Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has posted a blog post on PlayStation Blog revealing some of the changes they have made to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer mode following the feedback from the beta.

  • Some players were dissatisfied that the Black Hat equipment was too powerful. We agree. Our new hacking mechanic scales the hacking speed based on how close you are to the target, and will require precise aim to hack Scorestreaks in a reasonable time. Time-to-hack has been adjusted upwards across the board to make it more challenging to hack, especially at the higher end of rewards. Hackers now also appear as a red dot on the minimap for the duration of the hack, which, along with VO notifications that a Scorestreak is being hacked, provides players the ability to counter by hunting down the attacker.
  • Rejack sparked its fair share of controversy during the Beta for a number of reasons, most of which were valid. Included in that list: putting players into Rejack did not count as a kill, and players were using Rejack to stack Scorestreaks. Now, putting a player into Rejack counts as a kill. Players receive kill credit immediately in-game, on the scoreboard and leaderboard, and in persistent stats. Rejack now also resets all Scorestreak progress so that it cannot be used continuously throughout a match to pad progress towards high-level Scorestreaks.
  • We’ve talked a lot about the flinch mechanics during the beta — that’s when getting hit causes your weapon to move out of position. Our improved networking code would sometimes cause bullet flinch to stack, so we put a cap on how much you can flinch while ADS. While you will still flinch when shot, it will be within tighter constraints to keep you closer to your aim.
  • We improved the feedback that you have downed your target by including the red “kill marker.” This marker will subtly grow in size with each subsequent hit, turning red upon dealing lethal damage as added reinforcement to confirm the kill.
  • During the beta, any downward or backward player movement could make the grenade toss distances feel awkwardly short. This has been adjusted so that player velocity never negatively impacts grenade trajectory. We also tweaked grenade speed and distances.
  • Players felt Concussion and Flashbang grenade types were very powerful. While both grenade types need to be in order to stay viable as equipment choices, we reduced the Concussion grenade stun time by 1 second and are now unlocking the Tactical Mask perk (the counter for both Concussion and Flash Bangs) earlier in the progression system at level 13.
  • By popular request, we’ve added a “Time in Hill” stat for the scoreboard and leaderboards in the Hardpoint game mode.
  • Players did not feel sufficiently rewarded for escorting the robot in Safeguard. Players now receive +25 score for every 3 seconds that they escort the robot toward the enemy base.
  • Players wanted additional details about how they were eliminated. The Kill Cam and Final Kill Cam now show what killed you (including weapons, Scorestreaks, Specialist weapons, equipment, etc.) and what perks the player has equipped.
  • Additionally, various weapon-balancing changes were implemented, including to the Razorback and M8A7.




        • Buffing them just frustrated me. It’s like they’re appeasing that community. You know, the children who offered to kill David Vonderhaar? I don’t know. Maybe aim assist does make a difference (as I’ve said for years). Thing is, is that quickscoping can also be done on PC, though, so there’s that.

        • You can still snipe without quickscoping existing. You can’t have accurate one-hit kill weapons in a game meant for balance.

          • Yes you can, I’m someone who disables aim assist I still able to quick scope, the problem is that the aiming is WAY TOO SLOW, in the beta, players can literally kill with ARs from long ranges before I aim.

            I’m an average sniper player ( or even below average ) and I think the cods that balanced sniping are AW and BO1.

  1. My only complain is why did they decide to add two sensitivities? Vertical and horizontal? I don’t like how it feels.

      • It’s extremely obvious to do that. But it still feels awkward. Especially with snipers idk if it’s done on purpose or a glitch but when you ADS the sensitivity is twice as fast. And yes both my sensitivities were the same so I hope they fix that.

        • I understand your discomfort with the ads sensitivity, but to argue the realistic side when you look down scope in a high powered lens……it’s very sensitive.

          • That’s very true but also hard to use as an argument because this game is far from realistic. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but we can’t compare video game gunfights with real life ones. Especially for a call of duty game. But who knows it might get changed.

