For the second BO3Fridays Stream, Treyarch and Activision will be revealing a new game mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, alongside having a fan Q&A session on stream. In addition, there’s another announcement teased for this Friday, but intel on that is still classified.

Stay tuned to charlieINTEL for full coverage of the live stream this Friday at 12PM PT. If you missed the first BO3Fridays, you can re-watch the stream here.



  1. First!

    What could it be? I hope it isn’t another spawn trap festival like Safeguard. Also that another announcement sounds interesting…

    • Hopefully something totally new. For example new never before seen gamemode. Or what could be even better: the return of fan favorite Infected.

  2. New mode other then Safeguard hmm I wonder what it can be possibly WAR from world at war but I have a feeling it’s something completely new

  3. I’m calling it: Infected. That’s all we party games players want to see: infected. Fuck OitC, fuck Sharpshooter, we want infected and gun game. That’s it. Or War/Momentum. That could definitely make a return

  4. Calling it now… the second announcement is a trailer for The Giant bonus map in the style of the WoW Zombie map trailers

    • That wouldn’t work, because you have to actually switch between Specialists. You can’t just, say, put the Scythe on Outrider, because she’s not a robot, and her arm can’t transform.

      Not to mention that as soon as you get Ruin’s Gravity Spikes, it’s gonna be spammed to death, and every match becomes a John Cena Slam Fest.

      • No its would be the one mode were what specialist you have selected wont matter. it will just change weapons every 45 seconds. Yes spike would get annoying but as a whole the mode would be fun, Also would be a great place to get good at using the different specialist wepons.

  5. I have an idea for zombies. What if there’s a wonder weapon only game mode that includes all wonder weapons ever made in zombies. You would have to get the wonder weapons from the box and it’s random like it’s always been. It could be 4 players with gumballs and limited perks!

  6. I have an idea for a gamemode! A gamemode where you can only use specialist weapons! It depends on what specialist you are using!

  7. Im pretty sure infecteds infinity wards teritory and the only reason sg got to use it is because they borrowed off of both companies to get the ball rolling

  8. “I hope it’s that one gamemode from Ghosts, where it was like a combo of Dom and Search, I really liked that gamemode.”

  9. I think juggernaut from mw3 was a fun ass game mode…having to get 25 kills as the juggernaut before someone killed you to become it. they just never released it as a online game, just a game mode set in private lobbies. Either way I liked it.

  10. My source tells me the new mode is called Warzone. It’s a collection of random objective game modes. There are 3 rounds and each is a different mode. Best 2 out of 3 wins. Featured modes are Search, Dom, Demolition, Hardpoint, Uplink and CTF.

  11. This is off topic, but if anyone is participating in the mt dew promotion for zombies double xp let me know. One of our sister plants recycles plastic and we get hundreds of plastic bottles of mt dew. i can get you codes off the caps if you would like. I dont play zombies much, but I would share them with whoever wants them.

  12. I really liked the addition of Safeguard in the beta, so i’m curious to see what other new mode they have planned. 🙂