This video is a 360° YouTube video. You can use the YouTube app on your mobile device and move it around to see all the different views, or via web, just drag around in the video.

Open this video in the YouTube app on your mobile device to experience the ride in immersive 360°.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III invades Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain with “Shadows of Evil: The Ride”. Escape from Morg City on the Apocalypse ride at Magic Mountain, reimagined in the Black Ops III Zombies universe.



    • 4K is more of a placebo effect. 4K screens excist, but there is barely any other equipment to give you the full 4K experience. Your PC needs to be able to produce it etc.

          • Believe what you want kid. People always think the higher the numbers the better. But they don’t even know what they actually get. I guess when they tell you, you get 100mbps download speed. You actually believe you are getting that. And might be one of them that believe that if you have a high download speed, it will get rid of the lags.

          • How do you turn someone saying if we can, check out the video in [email protected] into an insult and arguing over what the eye can perceive?

          • What don’t you believe about the download speed anology? That you wouldn’t get your 100mbps or that it doesn’t really help solving the lags? Ever heard about ping, ping spikes etc.

          • First off I missed in one of your rants towards me that I am a “kid”. I’m an adult and therefore your insult is quite lackluster. Now on to the more important matter. You said that I, “might be one of them that believe that if you have a high download speed, it will get rid of the lags.” and I said I do not believe that. I know lag exists and I know you don’t really get 100mbs download. It’s not really a good analogy on your part either since I just told everyone to watch it in 4k 60fps because it looks really nice. That’s all I said. Can you please leave me alone now? You’re seriously arguing with me for no reason. It’s like you were looking for a fight. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings recommending what I did. Have a good day.

          • You could’ve been more specific from the beginning though… But you weren’t just sugesting it, more like bragging about you “supposingly” being able to watch it in 4K. You say I don’t have a good anology while you are talking about somthing that is extremely obvious. It’s like saying: The flag waves even more when there is more wind…

          • Been more specific? Bragging? I suggested people watch it in the best possible quality for a great experience. Especially for a video such as this. For gameplay videos it’s not necessary. I don’t understand why you have to be such an antagonist about such a petty issue. Have a nice day dude. Don’t reply to any more of my comments because lord knows I won’t be responding if this is how you act.

          • Don’t have to act like a prick now… And tou suggested to watch it in the best possible quality xD Like who would suggest not to lol

  1. This looks pretty neat!

    P.S. I’m back now, I wasn’t on CI for a few days because I was grinding out Halo 5. The campaign was really good, and the multiplayer is sick. I did however break my scuf one again while playing so fuck me. Now I have to go get that shit fixed… Looking back on the comments of previous articles the CI comments section honestly is getting really meh. I think it’s because a lot of people are coming here for BO3 news and they don’t really know how to comment in a civilized manner. I don’t know, things just seem really different around here all of a sudden. The sweg levels of the comments section are lowering… I shall stop rambling in a comment on a call of duty new site lol. Just thought I’d tell you peoples where I’ve been and how I feel about how things are going. 😉

  2. This seems like a nice, friendly forum full of mature and helpful people lol! A bit off topic but does anyone know how to confirm I have pre loaded bo3 on my Xbox one. I’m not sure if it has automatically pre loaded. Any helpful replies or abuse is welcomed. Thanks

  3. Nice video although the camera’s quality wasn’t that good. I honestly think the guy was using a iPhone 3. (TBH, the quality was pretty bad).