          • So both our arguments are null and void because CoD is sprinkled with reality and arcade. It just so happen they made the scope more realistic this time around. But don’t worry, they always succumb to our complaints during patches.

  2. so if you get credit for a kill when putting someone in rejack, and scorestreaks reset, then what is the point of rejack?

    • Say you don’t want to have a lot of deaths. It still allows you to have a flawless game. I mean who doesn’t want at least 3 less deaths to boost kd

      • weird to have one specialist ability specifically only useful in non-respawn modes. I thought it was fine as is, but now it seems useless.

        • It’s not useless you can respawn in the same location you died in instead of having to run back to where you where from a starting spawn. If you get killed on the hardpoint you can come back to life and still remain on the Hardpoint. It’s basically a class for Anchor type objective players who want to lock down a certain area.

  3. Good work Treyarch. They have recognised some concerns from the community and rectified them. Hopefully this game will be in a solid state on release and unlike Sledgehammer; they wont have to spend the next 12 months tweaking, buffing and patching their game.

        • Yeah, so if you play Domination your better off using other specialists. One special isn’t meant for all game modes. Each one is tailored towards a specific game mode and/or play style.

      • It’s a glorified Tactical Insertion now, if you wanna call it that. At the very least, it’s like the other Specialists’ abilities now: only useful in specific situations.

          • Well I’m assuming, in search in a best of 4. How many time do you think you would get rejecked. I believe the timer is 3 mins

          • I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon. Competitive play? Sure. But devs don’t usually ban one specific item for a game mode in pubs. Then people will start demanding “ban this thing in that game mode”.

          • True, but again, we are talking about public match. People don’t like having stuff banned in public; way too restrictive. And it wouldn’t help S&D either, since it’s not exactly a popular mode.

            Besides, how many times will you actually be able to use Rejack in an S&D game? Probably once or twice, given how slow it refills itself.

          • I think SnD is a very popular mode on the contrary, its the only mode kept alive in older CoDs besides TDM and DOM. MW2 is practically Dom/SnD. I can concede on your valid points however.

          • As long as it’s done right, then it’s not a big deal. I should be able to be revived in the same way as I can in Battlefield. It’s fun.

          • They should make it so that you have to be revived by your team mates and if you are then you keep your scorestreaks. It’s a ‘revive activation’ ability and when it is activated it has a timer but makes you invincible. So either the timer runs out and you die, or your team mate picks you up off the floor and you continue. None of this BS ‘coming back from the dead’ that is now useless when instantly respawning is arguably the better option than sitting waiting to get killed again.

        • Not that it’s OP. It’s just a piece of shit specialist ability. I have no idea how they even thought it’d be good to put this in the game after most of the community hated Second Chance/Final Stand and Tactical Insertions.

          • Fair criticism. I personally don’t have a problem if it’s not broken. I think it was more balanced than any stupid Second Chance perk or respawning equipment.

          • The big smoke cloud and then the enemy hopping out of an engagement is frustrating or if you kill them and then kill their teammate they can quickly rack and kill you while you’re reloading. That’s frustrating.

          • Yeah, I can see that. It’s not like a perk where it’s giving players something on a silver platter, though. I’d like these abilities to be useful, if they were to stay existent.

    • To be fair rejack was a gd ability, i never used it but it made for so many easy melee kills!!! It wasnt an OP ability imo but treyarch have now made it pointless!

    • It shouldn’t even be a specialist ability anymore. It’s completely useless now and I don’t get why people complained about it. They should just make a different ability for the character. I don’t mind the H.I.V.E. though.

    • If they wanted to keep it my solution would of been to keep it the same as before (scorestreaks continues) but when you get up you use your fists and have to pick up a weapon.

  4. Still very pissed off you’re even able to hack enemy Scorestreaks regardless of how hard it is. I don’t like that. I’m glad to see a “Time in Hill” stat will show up on the leader boards now. I’m also happy to see a red marker will indicate when you kill someone. I liked how Infinity Ward added this late in Ghosts life cycle (theirs was yellow). As for Stuns and Flashes I don’t really care about those since I was going to use Tactical Mask regardless.

