Moments ago, the Black Ops 3 beta received a small update on Xbox One. Patch notes have not been released yet however it appears that everyones favorite Specialist ability, ‘Rejack’, received a nerf in the form of losing your scorestreaks. Previously, you were able to keep your scrorestreaks chain after you last stand revived yourself, now it seems thats no longer the case. Let us know what you think in the comments below…



  1. Now Rejack is useless. Who wants to use the ability if you lose your streak? In my opinion better nerf would have been that Rejack would teleport you from”last stand” to your team’s spawn point.

      • Glitch doesn’t teleport you to your team’s spawn point. Actually that ability usually gets you killed anyway. Another nerfs could have been slower stand up animation, thrusters are disabled for 3 seconds etc.

    • The way they had it was perfect. I hate rejack but it was tolerable. Now it is just useless. They should just replace it with something else if this is what they have decided to do.

      • That wasn’t the problem…. the problem is that it was becoming crutch perk for shit players relying on it to continue their scorestreak run.

        Now even if you rejack your Scorestreaks rightfully reset to 0.

        • but then what’s the point of it being in the game? It was supposed to keep your streak going if you got bullshitted by someone, and you had rightfully earned to ability to revive yourself. This nerf literally makes no sense, why not just reduce the health to shut the whiners up, such as yourself? it makes it soo much better than just resetting someone’s score, like seriously, it now serves no purpose in BO3 anymore as it just brings you back and have to start again. Also, if they are such bad players, why not just kill them as soon as they get up again? it serves the same purpose as this nerf does, and gives you a kill and a medal to boot.
          Case in point, this is now completely useless, it now serves no purpose in the game anymore, and was caused by people bitching because a man in FLUORESCENT GREEN SMOKE came out of nowhere and killed them.
          welcome to the future of BO3 ladies and gentlemen, where eventually every specialist gets a nerf and they all become useless, yeah, boy am i looking forward to it.

      • It was OP when it was Search & Destroy, the final round to win by both teams, no bullets left in the gun due to killing the rejacker and his mate

      • its bullshit because if a dude dies and he has rejack then if his buddy rolls up who do u engage if you shoot his team mate and he uses his ability he kills u most likely and if u stay on the downed enemy the other dude shoots u.

  2. it’s like saying, we had nerf the ”Combat Focus” now instead of earning points towards your streak, you will now earn point for your score… i would be like wtf and once again it would be pointless…

  3. That’s dumb, it defeats the whole purpose of it.
    You just respawn where you died last in disadvantage
    They should have done the opposite to nerf it
    Let the player die normally, count his death in the leaderboards but let him keep his scorestreak points
    PS4 beta didnt have this nerf

  4. I think this was a brilliant move by the devs. Rejack would have been too popular and everyone would run it. It seems that this will become a niche ability for people who want to go on long kill streaks.

  5. Add another specialist to the shit pile now, whats everyone going to complain about next? The tooth-fairy’s exchange rate?!!!

  6. Rejack was that green puff of smoke and respawn? God damn that was useless… I got lots of double kills against people using that.

  7. I can’t even use it anyways…Just got to level 28, and end game didn’t show me leveling up. Neither did post game summary. Next game, I go in as a 28, and then after the game it shows me level up in the post game summary, but no unlock token. So now I can’t even try rejack. I actually wanted the nano thing, but I have no tokens now. We need the ability to reset the tokens on things we don’t use, and just loose all leveling up progress as a penalty for doing so.

  8. And now, cue the Vonderhaar rage…

    …Seriously, I hope you Rejack haters are happy now. You just made this ability complete crap.

  9. No one is going to use it. Pointless!!!! Just take it out of the game if you are going to do that!! It shouldn’t of been in the game anyway!

  10. In my opinion it wasnt necessary, I played bo3 beta on ps4 and i never bother to use this ability once, There are way more strong abilities like war machine or tempest, ppl was going nuts over this cause of some shitty ytbers who overeacted just because this ability is similar to last stand but its trully nothing like that.

      • Yes because even if i didnt use it i faced it a couple of times and to be honest was the easiest ability to deal with , it isnt the overpowered perk that many afraid of , it was already balanced and kind of underpowred in my opinion, i mean i managed to kill the entire enemy team with tempest how isnt that op but rejack is, trust me i play cod since cod 3, i know what op or unbalanced is but rejack it definetly wasnt.

