The new Nuk3town trailer that debuted today showed some of the new character customization options that are available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Treyarch has not talked a lot about character customization, but it there’s options to change the heads and body outfits in the game.

The new trailer shows off some of the cool new customization options in the game:

In addition, recent leaks of the game have shown many different and varied designs of customization available per specialist basis. We’ll be able to see the full character options upon launch on November 6th.



  1. The customization is actually pretty crazy .. I thought with 9 specialists customizing appearance would be very basic but no, you can make your guy look like someone else entirely

  2. Glad to see character customization back; I didn’t like the fact how we all looked the same + how we’re all shown at the end of every match.

    • the amount you were able to customize in AW was so cool…. but i agree, i dont want all that bright pink disco kraken shit.

  3. Wow i didn’t really notice this while i was watching the trailer but it looks like we are getting some really deep customization for the specialists. 🙂

  4. People In the uk if u pre order at game, we also get the nuketown personalisation camo n stuff, not sure if that was in the video, only got to see some of it ..

  5. On the subject of Black ops 3, I have come up with a concept for a new specialist

    Callsign: Vesper

    Backstory:After serving in the US marines for 8 years, Vesper later signed on to become a Police enforcer for the Coalecense Corporation. He was upgraded later to allow for himself to manage riot/crowd control.

    Specialist weapon: The Riot Shield- a one-hit-kill shield that covers the body, standing up or down and provides a greater slide thrust; unable to wallrun with.

    Specialist ability: Sonic sensors- ememies within vision and range are slowly stunned, being restricted of crouching and given slower movement.

    Looks similar to this:

    • Not bad, but the specialist abilty would get nerfed in first week, sounds OP. The shield would b fine as u jave already identified weakness’ for it

      • Well, the specialist ability was the hardest for me to come up with. Not much I can come up with while avoiding copying other specialist abilities.
        Sonic sensors might have the weakness of having the meter deplete more depending on the number of people it’s acting upon, lasting 5-6 seconds at most.