Treyarch has released a new Game Settings Update for Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Game Settings update work as a hot fix. When a new Game Settings Update goes live, you will see a pop up showing that you have to download something within the game – not a full patch update.

Version number should be (last number may vary by platform).

Here’s the following that has changed, which was announced on The Race stream:

  • Spawn changes in FFA and Gun Game
  • Arena mode:
    • Banned items that should be restricted will still be restricted, but attachments are not working. Needs a patch for that.
    • Anti-Up issue has been fixed
  • Issues with some challenges have been fixed
  • Bad ADS views with kill counter and/or clan tags put on weapon have been fixed
  • Increased the amount of score you get in Search & Destroy. Match bonus was only being displayed, but you were actually getting full amount. Full number should be showed now.
  • XP earned per kill in Search and Destroy has increased from  250 to 500.
  • Zombies: fixed issue where solo games were joinable

Treyarch has stated that they won’t be issuing patch notes for all of the Game Settings Updates, as many are minor and are back end stuff. They are committed to bringing more fixes. Vahn says to count on a lot of version changes.

Vahn said its too early for weapon changes, but they have heard feedback about weapons, including the Gorgon LMG. They will announce details when they have info on their plans for future updates.



        • How is it exploited? An exploit is glitching out of the map/to a place not intended to be reachable etc, not using a weapon as intended.

          • The Gorgon is used as intended? LMG’s shouldn’t kill in 2 bullets. It’s not balanced. Your definition of exploiting is not the actual definition. We can definitely exploit weapons that are too strong.



            verb: exploit; 3rd person present: exploits; past tense: exploited; past participle: exploited; gerund or present participle: exploiting



            make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).

            And yes, how good/bad I am is also a factor, but the Gorgon could easily destroy enemies at close range. When I use it, it feels like a crutch, so I just got it to level 2 then changed the class. I don’t like feeling cheap.

          • I haven’t had issues with that weapon, yet. There are a couple that could be tweaked, but the Gorgon is the main one. Argus needs a buff.

          • Argus and Gorgon are fine xr-2 one bursts more often than not and it’s too easy to land all three bullets. (Note ppl whined about the M8 1 busrting

  1. I hope they fix of the download feature in Media is fixed. To lazy to make my own creation except one paintjob I did on the knife.

  2. I’m so glad that they have noticed how powerful the Gorgon is and that they are actually listening to feedback. +1 to Treyarch!

    • It’s ROF is a joke anyway. It’s a great camping weapon but anything beyond that makes it lackluster.

      gg on the whiners I guess

        • So how it is different than using a sniper rifle?

          Also how dare someone use a gun properly to counter its obvious flaws and drawbacks.

          Yes, how dare they.

          • The Gorgon isn’t too far off, considering the fact that it’s a 2-shot kill. These are Black Ops 2-level LMG’s. They don’t need to be so strong.

            That doesn’t mean they start camping and exploiting a broken weapon that absolutely destroys the game’s flow.

          • It doesn’t break the games flow at all. If you die once from it because someone is camped in a window, change your route and flank them where possible. Honestly I don’t get how people can whine so much so quick about one gun. It’s not OP, get over yourselves.

          • It’s overpowered. If a FULL-AUTO weapon can kill in 2 bullets, then it’s too strong, and needs tweaking. The LMG’s in BO2 were the same way. People exploited them with Target Finders and camped in windows. It killed the fun in that game. Then again, that game was riddled with issues that drive me crazy.

          • the gun kills in 2 hits but at a fire rate of somewhere between 2 bullets a min (over exaggeration obviously) the gun is not op, LMG’s in real war are used as a suppression to remove a route of entry by an enemy omfg people are using it like its supposed to be used lets stop them, NOW!

          • Yes, let’s remove them, because they don’t work in a VIDEO GAME. Your statement is invalid. The gun IS OP.

        • Yes let’s nerf the last sniper that can get collaterals when it’s silenced no matter where you hit too while we are at it

          • If that’s the case, then yes, it needs tweaking. The spammable semi-auto one needs tweaking, for sure.

    • Well if u consider that most guns shoot AT LEAST 3 times faster than the gorgon as well as move and handle a ton better its really not bad at all. Its one of those guns that if they nerf just a little bit it will be worthless.

  3. I’m waiting for the patch that lets friends play gun game together. Don’t know why it was removed this time around. Maybe to stop boosting? Either way it’s stupid, boosting with 1 gun at a time in as short of a gamemode as gun game makes no sense.

