UPDATE: Treyarch has now teased a two year anniversary of a Hurricane Erin, which (within the game’s fiction), took place two years ago.

The busy streets of Singapore fell silent today as the nation paused to remember the two-year anniversary of the devastating superstorm, Hurricane Erin. The loss of life was catastrophic, marking one of the worst natural disasters in the island nation’s history.

The “perfect storm” brought with it a storm tide, a storm surge coinciding with high tide that arrived on the coast 16 feet higher than mean sea level, overcoming coastal defenses and driving inland as an inexorable wall of water more than 6 feet high.

Original Story:

Activision and Treyarch seem to be teasing something about Black Ops 3’s campaign. Today, a new blog post went live on the Call of Duty site talking about some Korean Pop Group called Aegyo Generation.

Korean pop group Aegyo Generation kicked off their world tour in Seoul, South Korea last night to a crowd of over 400,000 fans. This first show kicks off their four-leg Dae-bak stadium tour, consisting of over 210 shows and boasting the world’s first neon animatronic zoo, complete with an 80-foot robotic crystal giraffe.

It’s not clear exactly what relation to the game this has yet…stay tuned.

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  1. So when we can expect to get more information about this and generally about the campaign? For example Call of Duty: Ghosts story trailer got released 9/10/2013 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story trailer got released 7/29/2014.

      • I’d rather them sacrifice story for gameplay. Military Shooters aren’t supposed to have in-depth stories. I’d just play a game like Bioshock.

        • “Military Shooters aren’t supposed to have in-depth stories.”
          The old Medal of Honor games would like to have a word with you.

          • In the grand scheme of things, no Military Shooter has had a wide range of story elements. It can’t happen, at least on a professional level. I see it as a joke. If you want story, go play an RPG, or multi-genre FPS’s like Bioshock. Call of Duty is about its gameplay. Story-based Military Shooters are usually nearly on-rails the entire way through. *COUGH* Black Ops.

          • And Bioshock isn’t on-rails? Please, aside from the wide array of abilities, that game is about as scripted and on-rails as any other COD game.

            I agree that not every game needs a good story, but for Call of Duty, a franchise that is known for its action-packed Hollywood-style campaign, it needs to have at least a Hollywood-quality story. And who says COD games don’t have in-depth stories? Please, the intel section of Black Ops 1 laughs at your claim. Treyarch cares about crafting a deep, detailed lore. They don’t just make campaigns for the sake of having one, that’s what DICE does with Battlefield.

            Just because it’s a military shooter does not mean I shouldn’t expect a good story out of it. If the developers choose to make one for their game, then I fully expect it to be of great quality.

          • Bioshock isn’t as nearly ‘on-rails’ as Call of Duty is. I’ll use your Black Ops 1 example; you weren’t literally taken control away from you in games like Bioshock. What does that remind you of? Oh, the first 5 minutes of Black Ops 1, where your walking was restricted to automatic driving, with literal on-rails shooting sequences. When you have a non-open world game like Bioshock (that isn’t limited to a military setting), linearity is expected, but not nearly executed to the same point of a Military FPS like CoD. Bioshock has more freedom in its gameplay and has more substance in its storytelling, due to its lack of limitations of its genre/sub-genre. It’s as simple as that. However, I do understand your logic.

            Think about what you just wrote. “but for Call of Duty, a franchise that is known for its action-packed
            Hollywood-style campaign, it needs to have at least a Hollywood-quality
            story.” How would mindless over-the-top Action and explosions have ‘lore’-types of quality in storytelling (besides having to pick up items like Intel lore tidbits, which are fine)? That seems a bit redundant. My logic is that it needs only so much story in order to build a premise. That’s all that I subjectively believe that CoD is entitled to. I think it’s great that you find lore through Intel. BO1 arguably had the most in-depth story in CoD history. Why? Because they pushed the envelop. They pushed PASSED its genre limitations through Science-Fiction-like storytelling (i.e. brainwashing). It really just depends on the tone that they set for the games. In regards to basic premises, BO3 seems to have something worthy of actually playing the Singleplayer for other than the gameplay, in some respect. In a way, this discussion is somewhat moot, because Black Ops 3 is different in regards to its gameplay structure. It has a linear, non-Open World design, but opened the levels up and added more RPG elements. THAT is why Black Ops 3 excites me, because, although it’s still technically linear, they are actually, genuinely trying a new approach in their Singleplayer design.

            I disagree. I think that not expecting a good story is completely the case, at least one with the genre’s standard. I’m just stating that it’s not a requirement, because Call of Duty depends on smooth gameplay mechanics. I think it’d be interesting to have a Multiplayer-like experience, in regards to freedom and replayability in Black Ops 3. I hope they create a mutual balance and set of tone for Black Ops 3 so that everyone is satisfied. I’m arguing because I think that I’d appreciate and enjoy Black Ops 3’s Singleplayer regardless, because of its focus of, I’ll re-iterate, freedom and replayability.

