In a tweet posted a few days ago, David Vonderhaar has teased that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has gone gold.

If you put those numbers/letter coordination into Google, it leads to you a site called the HKUST Graphic Identity. The numbers/letter combination Vahn tweeted matches up perfectly with the GOLD identity.

When a video game goes gold, that means that the team has finished working on the base game, and the game is now being printed onto discs and sent off to first party (Sony and Microsoft) for approvals. With Black Ops 3 at the gold stage, that means Treyarch is hard at work on day one fixes and updates, and most likely will soon start work on DLCs for the title.

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    • I want to know what they did with the black hat equipment, since it’s “done” that must also mean they have done something to fix it. It’s very op.

      • You mfs complain about EVERYTHING. I mean geez. Black Hat is ridiculous that it can hack hard earn streak especially like a Wraith but why is negative shit the first thing you guys default to? How about being excited the game is nearly out. There is plenty good in the game but you guys literally just treat this section like the complaint box at a damn restaurant. Just STFU. Same idiots going to AW articles(a game that is terrible) just to bitch about how terrible it is and beat the same horse again. The game is gold and first thing on your mind is nerfs and what weapons you’ll call OP aka what is going to be the reason you can barely go positive this year. STFU

          • I know I’m just saying I wonder what happened to black hat I’m not saying “f*ck bo3” black ops and mw series are my favorite always. My conclusion was that they must of done something to it since the game is already done because treyarch are smart enough to leave it in its op state

        • We do need to keep a positive mindset, because we can too easily focus on the bad things about a game and miss enjoying it as much as we could. That being said, if there is a game breaking feature (deleting game saves, inability to play game etc) or if there is something so out of balance that it ruins the experience (Black hats defeating one of the biggest gameplay mechanics) then I think that people have a right to voice concern. That being said, when you mentioned you hate people bitching about a game saying it is terrible, in the same sentence you called AW a “game that is terrible”. Just edit that line out bro.

        • I’m negative about cod games? I’m always defending AW because I like the game when everyone’s bitching about it go through my posts I don’t encourage negativism or hate towards any cod game. I do mention flaws but that’s so I hope they can be herd to make the game better. I don’t think that’s negativism. I’ve been playing cod for a long time and I don’t hate the games. I don’t post on every article so your wrong once again

      • WTF has it got to do with you, Keshav? Imma don`t give no fuck if it`s your site or not… We were expecting this to be finished and without you questioning the user “KOD Phazz” about why he dislikes TmarTn… WTF do you mean “And his work”, Using info from Twitter for money and views, Eh I don`t think so son…

      • I hate on him not because of it’s content but because he never gives CREDIT WHERE IS DUE. I’m surprise you guys don’t feel salty when he makes videos and never credits you or this website. He have done it sometimes tbh, but there was multiple times he didn’t credit shit and talk has if he found the news first.

        Multiple times a fan gives him intel of the game and in the video, that person never get’s mention.

        I couldn’t give a shit what content he makes, it’s the fact that he never gives credits where is due.

        Has much Drift0r get’s hate, at LEAST he gives credit where is due, I respect him for that.

        I haven’t seen TmarTn videos since like BO2 days and without checking, I know for fact he still does the same shit because he’s a selfish prick.


      • Maybe because he doesn’t give a shit about cod yet acts as he does to gain fame and popularity and Activision benefits? Why is the guy with a day of playtime in an entire year supposed to be my number one sorce for cod news? He won’t say one negative thing about the game in fear of Activision cutting him off from benefits. He defines corporate puppet.

          • It’s sort of hard NOT to watch him when he has millions of subscribers and creates vague titles in his videos. I don’t really find the “don’t like it? Don’t watch it” point to be way too cliche and redundant, at this point. He gets overpaid off of, essentially, getting his information from your articles, except in this situation, where you cited him as a source.

          • Right. Sounds easy enough. Let me just pull this random job finding generator from my asshole whilst Tmartn gets overpaid screaming into a microphone.