    • Shouldn’t people be able to boost if they want to? What benefits do they get from boosting other than getting camos and getting a few guns? The issue I always had were Tac Inserters in FFA, but they wouldn’t ruin Gun Game if it were a team of 8.

        • Yeah, I don’t doubt that fact one bit, but if it’s a full party of 8 people, then how does it ruin everyone’s fun? I’d agree if we’re talking 2-3 people. As for AW, the game deserved it. I’m not going to excuse exploits because people who do it act like pieces of garbage, but if I feel that I’m being unfairly treated like that, then I should have every right to reverse boost in order to have fun. How does it ruin it for others, exactly? It counts against the individual, and only that individual (I didn’t do it, in case you’re wondering. I only killed myself with explosives when I got angry with the game). But yeah, boosting is bad, I just think there are exceptions to it, and instances where it’s feasible.

          • someone don’t realise what reverse boosting does in CoD.
            here are a few pointers,
            Skill based match making….
            Pro v 7 noobs who suck….
            7 noobs who end up 0 kills 20 deaths….
            and how crap i have been doing on Bo3 with shitty hit markers i feel for that noob.
            basicly you shit on the lesser player as a reverse booster making there game shit and often making people quit.

          • For some, that’s the only way that they can have fun with the game. I don’t do it because of the exact reason you described. But I blame the devs for having such flawed logic in regards to designing the game. I don’t complain as much about AW, anymore. I just don’t play it.

          • If the only way you can have fun on a game is by beating on noobs that makes you a bit of a noob your self. You really don’t understand the concept of competition. It is to better your self against people better than you. Beating on noobs gets you nowhere skill wise and is boring.

          • I don’t play games to be competitive. That’s not even what they’re about. At least, it shouldn’t be what they’re about. I don’t care what’s for “competition” purposes. “Competition” shouldn’t excuse anything, especially SBMM. That’s how we got into this mess into the first place; Sledgehammer put competitive into public matches. That was their first big mistake (Reisdorf on IGN First was a little suspicious).

            If you ask me, forcing myself to play in a certain way (i.e. trying a bit harder than I usually do just to get by) is boring. I don’t specifically like playing that way. It’s fine if you do, I’m just saying that developers shouldn’t force me to. But I still wouldn’t do something as cowardly as reverse boosting just because I don’t like a developer’s decisions. You’re right, it ruins the experience.

        • It sucks the most in FFA. The worst thing ever is when those dickhead snipers figured out about Tac Inserts.

    • It’s more of a hit detection issue. Seems like most of my deaths ARE mostly my fault, but the bullet sponging doesn’t help. 2/3 of my deaths have to be from shooting 3-4 times in the chest and dying in 2 shots in the knee cap. Game would be so much better if it were fixed.

      • Yeah that’s not what’s happening on my end.

        I’m losing gunfights that I should have (easily) won, and when I rage quit (and I rarely rage quit in previous CODs to this one) I’m staring at a “host migration” screen.

        ^ With that said, I am still a big fan of BO3, just FFS don’t make me host until this gets fixed… 🙁

        • That’s weird. I’m also becoming host, but my Centurylink connection is not good enough for a good-flowing lobby. The other players are 3-bars.

      • That’s the lag. You probably also encounter the issue to get killed a splitsecond after you see the enemy appearing, even though it should take some time before they even start shooting as they still need time to react. But it feels like they are using wallhack and can kill you with instant death like in hardcore xD But it’s just that your screen is a bit behind the actual image. They see you before you see them, which looks like they kill you instantly and you getting hitmarkers on your screen while in fact you are actually missing a lot of shots. You can sometimes notice it in the killcam, where you notice they saw you, aim + start shooting, start hitting you and killing you in like a second or so. While on your screen it was like oh an enemy and dead in like 0.1second haha

        • Yeah, that’s probably it. I have no clue how that could be fixed. Didn’t Thunder call that an issue with camera angles? Or is that something else? Game is fun, either way. This is the main annoying thing.

      • The guns also kick quite a bit too, ive gotten some nasty random circular recoil patterns along with tons of hitmarkers. I feel like if they improved view kick by 10% on all the weapons and reduced the flinch winning gunfights would feel in the players hands alot more.

        • I’m literally getting destroyed in all of the lobbies that I’m in because of these things. The fast side-stepping with SMG’s and pistols don’t help, either. I can’t believe those who say that it’s “lag compensation” when this is happening on a 4-bar connection. The game is fun, though.

