As revealed earlier this year, Treyarch has decided to unlock the entire Black Ops 3 campaign from the start. Players are able to pick and play any mission whenever they want. Jason Blundell says they got this idea based around how Netflix releases their TV shows – the entire season is available on day one, and you can pick around the episodes.

“When Netflix releases House of Cards and do all the episodes, does everyone just jump to the end and go and play the last episode?” Jason Blundell, director of campaign and Zombies mode for Black Ops 3, told Eurogamer. “Sure you can. But it’s about the journey, though, right?”

“Sure, people will jump on and play the last level,” he continued. “Okay. Cool. That’s up to them.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer



  1. Despite of chance to skip to the end I am going to respect campaign makers by playing it through. Also all of the campaigns between original Modern Warfare and Advanced Warfare have been great.

          • if you disagree, please give me some reasons why it was good. some parts of the story were good, but overall, it was lackluster.

          • I didn’t really enjoy MW3 and Ghosts campaign at all.
            I only remember like 1 mission i genuinely liked in both of them.

            In MW3, It was the mission were you had to get the presidents daughter so the president wouldn’t give up the launch codes to makarov, and that was only because of the very short, not set piecey moment were you and your squad were using MK14 EBRs one building to snipe out hostiles for another squad, that was reallt far away.

            In Ghosts, it was the one part of the mission were you get Rorke and youre in a AC130 looking plane, and he escapes and for a short time you’re left to your wits in a actual open world jungle were you were allowed to pick any play style you wanted.

          • the ghosts mission “hunted”?
            sadly, the introduction was copied from the dark knight rises. i do like the open jungle, but it seemed more like a missed opportunity. the mission was too straight forward, the environment was too flat, and it wasn’t tense at all.

        • It was mediocre compared to other COD campaigns. And that’s saying something, given that MW3 was probably the weakest entry, story wise.

  2. the question people seem to not be asking. If they are taking the idea of netflix original shows of releasing all day 1 type deal. Could they be doing a season type deal like could day 1 missions all 10 or so be season 1 and they could release season 2 with the first dlc to continue the story that would be awesome.

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  4. Well I won’t be jumping through missions gonna play right from the start to the end and something about call of duty campaigns I can’t just stop on a random mission I have to play through the whole thing in one sitting if possible

  5. To this day I still don’t agree with all the mission being unlocked from the start. Treyarch is putting a shit ton of work into this campaign and people wouldn’t want to do a full play through of it? That’s just stupid.

  6. I still don’t personally get why people would want to go to the end but i don’t care as long as theres no spoiler images from future missions i haven’t completed yet when i’m in the mission select screen.

  7. I like this. If you want to play on a new system, you can start where you left off. If your friends are farther into the campaign than you are, you can play with them.

  8. This really sucks, now the click baiters are gonna spoil the ending on Youtube within 10 minutes Isnt that right calloftreyarch? And you nukemdukem. So either finish the campaign in one sitting, or stay off Youtube?

    • You don’t have to completely avoid YouTube, just don’t want the videos of the campaign. I do it every year with the campaign and zombies. It’s not that hard o avoid the things you don’t want to hear about until you beat them.

      Just because they make the videos doesn’t mean you HAVE to watch them.

      • But what about thumbnails? Most clickbaiters use titles such as “OMG DARTH VADER DEATH SCENE?!” Along with pictures. Its irritating. Arkham knight got spoilt for me because of them dicks

  9. They could have found a middle ground. They should have kept the campaign in sequential order but allow you to join friends on further missions if they have unlocked it first

  10. I really don’t understand why they’ve done this. The Netflix excuse is bizarre to say the least. It’s not a problem as I’m sure most people will play through in order which is logical but it’s just strange they’ve opened it up from the get-go.

    • yep, its pretty stupid. seems they wanted to accommodate the coop mode and the only way to do this was to have the missions available from the start. who the hell apart from youtube clickbaiters would want to play the ending first! their netflix reasoning doesnt make sense as nobody would watch a show from halfway through or more without doing the preceeding parts first as it wouldnt make sense.

  11. So….when you’re grinding in realistic mode and can’t get past a level just skip it and come back later? Is that what they’re going for here?

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