Get Day 1 access to The Giant Zombies Bonus Map with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Collector’s Editions (Digital Deluxe, Hardened Edition, and Juggernog) or with the Black Ops 3 Season Pass. Watch the new gameplay trailer now.

“The Giant” Bonus Map picks up the Zombies story where Origins left off. Re-live the chaos of Treyarch’s classic “Der Riese” Zombies map with Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richthofen. Set in a World War II-era research facility, complete with the weapon-upgrading Pack-a-Punch Machine, Teleporters, and Hellhounds.



  1. This is super exciting! One of my favorite zombies maps of all time returning and it’s looking better than ever! I’m going to need to watch a breakdown, I’m sure there’s tons of things I missed.

  2. Wow, that trailer was magnificent. Gave me chills to be honest. We’ve known these characters since World at War and their story is coming closer to the finale. Really excited to see how they go out. I guarantee it’ll be special. It’s been so much fun being these characters and watching how their lives unfood right in front of us. Really hits you in the feels.

  3. as richtofen would say The explosion is so intense! I cannot contain myself the hype is real holy shit

  4. Why can’t everyone that buys the standard edition get it also? I mean we also put effort into spending Our money to buy the game. (Yes I know it’ll be DLC eventually) just wish it was for everyone!

  5. Looks good but I won’t buy the season pass just to play on this map… can’t even give it us for free even though CoD is so succesful smh

  6. Hellhounds, Wunderwaffe… that trailer was so cool! Seems like it is definitely worth getting by buying Digital Deluxe edition.

        • I value physical versions of games. I don’t want to support a digital future. At least now, especially when I got AW digitally.

          • So u supported activision when purchasing your digital version of A.W .. Logic ? When u just stated u don’t support activision *face palm*

          • Precisely. I won’t lie. Doesn’t that give me a right to complain, if I’ve been in those shoes? I learned my lesson, and now I don’t want them to profit. Now does my point make sense?

          • Why what? Did I support Activision? I’m a far more intelligent person now at 21 than I was at 13-14.

          • Same reason why I don’t want to support Microsoft. I’m basically condoning nickel and diming gamers and announcing a Season Pass before a game is even released. If I were mostly supporting the developer, then that’d have more merit for me. Of course I haven’t fully made my decision yet, so hopefully you’ll convince me otherwise.

          • Lol … Ok …. But u don’t have to support the season pass, just support the base game they been working, look at this way, u supported ghosts, and A.W and now Ur going to stop at BO3 .. I think we need to show with our wallets that bo3 is a better a game than the last 2 shit games. I really want this CoD to out sell the last two.. And I also want no one to support SH game when it comes round, as they didn’t listen to community, and just ripped us off every chance they got and Exo sucks ..

            Infact when the time comes il be going on a campaign encouraging everyone not to buy A.W2 …

            This is the way we show Activision, let the studio/s u like succeeded and the ones we don’t fail …

            If u didn’t like the last BO, and Bo2 fair enough.. But don’t let other developers shit choices ruin sales figures for a great CoD developer if that’s how u feel..

            These guys at treyarch deserve medals from Activision for rescuing CoD And the other CoD developers need a kick up the backside, the only way this is going to happen is if like I said, we show them who has the winning formula with our wallets ..

          • That’s a good explanation. IDK, I think I’ll figure something out. I’m probably going to have to get the Hardened Edition.

          • Then again, I’m sure you’re not aware that I’ve supported Activision since 2008/2009, or how many CoD 4/WAW/Black Ops/MW3/Black Ops 2 copies that I have/had, or how much DLC I supported. Yet they gave me shitty products. Honestly, I think I have every right to complain about Activision being a loyal consumer and all lol.

          • It’s not activision tho, that’s giving u the Shitty products it’s been the past two developers, I’m going to support treyarch and IW but not SH because they are the cancer of CoD imo ..

          • I’m done with IW. I’m going to try to not buy CoD new anymore and wait and see if DLC ever goes on sale. I want Activision to make as little profit off of me as possible, because they’ve given me shit products as a loyal consumer for far too long.

        • Same here mostly because of zombies and more maps. Black Ops 3 also might “live” longer now that people have restored their faith in Call of Duty.

      • Because it’s a rip off! It’s the one I’ve ordered .. And now the zombie map is going to be included in the season pass any way .. It’s cheaper to get normal edition and the season pass, that way u get everything ..

        • No thanks, I’m not giving Activision a penny. I’m mainly talking about my issue with digital copies. I bought Advanced Warfare digitally and I regret it. Physical is worth more.

          • As in a used copy? Yeah, I want to try to make sure that I don’t make first and third party publishers profit (that’s really difficult). Especially when they announce Season Passes before a game even releases.

          • All the hard work developers put in the game and u won’t support them, because u have something against activision :-/

          • You’re well-aware that Treyarch is a subsidiary of Activision, right? If I made them profit, then I made Activision profit, and publishers make most of the money of a physical version. They get their hourly wages. I’m sure Vonderhaar will have his millions regardless.

      • Digital deluxe is $100 for the season pass + game + all digital collectors edition stuff. Hardened edition is $100 but without the season pass, instead you get a steel bookcase and some cards. IDK about you but the digital deluxe sounds better to me.

  7. Who the hell is in charge of making the trailers. They always put in the end “pre-order now for access to the multiplayer beta” that has come and gone put a new ending god.

  8. I don’t know why people are so hyped for zombies. It’s just shoot a load of AI opponents in the same location over and over and over and over with no end goal. Just so pointless. Wish Cod games like weren’t made for kids these days. Waste of time.

    • I’ll sum it up in bullet points;

      -it’s a VASTLY different vibe from the rest of the game modes

      -no corner camping douchedicks

      -no Quickscoping MLG 10 year old tryhards talking trash to you

      -a rich story surrounds it, shrouded in mysteries that we players have to uncover through exploration of the map, the easter egg that’s hidden in the map, through cut scenes and through dialouge during the game

      -who wouldn’t wanna feel like a badass slaughtering a huge line of brain eaters with crazy powered guns and weird gadets you don’t get to ise in MP or Campaign?

      Also there IS an end goal, actually a couple, of either completing the easter egg for the map and advancing the story or surviving as long as you can.

    • Well, Zombies is all about shooting zombies, but it does have a end goal in some maps and it has a good story

  9. zambies is soooo boring. butter off just playin mp wiv bots or campagne insted. this wil be as bad like adfansed warefair zambies

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          • So, by your reasoning, overreacting to some comments and telling people that they’re “too f***ing stupid” makes you smart?

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  10. Man I can’t handle the hype of this game any more. Really think this will be the CoD that will completely rejuvenate the franchise. Roll on 6th November 🙂

  11. I just got the season pass downloaded ant installed the zombie map giant saysays it’s downloaded and installed in both downloads and my add one but I still can’t access it even from an invite from a friend