In a new Q&A video, OpTic Gaming’s co-owner and former pro-player, NaDeSHoT, says one of his biggest regrets is leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Over a year ago, Matt Hagg announced in a video that he had signed a contract with to stream exclusively on their new platform. Call of Duty eSports was on the rise on Twitch, with viewer counts increasing, but the switch to seems to have stopped much of the progress.

“I just feel very responsible for the decline in viewership in competitive Call of Duty,” Haag said. “When I left Twitch, I was really at the forefront of competitive Call of Duty. The viewership was thriving, other e-sports and the players and the casters and the analysts were giving our game more respect than we had in previous times.”

“We had strength in numbers,” Haag said. “People were watching our streams. We had thousands of people showing up to our tournaments, and we were just in the best position that competitive Call of Duty has ever been [in],” Haag recalls.

Hagg says that a lot of the viewership he had on Twitch did not move over to watch him on MLG.

“And then, in one day, flip of the switch, I go and stream on another website—and basically it caused all the other pro players to go and sign on and stream on MLG TV. And it basically alienated competitive Call of Duty away from all the other e-Sports when we were trying to climb out of that hole in the first place.”

Watch his video (starting at 1:57 mark):

All Call of Duty eSports events since the start of Call of Duty: Ghosts have been streamed exclusively on MLG’s platform. At the start of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the first event have over 250,000 viewers, while this weekend’s last event had 99,000. This is not just because of the streaming platform; it is also about the game itself and fans wanting to watch Advanced Warfare. 

With Black Ops 3, Activision has taken charge and is running their own League for Call of Duty eSports. As of this writing, they haven’t officially announced their broadcast partner for the league, but it seems as if ESL is getting more involved over MLG, and ESL events are all streamed on Twitch. 

SOURCE: Kotaku



  1. This twat needs to climb out his own @ss, the decline is because the latest two call of duty games sucked and less people care about competitive, tool!

  2. NadeShot needs to get back to competitive gaming with BO3 instead of youtube blogging about Red Velvet Oreo Shakes and Halloween Whoppers. 😛

  3. TBH Twitch was good until they brought in the straight from console support. I remember scrolling through Aw streams it was literally full of eGirls that were so fucking bad at the game. Just showing themselves on webcams half dressed trying to make a name for themselves. They just used it because it was available to use.

  4. I thought that kid ‘retired’? The reason for the decline in competitive viewing is purely down to CoD dying and eSports being a load of crap in the gaming mainstream.

  5. Every time I see Nadeshot; he looks really ill and unhealthy. Too much 12 hour gaming sessions, mountain dew, doritos and having no life. All that for the sake of Call of bloody Duty LOL!

    • I’m pretty sure he has a life so…plus he has more more money than you so why comment.P.S. Not a Nade Fan but just saying what’s the point of saying negative things towards a person who earns a lot more than you.

      • I dont care how much he earns, 12 years old funboys made him what he is (like tmar and alia) so earnings dosent count in his case.

      • What has money got to do with it? I care more about my physical and mental health and leading an active life with my job and hobbies on the side. Only ignorant fanboys think this is the way to live in this day and age – 12-18 hours a day indoors in front of a TV and living off of crips and soft drinks whilst psychotically raging at videogames to earn Youtube money. Kids these days eh…

        • so are you straight up calling me a fanboy when I said I wasn’t. smh. Nadeshot doesn’t always plays games all the time he still has his hobbies and other stuff to do.

        • Lmao I’ll take the mental instability along with a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 if that is what it takes. Kid has a life beyond this stuff, but he’s a great entertainer making one hell of a living. Just stop being so cynical you little twat waffle.

  6. Tbh I reckon it’s a mix of Ghosts and AW being dull CoD games and MLG. Last game I enjoyed watching competitive was Black Ops 2.

  7. Yeah Twitch has their problems but I prefer it over Mlgtv (my biggest issue is the lack of them banning the sluts who show more boobs than game if I wanted that I would go to pornhub)

  8. Anyone know where I can get hardened edition from.. I forgot to change my pre order.. N all sold out at my local game now (U.K.)

    • Still a few knocking around on eBay. The sellers are largely legit and there’s a good chance you’ll get your copy early. My AW last year turned up 3 days prior to Day Zero and was able to realise the game was a bag of shite before it even launched!

      • Thanks man, I checked but no one seems to be selling them on Amazon .. I think I might have somewhere anyway, going to try pre order after work… Funnily enough it’s the same place that won’t let me change my pre order cuz it’s too late, yet online you can still pre order the hardened edition .. Pfft ..

  9. One thing i like about MLG.TV is there’s no lag. but the chat and shit sucks. And COD eSports sucks… it’s like run and gun on PUB. Look at CSGO eSports so different and intense. and COD Casters is so bad…

  10. I’m hoping the new playstation/Activision partnership will make future CoD esports stream on twitch. Not only is the audience potential bigger but theres no native MLG app for ps4. 🙁