      • I don’t hate on him but I know a lot of people here like to hate on him. They’re all fans of this site obviously but I wanna know what do they have to say when TmarTn was the source of your article? I don’t really get the TmarTn hate either.. But then again I’m a grown man who respects his hustle/grind and maybe these kids don’t have that same respect.

      • Because he is biased and an Activision puppet. Everything is perfect, in his eyes, with some critiques sprinkled here and there. Why is he making more money than the average person, again? Being super excited over a video game doesn’t validate him being rich. Just like how video game publishers make a living off of nickel and diming everyone with stupid DLC that should’ve been on-disc.

  1. So basically, you’re reporting something that we all knew was happening, one way or another. Man, I thought we were going to get a campaign teaser. I seriously hope this campaign is going to be better than both BO games combined. You don’t just tease us with a hit song from the rolling stones and not give more. Cmon, where’s the FREAKIN TRAILER?!?!

  2. I am pretty sure leaks start to occur very soon, probably in 2 weeks. So we’ll find out if there is actual story and how good it is.

    • Why should I care about the story? Gameplay is what matters. The only ‘story’ I need is a premise. Anything else is icing on the cake.

      • Your opinion is just YOUR opinion you douchebag. You shouldn’t never messaged me. Go play one of the other 99 gaming franchises you have better than COD. You’re easily the biggest prick here. You provide no actual dialogue and just give off arrogant opinions with no room for discussion.

        Lots of people including your favorite KIDS agree with me.

        • You’re so salty. Why so salty? Are my arguments really that compelling to you? I don’t care what people think about me on the internet. I’ll let people like you act big behind a persona online. I state my opinions on an open discussion that’s not exclusive to positivity. Sometimes I come on here to vent when I don’t like a certain news story, and try to be as civil and respective as possible. You think AW was crap, yet defended it because you had this misconception that I was bad at the game, for some reason, as if it even matters. I don’t think you’ve ever counteracted this argument from me, if I ever stated it; if I complain about a game because I suck at it, then why do reviews exist? In your subjective view, CoD MUST deserve the 9/10 ratings, right? Wrong. They’re most-likely bribed by Activision so that its AAA reputation doesn’t end. But that’s just a conspiracy, so I won’t state it as objective. If reviewers rated a game low and gave it harsh criticism, then do they have legitimate issues with it, or do they suck at it? Was The Order a 6/10 because the reviewers sucked at it? Sit down and think about that, for a moment, before you come at me like a child.

          You can talk all the trash you want, as if I’m scared of you. No, I’m here for a rational discussion. If you’re not up for it, then it’s best you leave, because you’re just spreading toxicity.

          • You’re not up for rational discussion. You’re here to give your opinion as fact with no regards to others. You’re the guy saying campaign doesn’t need a story because it’s not an RPG. Let others play campaign if they want, so what?

            As I mentioned I found my lil bro PS4 for cheap. He wasn’t lazy nor broke but my parents told him his current console works. He’s 15 and still with my folks. I told him he needs an upgrade so I bought him one. He may be kid but he is easily more mature than most adults on COD.

            Point is the are plenty of reasons people may not have current gen, the reason aren’t important and no I don’t pity them. I also am not consumed by looking my nose at them. An XB1 isn’t like a Rolex. AW sucked ass and I doubt last gen had anything to do with it. Even if it did, so what. Worry about you.

            Nothing about you here is rational, objective discussion. You’re the first yo call someone a fanboy or kid arbitrarily. Hell called me a Rainbow Six fanboy and I haven’t played nor thought about that franchise since PS2. No need for us to continue because I just play video games with friends, family and my lady. You’re way too invested in extra shit.

          • Yes, because you’re totally in that position to state THAT as a fact. I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking about you. I’m here to post my opinions. I respectfully disagree with a person by questioning their reasoning. Obviously you did not understand, because CoD has always had RPG elements, and BO3 is the closest that CoD has ever been to an RPG, which is why I’ll play the Campaign and not have any regrets. I simply disagree with the notion that it requires a Hollywood-like story when it’s about killing pixels on a screen with a firearm, and Michael Bay explosions for no reason but for badassery. They can want whatever they want. Who cares if I question someone’s opinion with my own opinion, as long as it’s civil? In your mind, it shouldn’t matter to you.

