David Vonderhaar has confirmed on Twitter that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer will feature a Mercenary Moshpit playlist. The playlist will feature a ‘variety of objective based game modes with random teams. No parties.’

Vahn does warn, though, that if there are not enough players in the matchmaking pool for this playlist, the playlist could be removed.



    • I don’t know why you have to bring us up over and over again lol I don’t bring up your name all the time because I don’t want these “arguments” to be personal things.

    • I am happy but I am not 100% happy because mercenary playlist will probably not be supported by the community and pubstompers get their easy but unfair matches.

      And just to clarify: none of us is crying. We ASKED for SBMM or mercenary playlist and now we got one of them (hoped for both of them to be honest). But at least I know that whenever I see someone bragging about their 100+ gameplay I won’t take it seriously (I won’t consider it skilled).

      Please for the love of god let’s not go into this subject anymore. Just my two cents of mercenary playlist. Thanks.

      • Well for me main thing is that I got mercenary playlist. Now I can go into mercenary playlist if I don’t want to face full parties. I still have an option to go against parties just to make them rage quit. Oh old good memories in MW3… shutting down parties in Terminal domination. :’)

        I have exactly same thoughts. Going against noobs with no thumbs and getting 100+ kills by spawntrapping isn’t skill at all. Try to do that against people with equal or higher skill level then you’re SKILLED.

        Have my upvote!

      • It’s ignorant to like SBMM. Skill shouldn’t matter in a video game. Doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, the developers shouldn’t cater to specific player bases. Fuck Sledgehammer Games.

        • Worst part about SBMM is being banned from playing with friends because skill difference is too high, which is fucking bullshit to be in cod as its funnest when you play with friends and not randoms or clan. I even have now had to create a reverse boosted account to be allowed to play with people who i bought the game to play with.

          • I thought that reverse boosting was impossible, now? I’d be surprised if you’re still playing the POS. I should have bought it used, not digitally for $40.

          • I bought the season pass… *sigh*…. Tried playing it again when the 4th dlc had Come out but only managed a few games before i remembered how shit it had got.

          • I bought it digitally. Huge mistake that I will forever regret. I can never get rid of it. $40 down the drain. Should have spent that money on Black Ops 3.

          • I don’t mind buying the game, because the first few months were quite good, but the season pass was a complete waste as probably would have only got dlc1.

          • I would have just played the Zombies maps. Glad they put that in the game. The one thing I find to be a positive thing in that game. Come to find out they fucked that up with the EMP Zombies, which ruined it for me.

      • When you mentioned SBMM, by “WE” I think you mean “YOU”. I and many certainly don’t want another repeat of AW. I’m totally fine with a Mercenary Playlist though 🙂

  1. Thank god. Havin to play vs parties all day cuz of sbmm should have had this in the first place. Or at least a system where parties only play partied. Marcenary=random teams, like it used to be

      • I think you should cut them some slack. AW is god awful, but it was their first game.

        And SHG put a lot of little things in the game that mattered like gun range, score streaks, round-switching Dom, and old game modes like hard point and momentum. And they brought zombies to the table when they community asked.

        My point being they did plenty of small good thing, but the core gameplay just wasn’t there.

        • I don’t think they deserve to be cut any slack, because history will only repeat itself. They lied to gamers. Bottom line. They deserve no support from here on out. For all we know, the next game will have SBMM to cater to the idiotic competitive crowd, and they’ll buff the snipers again to appeal to the pathetic quickscoping crowd. They proved to me that they are incapable of possessing any qualities other than decent visual work.

  2. Remember this quote:

    “.. as long as the population is healthy enough to support good matchmaking results.”

    So with the current history of Mercenary and how it always has a low population, my guess is that the mode will fail in the long-run. History may repeat itself and produce this outcome.

      • They lasted, but still suffered. The decision to remove them wasn’t made back then, but if history repeats itself, I believe Treyarch will remove Mercenary this time.

        To suggest COD is dying because of my comment is very rash of you. My comments are based on mature responses with logical reasoning. Notice the lack of ranting and immature name calling.

          • It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a college paper or responding to a comment on the internet. Your grammar abilities display how professional you are. It always matters.

          • I disagree in a forum like this it doesn’t matter and I don’t have to prove anything to you. Who are you to tell me to tighten up my grammar on a message board? You’re nothing more than some random internet jerk that must be ignored. You have a nice day sir.

  3. good idea for a couple of months, then after xmas when the player numbers dive bomb and it gets removed its back to TDM only as per usual..

  4. It’s alright, I guess. I prefer a Mosh Pit playlist like in AW, since it is hard as hell to find games in the modes you want while having a party. Mosh Pit solves that problem easily.

      • Then it won’t have the necessary population. TDM is the biggest mode. All playlists should have a Mercenary option. Why be biased towards objective game modes?

      • People complain about teammates not playing as objective as is so how does playing with an entire team of randoms going to make lack of teamwork better?

        You friendless scrubs are that afraid of parties that you don’t realize you have LESS chance of teammates helping you capture B if they are lone wolves.

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