It looks like Sledgehammer Games/Activision have released three new weapons and four new gear sets for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One.

The new weapons include the Sten, Repulser, and the Lever Action.

Images of the new weapons, via @Incredilag:

Sledgehammer Games has added four new gear sets – Astronaut, Hunter, Racer, and Gingerbread. Michael Condrey teased the new Gingerbread gear set and a royalty variant of the Level Action weapon on Twitter:


In addition, via Reddit, a picture of the Astronaut and Racer Gear Sets have been shown in the Message of the Day:

These new weapons and gear sets are acquirable through Advanced Supply Drops.

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    • Clue about what? I think its quite incredible that they are still supporting the game this long. No CoD developer has ever done that before. Also, just because a vast majority hate on the game, there’s still players playing AW.

      • No, not that. That’s cool that they’re supporting their game. It’s just the fact that we still have to earn it through advanced supply drops, even after so many people hated it.

      • I’mim playing it now at least i can play a game on Aw Bo3 has too many problems freezing half the time and crashes the other half. Good shit sledgehammer

        • Content that can only be obtained through supply drops, which one will never see unless one has luck or the quickest way is to buy asd’s (which they want you to do). This is all they have left to do with their game so there’s no applauding for that.

        • Its so obvious they do it for money they literally just rolled out a 80$ ASD pack you can’t be serious

          I bet you they used the BO3 model and animations for the sten gun

          • And again when bo3 lets u buy keys that will be different right? Shut up man you are all whats wrong with cod you all ask for something new then get it then hate it and want the old stuff back such babys

          • Yes because its only cosmetic and purley very small things like a taunt or camo, completely fine compared to whole weapons and weapon variants blantantly superior to their bases.

            If they do, it will be purley cosmetic and not a complete lie to are faces,
            compared to AW just completely lying to us, then ruining the game with unfair freemium tactics in A 60 DOLLAR GAME.

            Instead of calling me a baby and to shut up because you’re too incompetent to understand something so obvious, how about you grow up and hit puberty before you start throwing out insults?

            You guests just post more autistic replies every day and it amazes me how stupid it can get.

          • it just happened and everybody is trying 2 say that is different fuck 3arc i wish i wouldnt have bought bo3

        • CONTENT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE – you can’t buy it, earn it, or even see it….unless you get lucky with a RNG

      • The only reason why is because of the business side of things; and Treyarch did it briefly after Ghosts, but those were microtransaction items.

      • Didn’t Treyarch support Black Ops 2 until like the summer of last year?
        (Because people weren’t playing Ghosts apparently.)

        They released like 4 or more new camos for guns nearly 2 years after the game had been out.
        Plus they updated multiplayer to put in teasers for Black Ops 3.

        I think they supported their game for a good while.

      • Black ops 2 had dlc after far ghosts came out. In fact, Treyarc were the first to do this. Moderator or not, you have to let opinions be stated. Everyone here loves Cod and it’s why they complain which others take as hate.

      • What they’re doing has absolutely NOTHING to do with support. Look it up and see the meaning of the word, adding more “content” that encourages spending money is not support, its just them making a quick buck.

      • pesonally i love AW and it was amazing that SHG is still supporting there game. Honestly i think AW is twice the game BO3 is, and ive had tons more fun playing it than Bo3

      • They should just be learning from their mistakes, and move on. It doesn’t make sense to keep updating a game that only a few percentage of the call of duty fans play. I get that they want money, but their time is over, and they won’t make as much money as they have previously.

        I do realize its a bit too early for them to start with the next cod, but I was just joking around, I was not being literal.

        • “I do realize its a bit too early for them to start with the next cod”

          Actually you weren’t wrong in your OP, as I’m sure SHGames started working on their new CoD after Advanced Warfare launched. So i think about a year of development has been put in by now.

  1. I don’t see why people are complaining about this. Just go play your BO3 god damn it. Remember, there are twelve year olds out there that love this shit so deal with it. SHG just wants money, we all want money. It’s just a matter of how we get it. SHG is wanting us test their probability algorithms to see if we can play dress up. But honestly, who the hell would pay to do that??