            The M rating exists for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that a mom can’t buy them for a minor if they deem their child mature enough. Nobody has the right to judge those choices. I have no issue with it.

            I don’t work like that. I am not on the internet to be an individual who lives in a fairytale full of unicorns, gum drops, and rainbows. I’m here for knowledge and discussing video games with people so that I gain more knowledge. I’m here to share my passion for video games. It may not matter to you because it’s just pixels on a screen with code on a disc, but it’s a hobby and lifestyle for many people. They’re important to ME. So when somebody gets wrongfully shafted for profit, then of course I’ll be on here posting my opinion. Why is replying to somebody important? What’s really, genuinely “important”? It’s all subjective.

          • You might legit be the biggest nerd on any COD related site

            All your posts are arrogant as shit and most people here don’t even respond to you unless it’s to call out your bullshit.

            You use “kid” or “fanboy” whether it’s warranted or not because it’s what you do. You assumed I was a Rainbow Six fanboy when I didn’t mention that game at all. Anytime someone opposes you those are the two things you say. Your history suggest you have quite the hard on for Playstation so maybe that’s why you’re quick to call fanboy. Similar to how Android and Iphone guys call each other fanboys as if they are objective themselves.

            I play video games in my spare time. I work hard and if a company makes good or fun product I buy. If it’s shit, I don’t. Telling you that you may just suck at Black Ops 2 (you referenced snipers) has nothing to do with me being a fanboy.

            Stop using that tired comeback. Ghosts and AW were shit games. I suppose if you said Taylor Swift is ugly and I said no she’s not instead of an actual discussion you’ll just say I must be a fanboy and buy all her music.

            Your shtick is very obvious. “Esports has no place in gaming at all which lots of people agree with especially on the PS4 which is the premiere console and anyone that doesn’t agree is a kid and fanboy of last gen consoles that are ruining current gen and hurting the year over year 3rd quarter sales figures but you guys are all kids playing a stupid campaign with OP snipers because you’re fanboys.”

            Video games are for fun. You once mentioned (exaggerated) there were 99 other franchises you enjoyed more than COD yet you put a ton if time here.

            Youclearly care way too much about the inner workings of publishers and the behind the scenes of gaming. I don’t know if you’re a failed software engineer or just that much of a fucking geek.

            Either way do your thing and I’ll do mine.

          • Right, because being a nerd is such a problem. We play video games. We are all nerds.

            In your opinion. Nobody really “calls me out”, nor do I make bullshit statements.

            Right, you caught me. There was so much logic in your comment. I totally called you a Rainbow Six Siege fanboy even though the only reason why I brought that game up was because you’re defending CoD being always online. I’m totally a PlayStation fanboy, regardless of me saying that I’d like to own multiple consoles, but can’t, right now. I get wrongly accused of being a fanboy all the time because gamers don’t understand the definition. Your comment actually has some merit to it; Xbox fanboys call me a “Pony” because they’re fanboys themselves and I’m not. You seem a bit arrogant to me. I call people fanboys because it makes no sense to me to make fallacious statements defending a certain game or company. Me calling you a fanboy means nothing.

            So you’re a casual? Saying that I just suck at BO2, which is an illogical, cliche, and redundant statement, can make you a fanboy, since you blindly defend and excuse it. There’s a difference between saying shit to just say it (fanboy logic) and elaborating. People who have replied to my criticisms say the same thing; they excuse the game’s flaws by simply saying that I don’t like it because I suck. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen from CoD fanboys. I can’t stand overly-positive people defending their piece of plastic like a bunch of corporate sheep.

