Details are still sketchy but it looks like a new Zombies mode unlocks after beating the campaign. It appears the new “Nightmares” mode gives the singleplayer campaign a “Zombies makeover”. It’s still unclear if its just the bad guys are converted into Zombies or if a new objectives or story are added. Tons of gameplay footage is starting to leak out so if we get any more intel then we’ll let you know…

*In-game images not shown because of Activision take down requests.



      • I think when we heard that there would be a Zombies Unlockable at the end of the Campaign, a lot of people who heard the files knew it would be happening.

  1. People love to hate on COD but every year it offers more value than nearly every other game that isn’t an RPG. One more week!

  2. This reminds me of World At War where you complete the campaign and unlock a bonus mode afterwards. After all World At War and Black Ops 3 are Treyarch games 🙂

  3. So let me get this straight

    – 4 player co op campaign

    – Shadows of Evil

    – Dead Ops 2

    – Balanced and really fun MP

    – Zombies Campaign

    – Paintshop/Gunsmith

    – New movement

    – Underwater gameplay

    – Arena Mode

    – 4 player splitscreen

    Someone please tell me why this franchise is so hated?

        • To be fair, one of the bad kids used to be good, and the other is a confused kid. Both are manipulated by the evil parent that is Activision.

          • That’s the gfx card I have and there are thousands of games on pc that are better than console games so meh just saying :L

          • Who’s claim, mine or his, Well, if you’re smart you can get a great pc cheap, which means great gfx, also modding most games are so much fun, Like Ark and GTA, there are thousands of indie games, and you don’t need to buy a new console every few years, if it breaks you can fix it yourself with a guide and also there is profitable games like CSGO

          • He said it as if it were fact. Can’t wait to buy a GTX 980 Ti for League of Legends lol.

          • You should see witcher 3 on my 980ti the image is so clean i see it running on my pals ps4 and thought oh my god, geralts hair and roaches hair looks like straw dangling where hair works looks incredible in 1440p, i don’t play league of legends btw i play all the 3rd partys You play but in higher resolution, higher fps, better textures, better aa, better af, better lighting, better texture resolution, and better looking.

          • Yeah, I’m well-aware of how much “better” it may look. In most cases, it’s nothing major.

          • Oh, and that requires a rig that costs over $1000, as well as for sophisticated anti-aliasing and post-processing effects. All in all, its not like (if the resolution is 1080p) the differences are mindblowing, because most PS4 game settings are pretty much on High. Witcher 3 is one that’s not, so that may be a game where you’ll see more graphical differences.

          • Same only reason im getting BO3 on ps4 is because i get all mp on ps4 only exclusives on xbox one and SP on pc, only reason i get mp on ps4 is because all my pals have ps4 and think im mad spending so much on my rig so it would be lonely getting mp on pc.

    • i remember one picture Jordanxbrookes posted about all the good things about AW, and this is worringly similar. I have confidence in Treyarch, but if by some atrocious way they mess up the game, I’m done with CoD.

    • probably because:
      -completely fucked over MP in the past 2 titles
      -yearly releases(despite a 3 year dev time now) make it seem waay to soon
      -Mw2/Mw3 fiasco with IW splitting up/Ghosts using Mw2’s mocaps(whether it was reused or easter egg) gave it a stigma of copy-pasted games
      -Shit 12y/o community
      -‘Toxic’ people like Tmartn, Drift0r telling said 12y/o that X wep is op with YZ attachments causing massive weapon biases (i mean it is their job to inform players how to get better but still)

      AND ITS STILL THE MOST POLISHED GAME TO COME OUT THIS FALL. Sorry Bethesda, FO4 is still probably going to be full of “Bethesda quirks”

      • This game is only good for zombies sorry to burst all of your bubbles but its true people buy so let for that reason lol the rest of the game is shit lol fallout is still better also

    • Infinity ward has been shit since 2011 sledgehammers game is the worst in the series and activist on are cocksuckers who want to be lazy as fuck on games to make as much money as possible look at destiny if you don’t believe me this is why people hate cod. However treyarch itself is a great team.