          • Haha that will be me then! Loved blackhat as only way i will get the top top end killstreaks sadly!

          • If they earned their way to my streak by working hard for it, then I feel that they deserve it. But that does make sense.

          • To give it more use. We all say that things are as powerful as they are because they require a point. How is this any different? If we have strong sidearms and strong Specialists, then we should have strong equipment, as long as it can be countered. Blackhat pre-patch definitely seemed like a crutch. Now it requires more sophisticated means. What if the amount of time it takes is absurdly high?

          • It mainly hacked lower streaks and equipment. Maybe the BO3 version will be more fun to use? Not sure. I’d rather wait and see it firsthand before saying it’s OP.

          • That was pre-patch. Now you have to work harder for them. Who knows? It might be extremely difficult.

        • It’s okay to destroy them, but not get them by [now] earning them by going through bells and whistles (I don’t want to say skill because I don’t believe it exists in gaming)? I’d rather see how it is in action before I make judgments.

          • I think skill is only involved in the workplace. I think it should be called something else in gaming. Like what? I don’t know.

          • Bitching about Microsoft and gaming companies probably doesn’t belong in COD articles but you do it anyway.

            Why wouldn’t skills exist in something that you can gain experience in and have statistical evidence? You stupid fuck.

            Combat Record gives a statistical idea of how someone plays. It’s not 100% but certainly better than listening to someone’s opinion on how good they are.

            It’s convenient how you take a skill doesn’t really matter approach(probably because you’re a below average player) and we should play for fun in video games.

            However, in articles you don’t wanna talk video games if it isn’t about something way deeper.

            You’re a bitch

          • Bitching about my “bitching” doesn’t belong in CoD articles, but you do it anyway. They deserve it. And the stances on Microsoft acquiring Havok is not an off-topic issue.

            There are many definitions for it. When it comes to CoD, it doesn’t really exist, but meh, I’ll take that statement back.

            Combat Record doesn’t really dignify anything. We all have good games and bad games that affect it. I find it redundant, but it’s a neat feature that exists, so it’s no big deal.

            That’s because fun is the most important aspect of gaming. You haven’t seen me play. I’m an average CoD player, if you really want to know. My stats are average, and my complaints about CoD are valid. But, sure, let’s just use strawman, that’s a good idea.

            I thought it was a CoD news site and general gaming talk is irrelevant, to you? Is that a flip/flop I see? Keep hiding behind that keyboard.

          • People play video games for fun but of course someone would be better than others.

            I’m sure if you played any sports game you’d get your ass whipped.

            You’re probably MLG level at any Candy Crush and Barbie Dreamhouse

          • That’s not the point of video games, hence why I think competitive makes no sense whatsoever and I think it should die.

            Considering the fact that I can’t stand Sports games because of the business behind it, yeah, I wouldn’t be good at them, since I don’t play them often.

            Both casual games, like CoD? Meh, I’ve seen better trolls. Try harder.

        • I’m sorry, but it’s kinda funny.
          Stealing is wrong.
          We all know this. But it’s okay to gun a guy down? The fact of the matter is, in war (video games), there are no rules. Anything that gets the job done. And that is what the bottom line is. At the end of the war, the soldiers don’t line up and say, “Good war, guys, good war. You were a tough enemy. Good war,” like in baseball. War is a dirty business.
          I don’t think BH will really be used all that much. Maybe at the beginning, when people are trying for the easy shit, but they will see that it isn’t easy to use, and it will be one of those pieces of equipment that just gathers dust. If it takes 15-20 seconds to hack something big, 15-20 seconds is a lifetime in game. People who use them will be nothing but easy kills, being on the minimap for so long. And so far, the maps aren’t that big. I’ll worry about it once the game launches, and see if it becomes an issue.

