Chances are you’ve noticed some server issues today if you’ve tried jumping online to play Black Ops 3. It appears PS4/PS3 and PC were hit the hardest and its still unclear whats causing the outage or when everything will become stable. Rest assured though, Treyarch is well aware of the problem. Early in the day they tweeted Experienced a network hiccup this morning. Servers are recovering now. however the majority still continued to see problems after that.

Here’s how the official Call of Duty Server Status page looked most of the day:

Server Status

We’ve been constantly tweeting throughout the day with updates and will try to update you if we hear more.



  1. im playing on xbox one with a 120mb connection , maybe im playing at 4 bars 60 ms ping ( perfect for me ) or maybe im playing at 2 bars 200 ms ping ( horrible and impossible to play )
    The game kick me 100 times per day when i join a game
    I cant accept game invitations from my friends and cant invite them
    someone else with the same errors on xbox one? OR MORE ERRORS? beta was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much playable than this shit..

    • I’ve only experience a few hiccups so far, it did the same with the ping but everything else is smooth. I’m on Xbox One too. Do you have an open nat on the game itself, not the console?

  2. Hi from Turkey

    First things
    first, search preferences (sp) is a must, we realy need that because of
    the absence of the sp,we (Turkey,middle east countries) couldnt play the
    ghosts / AW and this year bo3 beta. There is no problem with other games,It started with ghosts.

    Every online game we have 2-3 second lag,we’re playing that way for 3 years. Is it so hard to increase the number of servers in europe ? England-Germany-France-Spain ….Europe is not only from these countries, I live in Turkey and It is not possible to play this game anymore. We’ve written 1,000 times in 3 years but we couldn’t get answer.

    Absence of sp did cause an unequallity at connection times. We had to
    connect to hosts that 3000 5000 km far away from us and this caused a
    2-3 sec lags in the game. We want more fair lobby system with local search criteria as in the bo2 (any-normal-best search options)

    • I live in Dubai, it’s impossible for me to get into a 4bar game always 3bars sometimes 2. Bo2 was always 4bars because of the sp.

    • if you havent got it yet, go onto the playstation store, go on black ops 3, then it should have related items, and giant should be one of them

      • I should’ve added that the map was downloaded, but still not showing up.

        Though I did manage to fix the issue by using the “Restoring Licenses” under the PS4 system settings.

    • It’s a problem when games like COD have so many players playing. I kinda saw this coming, but was hoping that it wouldn’t be this bad.

      That, and the bugs plaguing the PC version as well. Kinda sad, because if you look past the resource hogging and the stuttering, the PC version is solid as fuck.

  3. I’m on Xbox one and I am having no issue what’s being shown above? Having problems joining friends games every now and then but other than that, perfect connection each game, very fast matchmaking and not been half way through games (probably luck). No “queues” wtf is that all about? Do people in ps4 and pc have to wait this time?! Really ridiculous.

  4. And thats why you get an xbox people $100b company to a $20b company they just don’t have the server’s set up around the world like microsoft they had this in place for years the server power they can tap into if need be. No console war please its just fact.

  5. Xbox One is having issues too. The game either keeps saying “Error: You have been disconnected from Xbox LIVE” even though I haven’t and also it keeps blue screening to I have to restart up the game again. Hope Treyarch fixes these issues ASAP :/

  6. I wish they made Zombies offline; I don’t care if my stats aren’t being tracked, I wanna slaughter some zombitches!

  7. The game is AWESOME but The LAG and connection issues are Very frustrating! Have a GREAT fps Game with Hudge LAG is like Have Billions of dolars and Have a serious disease…

  8. Does anyone know how to download, paintjobs, variants and emblems Media? I see no option for that when selecting a UGC.

      • I think he’s just mad the PC version is running like crap atm. I mean, he did post a really positive review of the game on Steam before the shit hit the fan, then he edited it to full on rage mode.