            Stop telling me what to do (oh the irony). Your statement is weak; saying that Taylor Swift doesn’t look ugly without elaboration would be suspicious. Instead of a real discussion, you’ll just say I’m arrogant and suck at listening to music. Right? Taylor Swift is famous for a reason, right? Nothing and nobody are immune to criticism. I know I’m a person who is far from perfect and make silly mistakes just like everyone else.

            Right. Then you’ll wake up and realize that you’re hallucinating, because that makes no sense. What’s your shtick? “I’m a tad overly sensitive when I log on Charlie Intel so to shut people up I’ll just say they suck at video games even though I think it’s not important, I’ll still troll, anyway”? You just want the site to be biased and overly-positive?

            And I’m allowed to criticize games that aren’t. This site is for CoD discussion, not CoD bias. I don’t think this site exists to force you to be positive about each and every CoD, but correct me if I’m wrong. CoD has been addicting for me. Although it’s far from my favorite franchises for many reasons, Activision’s marketing has still pulled me in, and I’ve bought every game since CoD 4. Just because it’s far from my favorite, doesn’t mean that I don’t it or have fun on it. I started with Multiplayer, stayed for Treyarch Zombies. The only reason why I would even consider buying a CoD game, now. There are better games than CoD. Shocker. And I’m sure that you know how much time I spend here, because you know me, right? Other than replying, which takes me a while on a mobile device, I usually visit the site and leave.

            Right, because I’m supposed to soak in all the shitty things that they do, right? Always Online gaming is the future! I forgot. Your statements make no sense. I’m a software engineer/geek because I call out publishers on their bullshit practices? I’m not allowed to critique the industry? I’m supposed to just let these publishers gimp everyone’s experience? No, even though I’d like to be a software engineer, I’m a consumer who’s sick of being taken advantage of.


      • Well Call of Duty is pretty much the only good story on FPS market if I may say. So I do want bang for my buck, in other words content that justifies 70 euro’s price tag. So I need story (at least decent one), multiplayer and third mode. But that’s just me.

          • I don’t like that much stories that combine history and future elements. In this case Second World War where German has won and is using robots. But Second World War itself is interesting and it would be nice to have Second World War themed AAA game on current gen.

        • In fairness if the game’s multi-player is good and you clock 7+ days played then you definitely will get your $70 euros’ worth.

        • I disagree. All “CoD story” is, is an explosion here and there. Not a whole lot of quality. I think Black Ops went the extra mile, though. Still didn’t deserve the best all-time game ending imo. Not even close. Value is subjective, so I see nothing wrong with wanting something decent. I want that, too. At least a premise. I don’t think it has to be any thing too crazy, however.

      • I mean like story and character related info. And I so don’t feel sorry for those lazy losers. A minimal pay job is enough to pay for a console but they just don’t want to work or save money.

        • What kind of stupid reach is this? Whatever reason they are still playing last gen isn’t enough reason to call them lazy losers that don’t want to work. I’d hope something more than a videogame would motivate them to work anyway Are you one of the stupid folks in the Republican party?

          I guess since you’re on a comment section with a cartoon avatar you probably watch porn all day and are a beta male. I mean while we’re making dumb ass accusations.

          • That porn part was close, but im all the way at zeta my friend. But really I know my shit all I had to do was work a minimal pay job for two months and I got my PS4 with extras. It’s been 2 fucking years since the new consoles launch and the only people that are left are the ones who only live in denial or just don’t want to save money for a new peace of hardware. And Black Ops III doesn’t have to be the game that they have to buy for the current-gen. It could be AC Syndicate, Fallout 4, Rainbow Six: Siege. I understand that people have different opinions but you can’t honestly defend this. 49.99 for downgraded version of a game with less features and half DLC, come on. Plus it’s not really that hard to find a job if you try really hard, between age of 16,18 to 21 im pretty sure you can find something. And last thing no im not one of those republican party guys. And man don’t hatte on the animated face, not everybody has reveal their face to the world.

          • Why assume someone is poor and lazy because they don’t have a PS4/XB1? Like really lmao.