    • I know its a game but in real life flash bangs are game changers in close quarters so i would never personally nerf them! Great call unlocking tac mask early tho as it gives players that choice/risk option

  5. That is just simply crazy. Glad they did this. Especially glad to see that they improved the netcode.

  6. Black hat is still OP as F*
    F*cking trollarch
    No one should be able to hack our hard earned strikes
    Make the black hat the same as it was in ShitOps 2

        • Even though you just complained about the Blackhat? Every year we all said the same thing over and over again: “This CoD is better than the last” “finally, a good CoD”, etc. Now, only Treyarch will make me feel that way, unless Infinity Ward’s new staff makes a huge difference. I’ll let people like whatever they like. They have their fun moments. Black Ops 3 is simply being done right.

    • Bcuz streaks are earned and can easily b taken away by any noob with black hat now it makes streaks like uav, counter uav, h.a.t.r etc. Useless

      • you didn’t read what they changed i guess. But i wouldn’t expect internet commenters to read the article they’re commenting on anyway

        • I guess u didnt read bcuz it still hacks streaks and everything the only thing thats different is u show up on the radar while hacking but i didnt expect a troll commenter to read a reply correctly

          • LMAO. I believe you are the one who sucks at reading. at least at comprehending what you’re reading. Let me just post the whole fuckin thing so you can attempt to understand it lol

            “Our new hacking mechanic scales the hacking speed based on how close you are to the target, and will require precise aim to hack Scorestreaks in a reasonable time. Time-to-hack has been adjusted upwards across the board to make it more challenging to hack, especially at the higher end of rewards. Hackers now also appear as a red dot on the minimap for the duration of the hack, which, along with VO notifications that a Scorestreak is being hacked, provides players the ability to counter by hunting down the attacker.”

            increased the time to hack, have to be closer to something to hack it faster, requires more precise aim to hack, show up on radar while hacking, and a VO notification to your character.

            Nice try though

  7. To be fair the only reason rejecked was nerfed was because these garbage YouTubers were crying because they were blind to the green smoke. Every time I seen someone use rejecked I killed them as soon as they spawned.

    • Exactly. I had no problem with Rejack now it is just new tactical insertion… that green smoke was easy to see and you could aim at it or run away.

      • It’s a Tactical Insertion that’s earned, then. I’d only have a problem if I got one-shot by a quickscoper instantly after being in Rejack. They’ll use it as the new Tactical Insertion, that’s for damn sure, and it’ll piss me off.

        • lol trickshotters only use rejack in search to get to last they cant trickshot with it because you have to die first.Snipers(a.k.a. feeders quickscopers whatever you guys call us)we use stuff like the vison pulse so yeah.
          ps im a trickshotter

          • “Trickshotting” (which is grammatically incorrect) has helped run this franchise into the ground. It’s not a valid playstyle, and the community is downright atrocious.

      • Yeah, now imagine when you have 8-10 seconds to defuse the bomb in S&D in 1v1, you kill him, starting defusing at 6-7 secs, he respawns and kills you, plus you have no time to kill him 2 times and defuse the bomb. This is my only concern with that specialist.

          • no, I think it’s alright. they won’t have it every match, maybe every 3 matches IF it goes to 7 or 6 matches. so someone may only get it once or twice. and the time to get different specialist abilities and weapons is changed compared to the other game modes

    • Know what sucks is that they listen to these youtubers…YOUTUBERS! Driftor complained about something in AW and Condrey asked him “what would you like to be different?” Are you kidding me, puppets of Activision are real.

      • Yeah man the shit is ridiculous. All because they can’t pub stomp they’ll complain about some bullshit. Yet they always use the most OP shit in the game.

      • Not always, you know. If they listened to Youtubers so much, we’d have gotten Supply Credits ages ago, since PrestigeIsKey constantly bugs Condrey about it.

    • Mind if I say that rejack was never intended to keep streaks, but was a bug. Vahn addresses that when he tweets about the rejack nerf.

    • Exactly. I had no problem with re jack. They nerfed it to the point where it’s useless outside search. Sparrow however takes little to no skill

      • Yeah agree about the sparrow specialist. But if we wanna talk about crazy specialist, I would like to throw reapers death machine. That shit mows people down so fast my god.