  2. They are aloud to add new content like that and camos too just like Treyarch did for Black ops 2 when they added more camos ? So expect more conten being added into Aw….with that being said let me get back on bo3

  3. I’m going to give my own opinion, which BTW is very dangerous to do online.

    To me, Advanced Warfare was a great game that provided a new, fresh CoD experience that we haven’t seen since perhaps World at War. For SHG to keep updating their game even after BO3 is something I applaud them for. Even I still play AW when I get tired of playing Black Ops 3 all day.

    Congrats on still working for your fans, Sledgehammer.

  4. That actually looks pretty funny/cool, I very much enjoyed AW but couldn’t be bothered to mess with ASD to hopefully get one piece of gear. I had a strong love for AW, probably as much as MW2 but I don’t think I’ve ever raged harder than in those game. Enjoying the hell of BO3 even when I’m not doing so great, as long as it’s being fair.

  5. Why couldn’t they release that Lever Action before Bo3 came out that thing is cool I love old school weapons but I’m not gonna download AW again to try it

  6. And once again, it won’t be available to the PS4 crowd for another month now, just perfect. I’m honestly a sucker for WW2 weapons, so I might spend like an hr tryna get the Sten (one of my favorites) and then give up by watching some shmuck’s gameplay of it on yt. When SHG adds a BAR and an M60, then I’ll play for maybe an hour and 30 mins b4 going back to blops 3.

  7. Why are they still supporting this pile of crap instead of making extra sure cod 2017 doesn’t turn to be a total disaster like the disgrace known as AW?

    • Watch out because those commenters will strike against you. How dare you defend this? /s

      At the same time they want me to shut up and stop complaining for very good reasons. Ironic isn’t it? They may also find this comment very provoking but I’m cool with that.

  8. Adding new gears and weapons, yet it still has to fall under the same Xbox contract… Yeah, not even gonna bother. Be reasonable, Activision.

    Not to mention zero word on Supply Credits… I mean, I appreciate SHG for continuing to add content like this. It’s a very welcomed thing, but… without some way to earn ASDs faster, this is just bad on all fronts.

    That said, however, it’s a good effort.

  9. Why don’t they stop working on the old game and start on the new one? They know everyone hated AW, so they should start working early on the new game so it doesn’t suck as much.

    • They are working on their next game, they have been for a year now. DLC is done by a separate group within the team.

  10. >Gingerbread gear

    This is it folks, the fate of Advanced Warfare! awesome isn’t?

    (I’m sure majority here can understand sarcasm)

  11. Don’t bother releasing this on PS4. I know I’m not wasting anymore money on AW. The only people who most probably play AW now is kids who don’t have BO3 yet.

  12. Gosh so much hate if you guys do know this is for the people on AW that don’t have black ops 3 until Christmas,I think its pretty nice

  13. Too bad they’re too late. Had they put these guns in a week before BO3 lauched I would have stuck it out. I don’t care for gear because all of it is silly as hell.

  14. Sten? Really? What’s the point of having a game with exos and laser guns if you are going to add outdated weapons I can use in any other given COD game? Cmon. They have the right idea with the repulsor, I hope they catch on and give us more of that

  15. I’ve played BO3 for few days now..
    But, after playing AW and comparing it with BO3.
    I feel useless running around not being able to jump and shoot in mid-air.
    That’s why I keep going back to AW…!

  16. I actually managed to pick up a Sten and a Repulsor from dead enemies earlier today. There’s really nothing too special about them. The Sten is basically a reskin of the ASM1 and the Repulsor is essentially a magazine-fed AE4.

  17. If they wanted a last stand then why not make the gear sets look sick?
    LOOK CoD: Gingerbread warfare
    AW was a joke, at least Ghosts had weed camo lol

  18. This is stupid… We have almost no chance to ever get these drops. Do you really think we want to buy supply drops when the game is half-dead? Waste of money.

  19. Putting my money in slot machines would probably be a better investment than buy supply drops that will just give me crap.

  20. Truth advance warfare hands down a very great game and have been picking to put that in the Xbox one over bo3 don’t get me wrong bo3 is a good game but sledgehammer did a great job with keeping this up to date over the years and making it fresh needs to defiantly be a number two