          • No its doesn’t, you’re just making assumptions. why should you get rewarded for dying? I’d rather it be removed completely, but this nerf will do.

          • You don’t get rewarded for dying,your meter doesn’t fill up by dying.You get rewarded by getting back up after death like it never happened.The thing with Specialists is that you get rewarded For playing over time.

          • Getting back up and still having your score streak progress was a reward for dying. The others are rewards for getting kills, doing objectives and destroying enemy streaks and equipment.

            You should never have any kind of reward for dying.

          • The only reason why anyone defend this is if they were the sort that struggles to get the higher streaks, and would rely on rejack to help them, while potentially conning some out of theirs.

            If you cant get the higher streaks without rejacking, you don’t deserve them

          • lol.. not really, its relevant to the topic. i could argue this till the cows come home, because i’m right. Its a reward for dying, that can’t be denied.

          • “because i’m right. Its a reward for dying, that can’t be denied.”

            Now you got two things wrong

          • So you’re playig BO3, you get killed, you rejack to come back to life and kill the guy who killed you, because he’s busy dealing with one or more if your nearby teammates. how is that not a reward for dying?

          • 1)Smart players can easily take out people with rejack
            2)The reward is you coming back after death,Not getting rewarded for dying.It’s like solo quick revive,You don’t get it so you can go down and “get rewarded”.You Get it for the off chance you die

          • 1) That isn’t the problem.
            2) Why should you be rewarded for pressing two buttons that allow you to come back to life? It’s not about an ‘off chance you die’ this is multiplayer we’re talking about… your guaranteed to die that means it’s a guaranteed reward. Or are you implying your someone who never dies because your that good? lol

          • “coming back after death” is a reward for dying! how can you not understand that!?

            And yes, on a one on one its easy to kill someone after they rejack, but the chances are there another enemy player that you have to deal with. Which give them a chance to get up and kill you back, therefore a rewarded for dying.

          • am a pretty good player, normally top 1 or 2 on the scoreboard every game. After Playing the hell out of the beta on PS4, I found that rejack was pretty op. Ill be honest, once i unlocked it, i used it every time, because all the other specialist streaks required me to use them at the ideal time. With this one, it kind of just constantly stays there for that moment when u die and it saved me a lot.

            Im personally really happy this fixed this. I took way to much advantage of this. When your a good player and you only die a few times every game, I constantly had this in my pocket. Really unfair. Pretty much the return of last stand.

            Saying that. I think they nerfed it too much, now its pointless. whats the point of coming back to life where you die. Might as well respawn in your own spawn and avoid dying again and getting nothing in return.

          • 1. Your name is scrubby
            2. Rejack doesn’t reward death you newb
            3. Rejack is helpful when you get randomly killed or died in a gunfight where you should have won plus its a specialist abillty so it take 3-5 times in a game to get

          • Plus it’s easy as hell to kill the person after they use it. All you have to do is pretty much just shoot into the green smoke.

          • If you learn anything from COD is that there’s Bullshit” deaths, rejack is the solution.

        • Wow, your “overly-manly” tone will surely scare ’em “newbs” away, fo’ sho’! Seriously “dood,” something someone does in a “video game” doesn’t really matter at all in “real life.” “Scrubby”?? Like, who “cares,” “man?”

        • Honestly and just my opinion, but i think black hat adds that extra position in comp and adds balance to dom so that its not just a spam fest.

          • Black Hat is way to OP. No point to earn your own killstreaks when u can just steal someone. I earn a hater, then someone spawns with 2 black hats. Next thing you know they have one. Its insane when u think about it. Really high scorestreaks you can just get by waiting for the other team to get one and then switching your class to one that has 2 black hats and boom its urs… its the most broken part of the game.

  11. To many people we using is you can’t even kill them right away after they revive I even exploded a grenade on one and they killed me eighth after

  12. It’s usefulness now comes from not having another death on your K/D. As for the kill streaks I’m glad they did this. Its called a kill streak not kill, die, “HA PSYCH” streak

    • Yeah, but nobody cares about KD unless you’re a pubstomping youtuber or you feel the need to prove yourself to random people online.

  13. Fucking tryhards crying cuz of OP rejack get a fucking life you pigs now rejack is useless they better unnerf it before the release cuz I wouldn’t be happy, still bye the game but now now they nerf my favourite specialist. FUCKING YOUTUBER PIGS except thunder

  14. Wtf how is this even viable now? if anything decrease the amount of green smoke but dont make the damn thing useless! This ability is awesome! Was!