    • There were plenty of people in the community who didn’t like rejack. Additionally, it’s not like Rejack is completely useless, now. Furthermore, Vahn admitted, himself, that Rejack was never supposed to keep you on your killstreak,

    • A sensible person you are. I have the worst possible vision before blindness and both I and Helen Keller apcan see the smoke.

    • •Can’t spell “rejack”
      •Thinks that YouTubers were the only ones complaining and the only ones heard
      •Thinks everybody can pubstomp
      •Thinks rejack was nerfed when it really just got the scorestreak bug removed
      •Crying about rejack being “nerfed” when saying how easy it is to counter

      N00B CONFIRMED!!!!!

        • Well, we cod players are very selfish, but from a team perspective Rejack gives you a second chance to kill a guy who won the actual gun fight. So image on for example capture the flag someone tries to take the flag, he got killed but he’s got rejack on so now he has another (limited) chance to kill the one who killed him and if he succees they are with one player less instead of the other way around as it were if he didn’t had rejack on, and ofcourse now he also has a shot at capturing the flag. I believe this is the intention of Vahn, and thats why he said that he thinks its pretty much the same as second chance, only now there is green smoke to get away instead of dropping to the floor and fire away your secondary to get lucky. So the accent is somewhere else but its kinda like the same

  8. Il just watch u guys biatch about nerfs and buffs and shit, I don’t care at this point.. This game is better than ghosts and a.w .. That’s all that matters with this CoD .. It needs the fun factor and it’s got it.. I’m glad they have took on bord most of the community concerns tho, even tho not everyone is going to be happy ?..

    • This makes me happy. Finally, a CoD that’s not too boring, and one that’s not too chaotic. There will definitely be rage-worthy experiences, but nowhere near as frequent as the past 2-3 games.

      • They all seem pretty balanced to me.. And it there Is an OP weapon I won’t be stuck using it .. Got to go for the diamond/royalty camo what ever it may be ..

        • I would do the same, but after playing AW, I realized the people are willing to play with ONE GUN for a full year.

  9. I just hope this black hat nerf works better then before because before it was too easy to hack streaks I just hope this doesn’t break the game

  10. This is a great start I must say. Really don’t like the idea that the streaks could still be hacked but its way better than before. Just gotta see how things really pan out when we get the full release.

  11. Nice to see that they are listening. Also nice to know that they reduced the flinch but I still think your weapon should flinch. I’m glad toughness is gone because we don’t want to see glutch perks.

  12. The one ability EVERYONE is over looking is the stealth camo. That ability makes you almost impossible to see; makes the exo-ability look like a toy. I used the camo a lot towards the end of the beta and i was loving it.

    • Reaper is a beast. Just aim somewhere near the target and he is dead. Also Ripper is a good specialist. I remember myself telling how crappy Ripper is seconds before quad feed final killcam with Ripper’s blades. :’)

    • What hype? I’m more excited for this game. It isn’t too focused on the minority communities, it’s focused on making the actual CoD players happy, and I think it’ll be the best one in a long time.

  13. Would have been awesome if you seem dead to enemy and your team player had to revive you. Like everyone says just a glorified tactinsert.

  14. Time on Hill should be nice to see all the people who just jump on the hill for the points and then stop playing the objective. Sadly it won’t stop them from ignoring the objective though.

    Would be good if they added some points for spending time on the hill. Like 25 points for every 3 seconds or something. That would mean holding the hill for a full 60 seconds would be 500 points (700 with a cap) which is a nice benefit to actually playing the objective instead of just standing next to it for cap points every time someone comes by.

  15. They have completely ignored the real issue with the black hat, and that was that you could steal peoples lethal scorestreaks. The hacking time wasn’t a problem.

    *Remove the ability to steal lethal scorestreaks and reduce the hacking time back to what it was.


      • You dont have to earn a black hat. so you can still steal a scorestreak that someone else has earned. You should only be able to destroy lethal streaks with it, not steal them.

        • If it requires you to do things that require more work and challenges, then isn’t it earned? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s OP.

          • You don’t actually know what the black hat is do you? Its a piece of equipment you can carry 2 of per 1 life, You dont have to do anything to earn it.

