Activision and Treyarch have confirmed that The Giant Zombies Bonus Map is available with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass, in addition to the Collector’s Editions.

Fans that order the Season Pass will be among the first to experience the return of Zombies with “The Giant” Map in all of its undead glory on Day One. Set in a World War II-era research facility featuring the weapon-upgrading Pack-a-Punch Machine, re-live the chaos of Treyarch’s classic “Der Riese” Zombies map, picking up the Zombies story with Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo where Origins left off.

Watch the new The Giant trailer here.



  1. HELL TO THE FUCK TO THE YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Because I wanted hardend and it was sold out. DIE ZOMBI*CH (Tank Dempsey voice)

    • How the fuck was it sold out? Bro I just preordered mine and they just starting stocking in the copies of the game today

      • I asked a guy over by my nearest GameStop if I could preorder the hardened edition on Xbox one and he told me it’s been sold out for months and suggested the digital deluxe or regular copy. I looked at him too like is he lying or what. Sadly had to go with the normal copy because I wanted a physical game not a shitty card with a code. I’m in the US in California btw. Did you preorder online?

    • It wouldn’t make sense to do that, from a developer’s viewpoint. The Giant is supposed to set the Zombies story arc for BO3; how is placing its separate release at the very end of the season supposed to help?

      • I was just thinking it from the perspective of what happened with Black ops 1/2.IN BO there Special edition came with Remakes of the WAW Maps.The people who had that edition had them exclusively till DLC 4.BO2 They advertised Nuketown in the same way saying exclusive to Care package/Hardened editions.Then they decided to give the map out in December for free to season pass owners.I dont remember when they decided to start selling nuketown on it’s own.Hearing this with the giant reminded me of that but I guess this is a bit different since they announced giant for season pass before the game came out.

    • right now Nuk3town is inly available thru pre-order or uf u buy a day ine copy from a store. Itll say on the box if Nuk3town2065 is included. But as Lon as u buy th game on the 6th thru 8th u should be fine the insert will be in every hard copy that was sent out for release day not just the pre ordered ones. They will probally make Nuk3town available down the road like last time but not till they release atleast the first Dlc Map Pack and that would be the absolute earliest

  2. Thats a bunch of BS! I paid an extra $20 on a hardened edition just to get this map when i already planned on buying the season pass. Now they say that you get this map with the season pass on day 1!?!? So what the hell am i paying an extra $20 on the Hardened for? For two Camos and a steel book? Rip off. Im downgrading today or returning the hardened edition on day one and buying a regular copy.

    • Yh, I actually cancelled my Pre order in a shop couple of days ago, because I really wanted the zombie map and was upgrading to the hardened edition, they didn’t have any in, so I had to shop online (which I never do) n paid the whole 70 pound up front.. No guarentee that it will arrive on the day of release.. All for nothing.. Plus the waste of money just tops the joke off.. Fucking idiots :-/

    • Yeah just downgrade and use the left over funds to purchase Playstation plus card or xbone card to buy the season pass then u should be fine

    • thats why I canceled my preordered and got the digital deluxe veraion do 99.99 and youll save yourself $50 USD

        • No it wasnt I preordered Hardcore Edition and the Season Pass, Hardcore Edition is 79.99 plus tax and season pass is 49.99 plus tax. I thought only way to get Giant map was to get a collectors edition and I preordered back on may 2nd before thwy announced it would come with the season pass so let do the math. 79.99 plus tax comes too 85.48, then season pass 49.99 plus tax comea too 53.27 so lets add those up 85.48+53.27= 138.75 so lets just call it 140 since in America a $1.25 wont even get u a McDouble from McDonald’s anymore. So by switching I got everything I was gonna get except a hard copy and I paid 99.99 no tax included on PSN so $140 – $99.99=$40.01 idk about you but saving $40.01 is a score in my book so I said 50 and rounded up either way your getting the same preorder bonuses that gamestop gives u and its $40 bucks cheaper. Either way it makes more sense specially since I got a 2TB HHD I put in on day one and beaides Ps Plus games and DLC only games I actually purchased digitally are Shadow Of Mordor, The Order:1886, and WatchDogs. So I still got over 1 and a half TB open so I figured since I got the free space on my Ps4s aftermarket harddrive I might as well save myself the $50 bucks oh wait your literal aboit everything I memt $40.01 lol. Sorry my math wasnt exact didnt know my comment on gaming website would be put under a microscope lol. BTW im being sarcastic just dont automatically assume things it makes a ass of u not me. Hopefully no hard feelings see ya on the battle field after 12am EST feel free 2 add me on PSN everyone mt ID is: tr0yz1488 the o in tr0yz is a zero. God Bless and Good Luck to everyone having no issues getting there copies of the game tonight

  3. So, if I already bought the season pass, before they announced this, do I still get the map day 1? Also, the only reason I was getting the hardened edition was for this map. So, now im wasting money on artwork cards, digital soundtrack, and 2 camos. -_- I may downgrade to a normal copy.
    Please respond as soon as possible.