      • I can testify. I’m pretty shit. I can’t get headglitchers and I always die when a dude is at low health. So far, though, my deaths are my fault, though, not the game’s design (even though the hit detection should be looked at).

      • To be honest the gunfights with flinch and everything feel very inconsistent and the recoil feels random(unlike beta). I feel like 3arch tryied to put the noob friendly factors once again and dont make me talk about scorestreaks.

        • So having to be able to aim while flinching is noob friendly? Flinching doesn’t bother me at all and very rarely knocks me off mark for more than 1 bullet…. I guess you just need to practice

          • Probably my aim is better than yours cause im much better than average but even if thats not the case , flinch and recoil as random as it is(in bo3) make gunfights very inconsistent , thats why noobs have a chance against me, spesially with viewkick headshots.

          • And if you think that the flinch is giving “noobs” the upper hand I have some advice for you, adapt to the new meta or become a noob

      • He has a point. I think this is one of the best CoDs so far, but the headglitchers and TTK are problematic, at least for me. I guess it’ll take some time to adjust, because Vahn sure loves having his team make headglitches on the maps.

  9. I heard that during the beta, Xbox one was running way worse than PS4 but at launch it didn’t seem like the case. So much for the exclusivity. Also can anyone tell me where i can find the player counter, all i can find was the percentage.

  10. Does anyone have problem with ping on menus? in beta i had ping indicator and it was in menu. now there is no such numbers.

  11. on an unrelated note I put this on the last article but I feel no one will see and I want this subject to get some attention because it needs to change so ill put it here too

    I am absolutely clueless as too why they would remove all the fucking leaderboards in this game. seriously there are no leaderboards not even for zombies!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that they want to give these fucking noobs such a god damn safe space that they will remove all the damn leaderboards. And fuck you guys who think theyll put it in later because they had enough time to make leaderboards for fucking free run but not mp or zombies smh.

  12. Here in Brazil The game is LAGGING a LOT! I dont know Where Servers are located but if this problem is because of distance…we brazilians are fucked up ! PSN LAGGY AS HELL!

  13. Hey guys so I’ve been playing Halo 5. They have dedicated servers. Zero lag…. like for really real. Me and this guy simultaneously sniped each other in the face. Lol. Come switch over to the dark side.

    • Everyone acknowledges the shitty netcode in treyarch games. In fact, if treyarch cods had Infinitwards netcode then bo2 and bo1 would actually be the best cods ever made.

      • MW3 netcode was also shit, much worse than BO2. Ghosts had the best netcode, BO3 would definitely benefit from it’s netcode.

        This is why I fucking hate ghost haters. Ghosts was a great game, and it nailed down several key concept to make it a great COD game(Like flawless netcode). Ignorant little kids and retards whining without knowing what the fuck they are talking about makes my dick go limp

        • I don’t hate Ghosts because of the netcode. In fact, I commended the game for having such a good netcode. I hated ghosts because when I played the game, it felt like there wasn’t any effort put into multiplayer (except dlc). Maps were way too big for the traditional movement. Graphics are sad compared to AW and BO3, even BO2. That 4v4 playlist that was meant for comp players had no effort put into it (No rank system, nothing). In the campaign, there was even a scene in the beginning that is LITERALLY copied and pasted from the MW2 ending. Ghosts took a huge step back from BO2 and whenever people would complain to IW about the issues, Teena (community manager) just blocks them. And I’m willing to bet that the bomb glitch that has screwed so many people in SND, especially pro players at LAN, still hasn’t been fixed.

          I’ve had my rage moments in every cod, including AW, but Ghosts is the one cod I genuinely hate, that I don’t even want to play even if it was given to me for free.

          • “Graphics are sad compared to AW and BO3”

            What a shock, a game that came out 3 years ago looks “sad” (=slightly outdated) in comparison to its fresh peers.

          • If you’re gonna quote me, why didn’t you include the “even BO2” that’s in the same sentence?

