UPDATE: Here’s a video of the opening animation!

Original Story:

A user has just sent us an image of them opening a Supply Drop in Black Ops 3. The drop contained three items, with one decal and two camos.

SOURCE: @TunaTommo



  1. So glad its all cosmetic stuff. It should hopefully add even more longevity to the game with all these collectables to unlock. 🙂

    • When I saw that video I instantly wanted to get to grind in-game currency so I can get these awesome cosmetic supply drops!

      • It’s a valid argument. Microtransactions should always have the option to unlock them, even if it requires more levelling or whatnot. I don’t think this is bad, though. We ARE unlocking them for free, technically. Hope they’re not too rare and there’ll be lots of ways to get them.

      • I don’t know…after AW and the BS of paying for a chance to WIN OP weapons, I think people will think twice before complaining about CAMOs (especially when you have paintshop)….then again…it COD

        • The guns you got could be countered with the base guns you just had to know how to do it and people didn’t want to learn.

          • oh…you mean like the bast STG or the base M16 which you COULDN’T get unless you got them from a drop (there should NEVER be a base weapon that must be randomly earned) give it to us or sell it to us

          • You misunderstand I was saying that the guns you can get from the Supply Drops can be dealt with with just the base guns.

          • I don’t think you understand – SHG put 8 guns into the game that could not be earned or bought, but could ONLY be acquired through drops. There was no base STG unless you won a variant. That was my complaint. Just sell us the guns and you can have all the “variants” you want in drops

          • Did I even try to what? Play it? I’m 4th prestige, nearly 5th. I play it sometimes. No longer than 5 minutes because I can’t bear the clusterfuckery, but I still play it, nonetheless. Not anymore now that I have BO3, though.

          • I’m 8th prestige and as I’v said before in other threads the game becomes predictable and easy after awhile. But you must be willing to learn the flow of the game and how to combat any gun variant which is something people don’t want to do is learn.

          • The issue isn’t about “learning”. I learned the game, already. I just don’t find it fun and only play it for the cosmetics.

      • Eh, depends on the individual I guess. I personally don’t mind this at all. If they keep it cosmetics only then I’ll be happy. But I do get what you mean.

      • From what we’ve seen(so far) You can get everything without paying, if anything buying supply drops/cryptokeys will only be a fast track to opening things, which is how any sort of monetization of MTX should be done IMO

  2. Cosmetics, weapons who cares everything has a counter you just have to find it anyway hope to unlock some myself in 11 and a half more hours.

    • Thats a bullshit system a digital skin should not be $6000 in any reality or universe it’s the same with the bullshit way knives are so rare in the game.

    • The fact that a digital item that means nothing in actuality being worth that much is pretty ridiculous. Oh well. It works.

      • no, when playing CS:GO, you can either win cases or buy them (they are like 0.05$ a case) and then buy a key ($2.75) to open the case. to get purely cosmetic items that can be sold for real world money. knife skins are the rarest. and if you get like a factory new shadow knife, you could sell it for like $300. (all prices are community driven)

      • To give a basic understanding, one of the skins for the AWP Dragon Lore (sniper rifle) is about $2000 real USD (and that’s for a factory new, battle scarred are even more expensive.) One of the knives the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory New is $5900

        But prices vary day by day as more/less of these skins come to surface.

        • “Battle scarred are even more expensive”
          Pretty sure you swapped the too lol
          Also dont forget that Souvenir Dragon Lore is $10k, and the StatTrak M9 CW sold for $24K

  3. Did anyone notice this black market seller has a very striking resemblance to the seller in Resident Evil 4? That will fetch a high price. Hehe