            I’ll apologize to you but that link is sort of ridiculous. I have no clue why someone would buy COD on last gen but whatever the reason is I seriously doubt it’s them shit being lazy. I bought my little brother a PS4 off Craigslist for $250 with Mortal Kombat and extra controller so it’s not money thing. Maybe they just like shitty games or are finishing their PS Plus backlog lol.

          • Some people have families with more than one child. Not me, though. It’s because they don’t understand the reasons as to why they should upgrade. Frame rate is shit on last gen, but they don’t know that. They are glimpsed by being forced to play with an internet connection on at all times, but they don’t understand. Bang. Boom. Profit.

          • I personally think women who get with shitty guys or folks making a Walmart salary yet have 3+ kids are irresponsible and I tend to not have much sympathy. That’s a real life issue.

            I don’t see why there is so much enthusiasm to bash someone on a last gen console and make it a bigger deal than is. Because you just love the chance to be an arrogant asshole.

            If I thought Activision would optimize COD and not just milk us for our money I’d maybe hop on this geeky “last gen vs current gen” beef. I seriously doubt you have much faith in Activision making COD everything it should be once last gen is finally buried.

            You just want a chance to look down at someone. I could understand at least if it was you with new iPhone 6s and a hot woman on your arm looking down at a fat guy. However you’re flexing your current gen muscle to a last guy who doesn’t know you exist because he’s still playing Kill zone 3 lol.

          • That’s not the case for all couples. I mean men having Wal-Mart salaries and 3 kids. They can still make clever personal finance decisions by investing every so often. Anybody can save up money. It might be more than a financial issue. I can’t convince anyone, otherwise. I can’t force someone to get out of their comfort zones and play games they usually wouldn’t want to experience, just like how I can’t go into a GameStop and argue with a manager about the PS4 like an Xbox fanboy. That’s ethically wrong, so that’s where I draw the line.

            Because it’s a HUGE deal and you’re downplaying it. Did you defend Unity, as mainly a Singleplayer game, being online only? How about Titanfall? Need For Speed? Battlefront? The Crew? It’s anti-consumer and limits the experience.

            I don’t trust Activision. Never will again. I just want BO3, that’s it. If there’s something that I don’t like, I’ll “bitch”, because I want people to read what I have to say. It’s up to their own conceived opinions of my statements that decides whether or not they agree with me. It doesn’t matter. They have free thought and I can’t sway their views on me. No, I’m not here to bully people, in here because gaming is a hobby, a passion of mine that I love, and I can’t stand it when my experience gets taken away from either me or others.

            Last generation was pretty good. The PS3 has to be one of the best all-time consoles to me (bold claim, I like many consoles), but it and the 360’s UI are slow, and the games don’t run very well, now. I don’t try to sway their opinions, I just share mine.

          • What I don’t understand is how they can afford a $50 or $60 game when they supposedly can’t afford a $400 or less console in 2 years.

          • Stop defending last gen. You part of the CoD defense committee or something? It’s online only for nearly full price, therefore it’s inexcusable, so STFU. Unless you want to be ignorant and defend Rainbow Six Siege like a blind fanboy, if you want.

          • Who is defending last gen? Saying someone is lazy and refuse to work because they have a PS3/360 is fuckinh ridiculous. Ghosts and AW were dog shit games so those games weren’t worth upgrading for anyway. BO3 absolutely seems worth upgrading for.

            Actually you putting on a cape defending someone making a ridiculous link is even more ridiculous. No matter how good COD ends up being once last gen is finally put to rest you and crybabies like you will search for the shit to complain about. Complaining about Snipers being OP on a fast pace SMG/Shotgun orientated game? Since you hate Snipers they should nerf it right? If snipers are giving you trouble on BO2 take your ass offline and play level Rookie bots. I know it’s easier to bitch about shit than trying to compete. You’re a cheeky bitch.

          • I thought you defended AW and Ghosts? What’s your real agenda? There’s no excuse not to upgrade. It takes clever investments and personal finance. Save up for a few months. Everyone has had nearly 2 years, so again, there’s no excuse.