          • Wrong. I’ve been playing CoD since CoD 4. Only in Black Ops did they really try with the story, and still fell flat with its predictability and AWFUL on-rails linearity. CoD 4 arguably had the best overall war story. Still, Military Shooters don’t require a good story, nor does Black Ops 3. I prefer open levels. It’ll be like Uncharted 4, in a way.

          • MW3 was pretty meh for me. I just don’t feel connected to the MW games as I would with the BO games. Mostly because when I play BO, I feel my character is actually there, and not just a random generic soldier with no voice (thank God Treyarch decided to give Mason a voice).

            Granted, BO3 will go with the random generic soldier, but at least he/she is customizable, and still has a voice.

          • Which was one of my main gripes when playing any COD games besides Black Ops. Fuck silent protagonists, I want talkative characters that actually contribute to the story.

          • Yuri and Soap, I agree, because at least they were made into NPCs, so they had to contribute in some way. But then you have guys like Frost and Roach, who are easily replaceable. And whoever the fuck Ghosts’ protagonist was, I forgot his name (he’s that forgettable to me).

            Mitchell in AW was tolerable, because at least he’s got a special relationship with Irons. But all in all, main protagonists in FPS games need to be more involved with the story, and not just a voiceless figure being told to do this and do that without questioning anything.

          • *15 year old boy buys PS2
            *15 year old boy buys Medal of Honor Rising sun.
            *24 year old man stays up at night wondering whatever happened to fps shooter campaigns.

        • I bet you pretend that bioshock had a good story because you couldn’t understand it. That entire game’s plot is a result of throwing shit at a wall and going with what stuck.

          • At least it has a story, unlike many Shooters. That series is among the best in its genre. Sure, a game about an underwater or up-in-the-sky city is ‘throwing shit at a wall’, and a story that’s, essentially, mindless shooting in most games deserves a story? You get what you get from a Military Shooter. Treyarch doesn’t have to try in order to create a good CoD Singleplayer experience.

          • bioshock… infinite. Its like people forget about the first 2 games, and minerva’s den. FUCK YOU LEVINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

        • So our guy is supposed to be a generic solider and just kill a load of people for no reason, and we shouldn’t care if he dies or not? That’s what your saying .. Destiny tried a none story.. That turned out perfect *face palm* don’t understand why u keep saying this ..

          • Precisely. There’s no need to want a story in this game. They are beyond limited with what they can conceive. Your description pretty much sums up every FPS in existence. Yes, Call of Duty doesn’t *have* to have an in-depth story in order to be up to our standards of “good.” You want story? Play an RPG. Plain in simple. That’s where you’ll get most of your ‘stories’, and they’ll be better than anything Treyarch will write for Black Ops3. Destiny was a failed RPG and is a good example of a game with poor execution IN GENERAL, not just in story. You want everything to be damn-near on-rails again? That’s what will happen (*COUGH* Black Ops *COUGH). I’m not playing Advanced Warfare for another year in a row. Oh wait, we’ve technically been playing the exact same game for years.

          • Having a few cut scenes here and there, giving the player a purposes for playing the game is essential, Yh gamplay is very important but still has to be a reason there to play a campagin.. Other wise go play multiplayer.. Your logic of RPG Is the only thing that warrents a story is stupid imo..

          • I’ll re-iterate my arguments from my discussion with RdJokr. This discussion is pretty much moot, because of the fact that Treyarch is taking a completely different design approach in Black Ops 3, specifically, in this case, its Singleplayer. Instead of the linear gameplay structure that we’re used to, Treyarch, instead, decided to completely redo its design, through keeping the linear gameplay, but opening up the levels more, and adding more RPG elements. THAT is why I want Black Ops 3 in my hands. Their emphasis on freedom and replayability, a Multiplayer-like experience, does nothing but interest me. I entirely agree with your statement on giving the player a reason for playing the game. AKA having a basic premise. Although I never claimed that Black Ops 3 doesn’t need some sort of premise in order to compliment the gameplay.

            Technically speaking, an RPG being the MAIN warrant of a story is logical (I think calling me stupid is extreme, to be honest). An RPG entirely depends on an in-depth lore-based storytelling component in order to immerse the player, which is why I love them so much. Plus their complimentary gameplay elements of leveling up and getting stronger/becoming more powerful gives more of a compelling experience, in my opinion. However, the flaw that I found in my logic, is the fact that Call of Duty has ALWAYS had RPG elements through its storytelling (as in, YOU completely determine the outcome of the game, and games like BO2, AW, and BO3 have level-up systems). I appreciate your comment, however.