            -Someone on the enemy team has earned 10+ (kills while you’ve done nothing)
            -He calls in a HATR.
            -Then you pull out your black hat and steal it.

            How is that balanced?

          • I know what the Blackhat is. I’ve played Black Ops 2. I’m well-aware that it’s a piece of equipment. I meant that, even if it’s equipped, that the hacked Scorestreaks are earned, because of all of the bells and whistles you now have to do to hack them. We haven’t even seen it in action (not worth defending, however).

            If I have to go through a number of things in order to do it, then how is it not? It’s not about timing, now, it’s about positioning, and possibly other means. We don’t know.

          • All you have to do is point your crosshairs at something for about 10-15 seconds, that’s not challenging, It shouldn’t steal high/lethal streaks

          • Notice he said he played BO2 which had a different Black Hat. He is also the tyoe the type who would use it.

          • It’s really not that hard to hide behind cover in your team’s spawn and point a blackhat at a streak. How is it fair that someone can steal a streak like that, when the other person had to get a bunch of kills to earn it?

          • Lol all I hear is whining, If you can stay alive to hack something for 10-15 seconds while being highlighted on the minimap then you’ve earned it. That is a long time to go unnoticed in a fast paced game.

          • So by you’re logic, standing still and pointing your crosshairs in the air for 10-15 seconds without dying is equal to killing 12+ people without dying?! Sit down and STFU.

          • How do we know exactly how it’ll act? As I’ve said in previous comments, it positioning plays a factor, so it being game-breaking is yet to be seen. I’m not excusing it, though. It might still be OP. Who knows?

          • Did you even play BO3 Beta? The Black Hat in BO3 does quite a few more things than the BO2 version did including taking over someone’s scorestreak.

            If you didn’t play the game then stick to what you know best being a 21 year old weirdo geek version of Che Guevara

    • “I like this idea, though I’d say, be able to steal non-lethal scorestreaks and the ability to destroy lethal scorestreaks and we are good, no?”

  16. The Black Hat didn’t seriously need a nerf.

    “Hackers now also appear as a red dot on the minimap for the duration of the hack”
    The whole point of the black hat (for me anyway) was to either steal or destroy someone’s scorestreak without being spotted by someone.

    “Time-to-hack has been adjusted upwards across the board to make it more challenging to hack, especially at the higher end of rewards”

    I thought the hacking time for some of the streaks were already long enough as is.

    but whatever.

    Though I do like the addition of the new “kill marker” and the “Time In Hill” stat.

  17. Glad they’re bringing back the ability to see what killed you, in the killcam. Just like in Ops 1/2. I like to know what gun killed me,what perks the enemy was running etc. Thanks Treyarch!

  18. If anything the M8A1 needed a buff the hit feedback was terrible on it how about do weapons and stuff once the game is released

  19. Everything about the changes sounds good to me. I don’t agree with what they did with Rejack though. It was fine and if you can’t see that then you dillusional and you should get your eyes checked.

    • it was fine if you enjoyed people cheating death to continue streaks and avoid getting a death (meaning there is no reason to use anything else)
      i’d rather it not exist really

  20. Rejack is going to be the least use specialist ability. Black hats still having the ability to hack scorestreaks on any level is absurd!!! Why Treyarch seems to think this is a good idea is beyond me!!! People are going to stop running the high end scorestreaks because of this. Retarded!!!

  21. Did they keep aim assist off the snipers?? I hope the didnt listen to the weak aim assist spamming snipers, as a member of the sniping community i want that higher learning curve and to not have other players think i am “cheating” by using a sniper

    • But it’s kinda unfair, why you have an assault rifle with 3 shots to kill, 800 RPM, fast aim AND aim assist while a sniper with less than 100 RPM, very slow time to aim, and no aim assist ?

      I personally want them to remove aim assist from all the guns ( I feel like I’m the only one who disables aim assist since MW3 ).

