As announced earlier, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 features Theater Mode, where users can watch back gameplay. Here’s some screenshots from the theater mode in Black Ops 3.



      • Look we all have different views
        Call of duty MW3 was my first one
        I loved it
        I also loved blacks op2
        But Ghost & Advance warfare made alot of things worse

        I made some awesome juggernaut vids on MW3. Dome + 10 Players + 1 Vs 9 = Destruction. Im happy theater is back

    • Yeah it’s really innovative. It’s like halo 3 where if you switch to Matchmaking, Campaign, Forge, or Custom Games, it would add it’s own background and I think it’s a very cool feature.

    • Agreed, I love when developers put in small details like this, it’s a sign of effort and fun that the developer has making that game.

  1. I wish there was theater mode for local games as well. I’m sure there are many thinking ,”what for ?” But the option would be nice , to scope the maps , etc before going into battle online with actual players.