            You are petty. What link? What the hell are you talking about? I’m defending last gen users from being gimped and being forced to play an online only game. Regardless of what you say, last gen holds this franchise back, no matter how good or bad it is. Yeah, I’ll complain about quickscopers because why the fuck can their snipers be a OHK AND be so accurate? It’s because they’re overpowered, and catering to that retarded community by buffing the snipers in BO3 was downright sickening. Furthermore, I won’t play against bots because some random person n the internet asked me to. Who the hell do you think you are? I can criticize a game that I paid money for, regardless of my skill level, which is literally irrelevant. I’m actually not bad at the game. There are objectively very frustrating issues in most CoD games.

          • Who the hell would defend Ghosts and AW but Tmartn and the studios that produced them? You’re just so used to throwing around the word “fanboy” or kid so you assumed if I dare oppose you I must be fanboy of something else.

            Here’s a secret, someone can have opinions or like things without being a fanboy.

            I am enjoying GOAT Metal Gear Solid 5, have PES to look forward to, have played GTA 5, Mortal Kombat X and a host of other great current gen games. I don’t feel the need to think about last gen or assume they are holding me back because for one that’s sort of Republican “these welfare folks are taking mah monies: sort of stance. For two, I don’t trust that Activision will do anything more for COD than up graphics anyway because of how greedy they are.

            Lastly, I assume if someone STILL doesn’t have current gen they must be content with what they have. No need for me to care about their financial situation because mine is good enough to at least upgrade since Day Two.

            The fact you care enough about last gen to act as if you’re Trump and they illegal immigrants shows how petty and arrogant you are. Enjoy the amazing XB1 and PS4 games instead of LOOKING for something to bitch about.

            And don’t pretend like you care about realism only to rationalize your getting owned by a 360 no scoping idiot. Snipers can be annoying but come on now.

            Your skill level does sort of matter because if you aren’t doing too hot of course everything that you don’t like is OP. Then again even if you were one of these MLG weirdos you’d still be bitching because that’s what you do.

          • Oh, well, my banter in terms of AW is totally because I suck at the game, right? As if skill level is relevant to negative criticism. No, I call you a fanboy because you act like one. Otherwise, why defend certain things blindly? Yep, totally complain about quickscopers in BO2 because I’m a noob and should play against Recruit bots, even though it has no progression.

            “Great” not everyone enjoys the same games as you. You couldn’t pay me a dime to buy another Konami game, and I don’t like Kojima. Don’t mind GTA V, great game. Haven’t tried MKX. Heard mixed things about it. Fighters aren’t my thing, so I’ll admit that I suck at them. PES is annual so I would never buy it if I’m just getting a roster change. Somebody could just state that you’re easily pleased, or you only like those games because you play them on low difficulties and dominate, right? By your logic, I wouldn’t be surprised. Your last gen statement is flawed because, well current gen consoles weren’t out when GTA V came out. What about Destiny? That game held current gen back. So did Ghosts. I don’t know how MGSV was playable on last gen. It MUST have quite a few bugs. I know GZ did. I’ll give MGSV credit for being so technologically sophisticated. I don’t think it’s a bad game (because I’ve only played some of GZ), I’d rather just buy other games that I would enjoy. Activision already made BO3 always online on last gen so that’s not far off.

            Sometimes the decisions those people make may be selfish for the betterment of gaming. Keeping last gen condones Activision-like behavior. It’s up to them, though. I can’t force them to upgrade, I’ll just say that I don’t find their choice wise and leave it there. Doesn’t mean I can’t post banter about it in a comments section, however.

            PLEASE explain how I’m petty and arrogant. I’d love to hear this. Last time I checked, apparently sucking at a video game isn’t something that I’d be arrogant about. I don’t support much third party because of Activision, EA, and Ubisoft. I’m trying to refrain.

