say anything bad about Bo3,but still i like ghosts better (this aint a joke and dont answer something stupid)

    • I am with you on that !!! Was the last best and only feet only MP game. The maps were large but colorful . Thank god of the squads mode. Taught me how to play better, and lets me prestige still as sadly no one else plays much but us 2 on the planet. Pray for Logan, and Hesh wherever they might be till next year hopefully for their safe return.

  15. While I know that the game developers have nothing to do with this, it’s really disgusting to see how many deals Activision is making to sell CoD. “This headset is the ‘official’ headset of CoD” “This console is the ‘official’ console of CoD” “This drink is the ‘official’ drink of CoD” “This pair of left handed bracelets are the ‘official’ CoD pair.”