          • Did your parents throw you at a wall or something? Where does my comment read as ‘salty’ to you? Your trolling won’t work on me, child.

          • Destiny’s “none story”? Oryx would like a word with you.

            Yes there is (sometimes) a great story hidden somewhere in CoD, but the emphasis on execution and gameplay (multiplayer is the cash cow – what does that tell you?) has always foreshadowed the quality story-wise.

            TLDR; CoD story has it’s moments albeit inconsistently executed

            cc. RdJokr

          • Elaborate, because Singleplayer games can depend on both, depending on the genre. A Military FPS like Call of Duty doesn’t require a good story. It entirely depends on its smooth gameplay, which is Black Ops 3’s focus. I prefer a good story over an over-the-top Singleplayer experience that makes no sense and is amateurly written (*cough* Advanced Warfare). In your mind, Michael Bay explosions and linear gameplay are considered ‘good storytelling’? I can agree with the notion of a basic foundation of a story, but there’s only so much story that you can put into a linear Singleplayer with open levels that are more freedom-driven than normal. I’d rather have a good, replayable gameplay experience, than some over-the-top story with no finesse.

            All in all, I wouldn’t be mad if Black Ops 3 somehow had a good storyline. I’m just saying that it’s not needed/shouldn’t have to be a priority. In some cases, the value that you can get out of a game like Call of Duty, with more than one mode, requires some sort of storyline standard (as in, at least have a premise), and that’s where we can agree.

        • Sorry to be rude but fuck you.
          So far all 3 black ops games(including WaW) had amazing flawless stories w/ alot of in depth
          If bo3 fucks this up, Im gonna be pissed forever

  2. I bet that everyone there will die, probably with Nova 6 gas. The viral site from a couple of months back mentioned that Nova 6 was used again after BO2.

      • Maybe it’s a “Hurricane” to cover up the tracks of Nova 6? They wouldn’t want the public freaking out about another gas attack after the events of BO1.

  3. Omg they did an amazing job weaving all the shit storm together. With their time machines and dildo guns. So smart with the Scifi and the gabaguls. Like great job. It all makes sense now. Black ops 1 the main character dies and goes to hell then meets satan. They have sex and have a kid. They name their kid Master Chief. Then sci-fi comics AND NOW SUPER DUPER MUSIC CHANG CHONG I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WHITE POWER AND boom black ops 3. Damn I love the way they weave this turd rope together. Thanks treyarch.

  4. Remember in BO2 in the map Plaza, how the bar had Skrillex playing in it? Might be a map with a song from that band or may be a remake of Plaza with a different song.

  5. I really like where Treyarch’s going with this. They’re slowly building up the game world by adding these news articles. It really helps to create an interesting lore. I can’t wait to see what they have in stores for Black Ops III.

  6. Very nice. Treyarch has been amazing with the viral marketing. The live action ‘Ember’ is still my favorite so far. Hope this continued teasing is leading to a proper campaign trailer that we still haven’t gotten for Black Ops 3 yet.

    • Why u get so mad at people that express a negative opinion about bo3 or the article? You say it’s boring, but this place would be a lot more boring if we were all a happy family all in love with the article and bo3 ..

      • do you feel the need to reply to everything i post? You’re starting to bore me, to be honest. At least troll with more entertainment please.

        • Troll ? I’m asking you a question, you are seriously thick as shit, you think if someone disagrees with you they are “trolling you” p.s I love replying to you *big happy face* infact I think I might do it more often πŸ™‚ *big happy face again* yay!

        • ScOott is a very lively contributor on here and is honest in his thoughts, has a laugh and doesn’t take life too seriously. This doesn’t mean he’s a troll because he may say something negative about your beloved Call of Duty. Lighten up for once, respect other people’s opinions and stop being on damage control duty whenever someone says something that upsets you or criticizes with justification; the brand itself.

    • Take this with a grain of salt. He is just a random dude who likes to guess things.

      And what comes to that update… well it really makes things interesting. Maybe there is some sort of story after all.

      • I hope people won’t fall in the trap again…

        I really hope they have a story because Treyarch knows how to do really good story. I don’t want to play campaign mode without a story because that would be pointless. How anyone can be ready to throw away a story just to get better gameplay elements…?

    • Hey look its that annoying guy that pretends he knows things
      B4 believing any BS he says, please remember that he said Reznov was in the trailer, that the servers would be all dedicated and that the game would be running on a 100% new engine that wouldnt be on last gen….

  7. If you guys read the teasing articles before bo3 was officialy announced you would know that this singapore incident takes place in 2037
    So this article must be from 2039

  8. The pacific ocean does not get hurricanes, Treyarchs editors suck. It would be a typhoon, very similar but typhoons spin the opposite direction

  9. Confirmed all their budget went into a K-pop dance and song routine which will play before every gets blown up and the game finally starts.