            I don’t care about realism. In fact, I can appreciate a great Fantasy RPG game like Bloodborne. Realism isn’t what I’m arguing, I’m arguing for balance purposes, although to reach that balance, then perhaps some realism should be involved in snipers. Since you don’t know me and just assume things about me, I am an avid quickscoper. I know first hand how easy it is. It’s illogical for snipers to have One-Shot-Kills AND accuracy at once in a mutual relationship. It’s poor design. Vahn should have nerfed them further. They’re kids, what’ll they do, bite him? He shouldn’t have felt threatened. That’s all that community does.

            That makes sense, but you’re implying that that is the case, in which it’s not. There’s a difference between experiencing a game for the first time and poor design choices. I think I’m decent at many, if not most, games that I play. AW just really is that bad to me.

          • Stopped being one about 2 weeks ago. No point in being one when the comments aren’t even life-threatening or overly sensitive. It’s just a bunch of kids and adults (Stanger enough) using Dolan speak. Which is harmess, bUT I’m pretty sure Keshav and Petey aren’t fans of it. Not sure about Victor. He probably doesn’t read the comments anymore. I don’t blame him. Lol.

          • You have to be somewhat acquainted with them to be able to ask them to ban him. Why didn’t you ban him months ago? He’s been coming after me for a long time.

          • Better than nothing. Where were you deleting jordanxxxbrooke’s comments? HMM?! Lol

          • You’re a mangina.

            No one actually likes you. You’re a shit talker and drama queen.

            My comments are anti consumerism huh lmao.

          • Doesn’t mean you can’t invest for 2 years. I recommend last gen users to just not buy the game, because they’re just being gimped.

    • Hopefully we will get a trailer soon. I saw a post on how Jason Blundell and the Treyarch team are filming a trailer on a twitter post.

        • Uhhhh if it’s Zombies I’d go crazy. We have enough Campaign information tbh. Zombies is a mystery, and I’m more excited for it.

          • No we don’t have enough. We barely know anything about the characters. Meanwhile there have been two trailers for Zombies already. I’d like additional Zombies info to stay secret, at least until the achievement list comes out.

          • That could easily be redirected at your statement. Why show anything if they could just make it a surprise? I just want some mindless RPG-like fun. I could be given a bad story and still be satisfied. Since Co-Op is a focus, I don’t know if there will be a narrative worth caring about. I’d be fine, either way. I just want to see more Zombies, dammit.

          • Knowing about the characters wouldn’t ruin anything, IMO. I mean, we have gotten a lot of infos about Zombies characters (at least their names and backgrounds), so I could use some of that for Campaign characters as well.

          • Maybe they’re trying to hide spoilers? What if all of the previous characters come back, and they want to keep it a surprise? Campaign has had quite a bit of the important gameplay information. Why not have both Campaign and Zombies in the trailer?

          • You can’t have ALL previous characters back, that’s just insanely impossible. Most of them would’ve been dead, or in retirement. The only way they could possibly appear is through mentions (which we know Menendez will get one), or through intel pieces (Blundell did say parts of the BO1 intel will show up in the BO3 computer wiki).

            What I mean is that we should at least know about the new characters though.

          • They could easily have flashback missions like in BO1 and 2. 2 wasn’t entirely focused on the future aspect.

          • Treyarch said the entire campaign can be played in co-op with the character you create in 2065, so the flashback theory would go right out the window.

          • That would be lame. They could have easily reskinned the player models for WWII flashback missions.

          • That said, now that WW2 missions seem to be a possibility, I can’t wait to see how Treyarch handles this.

      • How will the Campaign be amazing? It’ll be like all other CoD games except the levels are more open and it’s more like an RPG. Dang it. I’m interested. Not for the story, though. I couldn’t care less.

