UPDATE: The official Call of Duty site has just been updated to say ‘NUK3TOWN IS BACK’ with a link to a video…the link is currently dead. Stay tuned for info.

Original Story:

A new promotion poster from GameStop has leaked confirming the NUK3TOWN preorder bonus for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This preorder bonus was first leaked by the Brazil PlayStation Store yesterday.

The poster below shows that fans who preorder get access to the map; the poster is also a PlayStation promotion poster, revealing that DLC packs for the title will be available for 30 days on PlayStation before being available on other platforms.

SOURCE: @Fattywhale_



  1. at the end of the day, we can all acknowledge that black ops 3 is going to be perfect. Up-vote if you agree

    • at the end of the day,we can all acknowledge that I want up-votes and im going to be perfect.
      Up-vote if you agree

    • I had two problems with BOIII: The M8A7 (or whatever its called) and the Reaper minigun. Aside from those (and a few laggy lobbies) it was amazing

      • Reaper wasnt overpowered at all. All of the specialists’ weapons were balanced except from spectres ripper, which was underpowered.

          • abilities are unbalanced but weapons are balanced.

            Overdrive and glitch can stay as they are. Cloak needs a buff to last longer and allow shooting while cloaked. Kinetic armor should have the same amount of protection but last slightly longer. Psychosis needs scrapping completely and a new ability being added, no amount of buffs can make it remotely useful. Rejack needs nerfing to give the person who killed the guy more of an advantage. Combat focus needs to be a point bonus rather than doubler because someone can easily get 800 points if they use it to get a capture kill in domination. Vision pulse should be tweaked but in both directions, the person who uses it should not be visible on the map when they use it, but the range and timespan should be shortened.

          • ruin is fine, you’re right about cloak and kinetic armor, psychosis will never be replaced, rejack doesn’t a nerf you scrub, combat focus is balanced, vision pulse is alright

          • You do stay invisible for Active Camo when you’re shooting until it runs out but it runs out so fast you don’t notice

        • I was cross mapped by the Reaper one too many times in the Beta. Maybe it was just me, but it was way too accurate and powerful to have that level of crowd control

        • The ripper melts and when u consider how muck easier to use it is over the annihilator, tempest, sparrow its easily viable

      • want a perfect cod guess what there is no perfect same with life there is no perfect life cuz in everything there are pro’s and con’s so don’t cry and enjoy bo3

    • At the end of the day, people will play this game like total douchecanoes, running into your spawn, using Glitch and Rejack, and just being general a-holes.
      Upvote if you agree.

    • At the end of the day, we can all acknowledge that I am very annoying and unfunny gut that everyone hates. Up-vote if you agree.

  2. We all know this is just another way to get people to pre-order but after some time from launch every pre-order bonus is going to be available even for those who didn’t pre-order.

    But I am going to pre-order anyway and I don’t lose any more money than 70 euro (regular game price) so I’m fine.

    • It’s not like they’re bringing less maps. So your argument is invalid. They bring it back because most people love that map.

    • It’s funny because a dev made the map for fun and not for the actual Black Ops game but it became so popular among the devs they put it in the game.

    • That’s basically what I said yesterday and I got crap for it. I love Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, but they are very talented and could come up with a completely new small map that people would love just as much.

    • I never really cared for Nuketown in the first game. It’s just a giant spawn trap. Plain and simple. I think people like it because of that, and the amount of kills that come with it. I mean, that is the objective of that map. Get to the garage, or get to the kitchen. There could have been other maps to redo. But I honestly am played out on remakes, period. But whatever, nothing I can do about it. So long as they don’t go the Ghosts route and every dlc, one map was a remake.

    • They remake one map, and suddenly they don’t have the ability to make maps anymore? Wow. It’s just one map, dude. One map that happens to be a staple in the Call of Duty franchise, and the Black Ops series in particular.

      • “+1 because super logic, and I personally think they will have opened that barricade and the map would be available up to the entrance gate of the testing facility, just my two cents.”

    • Maybe they will open up the rest of the street. I doubt it tho. It will be Nuketown. There are plenty of flat walls on the map.

        • Hunted as well, but I do like the size of stronghold

          Evac is also good in size I guess but I hate that map for other reasons

          But this beta is a showcase of Bo3 as well, so I think they put the small to medium/small maps in it, because everyone knows the CoD community likes their maps small 😉

  3. Guys, my level goes back to Level 1 after Update!
    Can anybody help me???
    if I copy and paste that “PLAYERS” Folder and replace it for another one…it fix ???

    • Player stats are stored in Treyarch’s servers, so no, I don’t think that will help. Contact PCDev for help, man.

    • I don’t know. This looked really cobbled together. The MP7, the M27, and the Remington don’t look wrong. But the first LMG, it looks like the character is using telekinesis to reload the gun. And the second LMG? Why would they design a gun to completely obstruct your vision? I think someone was just having a little fun. I doubt that it will get taken down, becuase I doubt that it is real.

        • I agree. The game has been in development for almost 3 years, and is 2 months from release. I’m sure all the weapons are finished aside from balancing. Reload animations? Yeah, those are done. I’m not saying that those guns won’t be in the game. Im just saying that I think the guy who posted the video, could (and probably) took the images from the PC data mine, and slapped them over the existing guns that are available now.

          • If you really look, the MP7 is the only one, besides the sniper that is situated right, but it is Black Ops 2’s MP7 exactly. I looked again, and the M27 is way off. Look where the gun is, and where the hit markers are. The second LMG, is using telekinesis as well during the reload animation. The first LMG, the reload animation is for a bullpup weapon. People can doctor images. That is nothing new. I’m just saying the gameplay looks hinky all around. All I’m saying.

  4. I’m assuming Nuketown will be PS4 exclusive for a month but one could easily argue it will be available on both consoles at launch. All it says is pre-order and get Nuketown on one side and then on the other get map packs 30 days early. Nothing about Nuketown being a PS4 exclusive.

  5. Can’t wait to see the video whenever Activision posts it. I’m really curious about what changes they made to the map. 🙂

    • Hopefully it is actually a bigger map… because if not imagine how fast you can travel to the other end of the map. But I don’t think they would be so stupid that they wouldn’t expand Nuketown.