The PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 has been updated to reveal that the file size for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is 17.8GB. As noted, the PS3 version of Black Ops 3 only features the multiplayer and zombies mode, no campaign. (not all features of MP are available, either).

Call of Duty: Black Ops III for PS3 system features two game modes only: Multiplayer and Zombies, providing fans with an expansive Multiplayer and an all-new film-noir inspired Zombies adventure.

Multiplayer provides new ways to rank up, customize, and gear up for battle. Zombies delivers a full-experience experience with its own distinct storyline.

In comparison, the Xbox One file size is around 44.9GB. The file size for PS4 and PC have not been revealed as of now.

SOURCE: PlayStation Store



        • lol you really believe that its holding back current gen??? have you even been keeping up with the news? they are sharing no love for last gen whatsoever.

          they are only upset because they want to show that they are superior to those on last gen, and want to make them upset. trust me, its how the human race is. People hate others if they are different from themselves. 🙁

          • Dude… if you make a game.. and it is for both gen its still holding back last gen. Even if the last gen version is in tatters if it just didn’t exist imagine the final product that we would have bought. Even if they are ‘Back-porting’ which is absolute BS because you can’t ‘back-port’ a game the two studios have to contact each other and work at the same time.

          • I disagree. They specifically made bo3 for next Gen. They gave the game to beenox and said “do the best you can for old gen” and we’re seeing the results. ……..

          • Yeah but don’t you get this.. if it was totally only for new gen and pc they wouldn’t even have had to consider old gen… lets be practical here.. at some stage they considered old gen or old gen wouldn’t even be getting the game.

          • They are only getting half of the game 😛 . To me, the fact that it’s only going to run at 30fps shows they didn’t spend any time on old gen. If they really cared about old gen they would’ve dumbed the game down so they would have campaign and better gameplay experience than 30fps.

            It looks to me like treyarch said “we are focusing on xb1 and ps4, beenox do what you can with the port we sent you and good luck.”

            I wish they didn’t release for old gens because I want to playerbases to be together again instead of split up like they’ve been the last 2 years.

          • Hell all I’m saying is just because there’s a port for the old gen it means Treyarch at some stage have at least thought about it and are influenced by it, EVEN if they weren’t the developers.

          • I think 3arc was influenced (told they were porting over) by Activision and we all know Activision is influenced by the almighty dollar.

          • Comparing PC and consoles is like comparing apples to oranges. There’s a console that’s $350 and a PC with a variety of prices. They don’t hold back PC’s unless you’re talking about a desktop that’s worth $500+, and even then, games still look good this generation.

          • They still have to make the maps small enough go fit them unto the current gen version. Either way you look at it, they hold back the current gen version, at least somewhat.

          • Hell, at this point, I’d be surprised if it even HAS the same maps. Plus, are you wanting big maps? That’s what you people hate on Ghosts for.

          • I’d like decently-sized Zombies maps. That’s mostly what I’m talking about. They have to compress a lot of things for last gen.

          • Zombies is CoD. It’s a part of the franchise. Killing human players in a video game gets old. Then after you kill Zombies, you kill digital humans again. It’s a win-win.

          • I get that. A lot of people love it, I just can’t get into it (which is weird because I’m a huge fan of zombie fiction).

          • Probably the biggest issue is none of my clan is into zombies so I’m usually by myself or with randoms. The few times we did play together were more enjoyable. That has to make a difference. I actually liked the first chapter of Extinction though.

  1. If I wanted to make money off last gen people, I wouldn’t even attempt to make bo3 work, because it’s clearly not happening, I would do a spin off series like assassins creed did .. Or just not bother at all would be an even simpler solution.. The game they are giving old gen users is not right imo .. CoD has always been proud of running at 60 frames per second.. If they can’t manage that they need to re think what they are doing .. If this is going to be the same price as ps4 game these people are getting robbed .. I though EA were bad, but Activision are a lot worse imo ..

    • Yep, I was behind this despite all the things removed….but the 30 fps announcement made me step back and say, “Fuck that.”