      • I may have the wrong end of the stick here, as your post isn’t worded the best (not a criticism, English may not be your fiest language), but if you’re saying it’s unfair for an AR to have Aim Assist while a sniper doesn’t then I disagree. You’ve very obviously left out one key point about sniper rifles – that they are capable of 1 shot kills in core modes. I had little trouble holding my own by playing smart, aka not running and gunning like many people want to with a sniper rifle like you could in BO2. The whole point of them is to support and pick people off at long range, not go sprinting into a room and dropping 2-3 enemies without a problem.

        • But look at AW and bo1, they both have snipers that can kill you in one shot, but I don’t think that the snipers were OP in these games.

          And yes, snipers are made to support players and pick people off at long ranges, but look at the gameplay style of all the cods ( especially the recent once like AW and BO3 ), they focus on movement ( meaning if you camp in AW then I don’t think you’ll about of kills ).

          • I have to disagree. Sniping in AW is at times OP. Not BO2 levels but is not BO1 pre-patch hard. People bitched about sniping in BO1 when it was first released, as they’d made quickscoping much harder.

            There’s a difference between camping and being mobile. Sitting in one spot, pretty much ADS at the same door or corner, isn’t likely to net you many kills. Whereas patrolling an area, looking over a couple/few high traffic areas of choke points will, while keeping you at a safe enough distance.

    • I understand that, but the sniper is real hard in this game, i understand nerfing quickscoping and frustrating kills, but i believe that all guns should be fairly viable if i picked them up mid match. My God its frustrating to even just sit at the end of the map “hardscoping” and still missing because of how precise you have to be with your thumbs now. They should at least slow down the ADS speed a tad to make sniping not the most tedious thing

  22. Overall, I’m happy with these changes. I just hope they decide to tweak or even get rid of the enhanced sensitivity on snipers.

  23. I don’t get the hate about rejack. I thought it was perfectly balanced. Anyway, blackhats are useless now. I think you should only show up on the radar when you hack scorestreaks and not when you hack C4 or trip mines. But at least I know it’s going to be an unforgetable game.

  24. People complaining about the Black hat…….. I really don’t understand how you’re okay with busting yourself trying to get high score streaks only to have it effortlessly hacked and used against you in a matter of seconds. Someone should explain this to me because I don’t get it.

  25. My issues with the beta were the flinch, the weapon balance ( it needs a bit of tweaking ), and THAT HE PLAYPEN MISSILE, so most of my problems are fixed.

  26. I’m worried about the black hat, also I liked the flinch in the beta so I don’t see any reason to change it

    • Same dude I don’t want enemy’s to be able to hack my scorestreaks, equipment I can understand but if I earn a VSAT and its used against me I will be very pissed because basically I did good to pass on my streak to a noob

        • It’s deffenitly harder to hack now since enemies will apear on the radar and longer time to hack but the fact that it’s still possible for my streaks to get stolen makes me upset

  27. I don’t want to seem like I hate or anything but I’m still kind of upset that my high end scorestreaks can be hacked if I earn a fucking VSAT then it’s mine no one else’s, other than that everything is fine

  28. It seems like here are 10 campaign missions:


    – Black Ops
    – Demon Within
    – Hypocenter
    – In Darkness
    – Lotus Towers
    – New World
    – Provocation
    – Rise and Fall
    – Sand Castle
    – Vengeance

    10 missions… considering that these missions don’t last long like in earlier Treyarch titles (from World at War to Black Ops 2) this sounds worrying…

    • And why wouldn’t they last long? Idk why you guys can’t just wait till the game comes out to judge the campaign length. Theorizing about how long it could be and then complaining about your own theory seems very useless.

      • If you haven’t seen campaigns have been short and it gets shorter. As a singleplayer veteran I can’t remember when I actually played missions that lasted 25-30 minutes (there were only a couple of longer missions). I’m highly afraid that this time we get a short campaign but I’m not judging yet, I’m just worried.

  29. I’m glad these aren’t too major changes. The beta allowed for proper feedback and allowed treyarch to understand what we want without complete change. Kudos, Vonderhaar.