  3. well jason blundell was working on a trailer right according to the leaks maybe vahn has also made it that its gonna be like a multi themed trailer which is extra long like the final black ops 1 dlc map pack trailer haha

      • Wrong, it was actually Martha Stewart who said that, and her follow up was “And whoever smelled it, dealt it.” And Mason was all like “Naw bitch, you racist.” And Dimitri Charlie Sheen was all like “I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit in my life. Nova 6 gas, Zambies, the numbers Mason (giggity), Woods Left 4 Dead (Da Da Da Da Da Da Jockey Power!), Sgt. Petrenko dead (AW boo-hoo big whoop wanna fight about it?), Cordis Die, drunken whores… But having you all here tonight was really special.”

  4. today buy the monster energy with the 15 min double xp for zombies i buy 4 energy im ready sorry for my bad english im from amsterdam

    • Don’t worry.
      Its not yet printed on discs.
      Its not yet approved
      Its not yet in retailers
      Servers will only be turned on between 1 week3 days until launch so they wont start w/ higher levels than you

  5. Well the game launches in 6 weeks so it should be finished now hope these next 6 weeks they’re play testing to look for bugs for patches

    • Well MW3 was Robert Bowling’s last CoD game he worked on, so maybe Black Ops 3 is Vahn’s last CoD game too. Hope not, but the man is getting old and he probably wants to spend more time with his family than continue making games.

          • I’d honestly be glad, because maybe the next Multiplayer Director won’t focus the game on making sure his competitive buddies Fwiz and hastr0 are happy. Nah, I kid. Even though Vahn makes some poor decisions sometimes, he’s hard to replace.

          • I knew it was something along those lines. I know that he uses to be the Director in previous games. Still, his position is pre try high, so his influence on even the Director is high. I don’t know a whole log about game design positions so I’ll cease with acting like I know what I’m talking about. I can’t keep up with these random positions I’ve never heard of prior to this game.

          • dude bo2 was awesome even for pub players yet it still had a great focus as well, you act as if esports is killing cod yet its ironic that the favorite cod the “casuals” like are the same that have the biggest esport focus, it just goes to show you how well treyarch and handle both

          • BO2 was far from awesome. Competitive brought annoying head glitches to the maps and SBMM on launch. e-Sports IS killing CoD. Past games didn’t even care about the shit (Note that Respawn doesn’t care, Zampella laughed at the thought of it), which is why they were considered CoD in its prime. I really don’t see how BO2 is referred to as one of the best, because it’s hard to say such a thing. Treyarch should only be handling public games. That’s what defines Call of Duty. It’s trying too hard to become Counter-Strike. No thanks.

          • thats preference, if no body liked bo2 then it wouldnt be the #1 requested game on backwards compatibility neither would it still have 11 million active players.

            head glitches have nothing to do with esports, there was a ton in mw3 and that game hated esports.

          • I couldn’t care less about Xbox One backwards compatibility. Success doesn’t dignify quality. I still think CoD 4, World at War, MW2, and Black Ops were the best CoDs (not in that particular order). And where’d you get the ’11 million active players’ statistic? That can’t be true.

            On the contrary, they have everything to do with e-Sports, since the maps were created with e-Sports in mind.

          • Well this is reassuring. Don’t want the last good main cod director to leave. I’ve lost all hope in SHG and have some for IW if they change things from what they did last time.

      • but robert bowlings and vahn are two completely different people that have completely different jobs LOL, rob bowling is more comparable to jd_2020

  6. This is awesome news! Glad to hear it’s in it’s gold stage and that disks are being produced already. Even though I got no money saved yet for this game, I’m excited to get my hands on it in the future 😀

    • I think we get some official news in 2 weeks. So maybe incoming Tuesday or next Tuesday from that we’ll get possibly story trailer.

    • “Let him talk. He is just a sad old man talking to himself.”

      He just likes to guess things. We shall wait for information from legit or official source.

  7. There’s like 2 months to go I hope they spend that left over time to work and find bugs and glitches and make sure the servers are good

  8. So does that mean that, somewhere out in the world right now, the FULL day one version of Bo3 can be played? Well, looks like I’m using the skills I learned from GTA 5 to go hijack a truck full of Bo3 disks… Jk FBI please don’t come knocking on my front door