      • Lol well, maybe not a complete spin off, same multiplayer maps with out specialists, some form of story that could mimic bo3 and zombies .. Running at 60 frames per second, I know it’s a 10 year old machine but I don’t understand how they can’t do this, when they did it for many years with bo2, bo1 so on and so on, I know it wouldn’t be able to get ported over and would have to have some serious work to get it done, but u either do a job propperly or not at all, no one should buy this piece of crap, they are trying to pass off as a game was my point, It’s just activision squeezing every last drop of money they can, no other big game company is still working on old gen. Says a lot about Activision imo ..

  2. No campaign, 30fps and lacking in many features – anyone who has an old gen machine would be better off putting the £40 or so aside and just investing in a current gen machine down the line.

  3. Black Op 3 current gen is like an all you can eat seafood restaurant with excellent choices.

    Black Ops 3 last gen: Long John Silver’s

  4. I swear half you niggahs complaining are already have a current gen/pc, stfu no one cares except people who are still on last gen (which is an extreme minority)

        • I already have an Xbox One, but I feel sorry for those people who can’t afford next-gen and are stuck to last-gen until they can upgrade.

          • Also, the PS4 is $400 on Amazon, but with DLC coming first on PlayStation, you can’t go wrong. Last-gen players should definitely upgrade if they can.

          • I don’t feel sorry for them. They’ve had 2 years to save up. I’ve had my Xbox One break on me and still managed to get a new one within those 2 years. I pay bills, and have to buy food and what not, but still manage to do that. Unless you’re piss poor and live on the streets, there’s no excuse apart from ignorance of not moving on.

          • Well tbh you seem to be the ignorant one your seeing how bad the game’s are getting for last gen,its in your face Cod is running at 30fps with no campaign… What else do you want its not even going to have dlc in this one so no zombie maps either

          • I’m not buying the piece of shit. You already replied to where I earlier said I’d cancelled my pre-order.
            I’m just not going to play the new CoD this year. Not a big deal.

          • Its not just the new Cod your not playing this year without the new consoles but that’s on you

          • You must feel yourself a big men because you could buy a Xbox one. Wtf I just bought a new BMW 5 series

        • Not enough? How about no campaign, limited multiplayer, horrible graphics, and no DLC’s. You’d be better off buying the original Call of Duty.

          • Why would u care about any of that if u already have a next gen console? As long as they dont do anything bad with the current gen version, they could do anything they wanted for other consoles for all i care. I swear all yall niggahs just want a reason to complain

  5. What’s sad is how much people are going to buy the previous gen version of the game because they are so uniformed.

    Like if money is an issue, one could easily buy a used Xbox one or ps4 for less than 250 dollars

    • I’ve seen many comments on youtube blaming Treyarch for this crappy port. It’s laughable how so many are clueless.

    • yeah, but then you have to pay 60$ for the game and another 50$ for playstation plus. So I understand that for some people that’s a lot of money…

      • Play station plus and Xbox live you can find discounted sometimes. A year gold from cdkeys costs only 30 bucks. It may seem intimidating but if someone really wants deals they need to be patient and look for them

      • 450$ is too much for me for the next foreseeable future. I would like to experience bo3 though. 🙁 I wish they hadn’t taken the campaign away. 🙁

        • What Keshav said or just wait until Black Friday. Apparently will be selling an Xbox One GOW bundle with Fallout 4 and an extra controller for $300.

          Or, if you’re on a tight budget, Best Buy is doing a trade in program. If you have a 250GB Xbox 360 E Series or a 250GB PS3 Slim they’ll give you $150 in credit. You can then use that credit towards a pre-owned Xbox One ($300) and walk away only paying $150.

          GameStop is doing a similar program but they’ll only give you $100 in credit. The upside their deal is that it can be any model Xbox 360 250GB or greater (any PS3 150GB or greater).

  6. Oh no another comment section full of current gen users trying to make people buy a current gen console (without any good reason in my opinion). Shall we just mind our own business?

    Those people should start working for church because they seem to be so good at converting people…

    • Exactly. People on current gen don’t lose anything and it isn’t affecting almost in anyway yet they complain and moan like they are losing something. They should mind their own business and understand that everyone can’t have a current gen console at this moment. It isn’t an excuse that your government’s decisions make people really poor in western welfare country.

  7. oh god i work at bart smit and we got literally 40 pre orders for the 360 and 60 for ps3 ugh… i feel bad for them