  4. Has anyone here prestige? I’m still torn on doing it. The guns and perks that I like using are like in level 40+. Don’t feel like having to level just to use them again although I can bring one of them back

  5. i hope they can make it so we can join our friends private matches on zombies, i could upon initial release but now not so much, it works as my friend got kicked last night cause of their shitty servers, least they can allow is to join back

  6. I love that Treyarch can do these quick hotfixes instead of having to wait weeks for console publishers to certify a normal patch. 🙂

  7. Anyone else having their Custom Class Setups messed up?
    Every time I play online, whatever class has the SVG-100 sniper rifle (the weapon I kept with the Prestige token) it seems to reset my classes with said weapon and displays my weapons/attachments as blank white boxes…

    Hopefully I’m not the only one here..
    PS4 btw

      • Lol I may be a minority but I’m not the only one who is annoyed by what they have done.. Some of us can’t afford two TVs two ps4s and two copies of the game.. But il save up if I have to ..

          • My wife.. CoD for a couple of hours in the afternoon before kids get back from school then most of the night when they in bed if we haven’t got a good single player game to play, so it’s a pretty big feature for them to screw up for me personally .. But hey il live with it for now seen as ive been without a CoD for two years, hopefully they announce a fix so I can spend the money I’m saving on something else ..

          • Nice, maybe if you mentioned this issue to activison assist or one of the devs at reyarch then they can help you.

  8. When we have six in the lobby it struggles to find a game and keeps kicking people out of the lobby please can you fix this (ps4 black ops 3)

    • OK so the argus is like the model from mw3 it’s got sick range but absolutely no spread. So yes that gun can 1 hit really far away but you have to be spot on or you are dead

      • From MW3? (you mean the striker) even then that did not shoot that at that range even if you were accurate, also did you notice if you watched the video (if you wanted to) that I had hit markers on him first before he pulled his trigger but on his kill cam no flinch or damage!? and if he did flinch no way would he have hit me, game is good but still needs a lot of fixes in my opinion!

  9. So I prestige my M8A7 and added clan tag, and also tried using the Kill Counter when I hit weapon prestige 2. I like using iron sights.

    Bad idea…..

    It removes the iron sight and you ADS at a block of metal . (great job)… not

  10. Leave the Gorgon alone. I like the gun and all but I get pretty much destroyed by anyone in close range. And if you don’t shoot first, forget about it.

    • I agree. It is strong, but not OP. LMGs should inherently be stronger ARs but with harsh movement penalties, and that’s what the Gorgon is. It dominates long range (though snipers can still compete), is OK at mid range (ARs usually win), but gets wrecked by pretty much anything at close range.

      It already shoots super slow as it is, has a relatively small magazine, and long reload time. The 2SK is the only thing it really has going for it, and if you take that away, it’s useless. Leave the Gorgon alone.

  11. The issue with the challenges is still there. I ran my assault weapon with no attachments and none of my kills registered for the camo. But my other kills did count towards double kills and blood thirsty

  12. I wish matchmaking would be fixed as well. No way should my team be filled with new players yet the other team looks like the 300 Spartans

  13. ‪#‎treyarch‬ ‪#‎callofduty‬ ‪#‎blackops3‬ List of things to fix in Black Ops 3 that I have found since release.

    1. “Anywhere But Here” Gobblegum says “to an random location”
    2. I’ve been playing with the Man-o-War, it feels overpowered, either that or I’m just really good with it (probably nerf the long-range damage)
    3. Connection Interrupted in Zombies, when I pause it freezes my game (often on high rounds!)
    4. On one of the starcaises on Shadows of Evil the zombies run in place, seeming to be blocked by something
    5. The UAV is too high a kill streak in order for Ghost to be usefull anymore, please make it a 400 pointer
    6. In zombies, the Monkey bomb doesn’t distract the zombies, a stray one will often hit me while the Cymbal Monkey is active and down me.
    7. It seems much harder to join friends’ lobbies in Multiplayer and Zombies as it seemed before
    P.S. I will be playing this game for the next 3 years if the other studios continue to go deeper in the hole they’ve created, so I would love for this game to be as perfect as possible.
    (oh, and the second you make Liquid Divinium buyable with real cash, I will jump off a building with anger) smile emoticon

    • ive had the same. its not my internet thats at fault for connection interrupted. got to round 40 3 times yesterday and got disconneced 3 times. the game froze aswell. waste of time!