  15. Wow, fuck you guys. Because of your pointless bitching you just ruined a specialist that wasn’t even overpowered.

  16. This specialist didn’t need a nerf. People just have to find things to complain about. Specialist wasn’t OP or annoying. Hell, pre-nerf it still wasn’t as good as half the other specialists.

  17. welcome change Tr3arch thanks for listening to the community, crappy players who die shouldnt be able to get high killstreaks. All those moaning sorry you arent good enough to earn high streaks.

  18. Can’t wait for every lobby to be filled with people using the war machine specialist and spamming the noob tube. Give you crybabies something legitimate to complain about.

  19. I can agree that this ability would become way too popular among people going for high streaks(pretty much a humongous part of the players), cus’ they could just cheat death and keep going. However, rejack was exceptionally easy to counter! Every single person I’ve encountered so far who uses rejack has been taken down just as fast once they use it.

    A tip for all of you who seem to hate it. When an enemy falls down into rejack, get up above him and wait for him to use it. When he does, melee with your gun into his back and he’ll die immediately!

    I just unlocked this on PC yesterday, and it was great to avoid those “cheap deaths”. For instance, an enemy lobs a grenade randomly and it happens to land next to me, or when I’m with my entire team and one enemy manage to take me down somehow and then die immediately. imagine it yourself, you are 50 points away from a h.a.t.r, one assist will do it, but when you cross a corner, an enemy is sitting by the corner, anticipating your arrival and takes you down before you know it.

    On the other side of the coin, people who go for rejack have to give up the power of the other specialists and their amazingly powerful weapons and abilities. That means that people who choose to cheat death will have to deal with the vision pulse, the war machine, John Cena super slam/Gravity Spikes etc, and most of these weapons don’t trigger the rejack ability when killed.

    Personally, I did not really see a problem with it. And for the last damn time, it’s not “Last stand” or “second chance” >.<''.

  20. Honestly don’t care either way about Rejack (mainly because I have still yet to see it in action), but IMO Black Hat badly needs a nerf.

    That’s all that I’ve been seeing in XB1 lobbies now. “Friendly KS inbound”…..””Enemy has hacked your KS”.

    I could care less if a Black Hat destroys KS, but the whole using a KS against you I hope changes in the final version.

    Cuz that’s all XB1 lobbies are now. 2-3 people just hacking away at everything… *SMH*

  21. Instead of resetting your scorestreak it should set it back like maybe 200 points or a percentage of what your score is instead of wiping it. Thoughts?

    • Agreed. If they have to nerf it, remove a portion of the score towards your streak instead of wipin’ it entirely. Maybe 50% of your current streak or just a set chunk of it.

    • What you have to understand is that when you die in this game your Scorestreak resets to 0, that’s how it always has been and always should be regardless of any abilities, why should that change now?

      Scorestreaks have always meant to be earned and that’s why there is a specialist that helps you earn Scorestreaks at a faster rate. Scorestreaks shouldn’t be awarded or continued after a death, period.

    • I haven’t used this yet, so, I honestly don’t have an informed opinion. But if it was up to me, half the points you earned would be lost, if not all of the points.

      • Everything on bo2 is unlocked for me I’ve been GMP since the game came out lol but I haven’t played it in so damn long I saw I got some unlock tokens and I forgot what their used for??? I don’t remember seeing them before. The weapon attachments don’t require tokens either you just level them up by getting kills to get the attachments for the gun. Either it’s been so long that I don’t remember or what

  22. Anyone that is complaining about this nerf clearly struggles to reach their Scorestreaks and just wanted to abuse this Rejack ability on release lol

    This ability is good enough without carrying on your Scorestreak. The fact that you can die, stall on the ground with a puff of distracting smoke and then comeback to life in the same spot you died is a pretty big deal

    The fact that you can Rejack and kill someone who just killed you, (ruining their Scorestreak even though you died? and you get to continue your Scorestreak? The fuck?) and possibly carry on to live as if you never died is crazy as hell.

    Thank You Treyarch for realising what a problem this ability would become in the long haul.

