Activision has released four new Black Ops 3 screenshots.



  1. We don’t need screenshots when we can play the game! The only use of these is to show 360 and PS3 users how good the game looks on non-retro consoles;-)

  2. I have an off topic question about the campaign: where the heck was Marshawn Lynch? They made a big deal about him being in the story but i completed the entire thing and don’t remember encountering him at all.

    Maybe it was during a cutscene and i wasn’t paying close enough attention, but i definetly don’t remember fighting him or anything.

  3. Hey I downloaded the digital deluxe edition and it didn’t come with the season pass. Does that come later? Sorry this is my first game getting the season pass. Btw I’m on PS4 so if anyone can tell me how that works it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Am I the only one who noticed how shitty the hit detection is ? I can t tell how many times I died even tho I shot first and didn t miss any bullet.

    • So you have same experiences as I do. It is so annoying to put 6-8 bullets to enemy (also to miss those first two because it doesn’t register!!) and then they just turn around and put couple of bullets to you. Guess how many times I should have won gunfight… sometimes I actually die behind corner and when I watch killcam it still shows me firing my weapon…

      • It s so fuckin annoying. I m always about to kill a guy when my bullets stop registering mid way, giving him a chance to kill me.And he always does ofc.The worst was when I saw a guy wall running and started shooting him but he still killed me even tho I shot him first like 2 sec. earlier. I even got that shit on theater mode, along with many other bullshit deaths.

    • I agree 100% and i want to add this: hit detection in beta was way better, i dont know if its just me but beta wasnt so bad when it comes to gunfights. In this game i find myself dying after i shoot first a lot more often, and its not only hit detection, it feels like character figuers are faster and more hard to hit on this build of the game, something has changed for sure and i dont like it. Beta was more enjoyable imo.

        • It s soo hard to get 3+ K/D games in bo3, since the gunfights are all fucked up, people camp in corners and headglitches are exploited as hell.

          • Yeah those headglitchers… when I see enemy headglitching I’m already dead lol. When I headglitch they kill me instantly wherever they shoot me (not that I do that often, I’m rusher).

  5. How come no one talks about how this fucking game looks fucking beautiful. Haven’t been this blown away by a game in a long time especially the MP when they usually scale stuff back.