Activision Blizzard has announced that they have reached an agreement with King Digital Entertainment, the company behind the popular Candy Crush saga, to acquire the company for $5.9 billion. 

Activision Blizzard says this new acquisition will make the company a leader in the mobile gaming business. The combination of King’s expertise in mobile with Activision’s expertise in publishing can help put these two companies further ahead. Activision Blizzard is the leading publishing company worldwide. 

The deal is expected to close in Spring 2016. 



    • With enlisted, professional and elite variants of candies, aswell as diffrent gears for the candies like hats and stuff xD

  1. Activision just bought the only game that money-wh*res more then COD. All my thoughts on the company grow stronger with hate

      • No a company taking things out of the game and replacing them with pay walls makes me hate it. *cough* Supply Drops *cough*

      • Well, what I mean is there REALLY obsessed with the money. They add in so many paywalls like HomePolecat said. Destiny wouldn’t be frowned upon as much as it is if they never went with Activision’s business strategies. They now have microtransactions, and DLC that was supposed to be in the game by default, it still was but wasn’t released until later for more money. (Taken King was seen in 2013 trailers, you could see the Dreadnaught. It’s now being sold as DLC for $40.) AW now has basically pay-to-win, but it’s gambling which makes people keep going til they actually get what they want. Activision is just greedy.

    • i like match 3 puzzle games, so i wouldn’t mind. But i’m not putting any money into it. When i run out of coins in those free to play games, i just stop playing till the timer/coins recharge. lol

  2. Wow Activision must be richer than i imagined. This personally sounds like a huge waste of money grabbing a mobile franchise because theres no telling when the new ‘fad’ will overtake candy crush on apple devices.

    But Candy Crush must be making alot of revenue to make them take the risk of acquiring them for that much.

    • They earned 600M$ in a single fiscal quarter in 2014. Worst case Activision will cut their losses, strip the company and sell the remains for scrap