  4. So, if I want a physical copy I can buy the regular edition and the season pass and I’ll get The giant at day one? (Deluxe edition is not available in mexico at retail)

    • Yea just wont get Nuketown Unless u get a first shipment copy of the game thats if u didnt preorder the base version. Its cheaper by atleast $20 usd to juat by the digital deluxe version tho. I dis the math and canceled my preorder at Gamestop today and got the deluxe digital version so I get all the bonus maps plus the season pass and dont gotta pay the extra $20 plus tax instore

  5. Why wont nuketown and the giant download for me? I have digital deluxe edition and it’s not giving me the option to download them

    • Same thing here PSN Customer service told me they stopped the release of them cause of a issue but we will be able to download them as of 12:01am Nov. 6. Just thwy made me verify by goimg to the Black Ops 3 Season Pass Add-on and making sure it says installed. If your season pass and bonus maps didnt download you maybe in for a issue come tomorrow. Atleast thats what thw idiots at PlayStation support told me

  6. So excited I pre ordered the ps4 bundle it was worthard waiting for it I just knew they were gonna make a bundle of it for the ps4.

  7. What happened to the Standard Edition Season Pass why is that not there Please tell me its there when game comes out

  8. THIS INCLUDES ACCESS ALSO to Nuk3town right, I got the digital deluxe, so do I still get all of this plus Nuketown so the only thing I am missing out on is the Gamestop Exclusive Personalisation Pack?

    • Dont worry we get everything you woulda got at Gamestop I did the same thing canceled my Hardened Edition and season pass and bought the digital deluxe yesturday around noon. All the pre order stuff is the same juat once u load up the game go into the in game store and download your camps and whatever else might not have downloaded yet. See mine only show that I downloaded the game and the season pass no Nuk3town or Giant map download ever atarted so Im assuming that when it unlocks if wasnt included in the download already then we will be able to just download it from the in game store well atleast the Giant Map idk about Nuk3town tho but Im here for zombies and the campaign first before multiplayer so as lomg as I got zombies and the campaign Ill be happy till they fix the issue but I bet we will be allset come 12 am EST US time. I live in CT so im east coast I got 10 hours till unlock so I wont know 100% till then to many trolls online tou never know what info out there u can trust. All I know is if they didnt release fallout4 so close id have my copy already but I couldnt pay 120 each for 2 games juat to be able to play one 2 days early so I only paid my dude for Fallout 4 so Ill have my hard copy of that when he opens up saturday. But im happy I didnt get Black Ops 3 early cause im sorry but 240 for 2games early or not isnt worth it u less u make money with a youtube or twitch channel.

  9. Hey I purchased the digital deluxe edition of bo3 but I don’t see the season pass to download and when I go to the preorder screen it tells me to preorder the digital deluxe edition again wtf is going on

    • goto the Ps4 store and goto the Black Ops 3 page then scroll to add-ons your season pass shoulda been Dow loaded with the game not separately. it it doesnt say purchased Id call PSN support asap cause im sure there gonna be swamped with calls come midnight thru all day tomorrow

    • just buy the season pass – you should get a code for the giant. that’s how I figure it’ll work since access to the giant is on day 1

  10. how do i redeem the giant zombie map got a code but need tp redeem it on the web site and cant find the area to do it.

  11. i coped the game from my friend my friend bought the deluxe edition and i have nuke town and the giant, do i have the season pass my friend it says when he goes bo3 the store season pass purchased but when i enter my id it says you have to pay, do i get it or no??????

  12. If i didn’t get the season pass before the game came out can I get season pass in the future(sometime before the 1st dlc comes out) and still get the giant zombies map. I have an xbox one by the way.

  13. Hey guys anyone here have enough faith in humanity to gameshare the season pass? Promise on my life won’t scam. I’ve been scammed before -_-

  14. Wassup y’all, I’ve bought the season pass for Xbox one awhile back nd I redeemed my code but didn’t get my zombies nd it saying tht I still have to pay…. Help???

  15. If you cant find the giant map even though you bought the season pass first got to the store in bo3 then go to map packs buy it for 0.00$ (If you have the season pass) then click it again to download it or (this next part is for people on the PS4) you can go to the application and go to my add ons

  16. What abt on the Xbox one??? I redeemed my season pass code nd got nothing, and it’s still saying tht I have to purchase it…. What should I do

    • You get them when they are released… For the giant zombies map. You have to go onto the game and go to the store and download it from there. You also have to have PlayStation plus

    • You get them when they are released… For the giant zombies map. You have to go onto the game and go to the store and download it from there. You also have to have PlayStation plus

  17. OK so once you have purchased the season pass go search on the store for black ops 3 and in add ons or extras will be the giants map free to download

  18. Hey I bought the season pass but it never gave me access to the giant.. What the hells going on and does anyone know how to fix it? I’m on ps4 btw

  19. I bought the season pass and I have the giant, but I don’t have any DLC multiplayer maps, I don’t even have nuketown

  20. Have season pass so does that mean I dnt have to pay for new map packs? I tried to preorder the awakening 1 but it says I already have season pass

  21. I pre-ordered the season pass from the Playstation Store, and in the trailer for the giants it said pre-order now and get the nuk3town bonus map, but I didn’t get it.

  22. It is well within a week of the release date for the awaking and I have the season pass but it won’t give me the maps same for rainbow six season pass it didn’t give me the Canadian characters

  23. I’m trying to play the new maps out I Have the season pass it shows its purchased but agent I click on it it says no content?!?! HELP ME PLEASE ASAP

  24. What are the 4 DLC packs that come with the season pass? I recently bought the pass then installed the giant pack (season pass) and then now I have no clue as to how I get what I paid for… Help please!

  25. okay I bought the season pass for black ops 3 and it didn’t give me the dlc map the giant what do you think happened we need help ?

  26. How do I get the giant zombie map on Xbox one i didn’t receive a code and plus I have the digital standard pack right here