          • That part was absurd enough to leave out. The visuals were definitely polished between BO2 and Ghosts, it doesn’t take magic eyes to see that. The gap is less noticeable if you compare them on PC and using the highest possible GPU settings but it’s still there.

    • “#1 for poopy netcodes, made my day.”

      EDIT: “Try saying it in a slow voice, then say it over and over at normal speed, you’ll laugh… What am I doing with my life.”

    • oh here we go. now people are gonna believe theres a “COD cycle”. When reading this opinion, just know theres 25 people that hate Ghosts to everyone that likes it.

  14. Ali-A has new diamond camo If any one wants to see.. Not as good as bo2, so might want to check it out before grinding for it ..

  15. Off topic, but what do you all think of the maps so far? They’re ok, but they really don’t feel like Treyarch maps to me. Maybe it’s just me, but ive been kinda disappointed by that so far.

    • If you call people a douche for using a certain gun, you’re that asshole that everybody mutes in game. Get good scrub and STFU

      • Ha calling me a scrub?its probably the only gun you use pleb please get good kid and stop camping with an full auto 2 shot kill gun

        • There are more subtle ways to say you are making up for your lack of skill in a videogame, but okay.

          Guns+Skill=Wreck, something you aren’t capable of, since this is news to you.

          “He’s using a really good gun, guess he’s just bad at the game, hurr durr”, he says as he spins around in a circle trying to get a 360 MLG trickshot with the shotgun like a elite pro he saw on youtube

          • I mean if you sit on a head glich with the gorgon your considerd good yea OK that’s not skill

  16. I had some minor screen tearing problems on the xbox one, turns out it wasn’t poor optimization but due to the NXE dashboard beta, just got a massive 3,5 GB update and no problem whatsoever anymore.

  17. Sometimes I sit and wonder why ScoOott is such a fegit? Then it hits me. It all started when he played Advanced Warfare, it was so aids that it bum raped ScoOott. ScoOott then realised he loves meat up his butt, from then on ScoOott became the gayest gay ever.

    • The pure glee on his face when he opens them is like a dagger in my eye. Money? Not a concern. What an evil way to indoctrinate people into spending 100x the cash on a game you paid for. Meanwhile most people are actually genuinely happy or sad about what they get since money is on the line. This guy’s just thinking that he’ll have to spend more time opening if he doesn’t get what he wants, screw money. $60 for a handful of skins has equal value to the game itself confirmed Ali-A.

      • When you look at it from a business perspective, the amount of money this guy makes from all his videos will pay back triple the amount of money he spends on those supply drops. So really, he’s spending money to get more money. There is absolutely no problem there.

        Is it a bad thing to do? Yes. Is it what you would do if you were a Youtuber? Probably, if that’s your main career.

      • Say Ali A opens 100 ASD’s, that’s like £150. Ali A makes £600 Minimum (average) from the video. So it doesn’t matter how much money he spends on ASD’s, he will make more from the video than he spent.

        • I bet Activision even donate them to him so he can entice more bucks from his subscribers who get reeled in. Easy money for him and Activision and some people still think he’s not connected to the franchise in any way!

        • And so do most big youtubers. But I don’t see them with no shed of regret when they’re doing it. Like, when you lose 20 dollars or something in real life, you’re kinda upset. Even though we all work and make way more than that, it still sucks. A normal person would try to salvage as much as possible. No need to buy 100 when you got what you want in 10.

  18. yeah I have xbox one and I have had my game crash and have been disconnecting from the servers too so I dont think xbox one is discluded from this

  19. There is this weird lag I always get when playing a match. Whenever someone’s connection lowers as seen in the scoreboard, my game lags for a second. I always have full green bars but theres always people in there with yellow bars which is messing my game.