    • What are you talking about? most of the times the guy who uses rejack got shited on again by the same guy who just killed him. Sooner or later ppl would realized thet rejack is not a revenge perk as many like you think and they would use it only as an ascape plan, personaly even if the whole enemy team had rejack i would be happy cause all it did was a second chance for me to kill the same person twice lol

  23. Well it was fun while it lasted I know it was a bitch ability but its a beta so why no,oh well back to combat focus

  24. They shouldnt have nerfed it. I think your points should be reflected on how fast you hit the rejack. Because you can delay it for a while. So as your life drains so should your score streak points.

  25. So now that everyone has finally gotten a chance to play both of the betas fairly extensively… anyone else notice the differences? I’m personally not liking the X1 beta as much as I did the PS4 one. Sure the X1 is more buggy but it’s a beta. I can forgive all the freezing.

    For me what is unforgivable is it seems like the hit detection is more spotty in the X1 version… I noticed a few rare times on PS4 when I was a bit lagged… but you could compensate. On X1 you can be considerably lagged… and it’s hard to compensate for. It has not nearly been the pleasant experience I had before.

      • Well I’m a bit surprised they felt so different. It was enough that me and my friends decided to switch our preorders. We had originally planned on X1 just because most of our friends are on there.

    • Anyone who disagrees with your comment is a tard or hasn’t played it on both consoles. You nailed it and I was wondering if I was the only one! I did well on the PS4 beta but for the life of me the hit detection on the xbox is garbage and the amount of times I’ve shot first and died is unreal!! Never had the freezing issue on the xbox, thank god for that…Also the load times are near double then the PS4.

    • I tried the black hat and felt to exposed taking the time to hack it. Much easier to just shoot the dang thing down lol.

        • No idea. I only tried it on UAVs and really disliked how long it took. I don’t know about you but standing on open ground for longer than 8 seconds is almost a guaranteed death in this game lol.

      • What I mostly hate about black hat is that the enemy team can take away my hard earned VSAT for their advantage, that is too op having your big streak hacked while they did nothing to earn it

        • especially when it’s a tactical equipment:

          flashbang-concussion-smoke-takeeverykillstreakintheskyanduselikeitsyoursagainsttheguythatcapped10flagsandgot22killsanddecimatehisentieteam device.

          yes, i think it’s overpowered compared to every gun and equipment in the game.

          just sit back on your spawn, relax, sit back with your black hat, and use every single scorestreak against the person that got it.

      • Tell you what, wait till you earn a VSAT, Wall E, Wraith, ETC… and have some troll (like me ATM) use Black Hat in the back of the map, then get back to me.

        BTW I’m spamming the S*** out of BH each and every time I can safely get a chance (even for UAVs), just so I can get more people on board that Black Hat is currently broken. (like OMA/DC broken)

        Also, total # of times that I’ve died so far doing this in the back of the map –> 1 out of 50+ hacked KS.

        ^ It’s easy, just hide behind a freakin rock, tree, or truck in the back of the map, and the Engineer Perk makes it much easier… *sigh* *SMH*

        • Oh I’ll believe you. To many people seem upset by it. I was always to on the move for my tastes. I never tried engineer either. You make me want to though lol.

  26. I think that when you rejack you should lose your primary weapon. You are then forced to use your fists or use a secondary if you choose to have one.

    • Should’ve made it put you into Last Stand, where you can only use pistols, for about 5-7 seconds before getting up. Would prevent the SnD bullshit and maybe still let you keep your streak

      • then that is basically the bullshit last stand from previous CoD titles, in rejack, you must revive yourself and you can’t kill anybody while you’re down, so what you suggested, has already been done, and nobody liked it

    • Definitely considered that as a nerf as well. Could be both fair and entertaining to see Nomad rejack and then has to run around trying to go on a punch streak to get a new gun.

  27. I liked what Thunder had to say about the nerf to rejack. He so eloquently said the new and improved rejack is just respawning. Now that your scorestreak resets

        • I use rejack but tbh im ok with losing the scorestreak since technically I was killed. Who knows how many scorestreaks I ruined by using rejack and killing the guy that just killed me…

  28. People, we are forgetting something, Nomad is a part of an elite jungle task force, and they were known for their elite ambushing skills, hence the H.I.V.E streak, but rejack, it was for when he got killed possibly by a sniper of the forces that were approaching, and he needed to get back into the fight. With this in mind, this is why Nomad had the green smoke, to blend into the jungleland, and it allowed him to hide/run away from the enemy, who think he is long dead. This is the entire point of rejack, to get away from the enemy, catch them off guard, and ambush them, allowing him to continue the fight against the enemy, with streak intact.
    But, now that it is nerfed to this stage, it is useless for people who get bullshitted just 100 points off of R.A.P.S or the Mothership, and that, to me, makes Rejack no different from Second Chance (apart from the invincibility Pistol) or an even more Tactical Insertion.