          • You didn’t miss anything, but even [email protected] back in the day did not get the love it is getting today, even I skipped it in favor of IW CoD4, because it was just a ww2 themed CoD4 to many, it wasn’t till bo1 where treyarch was starting to show their own identity and broke away from the “that other development team” stigma they had before that…

          • Certainly, but that was the thinking around that time regarding to [email protected], looking at it now it was one of the best CoD’s to date minus some balancing issues

    • Add face mapping, putting your own face on your multiplayer character , would still be epic, but the wait continues

  4. ive never had the feeling of what the fuck am i gonna play first with a cod game before. i wanna play MP because BO3 MP is fucking great, i wanna play zombies cause zombies and i wanna play campaign cause i know its gonna be great.

  5. Eventually They Will Unlock This Mode For Everyone. Like They Did In [email protected] And Extiction For Ghosts

  6. Everyone is so hype…lol really hope they aren’t the same ones here after 2 months bitching about how black ops 3 sucks and ghosts 2 ftw. Oh, who am I kidding, this is going to be amazing!

  7. So this is the zombies campaign everyone was telling us about? I saw the leaks and they look much better than I expected. Yet another reason to enjoy Black Ops 3.

  8. Xbox 1 is the best console ever made hand down . How is that backwards compatibility aka server cloud rentals trash, or the name changes you STILL cant do or the free unheard of worse than indie games you get each month LMFAO!!!! Suck it PS4 your only happy because its slightly better than ps3. This is call of duty ghosts to AW only liked it because it was slightly better. Still the second worse cod in history.

  9. Treyarch trying to give us content to last the next three years, until their next game. Since they know they can’t count on IW and SH.

    • I’m definitely playing BO3 for 3 years until BO4 or whatever Treyarch make next, no other developer makes CODs anywhere near on the levels of Treyarchs CODs.

      • That is what people where saying about AW Kurama, I expect BO3 to be a good game, but then again, people expected AW to be the best game ever, which people are expecting BO3 to be the best game ever after the hype of BO2.

        • I have never said I would play AW for 3 years and I don’t recall hearing anyone say that. AW was made by a new developer so no doubt people we’re excited about what they could bring to the table, unfortunately they brought shit…

          BO3 has a justified hype as we’ve played beta and it was solid, as we all now know Treyarch is the only developer still able to produce a COD worth playing and with all the content and progression available in bo3 you can tell this COD was built for longevity.

    • Geez, can nobody really give SH and IW a chance? IW screwed up once and now people are shunning them, and SH has only made one game and it was their first game. Give SH and IW some time, don’t bash on them because of one game. They know what they did wrong and how people took it, and I know they’ll rectify those mistakes. I love Treyarch but seriously guys, if you’re a real CoD fan you’ll always have faith in the other devs. Your excitment is clouding your sense of judgement. Remember, IW made MW3 which everyone played more than the original Black Ops (admit it). They have the potential to make another great game, just have faith in them.

      • IW started screwing up at MW2 man, plus none of the original staff are really left so i doubt they’ll ever make something as great as the first MW.
        As for SHG, i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They only made 1 CoD so far, and while it wasn’t ZOMG BEST GAME EVUR it was different enough to give Sledgehammer it’s own identity, so i’m interested to see where they go next.

  10. I am led to believe “Nightmares” isnt unlocked by completing the Campaign but by defeating the Silverback boss in DOA2, may be wrong dont take my word for it.

    • Well, going by the title of the article, and the load screen, I think it will be after beating the campaign. I don’t think they would hide that behind something some people won’t really play or be able to beat. They want people to play it. Otherwise they wouldn’t have put it out there, and actually left it a secret.

      • So it seems like they just reskinned the campaign… GG Treyarch. Treyarch would have left it out and put their energy out to something else like a real zombies campaign…

        But overall zombies mode looks promising. Looking forward to Shadows of Evil and Der Riese remake.

        • I am still hyped for Black Ops 3 and this doesn’t make the game bad. I just hoped we would finally get real in-depth story to Zombies mode instead of easter eggs you are going to watch from Youtube anyway.

          • Is that not what we are getting? This is closer to Advanced Warfare Zombies, without the lame EMP Zombies that killed the experience.

          • Thing is, people who only play zombies and never touch the campaign, it feel like a full blown zombies campaign to them.

        • It doesn’t look very reskinned. We haven’t seen how it’s played entirely, yet. So far Sledgehammer is the worst when it comes to reskinning. Whether this is bad or good or what have you, at least this is the most content-packed (on-disc) CoD ever.

