Double Weapon XP is now LIVE in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to celebrate the holiday weekend on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Double Weapon XP is live until Monday, November 30th at 10AM PT.



  1. Why do they say show us the Diamond camos? Does this also mean camos take half the time now? Like 25 kills for Bliss camo?

  2. Gonna be getting those SMGs diamond boiiiiiiiiii seeing as how they’re all actually viable for a change and my K/D won’t take a raping in the process

  3. Here I am with almost all attachments unlocked… I’m having pain with these camouflage challenges (especially headshots!!)

  4. The weapon prestige is pointless tbh you can barely even see your clan tag or kill counter. should of at least gave you some exclusive camo.

    • If ranking up is too fast the game dies quick. I like the way it is now, going to take a while to hit Master Prestige it also means not too many people going to hit Master Prestige making it more rare.

  5. How is this going to help getting Diamond camos? As that just requires all Gold camos/camo challanges, and has nothing to do with Weapon Lvl.

  6. I thought it said double xp…. I’m so disappointed because its so east to rank up your weapon, but when it comes to ranking up your level, it becomes impossible after rank 40.

  7. What about Fix the LAG on Brazilian Servers???
    The situation is better, but we’re still having LAG! At launch we go back 3-4 steps trying to get in a fuckin door… and now we step back 2!
    i’m wondering WHEN we will play with NO LAG like the US Americans Do!

  8. This is only useful for zombies. Getting all the attachments and attachment slots for a gun is really good for zombies, but prestiging weapons in MP is pointless: you barely see the clan tag and kill counter.

  9. Regardless of double weapon xp wouldn’t you still earn diamond in the same amount of time? Like head shots or one shot kills with snipers. Not like it doubles. Unless it does lol.

    • It wouldn’t affect camos but it would allow you to unlock attachments much faster which could help a lot with some guns. For example, 3/4 of my AR-2 head shots are after putting high caliber on it.

  10. Would have liked to get some time with this but unfortunately I’m moving on Daturday so seems pretty unlikely I’ll have any CoD time 🙁

  11. all of yall are enjoying black ops 3 while i’m still waiting to get ps4 for holiday deals. god i don’t even know if Im going to get it

  12. I think it’s helpful and am greatful for it. There’s a few weapons that I like, but don’t use often enough to get them to a respectable level. This will make things easier.

  13. If only this made the character outfits easier to obtain. I’m working on Outrider’s Hornet helmet but for the LIFE of me i can’t get those double Sparrow kills!
    So frustrating.
    Anyone got any tips???

    • I got that done bro. But it really was me just being at the right place at the right time. Shot a car on nuke town and blew them up on the flag. Hehe as for tips I’m not sure. Just use your radar and locate large amounts of enemy’s in a small area. Pull out the outrider and quickly seize a double kill if you can. Trust me it gets way harder with other specialists.

    • Sparrow was easiest for me. If u have a hard time aiming it, try to throw stuns to slow them down. And remember you don’t have to pull the bow all the way back at close – medium range. Find you a nice head glitch and take your time with your shots at first and you will start to get it.

    • I quit on outrider because I got a collat, quad, other doubles, triples on enemies marked by my vision pulse and it only counted once. I’ve gotten so many double, triple medals on enemies glowing red. I just quit on her. I got lucky with the bow and got a 6 man feed in safeguard.

  14. One questions. Is everyone happy with the TTK in this game? I don’t remember the Beta requiring this many shots to kill someone. Hit flinch needs to go as well. I don’t know if i’ll have patience for this game this year and I definitely don’t want to play another year of Hardcore.

    • (Not trying to start an argument here) TTK is fine in this game. It’s the people who think that the enemy should die in 1 bullet that are complaining. The people who are complaining about TTK are probably the ones who don’t have good gun skill and they expect to get kills as soon as they start to shoot. Also, flinch is something that needs to stay the way it is. So many people have had toughness as a crutch perk in the past because they weren’t good enough to manage the flinch. Because toughness is not in this game, it separates the people who depend on it from the ones who don’t. Honestly, this is the best game that has been released in two years and I just don’t see how people can be complaining about issues that really only affect them. Overall, I believe that TTK is fine. I have had no issues with it and I enjoy the challenge of it. As far as flinch, I don’t think it should be changed. Like I said, people who depended on toughness need to get better and overcome it. Flinch adds a whole new feel to the game that most people need to adjust to.

  15. You you know when you unlock an attachment in BO3 it’s like +500 XP is that what’s doubled or is it fun rank itself only? Hope I’m making sense… Thanks!

  16. hey, so, where can I report glitches? in order to get the hero outfits, you have to get 6 kills with the specialst weapon in a game. here’s the thing, in round-based games, it counts the round as a game. so it’s impossible to get the outfits unless you play hardpoint and TDM or get lucky in a ffa

    • You should be able to get 6 kills with most of the specialist weapons in a half of CTF or Dom unless it’s a massively one-sided game. Especially if you run overclock, you should be able to earn your specialist weapon 2-4 times per round.