  29. This is a need for it that I had originally thought about but now that it’s in I see how it kinda kills the point. Re spawning would be exactly the same thing.

    Why not meet in the middle so to speak. You get to keep any streaks you ready earned (obviously) but points earned towards your next one get halved. So if you are at 800/1100 for your next streak and you rejack you are now at 400/1100. Allows you to keep some benefit without basically getting 2 lives to earn your streaks which was the problem before.

  30. If you lose your scorestreaks, then what exactly is the point of ever running rejack? Coming back to life and losing the streak is the same as re-spawning after death

  31. haha I had my fun yesterday, 6-7 times / round revived..; man that crap was incredibly OP whatever defense you’r epulling out.. Good they nerfed it.. though making it 2-3 times like other specialists actions would be much better, instead of resetting the killstreaks..

  32. BS nerf, it’s now nothing more then a 50/50 tac insertion, the whole point of rejack was that you could continue on your streak

    But because of some whining fucks complaining that their feeds get screwed up it’s now a worthless ability compared to every other ability, let alone compared to the special weapons.

  33. It should have been nerfed, but not in that way as it defeats the point of using him. Maybe have him be revived with scorestreaks but without any ammo in his magazine so he cant kill instantly and has to get away to cover instead.

    Or have him revived with half health.

  34. I don’t see why people complain because of Rejack… I never got killed by Rejack. I didn’t even see a single Rejack usage although there were 3 Rejack guys in one team.

      • It is Treyarch and I knew this day would come AGAIN. I don’t honestly believe that they can get smooth launch if you think what Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 launch were…

  35. Man the cod community really likes to complain about things are you happy now? You made a perfectly fine specialist completely useless now that was the whole point to using it quit crying about everything smh

  36. I think nerfing the rejack was a mistake, they should’ve focused on nerfing the black hat cause it’s too OP. They should’ve nerfed it where you can only destroy higher scorestreaks instead of taking control of it and using it against the other team. Only the low scorestreaks like the uav can be taken over and used against.

  37. Wrong nerf. Removing streaks makes this useless…would rather respawn. They should have did it like BF4 (a game that does this better & correctly): 1) 20% health when you stand up 2) don’t reload your gun. Much more balanced.

  38. whoever called for this to be nerfed are cry baby bitches man, thunder hit the nail on the head its basically the exact same as a normal re spawn now :/ way to go boys, nice one! -.-

  39. This is a fucking stupid nerf. Why you guys bith and complain about something that’s not even OP? It was well balanced. And, if you actually had a fucking brain cell or 2, you would see as to why it shouldn’t have received a nerf. Jesus man, all these faggots remind me of the sniping community when Vahn nerfed the DSR because they couldn’t hit their feeds LMFAO.

  40. I think everyone agrees that rejack is not OP but….,,it’s very annoying and seems to appear all too often. So I’m glad they done this. My opinion

  41. I have an idea on how to fix Rejack. Make it were you have to activate it when you know you’re about to be in a touch situation. If you die, you get back up the same way you did before patch. If you don’t activate it before and die, you won’t get back up but the specialist will still be there. Also, make the duration shorter when you are on the ground. Make it like 4 seconds time you have, if you don’t activate; you die.

  42. Still an AIDS specialist that someone can be killed then pop back up and kill me. It’s just like last stand. Take it out the game completely.

  43. i loved facing rejack users they were so easy to kill kill them wait 2 seconds shoot in the smoke easy now we all have to worry about ppl using the supers that should’ve been nerfed like tempest,gold pistols,bow,warmachine,death machine

  44. this shouldnt have been nerfed, thing that shouldve been nefred is black hat if anything.. What is the point in rejacked now.. Final stand in mw2 let you keep ur streaks and no one really complained about that.

  45. Does anyone know the name of the 9th specialists and if the name has been leaked? I dont remember seeing a name on the article about it but maybe it was and I just missed it or something.

  46. REALLY? What is the point now?!?! Every other class has a one shot kill weapons and a pretty good ability now Nomad doesn’t have either!