      • Well, considering that this info just dropped, how could you expect more? I’m glad they are sticking all kinds of stuff into the game. Lots of bang for the buck. At least on current gen.

        “Hey, there’s another way to play your campaign.” “Awesome!”

        I was actually really looking forward to the campaign, and this blows me away. I can’t wait to play these. I was hating on the Nuketown coming back, but after seeing the trailer, I am now looking forward to that, too.

          • According to descriptions of missions and gameplay it is the same story. Reskinned zombies campaign… ugh. People will get mad when they realize this… oh wait it is Treyarch so they won’t.

          • Not exactly. The beta audio leak a while back kinda gives us an idea of what the story is about. Basically you take the campaign characters, then give them satanic roles and stuff, add some ritualistic shit, and you have a Zombies-esque story. I couldn’t find the source now (since Activision shuts these down really quick, and it’s been a while since beta), but I’m pretty sure it’s not just “campaign with Zombies thrown in”. Design-wise, that’s probably the case, but story-wise, it’s a continuation of sort to the normal campaign.

          • Fingers crossed to that. Now we have limited amount of sources that can give us legit information about things and they get shut down pretty quickly.

            However, I wonder why everyone only leaks Shadows of Evil. I have already seen it so much that I don’t want to see it anymore for a while. Why no campaign or multiplayer leaks? Although the same time I hope no one won’t leak campaign.

            By the way I already saw first mission and it redeemed my trust back that co-op won’t affect in a bad way to story. IF the whole campaign keeps going this route it is going to be a good campaign.

          • If the story in the Campaign isn’t great then, well, at least it PLAYS well and isn’t linear and boring like past games.

          • I think it’s natural, since everyone has always been interested in MP and Zombies more. It is weird that no one has bothered to leak Campaign stuff though.

            I have spoiled myself with Zombies, so I’ll try to keep my campaign experience as fresh as possible.

          • Hard to tell. It could be a somewhat reskinned Campaign, but could also be different enough to stand on its own. This is a new experience, like Nacht.

  11. What I’m expecting is the same campaign but with mystery boxes, points (money), windows with barricades, redone environments, wall guns, and zombies with the same AI as in SOE. What I really want is everything above except different campaign meaning new objectives, different story.

    • It is looking like it will be a decent port to PC this year. If you live outside US/EU I would go for console (I recomend PS4) over PC due to player population issues.

    • Treyarch has a team specifically designing it for the PC instead of having another company port it over, so it should be pretty good

  12. I’m pretty sure you can skip to the last campaign mission, complete it and then unlock Nightmare mode simple as that

  13. Well it’s time to upgrade my GPU i guess! This game is gonna be amazing..So much content.I’m sure it will be great!

  14. looks boring to be honest, the whole enjoyment behind the original zombies is the survival aspect and easter eggs, a re skinned campaign is pathetic.

  15. I got black ops today and I tryed playing it on split screen offline on shadow of evil an is says not allowed dunno if it needs update or?

  16. Did anybody else get their expectations crushed by the crappy campaign that totally mindF!#*s you, followed by the lazy Nightmares mode? They literally just added zombie AI’s that spawn INSTANTLY in front of you. I mean, they had 3 years! Treyarch has always been my favorite developer but holy crap, the campaign feels incomplete and the nightmare mode is even worse although it seems ok at first.. It’s just a promise that they fucked up. That is NOT what we meant by a Zombies Campaign! We wanted perks, the original WaW crew, guns that would actually KILL the zombies instead of unleashing half a mag into their skulls only to have them keep on coming at you until you kill the last zombie just to open a frikin door!! Ahhhh! I’m sorry for this.. I really anticipated this game and got it as aN anniversary gift.. only to have my high hopes crushed.. I’d rate the single player a 3/10 because of the sloppiness which leads to confusion, Nightmare 2/10 becasue they butchered what could have been an amazing step foward for gaming.. The multplayer is a huge step up from precious games even though it’s a virtual clone of TitanFall all the way down to the cool down specialist package deal which mimics the Titans entering Orbit.. damn.. multilateral gets a 9/10 because it’s actually really fun. As for zombies, it really bothers me that we have to pay extra to get the original crew and not this new alien vs. Zombie crap they’re pushing. I mean, come on.. aliens just ruined it and they’re straying WAAAY too far.. this GobbleGum crap is annoying and lame.. Goodnight folks