  30. Youtubers complain about guns and they get nerfed, not every gun can have the same stats there always has to be a viable weapon that is worth using

  31. Treyarch really hates scorestreaks this year first you can still hack them just may take longer and killing the hacker won’t stop them from spawning back in and doing it again. The streaks themselves are way too weak too.

  32. I was skeptical on what they would actually change after finally allowing us to have a beta, but now I’m extremely impressed. Definitely all changes that will make the game a lot better.

  33. All sound good. Especially the part about re jack. I remember a time people didn’t like second chance. Let’s go back and stay there .

  34. I had a problem with the beta. I never got to play it, it might have been my shitbox as it does not allow me to play campaign at all.I tried but every time it would reset as if I never played.
    But I tried to play Multiplayer and the multiplayer game modes were grayed out and I couldn’t choose anything as an option.
    Can anybody tell me why? And why my campaign resets? For GTA (I have to play the prologue before online) And AW campaign resets.
    Also another thing, I bought mortal kombat x and it will not load. I tried playing AC Black flag, nope.

    • Well it is a blog post on Playstation’s blog. Sony is not gonna let Vahn thank the PC and Xbox guys on a Playstation blog post.

      • You’re so stupid you don’t even see the issue… YES, IT’S ON THE PS BLOG

        PS BLOG

        PS BLOG


        PS BLOG


        • I’m sorry, but how is insulting me going to help? Go complain at Treyarch for not giving you Xbox users proper thanks.

          • You’re pathetic, you know that? We could sit here and have a civilized argument, but instead you resort to insulting me just because I don’t agree with your viewpoint.

            At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where they post this. Everyone reads it, even the Xbox and PC guys. Treyarch constantly communicates with every player of every platform. No one is left out of the conversation. So don’t make it look like Treyarch is being ungrateful to you Xbox players. They’re not.

          • “Viewpoint” It’s not a viewpoint. I was pointing out a fact. The only fact here is that you’re too ignorant to see something for the way it is. If you had any degree of intellect you’d be able to filter it out. But, alas, another moron is exposed.

          • Oh? Then feel free to educate me, oh great ben wills. Or are you too high and mighty to even do that?

            I don’t consider myself to be as intelligent as most people, but at least I have manners. You are just an asshole who resorts to insulting people to feel good about yourself.

  35. Would be nice to have my rank icons from COD4 to AW appear in the calling card and some exclusive calling cards for playing the previous games.

  36. Treyarch manages to fix their game’s most major problems before it’s even out. Meanwhile at Infinity Ward…

  37. Honestly, what is the point of rejack now? It’s basically a tactical insertion, that you get 3 or 4 times a game, with a guy sitting there waiting for you to spawn so he can kill you. It’s useless now. Might as well remove it.

  38. This game will be good now that black hat has some good counters against it, i dint really care about rejacked’s scorestreak thing but i guess if it was technically a bug an not put in on purpose then i guess its fine either way.
    Stuns were a bit OP and everything else are good additions as well

  39. this game will be just like every CoD game has been since they decided to release a CoD game each year… take a look at AW and Ghosts xD

    ghosts doesnt even appear in SteamStats
    advanced warfare has less players than mw2 , mw3 and bo2 xD

    and all their titles combined have less daily peak players than Eurotruck simulator does …. they should reconsider their strategies and take actions !

    IMHO they should concentrate more on their anticheat protections and prices for the pc , instead of polishing old graphic engines each year !!!

    (you cant sell a cheater infested game for 60eur and then not give a fuck about the people that bought it)

    i know consoles took over MP FPS games , but seriously , even 100k players buying this game would generate millions of profit !

  40. Here is my beef with regards to Arena. If the Specialist abilities are so damn great, and doesn’t add a level of garbage to the game, then why are they restricting the ability to choose which ability you want in Arena play based on whether someone else on your team already picked it? Answer: Because it DOES add garbage to Arena. Specialists should not even be in competitive play, and if it is, then anyone should be able to pick whatever ability they want.

  41. Too bad the accuracy and damage of all automatic weapons diminished all the remaining reasons to snipe in this game. Way to go CoD.