  20. Lag compensation is the main issue with BO3 so far – it is absolutely rife and you can be a second behind in the killcams/theater. Good internet connections are being punished by laggers and it’s not fair that our connection gets manipulated to accommodate them. I do miss the old MW2 days where it was only host advantage as the problem – in this game it’s usually the lobby majority at a disadvantage because someone who has dial-up still is on the server hundreds of miles away. Treyarch should improve the matchmaking and let the user be responsible for their own connection.

  21. People in some region are facing a lot of problems about network. If the game is on the dedicated servers instead of Player to Player connection, the ping will be 200+ or sometimes 400+. Because there are no servers nearby, or some players have connecting issues with servers nearby and can only reach servers. btw is their “dedicated servers” on the moon?

  22. The lag is insane! I can’t play a single match without getting shot by people who won’t show up before I’m already dead. Or if I’m lucky to see them my bullets go through them but they instantly melt me down.

    I hope this gets fixed soon. I know it isn’t in my end because I have 4 ms ping and 100 mbs connection!

    • Seems like there’s a problem with hit registration, as well. I always get killed after loading clips into people (AKA merely 4-5 bullets) and get melted. It’s the most annoying thing ever, and the headglitchers. But it’s really a great CoD as of right now.

      • Yeah it is great indeed but man those headglitchers are so annoying I see only half of their head… almost impossible to win.

        • I’ve gotten better at combating them, but yes, Vahn putting all those headglitches on the map is the most annoying thing, next to the hit registration and spawn system. One way I’ll try to combat them with is burst fire.

    • Yeah man. The servers are really bad and in free for all most of the time it puts me on a player host. Some matches are 400+ms ping. They really need to get more servers…

    • Average COD review:

      “COD Ghosts/Advanced Warfare/Insert name here is a awful piece of shit. I didn’t like the look of the guns, and I am not very good at it. My mommy tells me I am a great reviewer, so you should listen to me.
      2/10-It’s okay I guess. Needs more trickshotting”

      Made by billy, age 6(Physically or mentally)

      • But see what’s funny is that most of the reviews are based on lack of information

        Ex. “woooow no Campaign! I want mah money back”

  23. Stop playing advanced warfare 1.5 and go play the phenominal zombies mode offline. The giant is a great burst of nostalgia, and Shadows of Evil really feels like something different, but it’s also done well.

  24. Lmao am I the only one having no problems with bo3 Jeeze man.. The odd time I’ve had to reconnect to the server when i first boot the game up, but part from that I have no idea what u guys are talking about..

  25. After some solid play time with this game I must say it has really impressed me I am loving it and now am positive that I will keep loving it!

  26. Hey guys my game keeps crashing. So i ejected the game. Then I noticed it was a cow turd. Very weird. So i started it back up and it worked just fine

  27. this is ridiculous. constant lobby issues where you have 12 people in a lobby but no match is selectable. you’ve got server disconnects, disconnects from host, etc. not to mention constant freezing issues (not just my console, friends as well). this isn’t like E.T. where they had 6 weeks to finish the game and get it on shelves (at least that fucking ran). Get your shit together Treyarch!

  28. What the hell was treyarch doing for 3 years. this is highway robbery bait and switch tactics. They make billions and can’t even buy some decent servers ….

  29. So what about trying to paly online when I keep getting a for a game setting update request, and there is no path to update?

  30. First week with PS4. Game was great play 3 missions on single player campaign. Then today I can connect to ps4 netwotk. Can even play local or offline. Latest update was done and it screw everything. A game that work perfectly now is a brick.

  31. Ever sence I bought this game for the ps3 I’ve had nothing but problems, if your lucky enough to actually get into a round your disconnected, migrating host, servers lost, lost connection, I’m hardwired in 50mps never had issues with any other game before. I’m to the point of trashing the ps3 version and going ps4, it is so frustrating to not even be able to finish a match, just tonight played 7 rounds I think I finished 2 of those, and at that they were terribly glitchy.. ahhhhh 50$ down the drain

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