UPDATE: Call of Duty has tweeted out that players who play the Black Ops 3 beta before it ends on August 24th will get an exclusive calling card alongside the previously announced theme. 

Original Story:
Activision has announced that all players who play the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 4 will get a free Zombies Morg City Theme for use on the PS4 console. The theme will be made available at a later date, for free if you played the multiplayer beta.

Treyarch announced last night that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta is open for everyone on PlayStation 4; no codes required in order to download the beta. The beta ends August 23rd.

SOURCE: CallofDuty



  1. I guess it looks okay but I am not such a big fan of art themes like this. So I guess I keep my The Order 1886 theme.

    • The ps4 beta ends tomorrow, it would only be able to be 1 day earlier because it comes out on 24th i believe for xbox and pc, and it wont make sense. Also its already fair how it is, ps4 gets stuff early now so its expected for everything to be late on pc and xbox

    • Urm are you forgetting that BlackOps3 is exclusive to Playstation πŸ™‚ You Xbox players are whining like children already! Us Playstation players have waited for years. Time for you guys to be patient and take it up the *** hahahah

  2. If we only get one map for zombies I will be disappointed man. This map looks okay-ish but I hope we get at least one more. They better not pull a tranzit 2.0 either.

        • It’s only because they’re so easy to blow up. Especially if you have on engineer, and can see them coming.

      • I was in a game last night, a dude dropped 120/20 on safeguard. Imjoined when he’s was nearly at 100 kills, and I was able to kill him 6 times by myself. Wouldnt say has was good. I just think the players on my team were new to the beta. I was the highest level on my team.

      • Spawn trapping is back (sadly) because SBMM is gone and now players can feel good when they slay kids with no thumbs. πŸ™‚

        It would be nice to try Domination before the beta ends but so far I have only played TDM because it is only mode where I don’t get spawn trapped.

          • I was referring to gifs on Black Ops 3’s Reddit. I have only experienced spawn trapping once and that lasted about 10 seconds until I left the game.

            But my point still stands: SBMM gone = “good players” exploiting spawns. Hopefully they fix spawns before launch. I can forgive now because it is beta phase and spawns can be fixed.

          • Quick save πŸ˜‰ .. Although if you only experinance it once, spawn trapping can’t be that bad ?.. You haven’t been playing TDM to get to the level your at all this time surely with just one game from a different game mode you got spawn trapped in ? ? ?

          • You win lol.. Although I don’t understand how they will ever ever fix spawns specially when the maps we got are really tiny.. They would have to re do the whole spawn system, it’s been a problem with cod for years I wouldn’t get your hopes up about it getting fixed now, one of them like it or lump things imo.. Some times we all will get spawn trapped ..

          • What they should do is add a spawn protection for a short time to stop things like spawn trapping from happening.

          • I Hate players like this Guy!
            Fuck all the Cheaters, Wallhackers, Aim-Bots and Spawn Trappers…

        • Well I don’t honestly “miss” SBMM because I get so good stats. I don’t get stomped all the time which is surprising because I got stomped in Black Ops 2. I just got many 5+ K/D matches in a row today.

          I want to see spawns fixed and spawn trapping gone though…

        • Get some friends and stop playing solo in team based games. It’s not MW2 levels. It’s mostly just good players abusing weaker players be it rushing or holding down choke points. Also I’m not calling you bad so no need to mention a “2.5+ kdr with 400+ spm”.

        • Tip for if you get spawntrapped. Use the walls. Especially on Evac, you can go around the map on the outside of the walls.

    • Since you have the beta is the gun bench or whatever it’s called active? I know the paintjob is but i’m sorta a gun nut and care more about gun models than texture.

  3. The beta is near it’s end on Playstation 4 so let’s give our final thoughts about your favorite specialist(s)?

    • Now it’s nearly over I wanna know what you guys think of high caliber, I’ve used it but I don’t know how much of a difference it makes ? Wasn’t sure if I was wasting a slot or not ..

      • High caliber only adds damage to bullets that hit enemies’ head.

        I would recommend using grip, quickdraw and long barrel in assault rifles and if you are using sub machine guns then add rapid fire in addition to grip, quickdraw and long barrel. Works best with Razorback IMO.

        • I knew that, I just wasn’t sure how affective it was, Or if anyone uses it.. I honestly don’t understand everyone’s obsession with the Razorback I used it today and thought it was just as balanced as the other guns..

          • Yeah, Razorback is meh. Not really digging any of the SMGs this year (even though people are calling them OP). The M8A7 and Man o’ War are my favorite guns.

          • Yh I was hoping for a few good smg, I loved mp7 and Msmc (or something like that) from bo2 il be sticking with a.r tho For bo3 I feel.. FMJ, forgrip, rapid fire and extended mags, I’ve stuck it on all a.r and not done bad yet.. I might stick high caliber on the burst fire weapons if it really does make a difference then ..

      • I use it on the M8A7 with Fore Grip. Turns that gun into a headshot beast. If I hit the enemy in the head, they don’t stand chance.

      • I know right! What’s the point in putting high caliber on?! Your going to melt them if you get a headshot anyway! I preferred to use fastrelaod helps a bunch!

  4. Nice! I like free themes. Hope they make the regular BO3 theme available for sale later on, since its currently only for people who preorder digitally.

  5. So those news for today: level cap raised to level 49. I wanted to get at least one more day for beta. πŸ™

  6. So my beta is now over because it is 9 p.m. here. I already miss this game so much. But seems like my MW3 grind is starting again.

    Have fun with the last hours of Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta! (shouldn’t be hard at all)

  7. Will the xbox one beta have all this new stuff (increased level cap, etc.) right away? Or will it be gradually added on, just like the ps4 beta